Knights of The Old Republic

Episode 107

As soon as the library main room doors seal Knight Jax and Tala leap down and head towards the dark user assassins. Kelborn also rushes for the Mecrosa leader while Zanna, Kal and Nora return fire to the foot soldiers spread out on the upper floors of the library. Each missed shot destroy priceless articles of history and knowledge.

[Flash back 1] Earlier in the day Eva looking for Kal finds Kelborn looking at a holo locket of a young girl. Eva asks if that is a bounty of his. Kelborn is unusually emotional and in between jabs at each other reveals that his daughter was selected by Redora to become a night sister. Eva feels bad about assuming the worst of him. Kelborn wrestles with finding a defense for the actions of the Mandolarians on Cather, but more for his own sake then for Eva. He admits he left Mandolore after the events of Cathar and in doing so he lost his wife and daughter. Kelborn gets angered to one of her remarks and grabs her by the throat. Since she is a noncombatant he immediately feels guilty about the lash out and promises he’d never harm her. He asks Eva not to share the information about his daughter to Corraun. She recommends he tell Knight Jax so he can help, Kelborn laughs at the idea of a Jedi helping him. She agrees to not say anything unless it endangers the mission.

Back in the Tapeno Library Tala squares off against the Mecrosa acolyte while Kelborn and Corraun team up on the leader who tries to put down Kelborn quickly. Nora takes heavy fire and has to fall back to cover.

[Flash back 2] Knight Jax and Kelborn speak prior to leaving the Pelagian Palace. Kelborn shares his distasteful feelings about Jedi, with the exception of Tala. Corraun has little patience for the Mando who has vowed to kill Leeloo. Just before it seems they are about to come to blows, they reach a temporary truce while tracking Redora and will settle their differences after.

Zanna gets the attention of half the shooters and dives from cover to cover returning shots when she can.

[Flash back 3] The night before, but after the Heroes Banquet Captain Nora and Sir Leofric Carver take a walk along the palace grounds. He asks what she’ll do once out of the military and he is shocked to learn she plans to serve for life. She has no desire to settle down and have a family, serving the Republic is all she sees of her future.

Kelborn and Nora engage the darkside leader in melee freeing up Corraun to leap up into the higher levels and slay the foot soldiers on the west side of the library hall while Kal and Zanna deal with the east side.

[Flash back 4] Earlier that morning Zanna speaks to Kelborn. He is very cold to her about her not wearing the dress he bought for her to the banquet. Kelborn quickly becomes cold to her and states he should never have bought her the dress. Zanna tries to smooth things over and promises to wear the dress soon, but Kel would prefer to use it as blaster rags then have her wear it. It was a lapse in judgment.

Back in the Tapeno Library even two on one Kelborn and Capt Altair are out matched by the Mecrosa leader. In between fending off their attacks he slices his light foil at the plas-steel case and finally gets ahold of the book. But with the doors sealed, he has nowhere to run. Kal continues connectivity to the security system to override any attempts at hacking. The leader activates something on his gauntlet.

[Flash back 5] Earlier that morning Corraun speaks with Eva warning her that he may have unintentionally made her a target by the Mecrosa leader. He explains that the darksider read his emotions during the parade and Jax felt Eva was in danger and was willing to risk life and mission to save her. Eva is a little confused since all Jedi value life. Corraun points out that his feelings for her, he hesitates and selects his next words carefully staring for “friends” is stronger than just anyone. Eva agrees to tray with in the Pelagian Palace walls until they capture their target. Before parting she suggests he should talk to Kelborn about what is true goals are.

Back in present time the skylight shatters with a heavy duty air speeder hovering above. This crash triggers the fire system and halon dry chemical fire suppressant system. Lines are machine lowered to the two darksiders, who grab on and are whirled up into the cloud of halon making ranged shots miss human sized targets. Kal radios for Kelborn to shot a tracer dart at the vehicle. At the same time Tala begins to count 1…2…3 and throws her grenade. Kelborn without time to explain shots the grenade out of the sky before it’s explosion would destroy his tracer dart. She is furious.

They hear over the comms that police are in pursuit of the getaway vehicle. Kal shuts off the halon system so that Captain Rohrig can fly in and pick the heroes up to join the chase. Zanna takes control of the speeder. Kal traps the remaining foot soldiers in the library for the police.

The Mecrosa fly their air speeder low and among the buildings till they can lose Police pursuit and not be tracked. This is dangerous flying at these speeds. By the time the heroes get in sight of the getaway speeder all but two police cruisers have crashed. While Zanna displaying skilled piloting grans on them another police speeder crashes. The last police speeder closes the gap, when one of the red cloaked darksiders leaps onto the squad speeder pierces its right engine with his light-foil and leap back to the armored speeder just before the uneven thrust cases the police speeder to crash into a cathedral in a fiery explosion.

