Knights of The Old Republic

Episode 108

The wounded heroes chase after Padawan Lavhan Tala, who has had at least a minute head start. The blast doors are slightly ajar. Inside they find two dead Soldiers and hear blaster fire down a L-shaped corridor. Around the corner, they see Tala standing over one dead soldier and just slaying another one.

At the end of the corridor is a heavy duty and locked door. As Kal gets to work on getting it open, blast shielding window ports on the right side of the corridor lowers from the inside. Without obstructions, the heroes can now see what’s inside. It’s a large thermal chamber 140m by 160m. Across is a lava-fall pouring down. A transport is in the room and Mecrosa foot soldiers are loading crates on board. But the most eye-catching thing in the figure approaching the glass.

Seeing Volkhv behind the plas-glass, his icy blue eyes stare unblinking and as if into your soul. After an absurd amount of time without blinking, a fine puff of mist sprays from the eye corners of his mask directly into his eyes. Tala tells Kelborn to shoot him, but Kelborn knows a shot won’t penetrate the pas-glass. Tala uses the force and attempts to TK hold the Darksider, but he counters with his own power breaking her hold and slamming her against the wall. This is the first time they have seen a member of the Mecrosa Order us TK. With the transport, fully loaded Volkhv boards the vessel. Kal gets the doors open, but it’s too late and the ship takes off. The heroes search the place, but only find some empty data chip cases commonly used for map chips. They don’t find another ship, but some smashed coms equipment is repaired enough to tall Capt. Rohig to pick them up. His first question is if they retrieved the stolen Secretum Secretorum. Jax is embarrassed to report it’s gone.

The heroes join Hi-Lord Praxum, Master Shi-Leer and Pelagia historian Lord Afian Carrol. It’s discussed that the Mecrosa’s quest to find the Sith Lords tomb may not be over. Lord Carrol has a mostly complete copy of House Pelagia’s Secretum Secretorum. He reveals the name of the dead Sith Lord is Saalo Morn. It is also revealed that Shi-Leer has only heard about one true physical resurrection in the last 1,000 years and it was only performed by the most powerful of cadre of Sith users and a tremendous amount of ritual and sacrifice. This would be beyond the MO’s abilities. It’s more likely they seek some form of knowledge from his tomb. It’s agreed they need to find the tomb before the Mecrosa Order does. To know this, they’ll need access to more books as previously mentioned, each holds clues to the tomb’s location. Three books could point someone in the right direction and find it with trial and error, but four books would likely do it. Hi-Lord Praxum and Jedi Master Shi-Leer will start contacting the other six houses and try to get access to these books, but it is incredibly delicate, even the mention of it will stir up bad blood and old wounds. The severely injured Jax and Capt. Nora go to the Kolto Baths.

While Shi-Leer and Praxum work on politics for the other houses to do the right thing Lord Gregor Turnell hires Kelborn and Zanna to steal two Secretum Secretorum books from House Mecetti. This house actually has three books. During the cleansing of the nine houses Mecetti took House Barong and House Melissus’s books when they destroyed and absorbed those two houses. Lord Turnell feels they should never have been allowed to keep them. He offers the two mercs 15,000 credits for the job, and another 15,000 for their silence. This job can’t be traced back to House Pelagia and if it doesn’t then the blame will be transferred to Senator Cana. Also, high Nobles, especially lords should not be killed. It’s a matter of honor and retaliation. How to find the books Lord Turnell believes they’ll be on the Mecetti Thrown world Obulette and an old Privy Council Member Lord Samuel Drake will likely know where the books are kept. They accept. After the meeting, Tala is found having been listening to the whole offer. Kelborn and Zanna offer her to come along so she doesn’t tell anyone. With the restrictions on killing Kelborn decided that they may need some extra muscle to over whelm with force. They need someone that is close by and available so they can complete the mission before Corraun is up on his feet again.

They find a merc for hire in the area on planet Aleron which is in the Freeworld sector of Tapani. She is just finishing up a job there and will meet tonight in the Drill Bits Cantina to discuss the details. They take Zanna’s “borrowed” transport originally called the “Ore Pile III”. Zanna has switched records on it with a ship not reported stolen called the “Parcel Spice”.

Aleron is a smog-covered planet in Tapani sector’s Freeworld Territory. It has domed canyon cities and underground cities. It’s crust and mantle are rich in valuable minerals and ores. Tala leaves her jedi robes behind and dresses like a Tapanian. There is a discussion about a code name for her and negotiated down to “Dash”. The Drill Bits Cantina is a large bar that has stages for dancing girls at night. The current clientele is a good mix of unsavory transport jockeys and roughneck miners. In a corner booth is the Ubese.jpgUbese merc Cyla Zout sitting with an old AR6-48 Security Droid. The heroes quickly discover the droid translates for her. Cyla and 48 had just completed a job to blow up speeders belonging to the Blaster-Face gang. This gang targets Radian ore shipments during transport. A local security firm called Alter-Sec hired Cyla to take out their speeders so Alter-Sec can hold onto the contract while they staff up after a recent bloody attack.

In a hurry to leave with work, Cyla takes the job for 5,000 credits even without hearing what the assignment is. The trio step away to the bar to discuss how much info to share with the mercs. Suddenly the blaster-face gang enters the cantina. The leader and name sake of the gang approaches Cyla’s booth. He is accompanied by his human women Bella. The two make an interesting pair. Blaster-face is a tall and powerful Weequay with the entire right side of his face melted like candle wax. Where Bella is a gorgeous and wild female wearing a bra made from a suit of heavy armor. It’s not a long talk before Cyla shots first and battle breaks out. Outnumbered 12 to 2 Zanna offers for her team to join in, but at a cost of 2,000 credits. Cyla and 48 agree.

Dash not wanting to reveal she is a Jedi picks up a blaster pistol and blasts away trying to keep up with as many downed gangers has Kelborn is dropping. AR6-48 proves to be very capable with his carbine. After the last ganger falls they decide to get out of there. The view sees sec forces arrive and find that blaster-Face and Bella have survived.

The new Mercs decide to take their own Star Ship “The Ricochet” and meet their clients on the Mecetti throne world Obulette. On the way there while switching hyperspace vectors at a crossroads of the Leozi Route (close to a giant planetoid with too much gravity, they have to sub-light speed around it). Coming around the planetoid are Pirates who scanned the ship’s fake records and finds it to be a valuable spice hauler. The Pirate Gibis tells them to surrender and follow their directions down to the planet. Kelborn tries to explain they don’t have an Spice, but Gibis doesn’t believe them. With a total of 12 starfighters they decide to surrender and show them there really isn’t any spices to take. Cyla over coms asks if they want help it’ll cost 5,000 credits. Kelborn and Zanna tell them no and they head to the planet’s surface. Despite this Cyla shadows them to the planet and over coms offers to help one more time. The price and answer is the same.

Gibis surrounds the transport with 24 pirates and has the heroes drop their weapons while sending in his men to search. All the while Dash, Zanna and Kelborn are openly talking in front of their Klantoonie guard about how it would be faster to just kill all of the pirates. The search results in no spice, but they decide to still take the transport. Dash ignites her light saber shocking the lowly pirates and a fight breaks out. Meanwhile over head The Ricochet is spotted and taken for a security detail and attacked. They do well until their only turret is disabled. Cyla races towards the planets canyons to lose their pursuers. AR6 scans ahead for difficult paths that Cyla can pilot it through, but the lessor skilled can’t. By the time they exit the canyon all pirate fighters are either destroyed against the canyon walls or damaged enough to pull out and lose pursuit.

Dash, Zanna and Kelborn make short work of the 24 pirates. The last one remaining is their original Klantoonie guard who surrenders. The heroes decide to leave the stolen transport and to steal their star fighters. Kelborn uses some reverse psychology on “Dash” to pass up the Z-10 for a non-shielded Star Dart.

Both teams reach Obulette. It was in perpetual twilight due to its dim red star and 10 moons. Its orbital shipyards are smaller than those of other sectors like Tallaan, but nonetheless successful. Most of the planet is covered in cities, ash-colored rock, and shallow seas. Asking around they learn Lord Samuel Drake is an old man who lives in a nice mansion in the City Faulktac. His only heirs are his two grandchildren Wulfgred and Tannis. It’s also learned he is a patron of the arts especially the opera. The team quickly gets to work on a plan to kidnap him after he attends tomorrow night’s opera premier of The Soaring Mecetti. Zanna is working on getting tickets while Kelborn searches for a place to take Lord Drake once captured for interrogation. Dash is task with staking out Drake’s manor house.

Just as Zanna, Kelborn, Cyla and AR6 are meeting to present their results of their research they receive a call from Dash who says she has Lord Drake captured and tied up in his basement and to come over immediately. With a shake of their heads they toss away all of their plans and go to the manor house. Sure enough Dash was impatient and took an available opportunity to capture the old man on her own. Lord Drake proves to be a tough character under threats, but when Kelborn threatens to kill both of his grandsons and end his line the old Lord gives in. He doesn’t have the House Barong and House Melissus Secretum Secretorum, but he knows who does. They are being held at the cliff side estate of House Lord Gresham Hutson. He is a long-standing member of the Privy council and is known to be paranoid. His only living male heir while still a toddler was kidnapped 17 years ago to be held for ransom, but died accidently. His servants were bribed. This turned him cruel and mistrusting of his staff, which is rotated out and screened often. His wife Helda went mad after losing so many still born children trying to provide an heir. His estate on Obulette is known for its quality security systems.

The heroes keep Lord Drake and his house staff tied up long enough to break into Lord Hutson and retrieve the books, hopefully. The cliff side estate of Lord Hutson is formidable Hutson_Estate_Player_hand_out.jpg. After some surveillance, its decided that Kelborn will swim to and then climb up the Sea Tower behind the estate where a AA turret is set up. Once cleared of guards the others will drive up in a stolen boat and then as a group sneak into the estate proper. Once reaching the top of the sea tower Kelborn activates his short-range coms jammer, but finds two advance security droids. He attempts to take them out quickly, but his knocked off the tower and falls 80-feet to the water, which ends the jamming. Dash pilots the boat on a course to pick up Kelborn. From a control center inside a silhouetted droid activates the houses’ security systems and call for House Mecetti Security Force, but due to its remote location it’ll take 10 minutes for them to arrive.

Important Introductions & Firsts

Vulkhv, Saalo Morn, Planet Aleron, Cyla Xout, AR6-48, Blaster-Face, Bella, Corbin (deceased), The Pile Ore III, The Ricochet, Gibis (deceased), Planet Obulette, & Lord Samuel Drake.

Episode 107

As soon as the library main room doors seal Knight Jax and Tala leap down and head towards the dark user assassins. Kelborn also rushes for the Mecrosa leader while Zanna, Kal and Nora return fire to the foot soldiers spread out on the upper floors of the library. Each missed shot destroy priceless articles of history and knowledge.

[Flash back 1] Earlier in the day Eva looking for Kal finds Kelborn looking at a holo locket of a young girl. Eva asks if that is a bounty of his. Kelborn is unusually emotional and in between jabs at each other reveals that his daughter was selected by Redora to become a night sister. Eva feels bad about assuming the worst of him. Kelborn wrestles with finding a defense for the actions of the Mandolarians on Cather, but more for his own sake then for Eva. He admits he left Mandolore after the events of Cathar and in doing so he lost his wife and daughter. Kelborn gets angered to one of her remarks and grabs her by the throat. Since she is a noncombatant he immediately feels guilty about the lash out and promises he’d never harm her. He asks Eva not to share the information about his daughter to Corraun. She recommends he tell Knight Jax so he can help, Kelborn laughs at the idea of a Jedi helping him. She agrees to not say anything unless it endangers the mission.

Back in the Tapeno Library Tala squares off against the Mecrosa acolyte while Kelborn and Corraun team up on the leader who tries to put down Kelborn quickly. Nora takes heavy fire and has to fall back to cover.

[Flash back 2] Knight Jax and Kelborn speak prior to leaving the Pelagian Palace. Kelborn shares his distasteful feelings about Jedi, with the exception of Tala. Corraun has little patience for the Mando who has vowed to kill Leeloo. Just before it seems they are about to come to blows, they reach a temporary truce while tracking Redora and will settle their differences after.

Zanna gets the attention of half the shooters and dives from cover to cover returning shots when she can.

[Flash back 3] The night before, but after the Heroes Banquet Captain Nora and Sir Leofric Carver take a walk along the palace grounds. He asks what she’ll do once out of the military and he is shocked to learn she plans to serve for life. She has no desire to settle down and have a family, serving the Republic is all she sees of her future.

Kelborn and Nora engage the darkside leader in melee freeing up Corraun to leap up into the higher levels and slay the foot soldiers on the west side of the library hall while Kal and Zanna deal with the east side.

[Flash back 4] Earlier that morning Zanna speaks to Kelborn. He is very cold to her about her not wearing the dress he bought for her to the banquet. Kelborn quickly becomes cold to her and states he should never have bought her the dress. Zanna tries to smooth things over and promises to wear the dress soon, but Kel would prefer to use it as blaster rags then have her wear it. It was a lapse in judgment.

Back in the Tapeno Library even two on one Kelborn and Capt Altair are out matched by the Mecrosa leader. In between fending off their attacks he slices his light foil at the plas-steel case and finally gets ahold of the book. But with the doors sealed, he has nowhere to run. Kal continues connectivity to the security system to override any attempts at hacking. The leader activates something on his gauntlet.

[Flash back 5] Earlier that morning Corraun speaks with Eva warning her that he may have unintentionally made her a target by the Mecrosa leader. He explains that the darksider read his emotions during the parade and Jax felt Eva was in danger and was willing to risk life and mission to save her. Eva is a little confused since all Jedi value life. Corraun points out that his feelings for her, he hesitates and selects his next words carefully staring for “friends” is stronger than just anyone. Eva agrees to tray with in the Pelagian Palace walls until they capture their target. Before parting she suggests he should talk to Kelborn about what is true goals are.

Back in present time the skylight shatters with a heavy duty air speeder hovering above. This crash triggers the fire system and halon dry chemical fire suppressant system. Lines are machine lowered to the two darksiders, who grab on and are whirled up into the cloud of halon making ranged shots miss human sized targets. Kal radios for Kelborn to shot a tracer dart at the vehicle. At the same time Tala begins to count 1…2…3 and throws her grenade. Kelborn without time to explain shots the grenade out of the sky before it’s explosion would destroy his tracer dart. She is furious.

They hear over the comms that police are in pursuit of the getaway vehicle. Kal shuts off the halon system so that Captain Rohrig can fly in and pick the heroes up to join the chase. Zanna takes control of the speeder. Kal traps the remaining foot soldiers in the library for the police.

The Mecrosa fly their air speeder low and among the buildings till they can lose Police pursuit and not be tracked. This is dangerous flying at these speeds. By the time the heroes get in sight of the getaway speeder all but two police cruisers have crashed. While Zanna displaying skilled piloting grans on them another police speeder crashes. The last police speeder closes the gap, when one of the red cloaked darksiders leaps onto the squad speeder pierces its right engine with his light-foil and leap back to the armored speeder just before the uneven thrust cases the police speeder to crash into a cathedral in a fiery explosion.

With the heroes close on their tail the Mecrosa take extreme risks of speeds and turns to try to lose them, resulting in clipping the sides of buildings and structures. The armored speeder can afford these scrapes, but the heroes speeder can’t hold together much longer. Tala tells Zanna to keep going and tries to reach for the controls when Zanna begins to slow, Kal and Kelborn know about the tracer and grab the padawan as Zanna breaks to stop. Tala’s anger is lashed out at Kelborn for shooting her grenade and now letting the villains get away. This is short lived when Kelborn explains he planted a tracer on their vehicle and as long as they are within 10 blips of the darksiders they can safely follow them. Tala unceremoniously tells Captain Rohrig to take a hike as his weighing the speeder, his own speeder down. With a look to Knight Jax the Captain exits the speeder trusting Jax to retrieve the book.

They follow the armored speeder at a safe distance across the vast ocean of Procopia. Reaching the Dalva volcano continent in an hour. The land is cracked and divided by active volcanos and rivers of lava. Unsure of where to land they proceed at a much slower pace. A head they see a large rust colored structure built into a volcano. It has a large blast door. It appears to be a abandoned thermal power station. They are suddenly shot down by hidden anti-aircraft cannons. Zanna minimizes the crash as much as possible, but the air speeder will never fly again.

