Knights of The Old Republic

Episode 15

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Tyan gives a speech to the Galactic Senate arguing for Arda-2; Senator Bol-garn and four other senators (Maks Ulix, Luun, Misa Lanitg and Cervil Davip) speak against it. The final votes are in and Arda-2 is accepted into the Republic.

Rin Novastar has the Kondor upgraded with two fixed cannons and a medical bay.

After the assassin was killed the heroes figure the assassination attempt may have come from his home. Tyan, Leeloo, Corraun and Rin go to Koravon, PCs learn that Tyan is next in line to rule. The PCs meet Tyan’s family: Queen Kana, 2nd prince Baniss and young princess Resa. Tyan learns that King Ficord is ill with the Bog mumps. Tyan’s younger sister is fascinated by Jedi.

A party is thrown that night, Royal Advisor Korwin Seer is happy to see Tyan back home where he belongs. Baniss, who doesn’t like Tyan, has been running the planet while the King is sick. Tyan learns his old fiancĂ© Verrina Vadith is now going to marry Baniss.

The next day, Tyan takes the PCs on a Gyox hunt in open top walkers. This ends up being a trap; Tyan was laced with a special scent and they are attacked by vicious Dergbacks. After running off the Dregbacks they lock down the palace and question the staff. One house staff member is missing. He is later found dead, a suicide.

The next day an intruder alert is sounded; Corruan & Rin protect the senator while Leeloo goes to investigate. Leeloo finds a robed figure with a mask, he removes the mask and reveals he is completely made up of worms, he throws a larva on her neck and she is mind controlled along with six royal guards. They walk into the dining hall and Leeloo says, “Kill the senator, I’ll kill the Jedi.”

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Arda-2 is accepted into the Republic, The world of Koravon, the food Gravos, Meet Tyan’s family, Korwin, Verrina Vadith, Cyrus Vadith, Royal Guard Capt Tiro Task and a Chazabon Assassin, Dergbacks.



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