Knights of The Old Republic

Episode 65

Eight weeks before the events of Episode 64. The compact Jedi Task Force has spent two weeks visiting spaceports and fueling stations along hyperspace routes near Dathomir searching for signs of The Quasar Kondor. With the exception of one diplomatic mission to Delagauve they have been singularly focused on this task. On board the luxurious Liberty space yacht. Leeloo spends much of her time avoiding Senator Eva Cana. This is made more difficult as Eva is desperately trying to explain her actions to Leeloo. Both Tyan and Corraun try to mediate the conflict, but it falls on deaf ears. Eva tired of being a damsel in distress asks Corraun to teach her some self-defense maneuvers. Leeloo walks in on a rather intimate looking training session and warns Corraun not to fall for Eva as her heart belongs to another. Shocked Corraun fumbles a less then effective argument to the contrary. Leeloo speaks to Corraun in private stating that Kip has turned to the darkside and must be killed on site, before he harms them or anyone else. Corraun replies that they don’t know if he his fallen for sure. Leeloo disappointed at his hesitation requests Corraun to defender her while she does what Sisters of the Force have always done, destroy darksiders. Corraun acknowledges that he’ll always defend her.

While at a spaceport in the Mid Rim Jedi Knight Yago Xergo develops a plan to make contact with a reclusive information broker named Byric Reed. With enough credits Xergo believes he can purchase information on the Kondor or at least have a spy network looking for it. This meeting will have to be in person and it would be too dangerous to bring the Senators. It’s also in a sector that only respects male species and physical strength so Xergo will take Corraun with him and the others will be dropped off at safe harbor of Tyan’s choosing. Leeloo is disappointed not to be involved and stuck baby-sitting. Tyan is thrilled and chooses Pydar has his safe harbor. Plans change quickly when Tyan attempts to access one of his larger family accounts for the Credits and finds it locked. A holo to the family accountant Kenka Elson confirms that Baniss Duna has frozen the accounts and nothing can be done without Baniss’s approval. Reluctantly Tyan is forced to return to Koravon to acquire the funds and wait in the safety of his home world for Xergo and Corraun’s return.

Upon arrival to the Duna Palace they spot a few hundred protestors demanding safer working conditions. They are greeted by Aari Sularen servant to the Queen and taken to lavish resting quarters. It’s a merry reunion between Tyan, his mother and sister. Over gravos leaf tea Senator Cana is introduced and excited to meet Tyan’s family. The discussion leads to the subject of gravos production strike based on a series of serious accidents. A small dinner is schedule for this night between the prominent families of Koravon responsible for Gravos production. Post tea Resa and Leeloo pair off to catch up. Resa seems to take an instant dislike to Senator Cana and refuses to let her get in the way of Tyan and Leeloo’s relationship. Leeloo bears the bad news highlighting the major changes in the last year; She is no longer and Jedi and equal if not worse to Resa that Leeloo no longer loves Tyan. The later Resa refuses to take without a fight.

Tyan nearly ashamed of his modest palace gives Eva a tour. Meanwhile Palace Captain Tiro Task is goateed by his friend and lieutenant Hairan about finally revealing his feelings for the Princess Resa. The intimate dinner hosts 50 guests at the height of Koravon society. Eva makes a grand entrance wearing Coruscant’s latest fashion. Eva’s entrance is second only to Leeloo wearing a traditional style dress of the world but with a sexy modern twist. Leeloo is quickly scooped up by Rayph Emos who appoints himself ambassador during Leeloo’s stay. Tyan speaks with Isabeau Roosh about varies topics ranging from petty gossip of Baz Arfo new arm candy Yvana Koda to more serious matters of the accidents and dry storage explosion. Silence strikes the room when a man dressed all in black and marked with facial tattoos of the ancient ways of Koravon enters the room. Although invited as a social courtesy no one expected Herrick Voth to attend. The Voth’s were the ruling family before the Duna’s. Immediately Tyan suspects a Voth involvement in the recent accidents. Over dinner Resa shares that Yvana is a bit a socialite ladder climber and that Baz may be in over his head. Herrick grills Tyan about his title of Hero of Arda-2 and attempts to corner Tyan into a fencing contest, but Tyan deftly maneuvers out of the challenge quoting that The Boetech Hunt is more his speed. As the event dies out Leeloo accepts a promise to see Rayph again before she leaves.