The heroes on the move spot seven MO Foot soldiers taken cover on the opposite side of a lava river. A natural stone bridge crosses the river, but standing atop of it are the Leader and his acolyte.


Knight Jax speeds toward the leader who with a series of backwards leaps lures Jax to a lava lake to settle their duel once and for all. Meanwhile Tala engages the acolyte on the bridge while Zanna, Kal, Kelborn and Capt Altair exchange fire with the dug in foot soldiers. Kelborn risks the random gouts of spraying lave from the river and swing lines across to flank the soldiers. This works, but he quickly becomes a target and with their powerful blaster rifles his mandolorian armor is not impregnatable against their blasts. After hail of fire, Zanna leaps over the dueling force users on the bridge to draw fire giving Kelborn a chance to regain his footing.

Jax and the Leader duel their way onto a small section of stone not yet engulfed by the lava lake. Growing more and more angry by the minute the leader tells Jax his efforts are useless, he did not fail to kill the boy emperor, although that will happen in time. Daddy’s favored son shall learn the true cost of their bloodline. Knight Jax coaxes him into revealing his name, Edric Blackbourne. He is the bastard child of The last emperor Dietrich Kappela-Shey and if he was legitimized he would be emperor now, but instead he was shunned by The Emperor’s wife and sent away never to be seen again by his father.

His caretakers were given lots of credits to take care of him, but treated him at arm’s length. Then he met “the Master” and was told of his potential and started training. His first kill was the emperor’s wife and made it look like she choked on her dinner. He did not kill his father, but he would have liked to one day.

To Zanna’s surprise she is recognized by one of the foot soldiers, Tulfin Ecker who work together before. They admit it’s a pity they are on opposite sides of this, but promise to kill each other last. Zanna keeps her part of the bargain and even debates letting him live, but he is shot dead by Captain Nora. Just as Kelborn weighs the pros and cons of risking flight over the lake to take Edric alive to question him about Redora, four more Foot Soldiers arrive and open fire.

dv1.jpg Jax and Blackbourne appear evenly matched. Blackbourne is quicker, but Corraun’s swings are with much greater force. Several times throughout the battle they each nearly strike the killing blow, but with aid of the force narrowly escape death and regain the upper hand. Finally, Blackbourne deals a devastating blow to Corraun and the Jedi Knight falls to his knees. Blackbourne promises Jax that he’ll not be alone long, as his next stop will be Senator Eva Cana. Just has he readies for the killing blow Tala shouts out and Kal takes aim and fires at the Mecrosa leader. The shot doesn’t land, but puts him on the defense. Tala asks Kelborn to fly her there. Kal distracts Blackbourne long enough for Corraun to get to his feet and raise his saber once more. Kelborn and Tala land joining the fray. Blackbourne hold his own against the three, but eventually Tala lands a mortal strike with her saber bringing him to his knees. Kelborn demands to know where Redora is, but Edric doesn’t know who Redora is.

Blackbourne with a smile to Corraun says, ”You think you’ve won? You think you’ve stopped anything? We are just a single cell, there are more Mecrosa cells throughout the Tapani sector. Now with me defeated Volkhv will take over. Then you’ll wish you were facing me.” Knight Jax asks where can he find this Volkhv? Edric ponders the question and then decides to answer as it’ll only ensure the heroes’ doom. He motions to the large blast doors. Edric pools together enough strength to raise his light-foil, but he is cut down by Corraun. Tala searches him and finds a security key assumable to the old thermos station.

The three reunite with Kal, Nora and Zanna and spend time patching up their wounds before noticing that Tala is gone and the blast doors are partially ajar.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Dalva continent of Procopia, Tulfin Ecker (deceased) & reveal of the Mecrosa Cell Leader to be Edric Blackbourne (deceased).

Episode 106

The episode opens to a scene of dusty flat plains with a large town planted in the middle. Text for the viewer reads Tallaan. Tallaan is in the Tapani Sector. Tallaan is a Freeworld system. It’s considered backwater by Tapani proper. It’s not governed by any of the Tapani Houses. Its main riches are like most Freeworld Territories planets, Ore. Tallaan is also the best place in the Freeworld to buy star ships. Some say it’s because of the high piracy in the area.

We see a dust covered female Twi Lek wearing a poncho and with individually wrapped head tails walk into a large Cantina called “The Poddering Hole”. The clientele leaves a lot to be desired. Most look to be out of work roughnecks from the many local Ore mines. The new comer gets a glance from a quarter of the patrons, the rest are focused on their ales or the corner holos of the live Tapani Day Parade.


Once inside the female removes her helmet and goggles revealing an 18-year-old green Twi’lek. She places her things on the bar and orders a Cadriaan Blaster. A pudgy light skinned bartender places a shot glass on the bar and pours a cyan-blue liquid into the glass and says, “Zanna I’m surprised to see you again. That collapsed Magnetite mine is a death trap.” Zanna has just come back from a dangerous delve into a collapsed mine to retrieve a very expensive Terrain driller controller chip.

A Tapani lower noble Dhar Cunningham along with a Herglic named Alucard and a dirt covered human male named Neg attempts to try to take the chip. Zanna refuses and starts a cantina shoot out. Zanna’s twin pistols prove to me more than a match for the trio. After killing Neg, Dhar offers a noble’s wages to the man who takes her down. Seven down on their luck miners step up with wrenches and old blasters. During the battle Zanna gets glimpses of some type of attack at the Tapani parade. This level of opposition is still no match for the young gunslinger some of the wounded miners make a run for the door, but Zanna shoots them in the back. Dhar calls a truce which is a relief to the large Herglic. The two leave the dropped credits behind and exit the bar. Dhar states this isn’t over. With the shooting stopped everyone’s eyes are on the holo of the parade, Zanna see her old friend Senator Eva Cana stabbed by boarders of a parade skiff. Zanna tells the bartender to get the chip to her client and have her credits wired to her account.

It takes two days for Zanna to secure a transport and get through the heightened security of Procopia, but she arrives at the Pelagia Palace and is greeted by Shi-Leer. Zanna and Shi-Leer meet the heroes shortly after their discovery of the Mecrosa Orders’ true target of Lord Royce during the parade and the geopolitical ramifications of the new arch-advisor Toka Martell’s anti alliance views with the republic. Eva is pleased to see Zanna again. That night they do some catching up and Eva reveals her memory loss. Eva confides to Zanna that she feels awkward at times being around friends that have memories of her that she does not.

Corraun to is pleased with Zanna’s appearance and vouches for her to Kal. Zanna quickly identifies Atin’s blaster as Mandalorian. Later that night Corraun confronts Tala about her recklessness and attitude. She takes from the conversation that he’ll be like her previous knights and will return her to the temple the next chance he gets.

The next day Atin convinces Zanna to go shopping with him for grenades and fine party attire. Zanna lets slip that Corraun has a bounty on his head. Back at the palace just before the Heroes Banquet Eva sees Zanna in a stunning dress, when she reveals that Atin bought it for her, Eva warns her that Atin can’t be trusted. Zanna changes into a dress provided by Eva. Atin is upset when he learns of this.

The Heroes Banquet which is held at the Pelagian Palace on Estalle Island. It’s not as grand of an affair one might think, as its not being mentioned to the commoners. They’re not too proud of being saved by off-worlders. Godric_Eccelston.jpg At the banquet Atin is seated next to fellow hero from the Emperor’s skiff Sir Godric Eccelston, who Atin nearly threw overboard after being insulted by the pompous man. Sir Eccelston is in no better form tonight and Atin must white knuckle and bare his insults less make a scene before Hi-Lord Praxum.

Kal meets a friendly House Pelagia Lord by the name of Nigel Terrell. Nigel_Terrell.jpg Lord Terrell is a member of the Falley Club and Kal should speak at their next gathering. The Falley Club is an exclusive club with no house affiliation. It’s known for intellectuals, academics and military careerists.

Zanna sits with Master Shi-Leer and Padawan Ran Dayable who talks her ear off. Between courses Zanna has her first chance to meet Corraun’s padawan Tala. Lavahn flippantly comments on how Zanna is far from force sensitive. Zanna takes a swing at Tala and Corraun is forced to break up a fight in front of three Hi-Lords. After the last course Zanna plants herself at the punch bowl and attempts to get drunk. Capt Nora talks to her about the skirmish with Tala. Zanna asks if she is getting serious with Sir Carver who visibly adores her. Nora says she is a career soldier and would never be tied down.

Hi-Lady_Helene_Bastra.jpgHi-Lady Helene Bastra of House Mecetti, accompanied by Count Bulgulf Bonte of Mecetti provides their gratitude to the heroes for saving the Emperor. Corraun and Eva exchange some vailed niceties with the two regarding politics and now uncertain alliance with the Republic. Shi-Leer excuses himself to speak with Hi-Lord Praxum regarding the true goal of the recent attempt on the Emperor and the assassinations.

Zanna now thoroughly drunk is convinced by Eva to escort her back to her room before another scene occurs. Nora stays behind to speak with Tala alone. Nora tells the young girl that she should apologize to Zanna. Tala explains she has no hard feelings to the Twi’lek, but did nothing wrong to apologize for.

Next morning the heroes learn that last night there was another assassination. This time it’s a house Pelagia Lord, Lord Nigel Terrell. The heroes along with Master Shi-Leer and Padawan Dayable join the investigation. Terrell was found dead in his study killed by a light foil through the heart. A close examine reveals he was killed from the front, but not from the back. With no damage to the chair he was found in it’s obvious his body was moved. Corraun senses out with the force and discovers a secret passage in his study. Stairs lead to a small secret room. Capt. Rohrig says these rooms aren’t entirely uncommon among the old families, only a few know they exist though.

Down there is a tiny desk built into a wall, with a locked glass case of very old journals, hand written books and scrolls. The case would protect it from the passage of time. On the desk is a writing tool set that Dayable recognizes as what would be used to copy a book, librarians use these tools especially when a book of importance is old and a copy is made to preserve the knowledge with in. Kal finds some scraps of copied sections that had an error or ink smudge. There were set aside to burn. With only scraps Dayable can’t make out much more than a single part of a word here or there, but finds a binding set aside for the book. It’s titled Secretum Secretorum. As soon as Captain Rohrig hears that. He demands everyone leave until the Hi-Lord or Lord Turnell is told.

The Lords are very hesitant to talk about it any further. Turnell refuses to. It takes a plea from Shi-Leer to get Hi-Lord Praxum to reveal the truth. The Secretum Secretorum, which in old basic translation means The Secret of Secrets. Praxum says, ”During the hyperspace war 1,000 years ago Tapani was drawn into the conflict and worked with Jedi to battle Sith in the Tapani Sector. A darklord of the Sith plagued our systems for nearly a year. Death and Terror became our people’s daily faire. The Jedi provided assistance where they could, but the Hyperspace War was vast and what I was told we were mostly on our own, awaiting more Jedi help. The Sith Lord was elusive and manipulative. The Lords of nine houses banded together to stop this threat. [He hesitates….] I will not speak specifics, but the Lords took terrible and shameful measures to stop the Sith Lord. Each house recorded elements of their sacrifices and wicked acts they had made to stop this evil Sith Lord. Not wanting to have made public the houses agreed to keep these accounts secret. All houses would suffer shame and thus was mutually assured destruction.”

These books had been passed down for over a hundred generations along with other items to Privy Councilors for safe keeping. This leads the heroes to deduce half of the previous assassinations had been senior Privy Council members that would’ve had access to their houses Secretum Secretorum. Shi-Leer now better understands the blood symbol and alter Knight Jax found. There was an old type of blood magic in the ancient times of Tapani, more than 10,000 years ago. Where priests would use blood and sacrifice to tap into the darkside of the force. Shi-Leer explains that there is no connection to the force from blood, but Sith Alchemy could use it, but most likely in Ancient Tapani, it was the act of pain and fear and violence that allowed force sensitives to tap into visions using the darkside. They must have been using old Sith alchemy to receive visions of where these books are located.

The motive of the Mecrosa Order seeking these books is curious. If it was just one or two houses used to release ancient Tapani dirty laundry it could be used as blackmail, but not one house over another less all houses suffer same shame. Shi-Leer thinks it’s the final resting place of the Sith Lord they are seeking. Hi-Lord Praxum says each of these books hold clues of where the Sith Lord was entombed, but a not single book has all the information. The good news is that Lord Nigel was working on a copy of Pelagia’s Secretum Secretorum but last night he was only copying a few pages. The original is currently in a vault of the Tapeno Library.
The heroes decide to set a trap at the Tapeno Library assuming they forced Lord Niguel to talk or their next ritual visions will lead them there. Egbert_Dane.jpg Library Curator Lord Egbert Dane is told a trap is being set for a dangerous criminal. He objects, but is forced to compile by House Pelagia. The heroes have the Secretum Secretorum encased in a plas-steel case and situated in the main library and lay in wait.

As hours go by Tala breaks away from her position to speak with Zanna. The argue briefly about who can do their job better and which is more difficult to master light sabers or blasters. Tala picks Zanna’s brain about Corraun and grenades.
Just after 3 am Kal who is plugged into the library security detects a minor glitch and suspects they’re in the building. Sure enough the heroes from cover spot the two red cloaked Mecrosa assassins stepping out of shadows and taking the bait. Kal notices some climate control temperature changed in sections of this large hall he adjusts his thermo optics and spots eight hidden Mecrosa Order foot soldiers and initiates security lock down trapping everyone in the room.

The lead Mecrosa assassin does not act surprised. He shouts out ”Did you really think I couldn’t sense you?” Corraun stands up and replies, ”It doesn’t matter, you’re trapped now.”

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Planet Tallaan, Alucard, Dhar Cunningham, Neg (deceased), Hi-Lady Helene Bastra of House Mecetti, Lord Nigel Terrell of House Pelagia, name drop The Falley Club, Godric Eccelston of House Calipsa, Secretum Secretorum, Lord Afian Carrol of House Pelagia, Tapeno & Library Curator Lord Egbert Dane.

Episode 105

Back at the Pelagia Palace on Estalle Island the heroes discuss how to best proceed. Captain Nora Altair proposes they don’t try to stop the Boy-Emperor from participation in the Tapani Day parade and use him as bait to give them another shot at stopping the Mercosa Assassins. Eva objects to the morality of using the boy as bait and notes the political pitfalls of not warning him. The group continues to discuss the pros and cons of this idea. Master Shi-Leer joins the discussion, but instead of giving his opinion he simple asks Corraun if he thinks he can truly protect the boy if used as bait. Corraun thinks long on the question and answers no, which surprises everyone. He can defeat the darkside assassins, but cannot guarantee the boys safety to a certainty that he is comfortable with. To the disappointment of Atin and Nora the final plan is to talk the boy-Emperor’s advisors into canceling his participation in the Tapani Day parade.

This only further infuriates Tala about her Knight-Master. Atin and Tala finds a place in the dungeons to spare and she takes her frustrations at Corraun out on Atin. The injured heroes are given use of the Kolto baths to heal up. The baths are different from the typical vertical Kolto tanks. They are carved out 7×3 foot rectangles in the stone floors and when activated and interact with air create a waxing film on the surface of the liquid. The baths are just as effective as tanks for less serve injures where the patient is conscious.

The next day Shi-Leer gets the heroes an audience with Lord Turnell and Sir Carver regarding the threat to the emperor. Initially Turnell was going to warn the emperor without the heroes, but Shi-Leer convinces him to take those present to the event to answer any questions. A few hours later they arrive at the Shey Palace on Estalle Island.

As impressive as they outside of the palace is it pales in comparison to the spectacular cathedral frescos and statues of past emperor’s and their champions.


Once invited into the audience chamber they catch a glimpse of the 9 y/o emperor. A lithe boy with fair hair and skin and pretty green eyes. He is excused by Arch-Advisor Maurice Royce. Corraun shares the events of the assault on the Mercosa Order’s hide out and stresses the darkside users are just a powerful as Jedi. Royce respects the Jedi as powerful warriors, but uses an analogy of Paytar beasts and how with enough blasters even they can be taken down. Captain Nora also urges Lord Royce to keep the emperor out of the parade. Royace explains it’s his honor and duty to protect the Emperor’s life he is also responsible for protecting his seat of power. He respects the Jedi’s recommendation and that too of the Republic officer. Unlike many of his contemporaries he is an advocate of the alliance between Tapani and the Republic. He was impressed by Senator Cana’s speech and voted for the alliance. But with that said, he cannot cancel the Emperor’s participation in the parade. It would be a sign of weakness and now more than ever with the great houses divided the Shey house must convey strength.

