Knights of The Old Republic

Episode 63

Our brave heroes leave the safety of the bridge and head to the air lock on deck 3. They make a single stop allowing Herin to acquire several Det-Rods and Bore to grab a massive sparkles Saw. They reach the airlock and begin the long space trek to the Lane Blazer. To cross the Gullian Wheel each much unlock from their tether and float across to the next line. Knight Xergo, the least experienced at zero gravity misses his leap, but is pulled by Corraun using the force. Once inside the Lane Blazer they make their way to the bridge. Cric walks Herin through the procedures of powering up the whole ship. Everything can be done from the bridge except for setting the hyper drive to overdrive, which can only be done from the engine room. Xergo devises a plan to leave a path from the bridge to the engine room dark from power and life support and another path the same from engine room to the airlock. This would hopefully leave a safe path back, one not used by the Kruthik attracted by power surge.

On the way to the engine room five dormant Kruthik stop them. They quickly shut off their helm lights and attempt to float past them knowing the creatures are blind in the dark other than a tremor sense. While floating past in pitch black Corraun brushes against one. While Xergo passes the Kruthik it fully awakes and stabs Xergo puncturing a hole in his suit. Leeloo leads the others away in the dark. Not wanting to engage in combat and awake the others, Knight Xergo tries to out run the creature. Corraun assists, but as two more stir Leeloo using the force pulls Xergo into the next section as Corraun escapes as well, Herin shuts the door just in time.

They reach the engine room and discover a dozen Kruthik lying dormant.

E room.1

The original Kruthiks must have feed here as long as they could until the ship was abandoned and then entered a sort of hyphenation. Powering up the sublight drives must have slowly awakened some. Cautiously the heroes step around these balled-up killing machines praying none awake before they are finished.

E room.2

Corraun and Herin make it to the back of the room and spots a three meter tall Kruthik that begins to stir. The queen stands and with power once again returned begins to feed and unleashed an eerie scream rousing the others in the room. Herin starts work on the hyper-drive as the others are swarmed.

Bore makes quick work of one with the saw, but there are just too many. Leeloo engages the Queen, narrowing dodging her massive spiked legs. Xergo and Bore’s suits quickly become torn apart as they are set upon by seven Kruthik. Xergo calls out for everyone to assemble, and charges into the hyper drive room, leaving Bore to fend for himself. They tear him apart in seconds. The Queen having difficulty landing a strike on Leeloo, tears into a panel under her feet and throws it and Leeloo up into the air. Leeloo manages to land on her feet, but the Queen wasting no time charges Leeloo and stabs a massive forward appendage into her abdomen sending her flying to an engineering console.

Officer Meza manages to pin a Kruthik long enough to blow it up using a Det-Rod. Yago and Corraun step up to fend the queen off until Leeloo can get back to her feet. The Queen takes an interest in Yago and Corraun runs to the hyper drive controls and takes over for Herin. Each tear into their space suits by one of the vicious creatures is a step towards the death sentence of being trapped aboard this ship. The group hangs on long enough for Corraun to set the hyper drive to overload, but with suits damaged they know they can’t out run the monsters. Officer Meza heavily wounded spies a hole in the floor and leaps in. The others quickly follow suit.

They find themselves in the cooling sub deck. The hole is too small for the Queen to follow by the adults can one at a time. Corraun using the force tears open a steam pipe repelling the monsters for just long enough for Herin to get his bearings and lead them out. Once separated by a blast door they stop Herin’s bleeding and Corraun using a trick he learned by Rin Novastar uses the sealant charges from the few still in tacked suits to plug the holes in Xergo and Herin’s suits. Instead of fighting their way back to the air lock they decide to use the remaining Det-rods to blow a hole into the hull now, fearing the ship could explode from the hyper drive overloading.

They just make it across the Gullian Wheel and spot three Kruthik on a one-way path to them. Corraun severs the line with his light saber, but it’s not in time and the three leaps across, one over shoots the jump and sails into darkness. One grabs onto the line and the third leaps onto Corraun piercing his suit and using his last auto-seal charge. Leeloo using the force throws the one on Corraun off while he force pushes the third one off of the line. Seeing no other choice Leeloo un-tethers and leaps to the next cable over 50 yards away. Corraun’s emotions getting the best of him fears Leeloo will miss the line and keep sailing into space, so he uses the force to correct her position. Knight Xergo fortunately is able to compensate and push her back into the original trajectory in time for Leeloo to grab a hold of the next line. Now anchored to the new line the others are able to make the leap with the help of the force.

