Knights of The Old Republic

Episode 70

Back on Coruscant Kip Gilto is interrogated by Jedi Master Doe-Nar. The masters make several strenuous attempts to separate Kip from the darkness with in, but to no success. Master Andor tells Leeloo and Corraun that they have never seen anything like what is happening to Kip, but he is too dangerous to live. In two days Kip will be executed. Leeloo breaks the bad news to Eva, who gets permission to speak with Kip one last time. She tries to convince him to fight the darkness with in and tell Leeloo how to find Redora, but Kip lures her closer to him and tries to break her neck.

Knights Revan and Alek Squint approached a frustrated Leeloo and saddened Corraun. They know of a very long shot that could save Kip, although Alek gives the impression that Revan doesn’t believe fallen Jedi deserve a second chance, but will help if it leads to Redora’s capture. In Knight Varsin’s journal it mentions a tribal history of the planet Arbra where the previous inhabitants found a way to physically separate their base emotions of fear, anger & hate. The council would never allow this investigated now since the Mando’s have claimed that sector of space. Revan offers to break out Kip and get him on a transport for Corraun and Leeloo to take him to the Moon of Arbra and learn more from the natives, but they can’t take the senators. Leeloo breaks the news covertly to Eva Cana and they wait at the star port with The Rogue Star. Revan lives up to his word and breaks out Kip and arranges for Padawan Iario to join them as a guide on the moon.

Iario immediately rubs Leeloo the wrong way. Alone with Kip Leeloo strikes a deal with him, his freedom for information on Redora’s location. When they arrive out of hyperspace at the moon they’re confronted with a Mando blockade. They attempt a blitz run in between two Jehavey assault ships. Iario navigates a course just outside of their turbo-laser range. Two squadrons of Devaab fighters are released. They quickly over take the slower transport and engage in a swarming dog-fight. Forced with a difficult decision Corraun releases Kip from his bonds to man a turret. Iario and Kip take out four of the 16 fighters while Corraun desperately tries to maintain shield integrity and Leeloo pilots. Finally with orders from the command ship each fighter in unison firers their concussion missile at the Rogue Star. Leeloo attempts a barrel roll, but the ship is two clunky. Corraun keeps the particle shields up much longer then they should, but the salvo is too much. The shock waves from the detonations toss the crew around inside and into unconsciousness. They awake crash landed on the Moon of Arbra. The ship is heavily damaged, but repairable given enough time.

Leeloo is visibly depressed after having what in her eyes is a second back to back failure as a pilot. They conceal The Rogue Star and attempt to get to higher ground. One a mountain ridge they wait till morning when visibility is improved. The night cycle on this moon is only six hours and when the full dawn arrives Iraio spots a path to the Nel-Dobba tribe he had visited before. After a day’s travel they arrive at the Nel-Dobba village. A young native woman named Key’sa recognizes Iario and mistakes Leeloo has her twin sister Minai. They are allowed into the village and met up with another friend of Iario, a young warrior named Tur’sa. They are taken into the elder burbolsa where the tribe is meeting to discuss the masked stone warriors aka the Mandolarians.

Iario warns the Chief on the very real danger of the Mandos. The heroes learn of attacks on the natives to the east. Post meeting they explain to the chief why they came. He allows them access to the written history carved into the petrified burbolsa. They learn a little over 25,000 years ago the ancestors of the Nel-dobba people lived on the forest planet Arbra. They shared the world with a kind and benevolent race which cared for them. The Arbrans were artists and inventors and possessed special abilities. They could communicate mind to mind and move large objects without their hands. They lived together in harmony. The only warning they had was to stay away from the young. The young Arbran’s were dangerous and often cruel until they entered and went through the cleansing. Afterwards they would return to society free of the weaker emotions of fear, anger and hate.

All was well until a great disaster struck. Terrible screams shrieked through the night, the Arbran’s quickly gathered as many Nel-dobba people as possible and placed them on skycrafts which took them to this moon. The people were let out, and they ships left never to return again. For many years when the moon would near Arbra the people would gather and wait for their return, but they never did and now has changed into the Low-Moon celebration.

The chief explains that the eastern tribes are older and have more written history. Key’sa and Tur’sa offer to take the off worlders to the Great Eastern tribe. Sek’nos, demands to go as well to represent their tribe in a Great War council. The injured are cared for overnight and Leeloo promises to teach Key’sa how to fight.

They set out next morning riding two –legged mounts called Dune-tar, Corraun has some difficulty controlling his mount. Half way there they are spotted by a mando Shaadlar ship and attacked by six Neo-Crusaders. Cal’ba and O’low are killed in the battle, but Sek’nos proves to be a formidable warrior with his Nel-Dobba spear. Leeloo cuts lose Kip’s bounds who then unleashes darkside fueled force lightning on the Mandos, dropping one after another and relishing in their pain and fear. With the last Mando dead Corraun still holding his ignited saber gives another pair of manacles to Kip to wear. After a tense moment Kip surrenders himself to bondage once more. They quickly move on before more patrols arrive. By nightfall they reach the great eastern tribe village.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:

Cal’be ( Deceased ), O’low ( Deceased )



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