Lord Turnell’s advise also fails to sway the Arch-Advisor. Seeing that he can’t be convinced Corraun and company ask to help protect the Emperor. Royce says that is impossible the Emperor of Tapani cannot be seen on Tapani’s independence day protected by outsiders. Sir Leofric Carver offers up the idea that if Senator Cana was invited to ride on the Emperor’s skiff during the parade as an honored guest then her private security could also be present without losing any face. Royce agrees to this and quickly ends the meeting due to the arrival of Hi-Lady Helene Bastra.

Corraun and Kal are not pleased with this plan since it requires Eva to be put in harm’s way, but know she will not be talked out of it.

Leofric continues to flirt with Nora and she shows him respect and kindness. Shi-Leer in private tells Corraun although he could not persuade Royce to take the emperor out of the parade he is proud of him for admitting he could not protect the boy. It showed maturity and would not have been said by Corraun a year ago.

The final day of the parades and celebrations arrives. All security measures have been taken and triple checked. Several hours into the parade a multi-tiered assault is executed against the boy-emperor. First snipers picking off Skiff guards, followed by rockets launchers battering the Skiff’s particle shields and Mecrosa boarding party including the two darkside assassins from the other day. Nora and Leofric leap off the skiff and go after the rocket launcher foe. The snipers have the Emperor and Royce pinned down, the skiff cover is preventing any direct shots at them unless they move to the lower deck, but as the Skiff advances closer to the next intersection a kill shot will be possible. Until then the snipers focus on pinning down responding Estalle Island Police.

Kal and Kelborn attempt to hold off the Mercosa foot soldiers as Tala squares off against the same darkside assassin from the warehouse and Corraun blocks the path of the other masked assassin he had nearly slain two days ago. Although half masked Corraun recognizes he is the same foe as before, but notices his green left eye has a half circle of red around the iris. While fencing Corraun asks for the assassin’s name. He replies his name doesn’t matter anymore, and hasn’t for a long while. Corraun also asks who is his master. The darksider doesn’t provide a name, only that Corraun is fortunate he is not facing his master, for Corraun’s death would not be as quick or painless.

Eva attempts to fend off boarders and is stabbed in the process. Corraun leaves his back exposed to the assassin to defend Eva long enough for Kelborn to help her. The assassin leader observes this and with a narrowing of his eyes tells Corraun he now knows his weakness. Kal has to make a difficult decision, help Eva or stop the skiff from auto piloting forward and allowing the emperor to get into the cross hairs of the snipers. He makes the call trusting in Kelborn to have Eva’s back and he stops the skiff, but loses his left arm in the process.

With Eva back on her feet Kelborn moves to a position to defend the boy-emperor. Meanwhile a rocket rocks the skiff and the shields drop. Nora and Leofric take out the assassin with the rocket before his next shot goes off. With Corraun focusing on felling the foot soldiers near Eva, the green eyed assassin leader attacks the emperor, but Kelborn steps in front of the light foil and his hidden Beskar armor stops the attack. Corraun leaps to engage the leader, but a burly foot soldier manages to grab Corraun. With no hero left to defend the boy Arch-Advisor Royce places his body before the emperor and pays the ultimate price. At least his death is mercifully quick with the light foil piercing his heart. For the first time in all of the commotion the young emperor cries out in horror at the loss of his advisor and father figure.

Kal one armed picks up his rifle and shoots the soldier pining Corraun, but it’s only a graze. Corraun quickly calculates their poor odds. The assassin leader has his choice of targets, a defenseless Corraun, Eva and the boy, the only question his who does he kill first. From the roof top Nora opens fire on the Snipers and the Estalle Island police speeders in great numbers arrive and open fire. Nora is hit hard by sniper return fire. Leofric shields her body with his giving her the time she needed to the recover, but he suffers greatly for his heroics.

The darkside assassin leader tells Corraun this is not over and leaps off the Skiff and runs underneath it moving out of sight. The other darksider dueling with Tala does the same. Corraun gets out of the soldier’s arms a moment later and tells Lavhan to go after them and keep eyes on them, she gladly gives pursuit. The heroes with the bulk of the islands police forces mop up the remaining Mecrosa foot soldiers. Once the boy-emperor is safe Corraun leaps under the skiff concerned that Tala was not answering his shouts. Under the skiff he finds an open manhole and drops in. Kelborn shoots a tracer dart at Corraun to follow as soon as he can.

The sewers prove quickly to be a maze, Corraun worried about Tala reaches out with the force to locate his Padawan. He finds her giving off strong emotions of frustration. The assassins got away, they were just too fast and knew how to lose some one down there. Corraun says next time they’ve have to trap them. Tala still frustrated says or use a grenade to slow them done. Corraun puts his foot down against Tala having a grenade. As soon as Corraun isn’t looking Kelborn gives Tala a grenade and a tracer to use on her quarry.

Back at the Pelagia Palace Corraun and Kal return to the Kolto baths, they are joined by Nora who is not shy to completely disrobe in front of them. The next morning Kal and Nora are well enough to leave the baths, but Corraun needs more time. Leofric enters a Kolto bath having wanted to wait till Nora was finished as the proper gentleman thing to do. Leofric asks Corraun if Nora has a suitor back on Coruscant and for some advice on how to capture her heart. Jax gives his best advice, but admits he is no expert.

On the second day after the assassination attempt of the boy-emperor Corraun, Nora, Kal and Atin are seated around a table cleaning their weapons in silence. The emperor is held up in his fortified palace and safe for now. Master Shi-Leer continues to watch footage of the Parade attack, specifically the last few moments before the assassin leader fled. Jax asks what he is looking for, but Shi-Leer isn’t sure only that something about it feels wrong, but perhaps he is just tired and the old master excuses himself.

Looking at the footage again, they brain storm. Kal suggests that the Assassin perhaps would’ve had a little more time before fleeing even with the arrival of reinforcements to kill the boy and that perhaps the Arch-Advisor was the target. Atin objects at first, but then recalls how accurate the previous assassinations had been done and that Royce suffered a precise blow through the heart. Upon further reflection he recreates the scene in his mind and realizes for Royce to get stabbed in the heart when placing himself before the boy, then the assassin would have had to be aiming for the boy’s leg. Kal, Atin and Nora all agree this could be true, but why target the advisor? Corraun’s face goes several shades paler and says that Arch-Advisor Royce was a major supporter of the alliance between Tapani and the Republic, which they learned is now on shaky ground at the moment. Loss of the Tapani alliance would cost the republic nearly one million troops, it would be a huge blow to their war with the mandolarians.

Just then Leofric and Eva enter to share the news that a feast will be held in their honor tomorrow. The heroes quickly ask Leofric what will be done now that the arch-advisor is dead. He tells them that the Grand Council has selected a new one today, Lord Toka Martell of House Mecetti. Nora says that was fast and Leofric explains normally it would take a week or two of debating and voting, but it was quick this time since the only other proper candidates for the job were Lord Giles Kellogg, Lord William Kemp and Lord Thurston Ellis, if they were still alive. The heroes immediately suggest that the previous noble lord assassinations were to get a specific new Arch-Advisor and how that could be more damming then the death of a boy-emperor. Leofric is shocked at this, hoping they are wrong saying, but not all six of the assassinated lords were likely candidates. Eva and Kal suggest the others may have been a smoke screen to avoid any obvious parallels.

Nora asks Leofric about the new Arch-Advisor’s political views. He is very outspoken against the alliance with the republic.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Kolto Baths, Arch-Advisor Maurice Royce (deceased), Emperor Lucian Kappela-Shey.

Episode 104

Well before dawn the heroes awake to meet their police escorts on a search of the Forge District. Everyone is surprised to see Atin embracing the Tapani style or at least a close proximity, wearing only his beskar chest plate. They are met by Estalle Island Police officers; Tobin, Vann, Sgt. Paddon, and Parks, who are anything be excited to be tasked with finding a needle in a haystack.

The forge district and is loud, hot, humid and soot covered, filled with vendors and species of every kind. Tala enthusiastically questions the first dozen people she meets. Officer Tobin makes it clear that he doesn’t believe in the children stories about magical Jedi Knights and not to bother with that nonsense on his account. They are simple men just making a living and don’t get mixed up in Noble politics.

Atin performs some questioning on his own, but finds it difficult having already been seen in the company of the Police. He does meet a shady human chrono vendor named Gullbrum who promises he has a cousin who sells 100% pure cortosis swords and they set a time to meet later in the day. It’s obvious to most of the heroes that they have more than one set of eyes on them. Corraun believes some are normal criminal lookouts paying attention to the police while others may be looking to see if they are worth robbing. Padawan Tala has a confrontation with a tight lipped male Aguish treating her like a child, she ignites her light saber and Corraun has to intervene. She is appalled that this place including the police have no respect for Jedi. Knight Jax sets a clear order to not brandish her lightsaber unless it’s in defense of her live or another’s. Capt. Nora asks Kal if this is her normal behavior and he replies she’s usually worse.

There is a total of six possible Piston Farms to check and when they see the first one the heroes understand the pessimism of their police escorts. Powerful gusts of wind are blown or drawn in from these farms allowing the byproduct and residue of the farms to spread out far, putting hundreds of shacks and buildings with in range and requiring to be checked. The floor to ceiling giant pistons cause a considerable amount of noise. They spend nearly six hours using the police to kick down doors in this section alone, but with no success. They break for a meal and search the next piston farm. This too bares no fruit and they decide to call it a day. Sgt. Paddon sends his men home and stays as an escort to the group who wants to stop by the great market place. Although it’s winding down Atin finds Gullbrum with three white bladed swords. Atin hoping to have the purity of the cortosis checked by a light saber invites Jax and Tala with him for the met. Gullbrum swears to the purity of the blades and uses his own test strips to prove it’s 100% pure. Atin is unable to convince Corraun to use his lightsaber to test it, after he told Tala not to draw her blade unless it’s life or death. Annoyed Atin threatens Gullbrum with the permits and cops, Gullbrum takes he merchandise and scrams.

Corraun later reveals to Tala that he is not keen on helping Kelborn get a cortosis blade since he’d likely use it against Leeloo one day. They all return tired to the Pelagia Palace and call it a night. The next day the police officers are perturbed to continue with this waste of time assignment, especially with the first day of the Tapani Day festivities starting. Two the officers would have been off today while the other two would have had nice crowd control duties at the parades.

Tala casually saddles up next to Atin and says she figures he wants a Cortosis blade to kill Redora, and she’ll help him get one and test it out. Kelborn accepts the aide. After five hours of searching another Piston Farm with no leads they break for lunch. Tala disappears for a bit and then returns with a whispers to Atin that she has a guy waiting nearby. Atin leaves first and Tala convinces the officers to make it a working lunch and talk to Corraun about the areas of the three remaining farms, maybe find ones better suited to be checked first. This distracts everyone enough for Tala to slip away.

In a nearby alley Atin meets a much less shady snivvian merchant named Chester Tinovosh selling Cortosis blades, one of which is 75.2% pure. When Atin asks for a 100% pure, Chester snickers saying no one sales 100% pure blades, they’re too brittle to be effective. Tala arrives and uses her light saber on the streaked white blade and to her surprise it temporary interrupts her lightsaber. Atin haggles the price down to 13,000 creds and makes the purchase including a non-descript case to carry it in.

Corraun, Nora and Kal all decided to skip the next closest Piston Farm for one with less population and with closer proximity to more district exits. Tala and Kelborn’s absence went unnoticed. While searching the next piston farm area Corraun and Tala sense the Darkside of the force and track it to a small factory with blacked out windows. Kal slices the security lock on one of the two doors and finds it’s wired to send an alert when being sliced, he can’t circumvent it from this side of the door and will give anyone inside a 15 second warning. Jax gives Kal a nod to go forward. Once open Corraun sets into total darkness, using the force he can sense six figures in hiding. He ignites his light saber and tells them to reveal themselves, Tala and Kal enter just before the hidden figures open fire with blaster pistols. Captain Altair enters using her headgear to see infra-red. Atin without his helmet and optics enters and turns on the lights. They see six men behind cover are wearing hoods over red helmets and protected by chest and shoulder plates.

Entering the room from a large side room are two force-sensitives in red hoods and capes. The one in the lead is wearing a half mask over his mouth and nose, black paint around his green eyes. In a rage filled voice he tells the Jedi that they should not have interfered. Jax calls the Mecrosa Order a disease and the Jedi will cure Tapani of it. The green eyed leader says the Mecrosa Order is a virus that can’t be killed, merely spread. They each draw a red light-foil.

Jax squares off against the Leader while Tala engages the other darksider. Kal, Kelborn and Nora engage the six Mecrosa foot soldiers who prove to be highly trained and armed with pistols and fencing blades. Atin duels with one of them and tricks him into revealing he is from the Freeworlds. Nora learns quickly how deadly these opponents are and receives a powerful shot to the chest and is thrown into a wall knocked unconscious.

Jax and the Leader are battling across the factory floor to a standstill, when the Leader leaps up onto a machine giving him the higher ground. Corraun thinks about engaging, but seeing Nora down instead uses the force to throw one of the foot-soldiers across the room rendering him unconscious. The four police officers guarding the exit rushes in, Parks and Tobin are badly wounded almost immediately.

Corraun detects bouts of the darkside used by the leader to grant him a swiftness of movement that he has never faced before. This gets the better of Jax and he is knocked to the ground. Tala tries to help, but her loss of focus gets her knocked to the ground as well. Atin comes to Corraun’s aide distracting the leader just enough to allow Jax to get back to his feet, followed shortly by Tala. Kal continues to slowly reduce their numbers, but Paddon and Vann suffer mortal wounds. Both Jax and Atin land solid blows to the darkside user, but he almost unnaturally presses on using pain and hate as fuel to keep fighting. Both sides suffer grievous wounds causing the leader calls for a retreat. He leaps several stories up in a single bound and through a window. The other darksider follows, although not a quick. A heavily wounded Corraun takes a moment to catch his breath, but Atin gives Tala hand to leap out the same window. Corraun vexed has to now go after his Padawan. They see the leader running into the highly dangerous Piston Fields, the other makes a run for it as well. Corraun tells Tala to stand down, the Mecrosa know the lay of the land and it could be trap, they must let them go. Tala seeing her master injured and fatigued from his long battle says she’ll go after them, but as she tries to run past her master Jax grabs her arm and tells her no. Frustrated that the precious few moments they had left to catch them was now gone. They walk back to the factory in silence.

Kal gives the last standing foot solider a chance to surrender, but he refuses. They both fire at the same time, both shots are a hit, but Kal survived and the assassin did not. Once back inside Jax still senses the darkside of the force and follows it into a room with more secure windows. He finds a carved stone alter and tells Tala to stand back as it could be dangerous. She does not. Jax turns on the lights and see a symbol drawn atop the alter in blood. SM_Painted.jpg

It is of an image he has never seen before. Jax notices Tala in the room and reminds her he said to stay back. She retorts that she’ll not let anymore darkside get away today. Jax breaks eye contact with her, but does not speak. Kal and Atin search the room. They find evidence of maps and data slates hastily destroyed. One map of the island with different colored routes is found. Kal also finds a luxury skiff brochure fallen between boxes. A model noted as being the same as the emperors’ is circled.

Atin knowing the Police will arrive in only a few minutes doesn’t have the time for a more formal interrogation so he begins to torture the solo living foot-solider. The man has a high pain tolerance, but after two fingers smashed to bits Kelborn is just getting started. Jax pulls Atin aside and tells him no more, only the threat of it. Atin nods and they return to the mangled prisoner. Atin threatens to break his knee next, the man refuses to speak. Atin smashes his pistol hilt down shattering the man’s knee. Jax uses the force to slam Atin against the wall. The prisoner is yelping in pain nearly pasted out. Even with Jax baring down on him, Atin still questions the prisoner. He finally breaks and says they are planning an assassination at a Tapani Day Parade. The foot-soldier begins to convulse. Black webs radiate around his eyes and mouth under the skin. His eyes begin to bleed and he dies horrible in seconds. It was like Master Shi-Leer described.

