Knights of The Old Republic

Episode 72

The assault begins with two Ferngiants slamming their speeder size fists into the plas-steel dome. Anti-vehicle turrets mounted at each point of the building rains fire on the giant creatures. Corraun and Kip charge one of the cannons, while Iario and Leeloo attack separate ones. Kip once again wastes little time using the darkside of the force, but is struck by a lucky shot after disarming a neo-crusader. By the time the last cannon is destroyed two entry points has been made by the giants. Spore-bats and Gel’osh move in per their Woola’s command. The Nel-Dobbians and Low-landers spring from their hiding places to scale the walls.

Inside is complete chaos. The mandos and Gamorreans focus their attacks on the Spore-bats and two Gel’osh. Leeloo rallies the warriors and charges the Mandolarian troops. The battle is long and deadly, but between Corraun, Sek’nos, Iario and Leeloo they lay waste to the majority of the forces. Just as victory is in sight the Mando base commander Shode arrives along with Slave lord Porg’oth. Each one is responsible for half a dozen Nel-Dobbian deaths in just a few moments. Leeloo calls out the commander, but with his Beskar armor the advantage is his and he lands a devastating blow knocking Leeloo unconscious. Corraun teams with the Low-landers to take out the Slave lord and stall the base Commander. Leeloo gains consciousness again. Corraun uses the force to hold Shode in place while Leeloo has a Ferngiant grab him. The commander’s screams only last a few seconds before he is crushed to death. The battle is over. The slaves are freed and by use of the Shaadlar transport they all travel back to the Great Eastern tribe.

A great celebration is held, but more importantly the heroes are shown the ancient histories. They learn a few landmarks to look for on Arbra, but no knowledge of how to activate the cleansing is learned. Tur’sa offers to go with them to the planet in case there are symbols that only a Nel-Dobbian could read. Tomorrow begins a holy period for the natives as the moon is closest to the planet it’ll be all year, they chose this period to make the trip in the mando shuttle. Leeloo shows no interest in flying so Corraun takes the controls. While nearing the planet they are hailed by four Daavab fighters. Without means to communicate they are fired upon. Corraun tries to convince Leeloo to take the controls, but she is afraid.

With no other choice as Corraun physically leaves the cockpit and Leeloo takes ahold of the yoke and rockets towards the planet. Unable to out run them she leads them into the mile-high forest of trees. At first they follow her move for move gaining just enough to take a shot at their shuttle every few seconds. At one point they fly passed an odd multi-colored pylon of crystal standing almost a mile high. As the chase continues they fly past another one, but this time it sparks with bolts of lightning, which Leeloo narrowly avoids. Running out of time, Leeloo leads them through a series of impossible turns and terrain. The other four pilots are experts, but unable to match Leeloo’s skill. They crash in fiery explosions one after the other. Still panicked Leeloo continues on a near suicidal path before Corraun can calm her down. Iario is convinced that Leeloo’s fear must be at the hands of Kip’s dark powers nearly draws his saber on the bound darksider. With Corraun back behind the controls they eventually locate the first landmark and decent into a giant chasm city

The place is eerily quiet and devote of all life. Anything not made of stone or metal has eroded away. Oddly enough the green lighting system of the cavern city is still functioning. Several tiers down they locate a library and in a children’s section activate the last remaining virtual intelligence librarian numbered 146. They learn the history of the Arbrains. They are former slaves to the Sith. The planet runs on the crystal power rods they found during the chase above the surface. These power rods worked off of the planets force, but required balance so the Sith were forced to teach use of the light side of the force to the Arbrains. Eventually most of the Sith moved on and after a 1000 years the slaves using the light side of the force over threw the remaining Sith.

Not wanting to ever be like the Sith they developed a process to remove the darkside from themselves and their children. They used a unique crystal on this planet called Quelsline which could reflect both light and shadow. This Force Screen would separate them from these negative emotions, but the elders instead of destroying these former pieces of themselves they just kept it locked away behind the screen. Eventually it coalesced into a sentient being called The Darker. Almost 20,000 years ago the power rod generating the force screen its power failed and The Darker was released. The innocent Nel-dobbians were evacuated to the moon, but in a single night all Arbrains where killed in a reign of terror and violence. An elder named Asong’wa nearly completed the re-initiation sequence for the force screen’s power rod, but died before he could complete it. The power has remained off since then, until today when the heroes flew past the first power rod. They deduced that it most have been the return of both the light and darkside of the force. With some resistance the VI tells them how to conduct the cleansing ritual and how to turn back on the Force Screen.

As Tur’sa stands up some of the heroes noticed that his shadow doesn’t move with him. At the draw of weapons his shadow hisses to life and claws at Tur’sa. Its icy touch drains both life force and willpower. Each of their shadows comes to life. Corraun swings his light saber but the heat of the blade passes through it, only his focus of the force from controlling the dangerous blade has any effect on the darkside shadow. Leeloo tells VI to shut down and to kill the lights in the room. Then without drawing her light saber she retreats to the corner of the room, her shadow does not follow. Kip stands not threating to his shadow and forms a sort of alliance. The battle continues while Leeloo grows more and more afraid and tries to convince the others to turn off their light sabers so that no shadow can be cast. This doesn’t banish the shadows, but prevents them from being able to move. Kip uses this distraction to flee. Using pure waves of the light side of the force Iario is able to tear one apart from a distance. Tur’sa lures more of them out while Corraun and Iario continue to attack them. When only Kips shadow remains it melds in the darkness and doesn’t return. Given time the black icy marks dissipates on each hero.