With the heroes close on their tail the Mecrosa take extreme risks of speeds and turns to try to lose them, resulting in clipping the sides of buildings and structures. The armored speeder can afford these scrapes, but the heroes speeder can’t hold together much longer. Tala tells Zanna to keep going and tries to reach for the controls when Zanna begins to slow, Kal and Kelborn know about the tracer and grab the padawan as Zanna breaks to stop. Tala’s anger is lashed out at Kelborn for shooting her grenade and now letting the villains get away. This is short lived when Kelborn explains he planted a tracer on their vehicle and as long as they are within 10 blips of the darksiders they can safely follow them. Tala unceremoniously tells Captain Rohrig to take a hike as his weighing the speeder, his own speeder down. With a look to Knight Jax the Captain exits the speeder trusting Jax to retrieve the book.

They follow the armored speeder at a safe distance across the vast ocean of Procopia. Reaching the Dalva volcano continent in an hour. The land is cracked and divided by active volcanos and rivers of lava. Unsure of where to land they proceed at a much slower pace. A head they see a large rust colored structure built into a volcano. It has a large blast door. It appears to be a abandoned thermal power station. They are suddenly shot down by hidden anti-aircraft cannons. Zanna minimizes the crash as much as possible, but the air speeder will never fly again.

The heroes on the move spot seven MO Foot soldiers taken cover on the opposite side of a lava river. A natural stone bridge crosses the river, but standing atop of it are the Leader and his acolyte.


Knight Jax speeds toward the leader who with a series of backwards leaps lures Jax to a lava lake to settle their duel once and for all. Meanwhile Tala engages the acolyte on the bridge while Zanna, Kal, Kelborn and Capt Altair exchange fire with the dug in foot soldiers. Kelborn risks the random gouts of spraying lave from the river and swing lines across to flank the soldiers. This works, but he quickly becomes a target and with their powerful blaster rifles his mandolorian armor is not impregnatable against their blasts. After hail of fire, Zanna leaps over the dueling force users on the bridge to draw fire giving Kelborn a chance to regain his footing.

Jax and the Leader duel their way onto a small section of stone not yet engulfed by the lava lake. Growing more and more angry by the minute the leader tells Jax his efforts are useless, he did not fail to kill the boy emperor, although that will happen in time. Daddy’s favored son shall learn the true cost of their bloodline. Knight Jax coaxes him into revealing his name, Edric Blackbourne. He is the bastard child of The last emperor Dietrich Kappela-Shey and if he was legitimized he would be emperor now, but instead he was shunned by The Emperor’s wife and sent away never to be seen again by his father.

His caretakers were given lots of credits to take care of him, but treated him at arm’s length. Then he met “the Master” and was told of his potential and started training. His first kill was the emperor’s wife and made it look like she choked on her dinner. He did not kill his father, but he would have liked to one day.

To Zanna’s surprise she is recognized by one of the foot soldiers, Tulfin Ecker who work together before. They admit it’s a pity they are on opposite sides of this, but promise to kill each other last. Zanna keeps her part of the bargain and even debates letting him live, but he is shot dead by Captain Nora. Just as Kelborn weighs the pros and cons of risking flight over the lake to take Edric alive to question him about Redora, four more Foot Soldiers arrive and open fire.

dv1.jpg Jax and Blackbourne appear evenly matched. Blackbourne is quicker, but Corraun’s swings are with much greater force. Several times throughout the battle they each nearly strike the killing blow, but with aid of the force narrowly escape death and regain the upper hand. Finally, Blackbourne deals a devastating blow to Corraun and the Jedi Knight falls to his knees. Blackbourne promises Jax that he’ll not be alone long, as his next stop will be Senator Eva Cana. Just has he readies for the killing blow Tala shouts out and Kal takes aim and fires at the Mecrosa leader. The shot doesn’t land, but puts him on the defense. Tala asks Kelborn to fly her there. Kal distracts Blackbourne long enough for Corraun to get to his feet and raise his saber once more. Kelborn and Tala land joining the fray. Blackbourne hold his own against the three, but eventually Tala lands a mortal strike with her saber bringing him to his knees. Kelborn demands to know where Redora is, but Edric doesn’t know who Redora is.

Blackbourne with a smile to Corraun says, ”You think you’ve won? You think you’ve stopped anything? We are just a single cell, there are more Mecrosa cells throughout the Tapani sector. Now with me defeated Volkhv will take over. Then you’ll wish you were facing me.” Knight Jax asks where can he find this Volkhv? Edric ponders the question and then decides to answer as it’ll only ensure the heroes’ doom. He motions to the large blast doors. Edric pools together enough strength to raise his light-foil, but he is cut down by Corraun. Tala searches him and finds a security key assumable to the old thermos station.

The three reunite with Kal, Nora and Zanna and spend time patching up their wounds before noticing that Tala is gone and the blast doors are partially ajar.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Dalva continent of Procopia, Tulfin Ecker (deceased) & reveal of the Mecrosa Cell Leader to be Edric Blackbourne (deceased).



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