Police reinforcements arrive in great numbers and with Master Shi-Leer. Jax updates the master and asks if he knows anything about the strange symbol. The darkside from the alter is all but gone, it faded like heat from a coal, slowly, but completely. Shi-Leer says he has never seen that symbol before, and the blood element is perplexing. Police Captain Hardwick asks about the maps and skiff brochure and notes that one of the routes on the map is for the final parade of Tapani day which includes the Boy-Emperor Lucius Kappela-Shey in the parade. Jax and Kal insist that the emperor be warned and the parade canceled. Nora suggests an alternative, that it could be just the right bait. Neither Capt. Hardwick or Master Shi-Leer likes the idea. But even Master Shi-Leer can’t just demand an audience with the emperor, they have to return to the Pelagia Palace and get Hi-Lord Praxum’s help if he is back from the summit, or that of Lord Turnell’s help.

On the air-car ride back Tala refuses to sit anywhere near Corraun. Atin speaks to Tala and asks why she is upset, it’s not Jax’s fault the assassins got away. Without specifically saying it, Atin reads from her body language that may not have been the whole story. Atin asks if she’ll help him spar with is new blade and she knowing Jax would not approve, she quickly agrees.

Kal speaks to Nora and warns her that this group encounters strange and deadly forces often and he is concerned about her. She assures him that although she has been sidelined for some time she’ll brush off the rust and be fine.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Estalle Island Police officers; Tobin, Vann (deceased), Sgt. Paddon(deceased), Parks & Captain Lewin Hardwick. Gullbrum, Chester Tinovosh, Mecrosa Order Foot soldiers, Two unidentified Mecrosa Force-sensitive Assassins. Cinematic Melee Combat rules v1 are introduced.

Episode 103

On the trip back to Coruscant Leeloo and Corraun isolate themselves trying to decompress from the events of the last few days. Eva and Kal after some time to talk about having to leave the poor people of Taris and how they are in her prayers.

Eva helps bandage up Corraun’s many wounds. He asks Eva what would she do if she learned earth shattering news that would make her rethink all she believed in, but he doesn’t share any specific details. Eva empathizes with him and knows a little something about it as she had learned about her actions at the senate building, which doesn’t make any sense to her. Jax continues talking and opens up to Eva about how disappointed he is in Leeloo’s reckless actions at the star port and during the blockade. He doesn’t know who she is anymore and he is done making excuses for her. Eva states that she’s never gotten along with Leeloo and she doesn’t understand their friendship, but for Corraun sake if he doesn’t talk to Leeloo and give her another chance he’ll regret it. Corraun agrees.

Kelborn interrupts Leeloo’s isolation berates her on her actions at the star port leaving them behind to go after Zayne and then leaving their teammates behind in space. Leeloo asks if he cares about any of them and he answers he doesn’t, they are only weapons in his arsenal against Redora and he doesn’t want them destroyed needlessly. The conversation turns with Leeloo getting defensive and clarifying that Kelborn still wants to kill her once it’s all over which means they aren’t friends. She lashes back at his admonishments to her, by saying she is focused now and he needs to remember his place. He is following her and needs to stop questioning everything she does. If he is going to follow her after Redora then he needs to learn how to actually follow and not threaten to tranq dart her. Kelborn leaves to go vent his anger.

Corraun talk to Leeloo about two important topics. The first that he is worried she is dangerously skirting the darkside by trying to strike down Zayne in vengeance and with so many negative emotions. She tells Corraun she was in control and isn’t a Jedi she doesn’t have to be afraid to be close to the darkside as a sister of the Force she is hardened by it. The Sisters surround themselves by the dangers of the darkside to become more resistant to it, it’s their way. Corraun then brings up how her recklessness is endangering others, including himself. Leeloo states that taking down Redora is going to take everything and it worth the costs of their lives, for the greater good. Corraun says he doesn’t know if he can work with some with that outlook. She says that Corraun is changed now that he has a padawan to look after, but to succeed against Redora he needs to be all in and if not then maybe this task isn’t for him.

The rest of the journey back to Coruscant is made in silence more or less. Corraun and Leeloo go to the temple, Kal and Kelborn go to heal. Before Corraun can get in to the Kolto tank he is stopped by Tala who asks for an update on Zayne. Jax replies only that he got away.

The next day Tala reports to Haazan about a note she took from Corraun’s room, that may change everything. Haazan reads it and tells her to return and to watch the other one and to put the note back un-doctored, despite Tala’s recommendations. She also reports that Zayne escaped Taris.

Once out of Kolto he finds a note in his room from Leeloo. It states that Kelborn and Jax’s words did not go unheard. She is willing to pay the price to track down Redora, but she won’t ask the others to pay that price. She is going after Redora alone, but knows that she can’t defeat her alone, so when she finds her, she will contact Corraun and Kelborn if he is still around.

After reading the note for the fourth time Corraun receives a summons from Senator Tyan Duna. While waiting to enter the officer Tyan is told his Chronicler still hasn’t arrived. Tyan is frustrated noting he is an hour late, but moves on and invites Corraun in. Tyan has heard he recently got back from Taris and wants to hear firsthand. Corraun fills him in and ask what is the plan to retake Taris. Tyan says there is no plan, they must secure and defend against losing the rest of the Out Rim.

Tyan is upset that the Republic was blindsided by the number of the Mando forces and doesn’t want to be caught off guard again, which is the other reason he asked for Corraun and Leeloo to him today. Corraun explains that Leeloo has gone off on her own. During this meeting Tyan offers to help out the Redora task force as he doesn’t want the Mando to have any more of an edge. He’d speak to the High Council to have more Jedi assigned, but relations between the Order and Senate is strained at the moment. Tyan’s first thought was to assign a platoon to Corraun, but realized that Jedi move best in smaller numbers. [His Secretary chirps in saying his special guest has arrived. Tyan continues without responding.] He’ll have a dozen probe droids assigned to check the possible coordinates. And has gotten the Hyperion on permanent loan to the task force.

Also now that the republic is officially at war with Mandolare and Redora is aligned with them, it’s important to have an appropriate ranked Republic officer on the task force as well. Tyan says to send the Captain in. Nora_Altair_HS.jpg A sturdy and handsome woman in dress uniform enter, Captain Nora Altair. Corraun recognizes the name or as she is better known, The Angel of Vetal.

Tyan drops hints of wanting to be kept in the loop as a priority over the Military and Jedi Order, so he can be the most help.

Corraun had already set up a meeting with the others to tell them about Leeloo, so he fills the Captain in on the way to Eva’s apartment. Kelborn arrives first and is alone with Eva. They verbally spare a little before Kal arrives shortly followed by Jax and Nora. He breaks the bad news about Leeloo and good news about Tyan Duna’s assigned resources. The next step is to choose where to send the droids and where to start searching with the Hyperion. Kelborn’s position on the team is questioned and everyone is surprised to learn that he has his own personal motivations for wanting Redora killed. He wouldn’t say why, but it is good enough for now.

Eva an Kal have some more time to talk. She informs he that he’s received a rank promotion to Chief Warrant Officer and she gives him another honorable out of having babysitting duty. He declines the exit stating this is important.

At the Jedi Temple Corraun goes to see Padawan Ran Dayble in the Great Jedi Library to check on his progress of referencing the possible coordinates with Knight reports. It’s slow working considering the Star temple is ancient which means going through 30,000 years of Jedi records. He has also been reaching out to governments of local systems to these coordinates for information.

Between the two avenues he has changed the priority of possible locations based on found info, raising some and lowering others. But he has hit a road block. Two of the possible coordinates is in a system outside of the republic (that’s not too unusual), but this system is very resistant to share information and even being a Jedi he can’t get anyone to take his holos. Which is unfortunately because it’s an ancient system with library’s that nearly equal the Orders, relative to their space.

As soon as Jax asks where and hears the location he knows that’s where they need to go. Ran offers to go, to help with searching their Libraries.

The Rogue Star has been repaired. It’s only a day’s journey to the Tapani Sector of The Colonies which is between the Core and Mid Rim. Tala wastes no time giving the 30-year-old Dayble a hard time. Captain Altair meet the Hyperion crew. Pok nearly falls over himself when he finds out The Angel of Vetal will be on the mission.

Late that evening Kelborn is surprised when Tala joins him in the galley over a late night snack. She asks how he feels about being abandoned by Leeloo. Kelborn rolls his eyes and gets defensive, but oddly enough she apologizes and didn’t mean it as an insult. She knows the feeling she was had three masters before Corraun. This opens up a dialog between the two for the first time that is not just an exchange of insults.

Tala continues to give Ran Dayable a hard time telling him things like a beating pool on how he is going to die. Kelborn joins in scaring the learned and shy Padawan.

Once out of hyperspace the team assembles to talk strategy, Eva and Ran gives a debriefing on Tapani. Both possible coordinates are in the Toorja System, but the Tapani Great Council is very independent and territorial of their space, permission will need to be granted to even conduct scans.

Also Kelborn will need to keep his Mando status a secret. Which may include: being out of armor some of the time, and wearing robes other time. Eva notes that the Tapani government have the authority to do whatever they want with him.

Ran shares some information about Tapani to whomever will listen. The Tapani sector was a sector located in the Colonies. It was named after Shey Tapani, who united the sector in 7,348 BBY though the sector itself had been colonized in 12,720 BBY. Seven provinces currently made up the Expanse: Barnaba Province, Cadriaan Province, Calipsa Province, Mecetti Province, Melantha Province, Pelagia Province, and Reena Province. Each province is ruled by a noble house. This sector also includes the Freeworlds Territory region which is not ruled by nobility.

Shey Tapani was a noble and the man who united the Expanse. In a twenty year civil war, Tapani, the lord of House Melantha, waged a war against the other Noble Houses, which were then independent kingdoms. He finally triumphed over the Rogue Houses at the Battle of Shindra’s Veil, where he completely eliminated two rival houses and caused another to collapse on itself. No longer opposed, Tapani crowned himself Emperor of the Tapani sector.

Once out of hyperspace and approaching Procopia they are hailed for landing clearance. Eva Cana is identified and the coms tower seems unimpressed. They are given permission to land at a major commercial spaceport on Desato Island. Last time she Eva was an invited guest by Hi-Lord Ordo Praxum house Pelagia they were able to land in the Tapani Royal Spaceport on Estalle Island.

Destato island is only 400 Kilometers away from Estalle Island and is best known for a major commercial starport and Shey Tapani University. An institute named after Emperor Shey Tapani. Originally located on Estalle Island, but over time grew and with real estate so costly on Estalle Island it was moved to Destato.

The heroes take a hydro-foil ferry to Estalle Island. Ran continues talking. Estalle Island is one of the larger islands in the southern hemisphere. Nearly the entire island is dedicated to the Council, the Senate, and various committees. The island is networked with canals, which serve as an inefficient but elegant method of getting around. During the Imperial Era it was entirely covered by the Urban sprawl of Estalle city. The city was the ancient seat of Shey Tapani’s Empire and continued to be the sector capital. The island is the social, political and economic center Tapani.

The real estate on Estalle is extremely exclusive and within the reach of only the most powerful people in the sector. To obtain an apartment or villa in the city individuals had to have political patronage as well as millions of credits. The architecture of the historical part of Estalle Island was in the ancient Tapani style with domed towers and temples. Many of buildings are thousands of years old and are almost exclusively built of finely carved stone blocks. Despite their age the vast majority of the buildings are structurally sound and well cared for. Many of the buildings had a continual construction history where layers had been successively added to the original structure. It is common for these buildings to have several sub-buildings, extensions and tiers with rooks. A prominent feature of the Tapani style of architecture is the use of domed structures and indeed it was not uncommon to see several domes of differing sizes on a single building. Newer building, such as those in the Commercial district, reflected the trends of Republic architectural style.

Estalle Island is intersected with canals which were originally constructed to drain the swamps in the islands interior. As the city grew they evolved into an elegant transportation method and when the traffic on the streets of the city was bad provided a faster method of transport for commuters. The commercial traffic allowed to use the canals was restricted to public transportation craft such as water taxis, tour boats and ship launches from the harbor. There were also a few floating restaurants.

Other craft that use the canal are the city police or maintenance craft, or privately owned vessels. The canal system is open to the sea and consequently it is possible to sail small water craft from the ocean into the heart of the city. Although the canals were relatively wide they were quite shallow and therefore prevented larger vessels from entering the city in this way and they would consequently have to dock at the harbor. Throughout most of the island the edges of the canals were made of ferroconcrete and are covered by a layer of moss. In the historical district, however, the edges of the canals were decorated with ornate frescos that were washed and maintained nightly by the city workers. Many of the rich and influential residents of Estalle Island considered it a mark of their status to fly an aircar or repulsorlift vehicle into the city to travel around, but most with two-legged horse drawn carriages or by Monorail.

The heroes note the people are dressed in renaissance era dress and most noble men and boys are armed with a sword. And when Corraun warns him that it’s a dueling society Kelborn takes an instant likely to the place. They see many statues of historic nobles, lots of cathedrals and museums, monuments to serve as reminders of Tapani’s great glories.

During the journey they over hear people talk about how tomorrow is the last day of the month Kelona and talking about plans of how to spend Tapani Day, which is coming up. The over hear several people on the streets gossiping.

  • Lawrence Hall presented Hilda Adair a Ulikuo gemstone nearly the size of a thumb when he proposed.
  • Galaxtic Republic is predicting a quick defeat of Mandolare.
  • Fredrick Flose is debuting his new fashion collection next week.
  • House Melantha still reeling from the assassination of Lord Giles Kellogg is calling for blood against House Mecetti. Rumor its retaliation by Hi-Lady Helene Bastra for the death of Lord Hugh Easton.

They reach the Pelagia Palace, which is very impressive, massive gardens separating the gate and the Palace proper. After some time, they are escorted into the palace and met by Lady Lenora Forta a noble woman in her fifties, who Eva and Jax had met before. They are taken to Master Shi-Leer’s room, and nearby rooms have been made available.

Shi.Leer.jpg Meeting Master Shi-Leer, proves to be a poor picture of what some would have imagined for a Jedi Master famous for his prowess in battle. Padawan Tala is instantly rude to the aged master which nearly gives Corraun a heart attack. Corraun and Eva explain why they have come; access to the Tapeno Library and permission to scan two systems. Shi-Leer says the Library should not be a problem, but the scanning may prove more difficult. Hi-Lord Ordo Praxum is not immediately available and currently held up in meetings with the Grand Council, but Lord Gregor Turnell will speak to the new comers. And can be asked for permission.

Master Shi-Leer also shares news about his extended mission here on Tapani, putting a end to the Mecrosa order. His investigation over the last 10 months has revealed a much larger presence of them in Tapani then suspected, and hints that they had been operating in the shadows for at least a decade. They are well organized and funded, even after the stolen children.

Every time Shi-Leer has gotten close, they have slipped away. A few were faced, but fought to the death. One soldier of their ranks, which didn’t have force sensitivity was captured, but was afflicted with dark side alchemy and died horrible when he tried to talk. There ranks are bolstered beyond the girls and boys stolen. For months this hunt has slowed their activity to a standstill, but the last couple weeks there has been six expert assassinations. These high noble deaths have caused bickering between houses about resources to devote to the Mando war effort. With so much tension between Houses, the Great Council isn’t getting anything accomplished. Jax and company offer to help while they are here, since it may take Ran some time to perform his research.

Before meeting with Lord Turnell, Corraun asks Tala to be nice to Master Shi-Leer she agrees on the condition that she is not sidelined when they go after the Mecrosa Order. He agrees, but it nearly back fires as her overly nice demeanor is way over the top.