Following the event Tyan over hears a holo conversation revealing how stressed Baniss is and his directions to keep appearances normal. Tyan discusses his need for 50,000 credits and why are the accounts frozen. Baniss explains of the public scrutiny and that he can’t authorize that amount of off world spending, but assures Tyan this mess will be resolved soon and all will go back to normal.

The next morning everyone prepares for the fifth day of the Boetech Hunts. Tyan and Eva take a walker out together while Leeloo, Rayph and Herrick occupy another. Leeloo makes a small social mistake by offering her hand to Herrick. To their surprise Herrick acts gracefully and explains that during the Voth rule of Koravon It was the women who ruled. Tyan disinterested in the hunt spoils a shot for Herrick who challenges Tyan to a contest of first kill. Leeloo suggests a wager should be made over the bet. They agree on terms. Should Tyan win then he’ll select a wardrobe for the End Hunt Feast. Should Herrick win then Eva will be his date for the Feast. Herrick goads both parties to lower the walker to a level that places them endanger from the Boetech hounds. Leeloo spies Herrick cutting his hand and smearing blood on the side of their walker. The blood causes the nearby beasts to frenzy and three charge the walkers. Tyan expertly shoots one while it sneaks up through the ground mist. A second one leaps onto the walk, but Leeloo commands it to run and it does. Herrick waits till the third is leaping in midair to take the shot. Tyan and Herrick inspect the fallen Boetechs. Herrick’s is dead, but Tyan’s although a mortal wound is still alive. The contest goes to Herrick.

Following the hunt Tyan is ambushed in the mudroom by Resa regarding his mistreatment of Leeloo. He tries to explain that Dathomir changed her and she isn’t the same person anymore and fairy tales aren’t real. Resa tells Tyan to perform a grand gesture to prove his love and vows never to forgive Tyan for ruining this for her and storms off. Later that morning Tyan speaks with his ex-fiancé and now sister in law Verrina. She tells Tyan she is with child and would appreciate his help freeing up Baniss’s schedule for the day. Tyan agrees. The whole family is pleased at the news and Tyan offers to go to the labor meeting in town in place of Baniss so that he may be with his wife on this special day. Eva suggests to Tyan that Leeloo come with them under the guise of a protector and this will force Leeloo to be near Eva and they can clear the tense air.

Leeloo accompanies them but chooses to ride in front with Captain Task. On their way to the meeting their speeder is t-boned knocking them all unconscious. They awake in pain, blindfolded and tied to a chair. They hear a human voice speaking to a Trandoshan, stating they kidnapped the wrong Duna, it was Baniss they wanted. The captors are told to kill the captain, senators and Jedi. They next awake in a forest on their knees before three young Trandoshans and one much older one. The older one Vorsk explains these prey will be the young one’s first hunt before the Great Score Keeper and to be careful one is a Jedi. To the dismay of Aosk his father Vorsk takes the Jedi’s lightsaber with him stating they are not prepared yet for a armed Jedi. Vorsk leaves and the four wounded heroes are given time to run.

