Knights of The Old Republic

Episode 67

With three Mag-ships only seconds away Leeloo helps the injured Corraun to the engine room. Prioritizing Corraun focuses on getting the shields on line first. Leeloo runs to the Kondor’s cockpit to help get any functioning systems on line. Tyan runs to the top quad cannon and manually rotates it to face the oncoming ships awaiting power to be returned to the cannons.

Even with two months separation Corraun knows every line and cable of the Kondor as if it was his own body, he gets the shields sequence initiating just before the Mag-Ships open fire. Although not at full power the shields manage to hold at bay the initial salvo. Leeloo using the force is able to move a Mag-cannon at the last moment to redirect its blast. Corraun next gets the cannons on line and Tyan opens fire. The shields are beginning to weaken at a faster pace than Tyan can damage the Mag-ships. A shot rocks the ship and the afterburners are wrecked beyond jury-rigging repairs. While Corraun works on getting the primary engines and pitch controls on line Leeloo runs to the hatch and stands atop the Kondor drawing the fire of one of the three ships. The mounted Mag cannon fires again and again at Leeloo, but with expert skill she managed to deflect the massive bolts of energy, buying enough time for Corraun to finish repairing the sub-light drive. Leeloo returns to the cockpit as Tyan destroys one of the ships before they lift off and take flight leaving the slower Mag-ships in the dust.

Meanwhile at sector 12 tower Knight Xergo stealth’s into the power control room of the Ion cannon and removes the exterior shielding when he is spotted by a guard. Xergo manages to trick the guard into tossing a grenade into the power supply of the cannon and destroying it faster than Xergo could with his light saber. After slaying the guard Xergo disappears before reinforcements arrive.

Sending the recently freed droids to The Liberty Xergo surprises the posted guards making quick work of them until Sector 12 Overload Diglo walks down the ramp and draws both a disruptor pistol and verpine vibro-blade. The overlord is skilled, but even with superior numbers he is no match for an experienced Jedi Knight like Yago Xergo. Within moments all opposition is dispatched and the Knight and two droids board The Liberty in time to join the Quasar Kondor leaving the Wrecker’s Moon. Corraun is able to repair most systems to a functioning order, but the sublight engine damage sustained from the Mag-ships is causing the Kondor to move at a snail’s pace and there is the matter of getting the hyper drive back on line.

Only a few miles away from the planet both transports are attacked by more than twenty starships appropriately called Smokes. They’re easily recognizable by the long trails of smoke tethered from their single fuel cell engines. On the Kondor both Tyan and Corraun man the turrets while Leeloo initiates evasive maneuvers in the now sluggish wounded bird. On the Liberty Xergo is both pilot and gunner while T3 struggles to keep the shields intact. The Liberty is eventually swarmed and the concentrated fire of the Smokers let by an ace pilot proved too much destroying The Liberty in a fiery explosion. Corraun immediately feels a disturbance in the force, Leeloo hoping that Xergo could still be saved rolls the Kondor back and into where The Liberty was last seen. Only large chunks of hull remained…no living person could have survived. With all remaining Smokers focusing fire on the slow Kondor Leeloo makes the difficult decision to change direction back to the Moon in hopes of losing the Smokers in the mountains of scrap. Before the Kondor can enter the atmosphere the smoker’s ace takes advantage of the Kondor’s weakened shields and strafes the engines, top turret and the ships controls. Leeloo tries her best to remain control but the g-forces prove too much and she blacks out.

One week earlier on board of The Liberty Corraun and Leeloo receive a holo from Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick stating he has some information that could help them find The Quasar Kondor, but asks they don’t alert his mentor Master Lucien Draay. Leeloo and Corraun suggest to Knight Xergo to stop at Taris for any news on the Kondor, Kip or Redora. They’re greeted warmly at the Taris Jedi Temple by Hamlin and the Padawans who mistake Leeloo as a Jedi Knight because of the new color of her robes and the lack of a Padawan braid. Gharn and Oojoh complain that they are ready for the trials, but the master will not let them take the tests yet. Just as Leeloo begins to explain her new path Knight Xergo and Master Draay walk in. Draay who formerly had so much respect for Leeloo appears to have resentment to her new path. Leeloo changes the subject as soon as possible. The masters have no news about either Kip or Redora, but do allow the group to stay the night and rest. Once Master Draay excuses himself Knight Xergo immediately begins to grill Zayne for information using the knowledge that Corraun had shared with Knight Xergo about Zayne’s holo. Disgusted Leeloo leaves the room and is followed by Tyan.