Shi-Leer calls Corraun to speak to him in private. He senses a great turmoil in his former Padawan. Corraun finally releases his emotions and concerns, already feeling better to have someone to confide in. Corraun freely admits that has caused him to doubt the Jedi Order. Shi-Leer is listens carefully and comforts Corraun. Shi-Leer believes Corraun would never lie about something like this, but finds it hard to believe. Even if its true and the masters killed their padawans due to a vision there is no reason they would lie about Zayne. Corraun asks if he has ever heard of a Covenant with in the order or if maybe that was a another word they would use for the council. Shi-Leer assures Corraun it is not and he has never heard of such a thing in the order. Jax asks if he should tell the High Council. Shi-Leer advises against it, with out proof and more questions answered it too impossible to believe. The talk ends with wise words from the old Master. The Order is an ideal and not just the summon of it’s followers. If these masters did actually kill their padawans in cold bloods and lied about it, then by the very fact that are keeping it shrouded in lies its not the order that has changed, just troubled individuals. This seem to help Corraun with his crisis of faith.

The meeting with Lord Turnell of House Pelagia doesn’t go well. Kal being a cyborg and Kelborn out of armor is introduced as Atin a bounty hunter with expertise on Mandalore are not received well. Turnell and some of the other houses are not pleased that the Senate declared war on Mandolre without consulting Tapani and its Emperor. greg.JPG Regarding permission to scan systems it’ll take three houses to agree, but he’ll recommend to Hi-Lord Praxum that House Pelagia not be one of them, but the Hi-Lord will have the final say. In the meanwhile, since a member of the Senate and Republic Military is here he’ll have Sir Leofric Carver show them the brave Tapani soldiers being gathered to die on the behalf of the Republic.

The team splits; Nora and Eva go to meet with Sir Carver while the others go to speak with Master Shi-Leer about the assassinations. The assassinations only have a few elements in common. Each have been a prominent lord of different houses, no witnesses or any evidence left behind. Methods of death have been poison, light foil and blades. Leofric_Carver.jpg The most recent death was two days ago. It has taken two days to get permission from the Hi-Lord of House Cadriaan to look into the murder. Shi-Leer was going to go in the morning, but will send Jax and company in his place, as the Cadriaan palace has too many stairs for his taste.

Meanwhile Eva and Nora met the young and handsome Sir Leofric Carver who takes an immediate interest in Captain Nora Altair. She is a puzzle to him as females on Tapani are not allowed to serve let alone battle on the front lines. Although intrigued of her cyber arm he is unbashful of it. Nora politely questions Leofric about the assassinations and politics on Estalle Island. At the battle grounds he is proud to show the forces being assembled. Nora is relieved to see they are armed in modern armor and blasters. She questions the use of archaic swords. Leofric passionate defends Tapani craftsmanship and prefers the skill one must use with a rapier opposed to modern vibro-blades. Nora suggests a friendly sparing match in the future.

Back at the Pelagia Palace the heroes met for a late supper and share information. Eva and Corraun speak about the last time the they were here and the Mecrosa Order’s resurgences and kidnapping of force-sensitive children. Corraun tells of what Leeloo saw when she was with Redora. Female children of Tapani mixed with Mando children being trained as Night Sisters. Eva laments how they failed to save those children before they were taken off of Tapani and the loss haunts her. Kelborn gets unusually passionate that it’s not too late for those children, they can still be saved. Corraun points out that the Tapani children were taken before Redora left Dathomir, but there must be some connection between her and Mecrosa if she came into possession of the stolen children, at least the female once.
The group pass around theories of what the Mecrosa Order is trying to gain with these assassinations, but call it a night.

At the Cadriaan place, they are met by Palace Captain Gabriel Prescott, Gabriel_Prescott.jpgwho will escort them. He is not happy about having to work with outsiders. They learn the victim was Lord William Kemp, a man in his early 60’s and a Lord of House Cadriaan. He was a very well respected Lord of the House and served with distinction on the Trade Council. Method of death was a light foil to the heart while he slept. His wife lady Wenifer woke up and found his body cold, his death never woke her up.

Corraun spots a smudge on the seal of his bedroom window nearly 40-feet up. Kelborn recognizes it as boot tread. Prescott says it’s impossible for anyone to have gotten up that high without a grapple line which would have left marks. Tala demonstrates who it possible by leaping out of the window herself, nearly giving Prescott a heart attack. Down below they search below the window and Kal spots a small piece of gravel out of place under a third story window of the Lord’s bedroom. It was missed not only because it was small, but no one thought the killed could have used such a high window.

Back at the Pelagia Palace they have Captain Tabias Rohrig tests the substance revealing this gravel is by product residue found in parts of the Forge district (22.2% sulfate, 13.6% acidine, 41.7% phosphate & 23.5% Hydrocarbons). Captain Rohrig works with the Estalle Island Police and learns that compassion of by-product would be from piston power pumps which can spread out hundreds of meters and there are dozens of such piston farms in the Forge district. It’ll better then searching all of Forge city, but it’s a start. The police will provide some officers to help with the search and give the authority to open doors as the Republic and Jedi have no authority on Tapani.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Captain Nora Altair, Kal is promoted to Chief Warrant Officer, Lavahn and Kelborn find common ground. Sir Leofric Carver, Palace Captain Gabriel Prescott.

Episode 102

Leeloo is piloting the Rogue Star hot on the trail of Zayne’s transport. Kal who has been tracking the Mando ship positions plots an optimal course through the enemy ships, but Zayne’s ship heads on another course. Against Kelborn, Kal and Corraun’s protests Leeloo ignores the course and maintains pursuit of Zayne.

A single Jehavey’ir Warship and a dozen Daavab star fighters peels away from the fleet to intercept the two fleeing transports. Corraun and Lahvan piloting star sabers provide cover for the Rogue Star grabbing the attention of 8 mando star fighters. The Warship launch ship seeking heavy concussion missiles at the heroes and Zayne’s ship.

Against the advisement of the people on board the Rogue Star Leeloo doesn’t engage the star fighters can stay hot on Zayne’s tail, occasionally firing her forward guns at the transport. Faces with overwhelming numbers Corraun’s ship suffers heavy damage, but it doesn’t deter him from keeping his ship in between the Mandos and the Rogue Star.

A heavy concussion missile is shot by Zayne’s vessel before impact and the Rogue Star is caught in the missile’s destructive radius. A lesser armored transport would have been destroyed. Kal is quick at work repairing critical system failures and keeping his shields up. Leeloo expertly pilots the Rogue Star at breakneck speeds to get a far away from the Warship as possible, but leaving the majority of the Daavab fighters on the two Jedi. Corraun order Tala to follow him and try to catch up with the Rogue Star. Calculating the poor odds of success Corraun radios for Leeloo to slow and provide some assistance as his ship can’t take another hit. Leeloo hesitates before slowing the transport down for Jax to catch up. Tala disobeying her Knights order draws six of the nine fighters away from her master and tells him she’ll draw them off until she can make the jump to hyperspace and see him again on Coruscant.

Both transports and Jax get far enough away from the warship, but have three fighters still on their tale. Everyone is shock when they escape the gravity well of Taris, but Zayne’s ship instead of jumping to hyperspace heads into the gravity well of an asteroid belted moon. Leeloo sets course to the moon. Corraun, Kal and Kelborn tell her to let him go, too many lives are jeopardy. Leeloo says she can take the last three fighters. Jax says he’d have to stay out of the fight. Kelborn who has left the top turret threatens to tranq dart Leeloo if she doesn’t jump to hyperspace. She calls his bluff and lures the three fighters into the asteroid field. Kelborn frustrate gets back into the turrets and will Leeloo’s skill they make short work of the mandos.

Zayne’s ship lands on the moon any a few minutes ahead of The Rogue Star and Jax’s star saber. Scanners say, the oxygen is breathable, but at only 30% they will need a breather every few minutes and temp is 20-degrees; the gravity is 0.38% of standard. Leeloo wastes no time exiting the ship and running into a waiting Jax, who is radiating strong emotions of angers and disappointment at Leeloo. He starts in on her at how reckless she was and how she left him out there in trouble. Leeloo says Zayne is right there, the priority is to end this. Corraun says they need to use words first and not sabers. Leeloo says she’ll give Corraun a few seconds to talk to Zayne before she cuts him down.

One the short jaunt to Zayne’s ship they both notice the flow of the force is “smooth” here.

Zayne is out of the ship with his companions all wearing environmental suits, minus helmets. They confront Zayne who tells them he didn’t kill his friends, but the truth is almost impossible to believe. The day they returned from the trials the masters entered the mediation tower to contemplate who passed the trails. It’s a full day cycle of mediation and the masters would meet the Padawans for judgement in the ceremony room at a set time.

Zayne survived the trial, but was the last to finish and didn’t think he passed, so he set out one last time to capture Marn and prove to Master Draay, he isn’t a failure. And he did it, he finally captured him, all by himself. To prove to Draay Zayne took Marn straight to the temple, but was a few minutes late to the ceremony. choking Up, then Zayne saw it


Frozen, Zayne stared in horror until Master Draay spotted him. He had a murderous look in his eyes. Zayne and Marn ran. Draay gave chase, but they leaped into a trash shoot and escaped in a speeder. Zayne and Marn have been on the run avoiding TCA for days. They were nearly captured in a Lower City Junk Junction, but met Jarael and Camper, who have a soft spot for those looking to hide.

Corraun and Leeloo find this tales is almost impossible to believe, but Zaynes words and his emotions ring true. Leeloo is devastated at almost killing Zayne and that she can’t get justice for her friends. Zayne givers her some comforting words and they hold each other morning their collective loss.

Zayne has been retracing the steps of the last few days leading up to the massacre to try and discover why? He has searched the places on Taris, and the only place left is the site of their Trials, The Rogue Moon. The Masters did seem odd after the trials, no real pleasure that their Padawans completed the trials, pass or fail till, they were…distant.

Everything was going well only a several days ago. All five of the Padawan’s were to take the trials. The location of the trial was the “Rogue moon” which was the nickname of an anomalous unnamed planetoid in the Taris system. The moon sat in the middle of an asteroid field, but had a retrograde orbit, traveling in the opposite direction of the asteroids around it. As a result, it was bombarded heavily by these asteroids. The gravity on the moon was so low that one could drop from space onto its surface without needing rockets to slow velocity [Show Art of red suits in space].

The five Padawans were dropped onto the moon from a Rogue_moon_trial.jpg high orbit in red environmental suits and, with their blast shields covering their visors, had to make it through a huge valley back to their Masters traveling across the moon, over chasms, avoiding raining meteors.

The masters were on the Moon at the extraction location. They were waiting for them under a particle shield generator’s canopy. Zayne points just over yonder, near the edge of a cliff. They walk over there. In fact the large shield generator is still there.

The Masters would have been here waiting for several hours. We left the generator because Elbee the droid lifter fell off the cliff sometime during the trial…it only seemed slightly odd at the time.

They go over and looking down over the cliff, they see the droid still there. Elbee.jpg Corraun finds this old. The gravity of this moon is too low for the droid to fall hard enough to suffer so much damage. He must have been pushed, and with great force. They retrieve the large droid and take it Camper’s transport The Last Resort. Camper plugs it in and add a rusty old vocabulator to the unit so it can communicate.

It’s a pleasant droid that recognizes Zayne and greets him hello. He next looks around for Draay and says, “I am sorry Master Draay that I did not walk fast enough off of the cliff as you ordered me to, thank you for your assistance.” Before realizing that Draay is not there.

Elbee doesn’t know why Draay ordered him to walk off the cliff. The masters are never to be questioned. Elbee is asked what happened once they landed on the moon. Camper has it hold up a moment as he hooks up a junky old holo-projector to Elbee’s brain circuits.

Elbee projectors the landing, setting up of the particle shield and the masters entering the shielded area. There is some hopeful dialog about their students passing, except for Draay. After some time, Q’Anilla says the force flows freely here, we should conduct a “Seeing Ritual”. Draay agrees that their true duties should not be neglected, even today. All except Draay sit to mediate in a circle, as he remains standing.

2.3 hours goes by when the four masters all startle “awake” and look at each other. They share a look at each other. Draay asks “You each had a vision, what did you see?”

They each announce they envisioned the destruction of the Taris Academy and the occupation of Taris by Mandalorians and Sith.

Feln envisioned himself on Odryn and saw the holocaust of his people.


Xamar envisioned himself in the Republic Navy at the final victory against the Mandalorians, only to see the Republic fleet turn on itself.


Q’Anilia saw the Coruscant Jedi Temple in ruins, with dead Jedi everywhere, including a woman in white ornate robes, that she only refers as their associate. Draay’s posture changes.

All four of the Masters saw a Sith Lord encased in red armor and armed with a red lightsaber responsible for their own deaths.

Feln was the first to make the assumption that the red figure symbolized one of their Padawans, each of whom was wearing a red environmental suit on the moon at that moment.

Raana-Tey (Kamlin’s Master) suggested that they had to kill off the Padawans to stave off the events of the vision. Feln and Draay readily agreed, and Xamar passively gave his consent. Only Q’Anilia opposed the plan, wishing to contact their Covenant associate on Coruscant.

Draay begrudging agrees to Q’Anilia’s request. He then notices the lifter droid, and says they can’t have any witnesses to this conversation. He orders the droid to walk off the cliff. The video shows this and then while floating down, he quickly accelerates and the image stops.

Elbee’s motivator sparks and begins to smoke, Camper still shocked takes a vital second to react and unplug the projector. Some diagnostics later reveals that the memory cortex chip had melted from the power drawn from the projector and its already damaged power regulator. The memory is gone.
Camper is a genius, and isn’t sure it can ever be recovered, but he feels horrible and promises to try, no matter how long it takes.

Zayne knows the council will never take his word over five Jedi Masters. Everyone is still realling from this knowledge and can’t understand why the masters would to this. Even if they felt killing their padawan’s was justified, why would they not tell the High Council and lie about Zayne doing it.

Leeloo and Corraun offer to help Zayne, but he knows that they have their own labour to deal with and Kamlin would have wanted Leeloo to stop Redora because she knew how important it was to her. Zayne showing a new side of himself heroically say he needs to go back to Taris and find evidence to clear his name and get justice for his friends. After goodbyes Leeloo and Corraun return quiet and somber to the Rogue Star and set coordinates to Coruscant.

The ships go in two directions and jump into hyperspace.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Camper, T1-LB “Elbee”, truth behind the Padawan Massacre.

Episode 101

On a walkway in Upper City Corraun and Kal regain consciousness and wake to see the warships descending, bombs and turbo lasers hitting buildings. Leeloo shares the news that the planetary shields failed and that Knight Sans died. Kelborn likely didn’t survive as well. They must get back to Tala and Cana at the TCA sector building. On the wall they are attacked by a small squad of five Neo-Crusaders. Leeloo draws the majority of their fire while Corraun and Kal pick them off slowly but surely.

Elsewhere Kelborn’s POV is all black, ringing in his ears turns to scraping metal, then a huge weight lifted off of his chest. Muffled voices. TCA officers find him crashed into a building and unsure if he is alive or dead decide to put a couple bolts in his chest to make sure before moving on. Kelborn rises from the wreckage and warns them to lay down their arms. They refuse and open fire. Extremely weakened Kelborn struggles to swing his Beskar sword around, but even at his worst his Mando warrior training is better than half a squad of TCA officers. The last TCA officer turns to run Kelborn ponders to kill him or not, but lets him live and tells him to go home and be with his family, no amount of fighting will save Taris from this invasion.

400 meter out Kal, Corraun and Leeloo can see the TCA Sector building, and it’s a smoking ruin. Their hearts sink. Once 50 m out while fearing the worst they are signaled by a reflective light. Looking over they see Padawan LavahnTala from a partially collapsed sub level people mover platform. Inside are Cana, with Constable Sowrs and only a dozen cops. Once the shields failed, the TCA biggest military installations are being attacked by turbo lasers. Tala convinced them to evacuate once the shields fell.
From Sowrs view it doesn’t appear the Mandos want to destroy Taris, but capture it. Tala speaks to Corraun about how she should have been taken on the mission to defend the shield generator and that guarding on suspended senator isn’t worth the greater good. Corraun explains that all life is precious…..SUDDENTLY guards raise an alarm, as the TCA guard at the opening has his blaster shot. They see Kelborn stumble in.

Sowrs is going to take her people and gather forces with other TCA fallen sectors. It’s obvious to Kelborn that the fight can’t be won. Leeloo not wanting to give us says they should go see the Jedi Masters and join their efforts to repeal the invaders. Sowrs says she got official word from her superiors that the Jedi Masters at the temple are remaining out of the conflict. Leeloo and Tala find this hard to believe. Corraun goes quite for several moments, before sadly stating it could be true based on the politics of the High Council, yes the Jedi order has always defended the Republic, but the Republic declared war on Mandolore without the High Council’s support.