Leeloo comes up with the plan to destroy each light source before stepping into the light, till the reach the Crystalline Cavern. Corraun reaches out with the force and can feel that Kip is waiting on the first floor of the library. They find him at the entrance and wonder why he didn’t run back to the shuttle and leave. The answer is in the streets. Thousands of feral shadow constructs are lurking out there. Shattering the lights in the city will be difficult they must all work together even Kip. Tur’sa fashions a sling to help out.

It’s a harrowing and perilous journey through the streets often only inches away from the darklings before they can shatter enough lights to move forward. Finally they reach the Crystalline Cavern. Unfortunately the crystals that line this cavern emit a low pulse of light and cannot be shattered. They risk life and limb leaping from dark spot to the next. The deeper they go the greater the darkside of the force is felt. At several points the cavern rocks from termers. A cave in occurs and while saving Iario Corraun is trapped in a separate cavern tunnel passage.

Leeloo goes off alone a few steps to find Corraun and is attacked by The Darker who gets into her thoughts and memories. Corraun a lone finds his way into a chamber of pure Quelsline creating a house of mirrors effect. Corraun is approached by Leeloo claiming to be mind-controlled by The Darker to kill him; the maze of reflections makes it hard to tell where she is. A moment later he is surrounded by six versions all moving in unison and Corraun must decide which one to block in this The Darkers challenge. Each version asks a question for the others to answer to prove who is the real Leeloo and thus the real and deadly light saber. After six questions as they are all just about to swing Corraun decides to block the sixth one and actually strikes back dropping Leeloo’s form, which in fact is actually The Darker. Corraun gets a good look at the creature without the cloak of its shadow. The attack surprised the immortal entity; it believed that if even Corraun had guessed correctly he wouldn’t attack his friend back, as each correct answer was stolen directly from Leeloo’s mind. It asks how Corraun could have known the truth before disappearing to regain its strength, but promises to be back.

A recovered Leeloo along with Iario and Kip make it to the Cleansing chamber and Leeloo starts work on the Power Rod. Corraun reunites with them as Kip makes pleas not to go forward with this experiment, which could be deadly to him. Leeloo finishes the procedure and the crystal rod hums with power. A pale yellow wall of light ignites at the end of the chamber, but then The Darker appears.

It’s enraged at the presence of the Force Screen and attacks viciously, light sabers and force lighting appears to have little effect on it. The group moves deeper in the chamber and then activates the second phase, which lets lose a force net forcing them all towards the force screen, only Tur’sa is left on the other side.

The Darker panics and mind controls Tur’sa to reverse the net, he does, but before he can turn it completely off Corraun force slams him into the Power rod and reactivates the net. The Darker tears into Corraun as Kip keeps trying his hate filled force lightning. Leeloo steps through the Force Screen in hopes of safety. The Darker nearly kills Corraun before getting trapped and pulled through the one-way Force Screen in which no darkside can move out of. Once again after 20,000 years it’s trapped.

Kip struggles in agonizing pain as two parts of himself are being torn apart. He manages to once more through shear willpower expel the dark mist with in him and this time it’s caught by the net and taken into the force screen as Kips exhausted falls to the floor. Kip can see that Corraun is trapped as well, but the Force Screen is at max capacity between The Darker and whatever was inside of him, appears to be too much and anymore will simply break down the barrier. Kip struggles over to the control panel, while Corraun is fights not to be cleansed. Kip manages to shut off the net before passing out, freeing Corraun. On the other side Leeloo is surrounded by the swirling mist which is using Neiri’s face and voice tries to convince Leeloo to let it inside of her, but she refuses and walks out of the force Screen unburdened by the darkside. Finally it’s over. All of the shadow constructs are gone once more. They talk to VI 146 once more on the way out and learn that the force screen will hold, but cannot be used again till it self-repairs, which could be a few hundred years or more.

Kip has full memory of his actions since Dathomir and is in a state of shock and sits quietly on the way back to the moon. Goodbyes are given to Tur’sa and Key’sa , even Sek’nos. They return to the crashed Rogue Star and find that it’s been moved out of the crash site. It’s been repaired at least partially. They spot a Sluissi repairing the hyper drive. Eva Canna exits the ship and explains that her father had an emergency beacon on board and she convinced him to take his flotilla here to rescue them, they’ve been involved in space skirmishes above for almost a week now. They board the ship and with covering fire from the friendly capital ships make the jump to hyperspace.

Back on Coruscant Corraun is called before he High Council to face his most recent offense. High Council vs Padawan Corraun Jax Master Shi-Leer is there to help defend him and asks for his entire record of accomplishments be taken into consideration. They hear the good and bring up the other mistakes he has made. After closing arguments the High Council asks Master Shi Leer and Corraun to leave till a decision is made.

When Corraun returns he is stripped of his Padawan braid and is shocked to find that has been promoted to rank of Jedi Knight.

Important Introductions & Firsts:

Commander Thes Shode, Slave-Lord Porg’oth, Kip is freed from the Darkside, Boyd Dorne, The United Spacefarer’s flotilla, Corraun Jax becomes a Jedi Knight.



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