Xergo threatens to expose his deceit to his Master if he does not tell him everything he knows immediately. Zayne recites a series of events from a few days ago when he was in disguise as a local thug trying to capture the criminal Marn the Glyph, he overheard a conversation between a few of Ajurr the Hutt’s minions. Some type of secret war is occurring between Ajurr the Hutt and Bogga the Hutt and a big blow was coming. Zayne recognized the mention of The Quasar Kondor. Zayne knew his master would go straight at these thugs and being foolish they’d try to fight back and be killed, which is while he reached out to Leeloo and Corraun and now offers to help, figuring a show of numbers would force the thug Machpo to surrender. Kamlin offers her blade as well. Xergo leaves Zayne sweating by leaving the room without saying one way or another if he would tell Master Draay.

After dinner Kamlin has a private talk with Leeloo, who shares more about her current path as a sister of the force. Xergo gets permission from Master Draay to use the padawans as needed while on Taris in pursuit of Kip and Redora. Draay more candidly expresses what a waste of talent to lose Leeloo from the order as he would classify Leeloo, Corraun and Shad as the most promising padawan’s in recent years.

The next day Zayne leads the group to an ambush point to capture Machpo. Zayne again expresses his concern of having this be resolved without any loss of life on either side. Knight Xergo his taken a little a back at what appears to be a softness with in Zayne that may prevent him from every truly becoming a Jedi Knight. Machpo arrives with three thugs and they spring the ambush boxing them in. Surrounded by five jedi the Hutt’s men give pause. Xergo demands they drop their weapons and answer his questions. Machpo seeing he is out matched, but fearing of his men hearing him talk, word would get back to Ajurr and he’d be a dead man, so with the element of surprise he guns down his three companions causing Zayne to cry out.

With his carbine dropped Machpo answers all of their questions. Yes Ajurr has a new weapon against Bogga, but it’s not The Quasar Kondor, although Ajurr has recently acquired the vessel and its scheduled to be destroyed which will be a morale insult to Bogga who has hunted for that Ship for more than a year. The Kondor is with a pirate group called The Wreckers who operated a salvage moon. He gives them coordinates and landing codes, before Zayne arrests him. Wasting no time the heroes prepare to depart to this Wreaker’s Moon. The Taris padawans and Masters say goodbye. Leeloo and Corraun give a special thanks to Zayne who shares that he counts them among his few friends. Kamlin tells Leeloo that if Zayne stops holding them back she’ll take her trials soon and then as a Knight she can go anywhere including helping Leeloo track down and kill Redora. Just before leaving Master Q’anila gives a grave warning to Xergo to be careful.

From Taris they depart to the Wrecker’s moon.

Returning to current time. On the surface of the Wreckers moon Corraun is trussed up in a torture ring and being integrated by the Ugnaught Gogork. After the fifth day of this torture Corraun remains steadfast and closed mouth. After suffering a great deal of punishment he is thrown back into a cell with Tyan, Eva, and Leeloo who all show signs of torture. The heroes have been captured before and held by gas, sedative tanks and energy walls, but this time it’s pure physical abuse and damage.

To the rescue arrives Zayne Carrick and Jedi Master Draay. The Master makes short and violent work of any pirate fool enough to stand in their way. The heroes pass in and out of recallable consciousness as they are forced to move on sprained and strained legs. They next awake being taken out of Kolto tanks on a nearby space station. Zayne explains that he tried to reach them on holo, but couldn’t get a hold of them and worried that something went wrong. He told Master Draay about Machpo and the Wrecker’s moon. Zayne feels terrible that he didn’t tell the Master sooner and maybe Knight Xergo would still be alive. The good news is that the salvage pirates did collect the debris from The Liberty and Zayne was able to rescue both T3 and K8, in fact T3 was able to get the hyperspace logs from the Quasar Kondor wreckage.

After a few more days of rest for the heroes they say good-bye to Zayne and Master Draay. Leeloo humbly thanks the Master for saving her, but he curtly dismisses her gratitude. The heroes review the hyperspace log working backwards they decide to focus on the last stop that was longer than a day in hopes of learning what Redora is up to. The last long stop was on an unheard of planet called Tattoonie in the outer rim.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:

Death of Knight Yago Xergo, Destruction of the Quasar Kondor & The Liberty. Overload Diglo’s death, and introducing Machpo.



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