Knights of The Old Republic

Episode 71

While on the last leg of the journey to the Great Eastern Tribe village Kip attempts to provoke Corraun into losing his self-control and threatens to turn Leeloo to the darkside. Once at the village gates they’re quickly surrounded and disarmed. The aggression, fear and anger to outsiders with in the village is staggering. Recent attacks by off the worlders they call Stone men have caused this reaction. Sek’nos, Tur’sa, Fias & Key’sa are assumed to be traitors working with these skinned stone men. One of the gathered Chiefs orders them taken to the pit of innocents to prove themselves right or wrong.

Sek’nos jump into the mud pit awaiting whatever challenge. Corraun’s robes are cut away from him and he is tossed in. Key’sa explains that only high ranking members of the tribe wear clothing. Two Nel-dobba staffs are thrown in to the pit as three warriors leap in. It’s a grueling fight to the death. Sek’nos more than holds his own while Corraun tries to wield the foreign weapon. Sek’nos kills one of the warriors, but Corraun using the force and his training is able to help defeat the others without fatalities. They exit the pit to a small number of cheers. Next Key’sa & Tur’sa are thrown in. Unarmed they are faced with an off-shoot of the Nel-Dobbian species called low-landers. They are slower, but larger and stronger. With much effort and teamwork the two defeat their opponent.

Leeloo and Kip are next, they’re robes are cut away, but as Sisters of the Force do not wear layered robes like the Jedi she is left nude. The tumble into the pit covers her in mud. A cart with a cage is wheeled to the edge of the pit. The chief says they have the honor to die to an Alpha Nighthound who has claimed 26 warriors’ lives. The beast slaughters one of the warriors upon release from the cage, but before being dumped into the pit. The massive red scaled beast charges at Kip, but Leeloo using the force convinces it to stop. Using the force to make the hound believe she is another Alpha she pounces atop Kip to claim her meal. A tense moment of wills are tested as Leeloo goes snout to snout with the massive creature. Leeloo’s will prevails and with a final thought she tells it to flee the village. The crowd is stunned at what they just witnessed. They begin to chant Woola over and over again. The chief who sentenced them all into the pits helps Leeloo out and takes her and the others to a special shrine in the village to past heroes. He explains that Woola’s were priestess of their people who could communicate with nature. It has been over 400 years since the last Woola named Iss’na, she helped unite the eastern tribes. They all were shown to huts to rest and get cleaned up.

The visitors are invited that night to a gathering of tribes in the elder hall. The men are given armbands and small trinkets to wear while Leeloo is given the long loincloth traditional of a Woola. With the mud removed her remaining modesty is only protect by her long hair brushed to run over her chest. Sek’nos & Tur’sa are invited to sit in the inner cycle with 40 other warriors and Leeloo is seated next to the aged high chief Ko’nos. Key’sa is seated on the floor next to Leeloo to translate. They learn that the Mandolarians have been on this moon for several months now and have been harvesting their resources killing any small tribe in their way. As they continue to move west they’re attacks increase. They have a strange village six hours from here. In addition large green pig like men are also with them taking women and children. Some of the warriors want to fight while others wish to wait till they leave on their own and are afraid because the Stone men appear to be invincible. Sek’nos says that they can be killed and he has killed several himself.

A fight nearly breaks out as they challenge the truth of this. An agreement is made for the Western tribe representatives and the outsiders to go to a local Mando war party and prove they can be killed. Two observers Rous’so & To’mik are sent with them to the south. Along the way they see the remains of a dead Ferngiant harvested for its extremely nutritious flesh. This is a great sin to the natives as the Ferngiants are a very longed lived species and reproduce slowly.

As they reach the area where the stone men were last seen they hear blaster fire and feel a strange vibration in the ground. Kip talks his capturers into releasing his bonds so he may be of use in the battle. They enter a clearing and find six neo-crusaders and one mando soldier firing upon a wounded Ferngiant. Also in the clearing is a device causing periodic thumps into the ground. Kip wastes no time unleashing the darkside by forcing the emotion fear in the area affecting the Mandos along with Iario and Sek’nos. The Lannik Padawan springs next to Kip and demands he stops. Kip changes emotions to anger paralyzing Iario as he tries to gain control over his emotions. The battle continues with more use of the darkside from Kip as he unleashed hate fueled force lightning. One by one the Mandos fall to light sabers, force lightning, Sek’nos’ staff and mighty blows from the angered Ferngiant. The mando solider lands a solid shot on Kip, but as the last mando falls the Ferngiant shows no sign of stopping his onslaught. Leeloo reaches its mind and tells it to calm and flee. Investigation of the thumping device reveals that it’s used to call Ferngiants, they use stomping for mating rituals and as calls for help. The observers are very impressed and collect Mando helmets as proof. Iraio has a long talk with Corraun that they cannot stand by and let Kip use the darkside, Corraun agrees.

One the way back they encounter a female villager carrying an infant. Her village is currently under attack by Gamorrean slavers. Corraun tells Kip he can’t use the darkside. Kip says he’ll not battle without a light saber and use of his superior gifts. Tur’sa upset that his people are in danger and that now Corraun won’t allow use of this weapon. Corraun has a difficult time explaining the situation to Tur’sa. Iario says he’ll stay and guard Kip and the woman so that Leeloo and Corraun can go. Leeloo protests not taking Kip, but settles on staying to guard Kip herself. Iario, Corraun and the others race towards the village. There they find the village being burned by a Neo-crusader with a burner and a sound of Gamorreans with Boarhounds collecting the captive women and children. All but one warrior has been slain. Catching the attackers by surprise they dispatch the slavers quickly, but the shuttle gets away. They guide the woman and children back to the great eastern tribe and return as welcomed heroes.

Another council meeting is held to share what happened. It’s confirmed that Sek’nos and the outsiders can truly kill the stone men. Even more impressed by the news that the Woola can command the Ferngiants, but the news that the slavers have come this far causing more than half the gathered warriors to leave to return to their villages to protect their people. With the tribes forces now reduced the fear of defeat returns to the people, Sek’nos calls them out as cowards. Leeloo proposes a deal. She and her friends will lead an assault on the Stone men’s base, but afterwards they must be allowed to see the ancient histories of their people. The high chief agrees and battles plans begin. Both Corraun and Kip do not like this arrangement. Kip believes its suicide and Corraun does not want to fight mando’s till Kip can be cured, but it’s too late the deal has been struck. Iario refuses to go on the assault if Kip uses the darkside. Everyone but Kip agrees to his ban of the darkside and he is given a spear and stone dagger.

The heroes are gathered outside of a hex-shaped metal Mando base covered by a dome of plas-steel. Everyone is quietly waiting, then the ground trembles and they look up to see Leeloo riding atop a Ferngiant and leading an army of the moon’s creatures.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
High chief Ko’nos, Rous’so & To’mik. Leeloo is given the title of Woola by the Nel-Dobbians.



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