Wounded and frightened they run as far as fast as they can. Captain Task’s leg is severely wounded and offers to stay behind so not to the slow them, but instead they take the time to treat the wound and fashion a crutch. Leeloo attempts to hide their tracks as they move. After four hours they hear the roar of the hunt’s start. Leeloo manages to befriend a par of forest vermin. In the morning a hail of blaster fire forces their heads down. Leeloo sends a pet to scout the attacker; the reveal one Trandoshan about 80 meters away. Leeloo sends the pair out as a distraction while she sneaks up. The plan works, but the vermin pay with their little lives. Leeloo tries to pull the rifle from Rukka’s hands, but his grip is too strong and returns fire catching her in the shoulder. The others charge forward. Leeloo back on her feet disarms his rifle, which is picked up by Tyan. Armed with a large vibro sword Rukka was still very lethal. With a leg sweep from Leeloo Tyan is able to unload a burst into the young Trandoshans chest till he stopped moving.

Fearing the other hunters had heard the blaster fire the group presses forward trying to put as much distance between them and the corpse as possible. Three hours later they hear a roar and know that the Rukka’s body was found. Later in the day Leeloo spots the tracks of a Boetech beast, they decide to follow the tracks in hopes Leeloo can find the creature and enlist its aide. Unfortunately the blood from their wounds attracts four Boetechs. Leeloo manages to command two to fight each other while Tyan armed with vibrosword and Captain Task with the Trandoshan rifle fends off the other two. Task’s leg wound makes him a repeated target and suffers numerous vicious bites. When the dust settles only one heavily wounded Boetech hound remained. Leeloo goes down on all fours and circles the Boetech establishing dominance. Next she gives the appearance of feasting on the carcass with the Boetech as one of its pack, loyalty is won and the hound leaves with them, making both Eva and Captain Task nervous of their new companion.

That night in a fireless camp Eva afraid they’ll not survive this ordeal corners Leeloo into a heart to heart talk. She acknowledges how betrayed Leeloo must feel, but Eva grew up in a flotilla of ships and never had a specific place to call home. The whole republic is now her home and she feared after Tyan chose to keep the Amlex and Mandolarians connection a secret that nothing would be done about the threat. Even now Eva feels the Jedi are overconfident in their power and do not find Redora a true threat, else why would they only send one Knight to the task. Leeloo reluctantly concedes that due to Eva’s interference they have a great deal more help than just one Jedi Knight. Eva admits she should have told Leeloo first and Leeloo apologizes for the way she has treated Eva since. With a smile Eva proposes if Leeloo can get them out of this alive all will be forgiven.

The next morning they continue marching towards what they hope is a water source and perhaps civilization but reach a great chasm blocking their path. Eventually they find a fallen tree usable as a bridge to cross the distance. Leeloo and her Boetech go first and cross successfully. Eva goes next and is fired upon from the tree line. Although not struck by a bolt Eva slips and is hanging off the side about to fall. Leeloo uses the force to pull her to safety giving the young hunter Lacnar an easy target. Leeloo is shot twice and falls unconscious or worse. Tyan and Task fall back into the trees for cover. Eva crawls toward Leeloo to perform first aid, but the Boetech no longer under direct mind control is standing over Leeloo. It snarls and snaps at Eva threatening her should he try and touch Leeloo. After a few false starts looking as if Leeloo may be dying Eva risks the Boetechs’ wrath to stop her from bleeding to death. Eva managed to do so, but the hound bit into her heavy robes. Meanwhile Tyan and Task have engaged with the Lacnar. Bark splinters in great batches as blaster fire is exchanged in these dense woods. Leeloo conscious again sends the Boetech to attack the great lizard. It races across the tree bridge and sinks it’s fangs into the hunter forcing a small retreat from the lizard, but a well-aimed burst kills the hound.

This buys enough time for Leeloo to cross over and using the force throws the hunter to the ground allowing Captain Tiro Task to empty an entire energy cell into the overgrown lizard. Wounded, exhausted and nearly spent the group prays they can make it out of the woods before facing the last hunter.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:

Hairan palace guard, Kenka Elson, mention of Byric Reed, Isabeau Roosh, Yvana Koda, Baz Arfo, Vanel Ganmade, Herrick Voth, Rayph Emos, Boetech Hounds, Vorsk, Aosk, Rukka (deceased), Lacnar (deceased).



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