Knights of The Old Republic

Episode 14

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Rin is mourning the loss of his good friend, Vega Pavatt. Rin without a ship releases his crew, finding many of them positions in the Arda-2 defense force. Rin trades in a marker and acquires 40% share of the Quasar Kondor from smuggler King Raul Estar. Rin decides to join the Senator and Jedi to get revenge against the Mandalorians.

The heroes return to Coruscant where Tyan Duna must get enough votes for the Republic to allow Arda-2 into the fold knowing it could lead to war with the Mandalorians. Tyan is famous now, the Hero of Arda-2, some love him others hate him.

Padawan Reegan is assigned to a new master, Krynda Draay, to complete her training. Leeloo and Corraun get a visit from Knight Revan and Knight Alek Squint. Revan is proud of them standing up against the Mandalorians.

Tyan courts important senators. Tyan strikes a deal with Alluria Irris for priority access to Arda-2’s diodems (used in star fighter targeting systems). Tyan wines and dines Senator Ordol at a T’Chuk match.

Tyan is invited as an honored guest to the Galaxies Opera House in the Uscru entertainment district for a private showing of Squid Lake. When they arrive they are attacked by Chameleon droids.

These droids are rare so Rin arranges a meet with a local gang called the Grimloks lead by a Feeorin named Vekis. The heroes are forced to battle barehanded against the gang, if they win they get the information if they lose the gang takes Leeloo. Heroes win and are told an assassin is in town who uses Chameleon droids; he is a Rodian named Gorvo. He hangs out at the Solar Wind Cantina.

The heroes go there; the Senator gives Leeloo a Corrilian Tea. They spot the Rodian, he runs out the back where he fights with Knight Sol and the Rodian is killed. He has a small fortune of Koravon Dials. This is the currency of Tyan’s home world.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Alluria Irris, Senator Ordol, T’Chuk games, Krynda Draay, Reegan leaves the group, Corraun and Leeloo meet Jedi’s Revan and Alek Squint, Chameleon Droids, Gorvo, The Grimloks, Vekis



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