With everyone except Kelborn not wanting to give up the fight they make plans to go to the Republic outpost on Tarris. Depending on how old the Mando intel is, they may not know about the small Republic Outpost wear Fenn Iris, Lakke and Pok took the Rogue Star to repair the Hyperion when they first arrived. It’s possible it may still be standing. The Constable gives directions on the best route there.

On the way to the Republic base in Upper City they spy a group of Neo-Crusaders congregated in one spot, working on something. After stopping for a few moments hunkered down they can see seven Neo-Crusaders at the top of a freight platform used for moving massive construction equipment or emergency services from different city levels. The platform is not at this level, yet they have the safety screen down and are placing bundles of explosives onto the four support beams. Three stories down they see the platforms stopped between floors. It has a grated mesh around it, so it’s tough to see specifically what’s in it, but it appears full of 25 elite TCA soldiers and some weapon or vehicle. Taris_platform_map.jpg

Kelborn and Kal both agree it’s best stay on mission and continue on to the Republic outpost. Corraun, Leeloo and Cana all make points to stay and help. They can’t stand by and watch those men die trapped in a cage. Not wanting to waste more time the two agree.

Between the heroes and the freight platform is a 150 feet gap and with Kelborn’s jet pack out of fuel they decide to break up into three groups. Leeloo and Kelborn will cross a narrow power conduit line connecting the two sections, Corraun and Tala will leap across to speeder platforms while Eva and Kal provide covering fire from across the gap.

The crossing is treacherous with a half mile drop below them. Leeloo takes the lead and is expertly moving across until a gust of funneled wind strikers her small frame and knocks her off balance. Kelborn fires a grapple line catching her, but sends him of balance as well. He activates his magnetic glove and attached to the narrow beam before tosses Leeloo back onto the beam. This gets the attention of the Mandos. Corraun and Tala leap across while the Mandos are distracted. Leeloo gets on her feet again to cross, but with a bit of bad luck a nearby explosion from the bombardments lets lose an explosion that shakes the sector and breaks the beam. Leeloo makes a run for it, but it’s too far and she begins to fall. Kelborn shoots his grapple line and swings across snatching her out of the air and landing on the platform side of the gap. The mando’s open fire at the pair, but Leeloo deflects for the both of them.

Under Kal and Eva’s covering fire Corraun and Tala get close enough to attack the Mando’s setting charges. With all three groups now in the battle and attacking from three sides they make quick work of the Mandos. The last one shoots a det-charge before dying, but without the full device engaged it wasn’t enough to destroy the support beam. Corraun gets the platform running again and is thanked by the trapped TCA who set off with a powerful anti-aircraft mobile turret.

The heroes reach the Republic Outpost building, which is still standing. After some explaining about Kelborn they are let inside. They reunite with Fenn, Lakke and Pok on the way to meet the base commander Shane Hawkins.Hawkens.jpg He explains how the Mandolarians reached Taris so quickly. The Mandos sent a relatively small force against the Republic Navy line protecting the Ojoster sector, led by Republic Admiral Jimas Veltraa. Then a massive Mando fleet dropped out of hyperspace in number they didn’t know the Mandos possessed and took them by surprise breaking the line quickly. Mandolore the Ultimate must have been planning this for months, letting Republic scouts spy on only a small number of their forces.

The Republic Forces on Taris, are retreating. There is no chance of stopping this invasion. The heroes are disheartened to hear this. Leeloo mouths off to the Commander, who explains this is an early battle in a much larger war, ground will be lost and regained. The majority of the people of Taris will be fine once they surrender.

For now key personnel will be evacuated if possible or go into hiding. Commander Hawkens is debating if they can make an escape. If done in the next hour it technically possible for a few ships to leave. The Mandos have their hands busy taking the planet, and won’t have the resources for a full planet blockade yet. Although any attempts to leave will be extremely dangerous.

In the meanwhile, they have to focus on wiping all files so not to fall into the hands of the Neo-Crusaders. Eva is hesitant to leave, but doesn’t want to fall into the enemies’ hands and be used as leverage.

When making the plan to escape, they’ll want some standard Starfighters to provide escort to the Rogue Star. The Republic fleet has two old Star Sabers parked next the Rogue Star that just had repairs finished. The republic star port is decent ways away, but close to them is a small commercial star port they have use of sections for ship repairs. It’s here that the Rogue Star is parked.

The heroes along with Pok, Fenn and Lakke reach the star port. The star port has a half circle front, appears abandoned. The docking bay they want is to the left. Two Republic security droids are stationed at the entrance to the dock. After being asked they explain that the port security and personnel fled 142 minutes ago. The Republic techs were recalled back to base when the bombing started.

Heading out in the open portion of the star port it looks kind of like a dock, where there the crescent shaped port opens to a cliff and there are multiple docks leading out to landings for ships. Taris_Star_Port.jpg It is still a compacted upper city area, so there is a lot of infrastructure under the “open space” starting only 30 meters below. The below part has taken some damage resulting in big gouts of steam leaking form pipes, and a couple of busted water mains being cycled by pressure pumps shooting water up. Some hitting the underside of the platforms and others in between going high above the ship platforms.

The star port is mostly empty, most people have fled the upper city by now. They see the Rogue Star, two Star Sabers along with two civilian transports. Corraun and Tala plan to pilot the Star Sabers with Leeloo piloting the Rogue Star.

The Rogue Star will need a minute to get started up opposed to the Star Sabers, which can be quickly started. Just as the heroes are running to the Rogue Star, a Shaadlar flies overhead and lets loose a dozen Jet pack Mandos and keeps flying away. Kal and Kelborn using telescopic sight can see they have charge packs. Kelborn figures they must be here to disable ships opposed to destroy them so they can be engulfed in the Neo-Crusader war machine. The realize the Mandos will have to be held off until the transport is ready to go.

The Neo-Crusaders split into three groups each one heading to a separate docked transport. With only five of the 12 Neo-Crusaders attacking the Rogue Star the heroes have a good handle on the battle, until the ramp lowers on a nearby transport The_Last_Resort.jpg with Neo-Crusaders attempting to disable its engines. Leeloo and Corraun immediately start thinking about how they can help. Kal suffers a devastating burst from a Mando’s carbine. Tala who is telling everyone to get under the ship so the Mandos will have to land to attack them, pulls the downed Cyborg under the ship.

Everything changes when Leeloo spots Zayne Carrick and a white skinned/haired female step out of the civilian transport and engage Jarael_2.jpg The Mando’s trying to disable the ship. The criminal Marn is at the top of the ships ramp. Leeloo calls Zayne out who is surprised to them here on Taris. A curtain of water jettisons up from a broken pipe and prevents her from leaping across immediately. Corraun shots for Zayne not to leave.

As soon as the water pressure drops again Leeloo leaps to Zayne’s platform and attacks him. He narrowly blocks in time. The pale skinned female who has been expertly taking down Neo-Crusaders with her unusual staff-like weapon spins over to help Zayne while complaining about having to protect him so regularly of late. Leeloo tells the exotic woman with facial tattoos to step aside. She declines by blocking Leeloo’s next strike against Zayne. Leeloo is surprised to see the metal portion of the metal and energy staff be unaffected by the lightsaber. It doesn’t appear to be made of either Beskar or Cortosis. Leeloo asks her name and is given Jarael in reply. Leeloo asks Zayne why he killed Kamlin, but is only answer is being unable to meet her eyes and she can detect guilt and sadness from Zayne.

Marn shouts from the ramp that Camper has the ship ready to go, Zayne kills another Neo-Crusader and Jarael stabs the tip of the staff into the pool of water Leeloo is standing on and Leeloo is shocked into submission and falls prone. Zayne says something to Jarael that is only partially heard by a stunned Leeloo before they run up the ramp and board their transport and take off. After a few brief moments the curtain of water falls once more.

By now the Rogue Star is ready, but they see Leeloo down and unaware how serious her condition, but in dire straits as more Neo-Crusaders with jet packs are approaching. Kelborn says he’ll get her. Corraun struggles with trusting him, but does so leading Tala to the Star Sabers. Kelborn holds onto the open ramp and tells Lakke to fly as close as possible to Leeloo. When right above her he shoots out his grapple line around Leeloo’s sword hand and hails her to him. The Mandos stop and shoot at the Rogue Star will no effect. The remaining few pursue Corraun and Tala. Jax stops to give his Padawan a head start, but quickly follows suit and the two take off after the Rogue Star.

Kal navigates finding a heading with the least amount of resistance while Lakke pilots. The best path places them right behind Zayne’s transport. The effects of the staff wear off and she quickly takes over the piloting, which is a great relief to Lakke. The two transports are harried across the city by gunships, but skilled piloting and the support of the Jedi in Star Sabers allows them to reach a break away point and ascend to outer space.

In a brief moment where they are leaving one danger behind and about to enter another Corraun opens a general hail channel to speak to Zayne telling him it’s time to stop running. Zayne says he didn’t do it, but is interrupted by an older man’s voice telling him coms will only give the warships a heads up they’re coming and the transmission is suddenly cut. Leeloo fires at Zayne’s ship, but Kal quietly disables the forward guns.

Once they reach outer space Kal calculates a course with the least amount of resistance to break through the Mando line. For the first time the transport ahead of them differs. They appear to be choosing a more difficult path. Despite everyone’s objections including Corraun’s, Leeloo follows Zayne’s ship forcing her companions on board to either forcible remove her or get to battle stations. They choose the latter.

End of episode credits roll.

Post credits we see the full scene of Zayne and Jarael standing over a stunned Leeloo. Zayne says. “We can’t leave her like this.” Jarael replies, “My shockstaff will make her look dead already, if they don’t look too close, come on we have to go.” With a last lone look Zayne joins Jarael and Myn onboard the transport.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Commander Hawkens, The Mando Feint, Leeloo attempts to kill Zayne Carrick, Jarael, a Shockstaff, the transport known as The Last Resort.

Episode 100

Leeloo with Lakke’s help exits the Kolto tank. Corraun explains to a concerned Kal and Lavhan that four of his Jedi friends died suddenly and terribly. Corraun and Leeloo both agree to set course to Taris in the Outer Rim. There is lot of speculation of what would have caused their deaths. Corraun updates Leeloo on the Krath War Droids and Raxus. Both Corraun and Leeloo handle the grieving differently. Corraun although more reserved then normal spends time remembering his times with Shad, Gharn, Oojah and Kamlin. While Leeloo becomes withdrawn and in a haze. Knight Sans is place in the Kolto tank to heal.

Corraun shares a data pad with the recent senate vote of war against Mandolore with Eva. This is overheard by Kelborn. His motives is questioned by Eva. Lahavan does her best to give Corraun space to grieve. Eva speaks privately with Kal and thanks him for helping save her and feels terrible that he keeps having to surfer physical protecting her. She offers to speak to her father to get him a more important assignment worthy of him. Kal declines a change of duty. Although selfishly she doesn’t want Kal reassigned she asks him at least think about it. Kelborn tells Leeloo to toughen up and keep focused on the mission at hand. His insensitivity gets him thrown across the room.

Overtime Leeloo opens up to Corraun regarding how all of her friends die and how the galaxy takes and takes, never yielding. She isn’t much more than a stranger to Eva now, leaving her just with Corraun who doesn’t agree with her beliefs and Kelborn who has promised to kill her. Leeloo laments not being able to speak to Kamlin one last time. Corraun reveals that he spoke to the Padawan’s recently before their Knight trails and Kamlin sent a mission. Leeloo is upset at first that Jax didn’t share this earlier and quickly watches the holo in private.

I’m sure Corraun has already told you we’re taking our trails in a few days. Being so close has gotten me thinking about my training and what’s prepared me for this point. Master Tey and the others have taught me everything I know about the force, but not everything about life and myself. When I first met you I was jealous of your beauty, ace piloting, and how all of my friends flocked around you instantly. At first I thought you were putting up a front about being so accomplished and experienced, but when you and I were stuck together in the Rakghul caves your bravery and skill saved us. I was forced to open up and recognize a weakness in myself.

Never let Zayne know this, but it may have been my pride and jealousy that was preventing the masters from letting us take the trials before and not his lack of skill. Well let’s be honest it was probably mostly Zayne, but knowing you has allowed me to better identify my faults and become a better Jedi. But now I’m ready and once I pass the trails and become a Jedi Knight I’m going to live up to my promise and help you track down and stop Redora. I don’t know what hunk of junk you’re flying these days, smiles but save a seat for me.

After the holo ends Leeloo breaks down and cries.

The tension on the ship continues between Eva and Kelborn regarding the war. Eva asks Kal if they can trust him being on board. Kal says he does trust Kelborn, which she is surprised by based on his history with the Mandolarians. Eva trusts Kal’s judgment, but is reassured when Kal eludes that if his feelings change he’ll have no problem dropping Kelborn.

Pok is upset about the change of course and taking the Hyperion into what could be a danger. After all of the tinkering Raxus’ people did to the ship attempting to use the Hyperion it destroy all long range coms, so there is no way of knowing what condition Taris is in. Corraun and Eva argue the case of continuing to Taris and how they can make quick stops at Republic Military installations to get news. Pok agrees as long as Taris is safe and Knight Sans approves this course of action.

Dropping out the contact a local Republic Navy station using short range coms. There is nothing out of the ordinary on Taris. Corraun sends a communication to Master Andor and Commander Corcer regarding Raxus and the Krath War Droids.

During the second day of travel Knight Sans exits the Kolto tank so that Kelborn can use it. The two converse briefly. Sans says he want till the others about his cold blooded murder of the pirates on board The Razor’s Edge, but he will tell the Jedi Council. Kelborn doesn’t care and says he’d do it again. Once Kelborn is sleeping in Kolto Sans takes the disruptor pistol kept by Kelborn and cuts it in half and leaves it in pieces in the ships common room.

The next day when Kelborn discovers this he nearly draws down on Sans stating it’s an insult to destroy a warriors weapon. Lahavan only fuels the flames when stating she didn’t think Sans should have down it while the Mando was asleep, she would have done it while he was holding it. Sans explains that there will be no disruptors on this ship on his mission. Kelborn concedes a small about that it’s his ship and his rules.

Later that day they reach Taris. At the star Port Pok stays with the ship to guard the Hyperion. T3 stays to make sure that Pok doesn’t try to leave. Lakke and Fenn make arrangements to go to the Ministry Sector. There is a primary Taris Civic Authority building, which has a small Republic Military Division. There they can get needed part to repair the Hyperion.

Taris Holofeed is on in the starport while waiting of a vehicle. The coverage is about Lhosan Industries threatening to close down more factories here on Taris, if the Civil Authority cannot decrease the rampant crime and daring raids by The Black Vulkars. The TCA spokesmen has announced they’ll be seeking Jedi help to put an end to the robberies. The news switches to a panel of experts for Q&A:

Q: What economic impact to Taris should they pull out? A: Lhosen employs nearly 50% of the population for Lower City. With the four factories already closed we’re seeing the impact already. Ex-employees are both mad and afraid. It could be ruinous to lower city and the effects would be felt all the way to Uppercity.

A second expert rebuts says This would never happen the cost is massive to relocate and the resources mined from Jebble, Vanquo & Tarnith. Chairman Jervo Thalien [Show Art] is likely just posturing for more tax breaks.

Kelborn wears a hooded cloak and journeys with the others taking a large speeder to the Jedi Tower in Uppercity. Kelborn waits outside in the speeder. The others are greeted by a sorrowful Hamil, the Temple caretaker. Eva mentions she is feeling some déjà vu, but she has never been to Taris before. Hamlin directs them to wait for the Masters who are in a meeting at the moment.

A little bit later then hear a walking discussion between the Taris Jedi Masters; Q’Anillia, Xamar, Raana Tey, Feln & Lucian Draay and Trohn Rowan of the Tribunal of Taris. His is accompanied by Sowrs.jpgTCA Constable Sowr.

The heroes overhear how important Lhosen industries is to Taris and the TCA has failed to make a difference to the crimes against the mega corp. The masters responds that matter will be handled and assistance give to the TCA, once we take care of our own house.