Once on the Salv II they see the last of the Kruthiks leave the Salv II for the energy beacon of the Land Blazer and then they disconnect the Gullian Wheel and enter the ship. As soon as they reach the bridge Capt. Addison makes the jump to light speed leaving the Lane Blazer to an unknown fate. Cric and the crew are saddened by the news of Bore’s death. Leeloo is kept in quarantine after parasites are found from the wound she suffered by the queen, fearing she may have been impregnated like Ches.

Flash forward 10 weeks

Tyan, Yago, Corraun, Eva & Leeloo are all aboard an opulent vessel called the Liberty and are posing as a group of pirates called the Darksky Raiders. They are attempting to infiltrate the pirate moon base of the Wreckers. The moon is literally filled with mountains of scrapped metal and ship parts. After a few moments their stolen landing codes are accepted and given permission to land. While a team of ugnots board the Liberty they heroes are taken to see Tower 12 Overlord Alessio Diglo. They introduce themselves as Captain Dirk Darksky (tyan), Grax (Yago), Dex (Corraun), Cassandra Devero (Eva) and Leeloo Stannis as herself. The Tyan requests to tour the yards to discuss a trade for the ship over just creds, the overlord is overjoyed at the thought and has his first mate Adas arrange the tour. The newly rebuilt K8 & T3 are left with the overlord to review a part inventory. The heroes have arrived based on Intel that the Quasar Kondor arrived her three days ago and is set to be destroyed.

While on the tour their escorting guards turn on them and a crane attempts to crush them under a pile of junk. Everyone leaps out of the way except Yago who stayed to disarm a pirate about ready to shoot Tyan. Leeloo landed on the far side of the mount, but the trash shot beneath her feet was opened sending her falling with an avalanche of scrap metal in pursuit. Corraun and the others escape into the mounts of junk followed by pirates and magnetic hover ships. A injured Yago catches up to them again. Leeloo manages to escape serious harm, but is lost in a valley of metal. While trying to find her way to the others she comes across a ugnot and droid torturing a cyborg. The torturer is trying to retrieve a file from his memory circuit for Ajurr the Hutt, but the Cyborg refuses to willingly hand it over. Left with no other option the Ugnot is about to cut it out of his brain, but is stopped by Leeloo who threatens the Ugnot with her lightsaber. The Ugnot flees and Leeloo reluctantly frees the prisoner when he suggests he can help her find whatever she is here for. Once free the Cyborg introduces himself as Jaryn Hull and as the way of his people on Iris-9 he owes her a life debt. Leeloo introduced herself as Eva Cana, hoping to be free of the Cyborg as soon as possible. They search for a utility nod to slice into and find one, but is guarded by three ugnots. Not wanting to kill them Leeloo lures two of them away and mind trick the third. Hull checking the security channels finds the area that the others must be in and downloads a map.

An hour later in section 3B12 the others are exhausted from the hiding and running, but while discussing their next plan Leeloo and Hull find them. Hull is given very little respect by Tyan and Yago, being that most Cyborgs are second class citizens. Their reunion is cut short as they are tracked down by four massive Junk Golems. Droids the size of tanks, but designed to operate like large cats of prey.

The battle is brutal, both Hull and Yago take serious wounds. Yago after giving battle instructions to the rest is targeted by two the massive droids and faced certain death but was saved at the last second by Corraun Jax. Unarmed Hull leapt on the back off one of the golems only to be buck off into the air, but by the end all four golems where destroyed and all of the group remained standing.

Flash back ten weeks, aboard the Salv II

The heroes continue to search the ship in case any Kruthik remained on board. K-8 was found partially functioning, but T3 was completely dissembled. Corraun takes great pains to ensure the nav-path to Typhon remains in tacked. In the med bay Leeloo and Tyan have a long conversation. Leeloo states she no longer has any feelings for Tyan and that he should look to Eva. Leeloo begs Tyan not to try and have her home destroyed. Tyan promises he will not get involved.

The next day Leeloo sharing the med bay with Officer Meza have a talk about her released of Baro. Leeloo holds her knowledge of Meza’s murder of his partner as leverage against not having her arrested and she promises to find Baro and bring him to justice. Meza denies any wrongdoing shooting her deal down flat.

Leeloo proves clear of any more parasites and is released from quarantine. Corraun challenges her decision to release Baro and not to do anything foolish regarding criminal charges that may come her way.

