Knights of The Old Republic

Episode 13

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Evidence is discovered that Goren poisoned his brother the King. Tyan and Logora confront King Goren and blackmail him into rejecting the Mandalorians and joining the republic. He is forced to agree.

The heroes in the Quasar Kondor and Rin Novastar battle the Mando warship class Jehavey’ir and launch star fighters called Davaab.

Shun-Di, recently recovered from his healing trance, joins the battle. In a fighter without shields Shun-Di takes heavy damage but still makes a run on the enemies’ turbo laser. After causing significant damage to the weapon he is hit by the anti-starfighter cannons. With amazing reflexes Shun-Di ejects from the starship the moment before it explodes. With only moments left to live, Leeloo piloting the Kondor charges for the floating figure; Corraun Jax is at the porthole ready to open the hatch at the precise time. Miraculously in a barrel roll maneuver Leeloo positions the Kondor atop Shun-Di as Corraun depressives the hatch and with one hand holding the rungs the other snatches his master inside, before closing the hatch. By the Force and his two padawans, Shun-Di lives to fight another day.

The Radiant Visage is losing and the Kondor takes out the Jehavey’irs engines so they can escape. The Visage is going down and calls the order to evacuate. Vega Pavett stays with the ship to continue to jam their communications and then rams them, destroying both ships.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Mando ships classes Jehavey’ir and Davaab fighters. Radiant Visage is destroyed and Vega Pavett dies.



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