Trohn pauses, “I am sorry for your orders’ loss and I don’t want to dismiss the horrible events, but if Lhosen Industries pulls out, it could be the final nail in our coffin. We may not survive it as we did the trade route change decades ago”.

Master Draay says, “We will handle our matter quickly and then yours, good day”.

Once alone with the masters Corraun and Leeloo asked what happened to their friends. Xamar and Q’Anillia’s faces show deep sadness. Draay’s face is as stern as ever. Q’Anillia tells four days ago the five Padawans were given their Jedi Trails on Taris’ Rogue Moon. The trial was difficult, but each completed the test. They returned and the Padawans were sent to the tower’s spiral for meditation and to await the master’s decisions on who would be knighted. The following day the Padawans were called to gather in the Ceremony Hall to hear the results. Leeloo detects strong sadness from Xamar & Q’Anillia as she pauses. Raana Tey continues “On the way to the ceremony we sensed the darkside, then fear and death. We reached the hall seconds later to see Shad, Gharn, Oojah and Kamlin slain and Zayne Carrick standing over them with his lightsaber. The darkside radiating from him. As soon as he spotted us he ran”.

Master Draay with a forehead vein budging says, “He managed to escape in a getaway speeder piloted by the criminal Marn Hierogryph”. Corraun has trouble believing sweet Zayne would have done this. Zayne and his accomplice Marn Hierogryph are wanted by the CA. If not captured soon, will hire bounty hunters. He has been on the loose for two days now.

Hamlin notifies the Jedi Masters Shel Jelavan is here. Master Q’Anillia had forgotten that Shad’s sister comes twice a month to collect charity items to hand out in lower city. Shad and Zayne normally help her carry the donations. She hasn’t been told yet. Master Q’Anillia must break the news to her. The other four masters excuse themselves, there is much to do following this tragedy. They see an attractive 18 year old blond girl with a pleasant smile on her face taken into a private room with the Jedi Master. Shel_Jelavan_1.jpg
Now alone Kal questions how one Jedi could have killed four others so quickly and escaped the Masters. Leeloo answers he must have used their trust and gained surprised on them, plus the darkside can give great power quickly.

A minute later the sounds of a sorrowful scream echos from the room. (sounds of a scream/cry after a min). 10 min later Master Q’Anillia exits the room as says she needs to give Shel some moments to collect herself. She’ll return shortly.

Corraun and Leeloo enter the room to speak with and comfort Shel. She has heard a lot about both Corraun and Leeloo from Shad and Zayne. Shel can’t believe that Zayne would have killed his friends, especially Shad. Corraun asks he Zayne or Shad mentioned anything unusually lately or maybe found some strange artifact. Shel doesn’t believe so. Shel reveals that she and Zayne once had feelings for each other, but she never took it serious since he was a Jedi, now she is furious that she almost loved the man how killed her older brother. Shel cries again at the thought of having to tell her youngest brother Shay about this. They had lost so much in the past few years, first her parents and now Shad.

Masters Q’Anillia and Raana Tey join them. Q’Anillia presents Shel with a blue lightsaber crystal, taken from Shad’s lightsaber and ask the heroes to please escort Shel back home in Lower City as they focus on the manhunt. They of course agree. Just before leaving Master Tey suggests Leeloo use Kamlin’s light saber, since Lower City is a dangerous place. She feels that Kamlin would have wanted that. She also tells Leeloo to use it on Zayne should she by chance come across him. Leeloo promises to honor Kamlin with it.

Once in Lower City it’s difficult to take air speeders, too many buildings built atop one another. Also its very narrow in places. Shel doesn’t know how to get to her home via speeder, so they must park and can take a Drewba cart she has waiting (normally to unload donations into) and take that home. On the way to taking her home, they get caught up in a huge demonstration outside of a Corporate Personnel building for Lhosen Industries. A large crowd wanting their jobs back. Lhosen private security is close to the building while TCA is on crowd control, with unarmed Stick droids as walking barriers. The heroes have to be let passed almost like a train crossing. Open up one section, by herding the crowd back. Then close it that section and letting the crowd fill back in and then move aside the next section and wait for it to clear a path.

While waiting a fire bomb goes off inside of the building mostly empty, 18 employees come running out. Everyone is accounted for. The rest left hours ago when the crowd got to be hundreds. One says it was swoop gangers that flew by with fire bottles. TCA_Officer.jpgTCA unit leader Kefton call for local Fire response, but notes its slow here. The crowds anger seems only fueled by the fire. Then all of a sudden TCA leader Kefton gets and call and then starts pulling out all of the officers. Only the Stick Droids, will keep the barrier, which is almost open for the heroes to leave, but the fire has distracted and slowed the crowd. The Lhosen employees are demanding the TCA stay. TCA quickly get into speeders and leave.

The mob seeing the TCA abruptly leave as the employees are demanding them to stay. This gets the mob all worked up along with the fire. The stick droid barrier is getting pushed back. The heroes are now left between a mob, and small number of private sec guarding the employees. The building isn’t safe to run into. They could run, but decide to stay and advert any bloodshed.

Corraun and Eva Cana address the crowd telling them the Republic will do all it can to secure their jobs and that violence here will only make things worse. It’s the swoops gangs who profit from this. This starts to calm the crowd, but then a blaster bolt is shot from the mob and a Sec force member panics and opens fire into the crowd, Leeloo is able to leap into the way and deflect the blaster bolts. Another guard fires and shoots an innocent miner. The crowd enrages at over powers the droid barrier. With approval from Kal, Kelborn grabs Shel and then Eva against her will and rockets to safety. Knight Sans scans the crowd for the shooter, with the will of the force finds him and levitates him above the crowd revealing he is armed and a member of the swoop gang The Black Vulkers. He address the mob that this is all to make the swoop gangers richer. Seeing the evidence hovering above them they stop the mad rush on the building and its employees. Sans tosses the ganger member behind what’s left of the barrier while the Lhosen employees and guards get away.

Eva tells Kelborn never to do that again, she wanted to stay and help. Annoyed he promises to never try and save her again. The group reaches Shel’s tiny apartment. Corraun and Leeloo walk her to her door and enter to meet a nine year old boy Shay.Shay_jelavan.png Shel’s grieve has entered an anger stage and she asks Leeloo and Corraun to kill Zayne for what he has done. Leeloo agrees.

Shay’s holo show is interrupted by a Taris emergency board cast message telling all civilians to stay indoors. The heroes quickly return to their speeder and make way to Upper City and the Jedi Tower to learn what is going on.

They see three TCA air speeders roaring overhead and then a single Mandolorian Shaadlar air ship Shaadlar.typeII.bmp mercilessly shoots them down. The skyline is full if red bolts firing. Leeloo and Corraun get a sense of immediate danger and warn Tala to swerve their speeder, just before being fired upon by a Mando gunship. This air speeder doesn’t have the handling to avoid a hit, but reduces it to disabling instead of fatal. They land harm. Now stuck on foot they move through the panics streets. The Jedi Tower is very far on foot, but they see signs for a TCA Sector station relatively close by and decide to go there.

The scene swtiches to outside of a TCA station where 25 TCA cops are lined up behind barricades ready to defend this station. Constable Noana Sowrs is leading them. Ten Mandos with Jet packs land and slowly march towards the station, unphased by the number of blasters pointed at them. Constable Sowrs reminds the cops that they must hold this station at all costs. Within the walls are necessary communications, equipment, and civilians caught up in the assault that have come here for protection.

It’s a slaughter, the endless fire has little effect on the Mandos. They mercilessly march up and begin laying waste to the TCA officers who fight bravely and tactically, but are simply out match. Then when it looked like it was only a matter of seconds before the station fell, the heroes arrived. Leeloo wasted no leading the charge against the Neo-Crusaders. Tala was pleased to have a chance to slay more Mandos. The police rallied after seeing Leeloo kill a mando in a single blow and announcing herself in Mando as her battled earned name Little Wind of Death. Kelborn stayed back firing from a distance like Kal, but eventually moved up. A few police fired harmlessly at Kelborn not knowing who was friend of foe. During the battle overhead the heroes can see the planetary shields above activating as it stops bombs and turbo lasers.

Tala displeased with Corraun killing Neo-Crusaders before she could get to them, she leaped off a railing at great risk to grab ahold of a jet-pack mando. Once on his back she sank her light saber into his neck killing him instantly. Corraun displeased with this used the force to pull the now corpse to solid ground before Lavhan plummeted down the deeps of Taris. His rebuke feel on deaf ears as she was confident she would have been fine.

Once the last mando is slain Constable Sowrs gives thanks for their help and invited them inside to update them on what’s happened. Approximately Six hours ago TCA command received word from Republic Admiral Jimas Veltraa that a massive Mando fleet blew through the Republic Navy line protecting the Ojoster sector. Communication was soon lost.

It’s not know how the Mando’s could have broken the fleet so quickly, but all TCA was recalled to their stations. We set the emergency alarm and activated the planetary shields. Forty minutes after the first warning our sensors picked up a large Mando fleet dropping out of hyperspace. The war and capital ships are kept out by planetary shield along with their ability to bombard us. The smaller Mando gunships can pass through and have launched an assault, its total chaos.

Kelborn says the Mando’s next target will be will be the planetary shield generators. Sowrs calls the other sectors with generators and warns them. Her section was it the hardest and she doesn’t have the resources immediately to defend this sectors shield generator. She will pull all available resources to guard them, but with her station so weekend she isn’t confident she can get enough troops there in time. The heroes agree to go and hold the shield till reinforcements can arrive. For her own safety Eva stays behind. Lavhan is convinced to stay and guard her by telling her that if they can leave only one person, it should be their best.

They can reach the tower with a TCA Speeder. Once there they learn The Shield Tower is sturdy enough that the smaller gunships can’t blow it up. The Mandos will need to get inside of it, but once inside it’s fragile to charges. The tower does have two Anti-ship turrets, but the auto targeting its malfunctioning and needs repairs. At the moment they can only be operated manually from the gunner seats.

Proximity alarms sound as a gunship arrives with nine Neo-Crusaders leaping off of it rocketing toward the main doors using jet packs. Kelborn and Kal man the turrets while everyone else guards the door. The gunship exchanges fire with the turrets, but each turret has shields making it difficult to destroy. Kelborn warns the Mandos that they are battling The Little Wind of Death followed by blowing up the gunship. The Mando Leader calls for reinforcements. Corraun is holding the door while squaring off against two warriors armed with Beskar swords. The mando leader eventually after many failed attempts lands a devastating blow to Corraun followed by another slash and kick that sends him flying away from the door.

Leeloo leaps in front of the door to hold it while Kal runs to Corraun to perform paramedics. Till greatly outnumber the heroes can see a gunship approaching. Just as Kal gets a handle on Jax’s wounds a Neo-Crusader fires at Jax nearly killing him. Leeloo carrying more about not losing another friend more than the mission leaps to Jax and using the force carries him away from the battle. Sans, Kelborn and Kal hold the line till she returns. The second gunship arrives and more Mando’s leap out. Knight Sans stunned by a blow and with Jax down the situation appears bleak. Kelborn leaves the turret and flies straight into the Gunship and kills the pilot, but before he can get ahold of the controls the gunner attacks them. They struggle for several moments before the out of control ship spins out of control. Kelborn activates his magnetic boots just in time while the other mando is flung from the ship.

Meanwhile unknown to the heroes a Mando on a lower level has already can entrance to the shield generator. Leeloo challenges the leader who gives her a chance to tell him who the traitor is in Mando armor. The two battle till a stale mate until she is shot by another mando’s blaster and stunned. A fatale strike is interrupted by Kal’s left arm. The Beskar blade cleaves it in two. Kal is quickly taken down next by the overwhelming number of Neo-Crusaders. The leader receives word the charge as been planted and the generator will blow soon. He sends his men away, but stays longer to try and kill the little wind of death.

See the mando leave tells Leeloo and Knight Sans that they must have set charges and they too need to flee. Leeloo grabs Kal and runs to the other side of the tower. The leader leaves before it’s too late. Meanwhile Kelborn is desperately trying to regain control of the free falling gunship while avoiding hitting buildings and bridges. He manages to control the decent enough to choose where it crashes. The gunship smashing into a Taris high-rise and explodes impossible to tell if he could’ve survived.

Back at the shield tower Leeloo grabs Corraun and Kal and leaps off the tower, followed by Sans. Seconds later the tower explodes. They avoid the blast wave, but are now free falling to their impending doom. Leeloo uses the force to control her direction, but not her gaining speed. She aims for a giant republic banner to break her fall. Knight Sans sees an approaching Mando ship and gets his grabbling hook out and attempts to latch it to the speeding vessel, but just misses. The Jedi Knight closes his eyes and finds peace before being released into the force.

Leeloo hits the banner with a great impact, but the banner gives enough that it isn’t a neck breaking collision. She begins to slide down the banner hoping to reach the bridge below before it fully tears free. Hitting the ground hard she can see the planetary shields fall, buildings explode from turbo laser beams while Warships decent beneath the clouds. The last thing Leeloo sees before everything goes black is the Galactic Republic banner failing.


End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Constable Noana Sowr, Shel Jelavan, Shay Jelavan, Knight Sans Sedare dies, Planetary Shields of Taris fail.

Episode 99

Three days before the events of episode 97. Knight Corraun Jax receives a holo from the Padawans on Taris; Shad Jelahvan, Gharn, Oojah, Kamlin and Zayne Carrick. They inform their good friend Jax that they are finally being allowed to take their Knight trials in a few days, even Zayne. Jax wishes them the best. Kamlin privately asks Corraun to pass on a record message to her and he agrees.


In a hurry Jax reluctantly takes his Padawan Lavhan Tala to the galactic senate for an important vote to declare war on Mandalore or not. The attendance both of voting senators and concerned parties is impressive. Jax has never seen it this full before. From where they are standing they can see three levels down, Master Andor Dulwen.

Dozens of senators float forward to speak. 50/50 cases are made. Tyan_Duna.jpg The last speaker is Senator Tyan Duna of Koravon and chairmen of the Republic Security Council. His speech touches on the many atrocities that have been committed in the last two years under the orders of Mandalore the Ultimate. (It’s a long list already mentioned in several previous episodes including glass bombings). The list ends with the savage near genocide of the Cathar.

The thousands of attendees are hanging on to each of his words has he speaks humbly of his personal experience battling the Mandolarions. Tyan speaks about how wars should be avoided at all costs and every diplomatic options must be tried again and again.

Tyan’s speech “The Galactic Republic is the symbol of hope and civility in the galaxy, and we cannot continue to stand by while the rest of the galaxy suffers at the hands of those who spread violence like a plague. Many learned senators have spoken today stating that this is not our fight, with the exception of a few skirmishes there has been no direct attack on Republic worlds. This is true, but the rest of the galaxy does not have the strength to stop them or defend themselves. Since the founding of the Galactic Republic and for thousands of years the strong have been called on to protect the weak, it may not be fair, but it is our honor and our privilege to do so. In my heart I know this senate will vote with their hearts and make our founding fathers proud.”

Voting is concluded an hour later. 1746 for, 426 against and 28 abstained or un-voted. The SC Bal’garn announces that the petitioned Declaration of war against Mandolore has passed. Cheers and rumbling feet echo in the grand hall.

While Jax and Tala are discussing what this means to the Jedi Master Andor joins them. Andor hints that he doesn’t believe the High Council’s position will change, now that the Republic has declared war. The Jedi are defenders and not in the business of starting wars.

Scene changes to the next day. Corraun is contacted by Cmd. Emlik Corcer about an investigation his office was conducting rooting out republic military security leaks. He made an arrest early this morning on a young LT. who was selling classified information to multiple entities. Most of the info sold was nearly outdated and of little threat. Info useful to win future military bids and contracts. Emlik.head.JPG

We finally broke him and learned that he had sold information on the HRT-01 Scanner to the pirate Davian Raxus. The information did not include specs or plans thank the force, only its prototype capabilities and…its field testing capabilities.

Corcer says, “Six days ago Lt. Hannik Yoult provided all recent field reports and locations that the field team had been sending back. I’ve tried to contact The Rogue Star for the last three hours with no success. The last communication was yesterday. I’m is sending available Republic vessels to their last known location, but with the senate’s vote for war I have little resources to spare on what could be something as simple as hyperspace com failure. But I thought it best to let you know.”