Taking Leeloo’s advice Tyan opens up to Eva Caná and declares that the Leeloo he used to have feelings for may no longer exist. Furthermore that Eva should trust no one, other than Corraun and the Jedi. He also goes onto discuss the dangers Redora, and Dathomir are to the republic, but that they shouldn’t say nothing about it to their superiors.

Tyan later asks Knight Xergo about the Cavern of Dreams and is it possible that his test was really a vision of the future. Xergo answers that although unlikely, it is possible.

After two days they reach Coruscant and although two CorSec officers are waiting for them, Leeloo is allowed to leave with a small nod from Meza. Terix Race creped out by Leeloo having been partially infected by the Queen, decided to coldly cancel their “date”. Goodbyes are exchanged and the Senators return to the senate while Leeloo, Corraun and Yago go to the temple.

Knight Xergo is questioned by Masters; Kodo-Toa, Doe-nar, and Felsha regarding the events of Dathomir and the Salv II. Xergo requests to be sent after Kip in hopes to bring him back to the light side and if not then to stop him. When asked if he would hesitate to kill Kip, Yago states that if he was fallen and would harm hundreds of innocents he would hope a Jedi would stop him by any means necessary. The Masters suggest that Knight Galen Neros would be the ideal choice to go after Redora and Kip, but will consider his request.

Meanwhile Tyan meets with Senators Torren, Mercer and Caná. He learns that Eva had submitted a report of the dangers of Redora to Senator Mercer, but the report was also viewed by Senator Bol’garn who interrupts the meeting to state that the Security Council has appointed Tyan Duna to be the liaison on the Jedi task force assembled to discover more about the Amelx and track down Redora. Tyan takes the news graciously, but knows that this will take him away from his current task of preparing the Republic against a Mandalorian attack. After the meeting Eva apologies to Tyan, but felt telling Mercer was the right thing to do. Tyan claims that Eva has maneuvered him out of his original position expertly. Eva is crushed that Tyan would believe she’d betrayed him on purpose.

Leeloo is questioned by Masters; Kodo-Toa, Doe-nar, and Felsha regarding the schism and her choice to become a Sister of the Force. Master Doe-nar is surprisingly supportive of her decision. Knight Xergo is called in and presented as aide to the Sisters to stop Redora and find Kip Gilto. They also announce that the Senate has requested a liaison assigned to the task force. Leeloo is furious at the Senate’s involvement and assumes Tyan is behind it. Following the meeting Yago breaks the news to Corraun that he and Leeloo will be going after Redora and Kip, but Corraun is assigned to protect senator Cana. Corraun is disappointed, but accepts the decision.

Senator Bol’garn lends his flag ship to Tyan to be used on the task force. She is named Liberty and of an opulent stature boasting; beautiful lines, spacious with three staterooms and presidential suite along crews quarters. The ship also a med bay and “sports” room. The sports-room is set up as a targeting range and exercise room. The ship is also equipped with particle and deflector shields plus a retractable tri-cannon atop the ship.

Eva has a private meeting with Corraun discussing their travel plans and is gilt ridden by learning that her request of Corraun has taken him away from going after Kip. Corraun tries to sooth her pain from Tyan’s impression of her betrayal over the Dathomir report and agrees to go with her to speak with him.

The next day Yago and Leeloo meet Tyan at the Liberty. Leeloo is furious at Tyan for going back on his word; he explained it was Eva Cana that told the senate. Her anger quickly found its target when Eva and Corraun arrived to see them off. Eva pleads with Tyan to forgive her and he accepts. Eva asks about Kip and the plan to bring him home. Yago explains that he’ll try to save him if not then he’ll have to be destroyed. Eva shocked at that even being a possibility asks if everyone feels the same. All except Tyan agreed to varying degrees largely based on how dangerous he may become. Mortified Eva makes a brash decision to go with them to ensure someone is fighting in Kips corner and even offers herself up as bait and that with Corraun they’ll have the strength to overtake Kip without lethal force. Tyan makes several arguments against it about lost political advantage. Xergo asks about the other worlds that she should be bringing into the republic, but each rebuttal is combated by a very determined Eva, who boards the ship before they can change their mind.

Important Introductions & Firsts:

Bore is killed, Kruthik Hive Queen, the ship Liberty, Wrecker Pirates, Alessio Diglo, Adas, Ugnot torturer Gagork, Jaryn Hull, and Junk Golems.



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