Corraun attempts to speak with the High Council, but they are preoccupied with the republic going to war. He manages to walk with Andor between meetings and asks permission to check on Knight Sans since the Jedi through Corraun took responsibility for the proto type scanner. Andor grants permission and authorize him to take an impounded pirate transport that is just taking up storage space. It’s called The Wookies’ Paw. Tala is please to finally be going out on assignments again.

Scene changes to 13 hours after the conclusion of episode 98. The Wookie’s Paw drops out of hyperspace reaching the last known coordinates. As they start scanning the area of The Rogue Star, the holo message lights up. The message from Its Cmd. Corcer, time stamp 9 hours ago. “Knight Jax, I’ve just received a republic encrypted long range holo message from Corporal Fenn Iris. The encryption and identifiers appear to be authentic. The specialist reports the team has been captured by Davian Raxus and taken to an unknown sector, they have partially escaped and are attempting to hide out in the canyons of a nearby planet. The HRT01 along with Senator Cana is still in Raxus’ custody. I’m requesting immediate assistance. Further commutations will continue as possible.”

Corcer continues “We have a trace on the origin of the signal. (Provides the exact coordinates), with the war effort I don’t have any resources I can redeploy to that sector in less than four days.”

Jax does a quick nav calculation that puts called The Wookies’ Paw two days away and calls Corcer. Cmd Corcer gives Jax the encryption code to receive any more SOS when in the sector.

Next scene is now present time. Raxus.jpg Raxus has found what he is looking for. He sets down The Rogue Star, invites Eva to join him. She refuses and he has his guards grab her. T3 beeps at him as they exit the ship. Two other Raxus ships landed as well. Stepping out seeing a mountain with evidence of long again bombardment damage. Closer look reveals a large blast door built into the mountain, but huge slates of the surrounding mountain is abstracting the door. Raxus with Elix Holgar seem very sure this is what he is looking for. A small shuttle lands and one of the pirates report that comms are down. Eva smiles at this, “trouble”. A short time later another landing party arrives with news for Raxus. They detail the following:

The prisoners attempted an escape. They destroyed the tractor beam and did something to the coms array. It’s not destroyed, but all of the process and protocols have been overridden. The verpine say it could take a few days to a week to correct. The pretty one Leeloo and the Mandolorian where captured alive, but heavily wounded on Deck 4.

The three republic techs and the cyborg escaped with Razor III, but our pilots lost them in the canyons. They killed nearly sixty men in the escape attempt.

Raxus is furious and looking like he’ll kill the messenger. Quickly continuing. “We did stop the Jedi Knight, in fact he was dying, but he was saved by Doctor Stryver.” Raxus seems surprised by this. “Dr. Stryver requests your permission to test his new Phan-Vita Stims on the prisoners. He asked me to remind you that his progress has greatly decreased since you stopped letting him experiment on the crew.”

Take the following orders back to Trega says Raxus. Leeloo is still to be traded to the Hapians as planned and I want her in pristine condition. Place her in my personal Kolto tank and guarded by no less than six men. Tell Dr. Stryver to do whatever he wants with the Knight and mando. Provide me with security down here and I need a mining crew to clear these blast doors.

The pirate messenger leaves. Eva over hears Raxus talking to Elix and estimating 2-3 days to clear the fallen rock face. Elix seems surprise and says “warship weapons can clear is in minutes”. Raxus explains that it’s impossible to tell what structural damage could be with in and he’ll not risk the prize inside.

Elsewhere on the moon Pok is standing guard outside a large cave looking for bat patrols. Fenn is hugging Lakke professing how scared he was for her. She’s relieved to be alive. After a little bit they both tend to Kal’s immediate wounds. Looking around the ship reveals it better stocked then then Razor Two. Plenty of weapons and a private state room with signs that it belongs to Trega they find Kolto Packs. These packs can be put on Kal’s worst wound. He’ll be tired and need to rest a lot, but can heal him nearly as good as a full tank. Nothing they can do about his cyber limbs. Fenn uses parts of the ship to set up a relay repeating message for when help arrives.

Ten hours later Pok comes back after scouting with news that Raxus is mining into some kind of mountain door. The Rogue Star, with Hyperion and Senator Cana is also there. There are too many to conduct an assault in their current condition, but it looks like it take a while. This should be enough time for the Calvary to arrive. For now Kal should heal up and Pok keep monitoring Raxus and lay low.


Back on The Razor’s Edge. Knight Sans and Kelborn laid out on tables in a medical bay, still suffering from severe wounds. A doctor is looking them over with much interested. A male snivvian medical assistant is there and says, Doctor Stryver shall I get your Phan-Vita formula ready for injection?” “No, a Mandolorain and a Jedi Knight are rare test subjects with their current wounds the reparative portion would either work or not, but I want to test the mental effects over several doses. Their mental fortitude should allow for three or even four before they go insane. Give them a day in the Kolto tanks then we’ll begin.” Samell.jpg

The two heroes just get minor flashes of this. Including glimpses of Dr. Stryver and Samell the Snivvian taking readings. After a day they are awaken again wet from Kolto tanks and on tables in restraints.

Before they fully realize what’s going on Kelborn is given an injector of translucent glowing green fluid. The pain is horrific, like napalm running through their veins. The pain is nearly unbearable. Knight Sans feigns being asleep still, but it doesn’t matter he is given a dose as well. The terrible doctor and assistant are documenting both the healing effects along with heart and brainwave monitors. At one point Samell says about the Jedi “this one is about to pop”.

For the heroes it’s difficult to say how long the pain goes on for. Time seems nearly infinite, but finally the sweet relief of passing out or death comes. Either is better than the pain. When they next awake their wounds are much better, but they awake with an adrenaline fight or flight high, hands shaking. The Doctor orders them to be given a sedative to “even” them out before the next treatment.

Kelborn puts up a brave façade and Sans asks what they are being injected with. Dr. Stryver tells them it’s a reparative stim I call Phan-Vita. When perfected it’ll change battle field medicine forever. More specifically it’s a cocktail of several normal healing chems, and extracted glands from a Phangoric thyroid and liver. These enzymes causes rapid development in a subjects: Collagen, fibroblast, Lipoxins & resolvins. This promotes rapid healing, but that is only enough to stabilize a dying solider. I wanted to create a stim that would take a dying soldier and put him back into the action immediately.

Unfortunately the body only repairs so much this way before transferring from repair of tissue to regenerating completely new cells, which is much slower. So I’ve added poison to my formula so the body will be trapped in a constant state of rapid repair opposed to creating new cells. The scaring is worse of course and the adrenaline shakes affects combat efficiency, but the true hurdle is the pain. So far subjects given full doses to repair their wounds enough to get up, go mad from the pain.

Samell jumps in and says “some shoot themselves in the head”. Stryver continues One day we may go up as high as five parts of a dose, but I really don’t know if that would take. Still strapped down Samell gives out 3-part doses, first to the Jedi then to the Mando. The pain is even greater than before and eventual they pass out.

The next time they awake, they are alone in the medical bay and imagine that they next dose could either kill them or case them to lose their minds. They also suffer from terrible hand tremors. Alone in the room the two try to escape. Sans uses the force in a new way to him and even while tied up manages to use the force to rip off some of the straps. He quickly grabs his light sabers and dresses before freeing the Mando. Kelborn’s armor is found in a drawer.

The two continue to bicker at one another both wishing they were partnered with anyone else. They capture two pirates and question them about current events and how to get off of the ship. Knight San’s promises to let them live if they answer all his questions. The only ships leaving are shuttles of relief miners. Kelborn sedates them and strap them down on the medical tables. While Sans is distracted on look out, Kelborn arranges the room and equipment and sets the two unconscious pirates on fire. They awake just before dying.

Knight Sans is appalled and upset with Kelborn who explains now it looks like “we” died due to an accident, which will give them more time to exit the ship. Sans says they could have found another way to achieve the same goal. Even more upset at one another they dress as pirates and head to the shuttles.

Once on the moon they see the Rogue Star and Senator Cana. Sans tells Kelborn that he believes Kal and some of the others are likely hiding out and that Leeloo is either dead or still on board of the Razor’s Edge. Kelborn is upset that Sans waited till off the ship before telling him. They agree to work together a little while longer to see their separate goals achieved. In the meanwhile they are helping with the mining and maintaining cover.

The Wookie’s Paw drops from hyperspace and immediately sees Raxus’s Flagship the Razor’s Edge. And vice versa. No hails come from the capital ship. Quickly Six Verpine Bats are headed their way. Unknown if it’s to attack or investigate. Before the bats get to them, Jax received another SOS and uses the encryption to learn Fenn has a signal on a loop with specific coordinated of where they are hiding out on the planet.

There is a chase between The Wookie’s Paw and the bats. The Wookie’s Paw is heavily damaged, and they take out three Bats before losing the rest in the canyons. Only going to the coordinates once they are sure they lost them. Corraun, Tala meet up with Kal, Fenn, Lakke, and Kal. They share the bad news about Leeloo is captured or worse and where Cana is held. Then it’s Jax’s turn to give bad news it’ll be two more days before the Republic military will arrive and with Pok’s spying he knows they’ll be down mining soon, today maybe. Raxus could be long gone before Republic warships arrive. Fenn is also pretty sure their coms will be back up soon and hiding will be more difficult and could call for their own back up.

By now Pok has done a lot of spying and knows the forces numbers. A formidable size, also the droid patrol schedule. The plan to take out one of the AR-9s quietly and use its arms to repair Kal. Jax and Tala quickly destroy the droid. Kal and Fenn get to work on the arms. Then there is a loud crack from the distance. Once they reach the mining operation they find it much changed from this morning. They find it open, and several of the guards gone. Only a handful left and pirate minors.

Earlier Sans and Kelborn were present when the mining was complete and the blast doors opened. Seeing the bulk of guards enter with Raxus they started preparations to hi-jack a shuttle. Kelborn helped dismantle the laz-cutter and tampered with the charge packs for a much needed distraction later.

Corraun and Lavhan charged into the clearing battling the guards and pirates while Kal laid down covering fire allowing Pok, Fenn and Lakke to get to the Rogue Star. Kelborn’s explosion went off and afford them a chance to draw their hidden weapons and join the fight. Tala was knocked to the ground and stunned by an AR-9 droid. Jax noticed that Knight Sans could have made an effort to help her, but choose to press the assault instead. Kal managed to snipe the droid before it could have done serious damage to the young girl.

Once the dust settled Sans explained that Raxus, Elix and 20 guards entered the mountain with Senator Cana. Kelborn tried to talk the others into leaving Eva behind and instead go after Leeloo. San’s promised once they saved the Senator he would help save Leeloo. Pok was insist on going, but would wait with the HRT01 and leave if threatened. Jax spoke with T3 who would override the controls and not leave without Eva. Fenn and Lakke volunteered to accompany them and rescue Senator Cana.

Once inside they quickly see it’s an old factory. Only emergency lighting is on. It also seems to have suffered a severe amount of damage. One hallway to the left is completely collapsed in. To the right around a bend they see through shattered interior windows what was once a factory floor is 90% caved in. Impossible to tell what they once were manufacturing here.

The hall way ends at a door. Behind this door is a small control room, with one exit, most of the wall monitors are off or broken, only two are on, but immediate attention goes to the pirates in the room. They quickly dispatch four pirates and take a closer look at the two monitors. One is a map of the factory and the second is a image of what this factory used to manufacture. Krath_war_droid_Schematics.jpg Knights Jax and Sans recognize this as Krath War Droids, which were designed decades ago to kill Jedi and were responsible for many Jedi deaths on Denaba, include a Jedi Master. Great care was taken by the order to destroy all of these droids. An army of these droids could make Raxus a galactic threat.

The single door from opposite side of the room leads into a hallway and to a wider door. It opens and has a ramp going down to the factory floor. Looks like a similar size room as the first, but this one isn’t collapsed, although there are lots of deep cracks in the rocky ceiling. The lighting is worse in this big open spot, but there are small lights on two more ramps going up to higher sections with exit doors that have control panels giving off some light. In between on the floor are rows and rows of deactivated menacing Krath War Droids.

While nervously walking through the rows of droids Kal and Kelborn spot hidden pirates waiting in ambush. The open fire, but the dozen pirates are difficult to hit taking cover. After the heroes get the upper hand on the pirates Raxus addresses them from the room’s control booth. He had bought and stolen a lot of information over the years to learn of a lost treasure trove hidden somewhere on the 2nd moon of Mozos in the Empress Teta system. The rumors said there was a secret factory of Krath War Droids there that were for Satal Keto’s personal use, but was thought destroyed and left forgotten. This moon’s mountainous terrain makes normal sensors’ nearly useless. But when he got wind of a new advance scanner from the republic and word it’s out being tested he now had his chance.

All of the doors lock, trapping them in this factory room and Raxus continues “Now it’s time to see them in action.” His men on the factory floor look scared as they are trapped in as well. Then slowly a Krath War Droids comes online and runs its blade hand straight through a pirate’s chest. The heroes have to divide their attention between the pirates and the Jedi killing droid. More KWDs come on line. Jax and Tala attempt to hold them off while convincing the pirates that they’ll die too. Kal, Lakke and Fenn focus on the higher ground pirates still attacking them. Knight Sans tangles with a KWD for a few moments before leaving the others behind without warning or word and goes after Raxus.

The KWDs are formidable with their blades, speed and pulse wave bows. They seem to target the greatest threat and several focus on Padawan Tala. Corraun time after time defends for her. As more come online they attack closer targets including Fenn & Lakke. Kelborn jet packs to their aide and tangos with two KWD for a long while even though his blaster bolts bounce harmlessly off of their carbonite shells.

Knight San eventually gets into the control room and stops Raxus from activating any more KWDs, but Raxus is not alone. While being attacked by multiple disruptors he continues to destroy the control equipment. Tala joins San and rescues an unconscious Eva Cana handing her off to Kal. She asks tells San if he wants help, he’ll have to ask. He doesn’t ask and she returns to fight the remaining KWDs. Sans and Raxus square off and Raxus manages to grab ahold of Sans’ throat with his power glove. Sans attempts to break free using the force, but the power glove is too strong. Raxus pleased with himself rants on about how technology is more powerful than the force. Kelborn is eventually swarmed and overwhelmed the Pulse Wave Bows penetrate enough of his armor to wound him severely. Just as the others are finishing off the last droid Jedi Sans concentrates in the force and breaks free, but is shot by a guards disruptor bolt and then shot by a carbine while unconscious.

Jax and Tala finish off the remaining pirate guards and square off against Raxus. He battles back with a disruptor pistol and his cortosis power glove, but it’s his personal force field which proves the most difficult for the two Jedi. The battle is a stalemate, until Kal joins in. His blaster rifle blasts are enough to knock Raxus to the ground and weaken his shielding. Once his force field deactivates and has two Jedi standing over him, he offers a deal.

Raxus and Elix’s freedom for the return of Leeloo, The Rogue Star and the Hyperion. Corraun knowing rescuing Leeloo from a pirate ship of 1100 will be no easy feat, accepts the trade. Kelborn is stabilized, but Knight Sans is barely alive (lost a force point). Once in the Rogue Star Jax gives the order to fire a turret at the mountain. With the existing damage the factory is crushed under the mountain’s weight. Raxus is crestfallen over what could have been.

The trade takes place just at the border of weapons range of The Razor’s Edge. A pirate transport docking with The Rogue Star. This way while connected the Rogue Star would be an easy target, but once separated it would be hard to hit and doesn’t need far to make the jump to hyperspace. Leeloo is wheeled onboard while still floating in Raxus’s personal Kolto tank. Raxus lives up to his end of the bargain, but tells Knight Jax that this will not be forgotten. The heroes quickly make a jump to hyperspace.

A few hours later Corraun is talking to Kal and Tala in the cockpit, and suddenly drops to a knee as his legs buckle. In the Kolto tank Leeloo’s eyes open. They feel a horrible crying out of pain, agony and fear from Shad, Gharn, Oojoh and Kamlin, then it’s gone. Their live forces extinguished.


End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
The Republic Galactic Senate declares war on Mandalore. The Wookie’s Paw. Doctor Stryver, Samell, Phan-Vita Stim, Krath War Droid Factory, Knight Sans Sedare loses a Force Point. Jedi; Shad, Gharn, Oojah and Kamlin all die.


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