Knights of The Old Republic

Episode 74

The episode opens with a flashback to five days earlier when the party in on board the Rogue Star returning from Olton and en route to Coruscant. As a group they discuss what could have happened to Leeloo. Kip believes she has joined Redora’s cause. Corraun feels strongly that Leeloo wouldn’t go to the darkside, but it’s possible she left with Redora to try and save her. Kip too upset to even entertain other theories leaves the room. Eva shares her feelings that Redora is a terrible person and doesn’t deserve a second chance, but it’s hypocritical to blame Leeloo for trying to save Redora after Eva and others strived for Kip to be saved. Reegan and Corraun tried to explain that Kips’ case was different.

Back on Coruscant Reegan immediately reports to Haazen and hands over a data chip with the records of the mine on Olton. Reegan is berated for her poor performance of allowing both Redora and Leeloo to escape. Min attends Knight Morse-ta’s funeral and has trouble hiding her emotions. Master Andor Dulwen tells Min that without a Knight she will be shipped off to the Academy on Datoonie. It’s also revealed that the crate Morse-ta was placed in by the Mando’s was to be sent to Demagol on the vessel “Lector”. Min doesn’t waste any time and pleads her case to become Corraun’s Padawan. Corraun takes it under advisement and discusses the decision with Andor who warns Corraun it’s a big commitment and one that cannot be undone lightly. Boyd reports to Admiral Cana that Eva is fine and the mission is proceeding as planned.

With the flashback scenes of session 73 completed the story picks up after Eva’s encounter with a Mandolarian in her senate office. Boyd gets an alarming call from Eva. Boyd picks up Corraun and Kip on the way. Once at her apartment they find Jorbe Bralor in full beskar armor. Corraun and Kip both challenge Jorbe on getting Leeloo addicted to Red Sand. Jorbe seems indifferent to her plight, but reveals his side of the story, which has a lot more detail then Leeloo’s tale. Changing the subject Jorbe reveals that after the events above Jebble months back he has been spying on the Neo-crusaders and learned that their next target is the planet Cathar. With no leads on the Redora taskforce Corraun and company receive permission to provide escort on a diplomatic mission to the Outer Rim. Eva waits outside Tyan’s home to tell him of Cathar and he returns with a courtesan and brushes off Leeloo’s disappearance. Tyan will work from the senate on the necessary wheels to get Cathar accepted by the Republic while Eva convinces the Cathar people to want to join. Corraun decides to take on Min Starchaser as his apprentice. Corraun also meets with Knights Revan and Squint to thank them for their help with Kip. News of the Cathar trip peeks their interest and they offer to go along.

Revan joins Jorbe, Corraun, Min, Reegan, Boyd & Kip onboard the Rogue Star while Knight Alex Squint follows behind in a second vessel. On board tension builds between Revan and Kip. Kip confronts the Knight and Revan reveals his true feelings that Kip should not have been given a second chance, that his weakness is a threat to everyone around him. Kip recalls Revan’s mastery of The Close Blade maneuver and grows concerned, but Revan assures the Padawan that as long as he is officially a Jedi and not using the darkside he will not harm Kip. Eva is having trouble accepting a colder side of Tyan and that her crush on Tyan will never lead anywhere. She is cheered up by Corraun and Boyd. Tensions are also heightened between Kip and Jorbe who nearly come to blows more than once.

Leeloo onboard a mando transport is asked by Redora to hand over her light saber so that her short-sighted views on right or wrong will not case Redora to choose between Leeloo’s life and her mission to save her religion. In a sign of trust Leeloo hands it over. Leeloo has lots of questions. Redora promises answers, but she must be patient. They talk about Nieri and the events on Dathomir. Redora displays her authority with her new allies by having a Neo-crusader serve her and Leeloo tea. They arrive the next day on an unrevealed planet with a Kandossi dreadnaught in orbit. A factory is set up on this dusty planet. It’s a refinery for the Amlex ore. Redora explains that the ore on Olton isn’t as pure as on Dathomir and it takes the special skills of the Mandos to refine large amounts into small amounts of useable material. Leeloo asks what her plans are and Redora shows Leeloo 50 females from ages 8 to 22 training in the ways of the Night Sisters. Leeloo learns that the younger girls are more force sensitive and are from Tapani. The older girls/woman are Mandolarians with a spark of the force. They are being trained by both Redora and Kelisea. Redora will use them to help the Mandos win, but the final army she raises with Amlexes will be for retaking Dathomir and outing the Prelate and other sisters who have kneeled before the Jedi and ruined Mother Mira’s teachings. Leeloo confronts here about going to the darkside, which is against the teachings. Redora says she knows she may never return to the true path, once Dathomir is saved she will leave it alone for good sisters like Leeloo.

Leeloo pleads Redora to work with the Sisters and negotiate a peace with the Jedi. Redora explains she had a vision that the Jedi will destroy the Sisters and she will do anything to stop that, anything. Redora allows Leeloo to observe her use a darkside ritual to change the black Amlex stone from black to a glowing amber.

The Rogue Star arrives on Cathar and bears witness to the great grass planes and massive city-trees wear most of the Cathar live. They reach the capital city, a massive rock-city named Hall’ax which in Catharese means First Pride. They are shown around by Bafer Fon who hopes that no matter the outcome of the 9 Tribes decision to join the republic or not will at least lift the unnecessary tariffs on Great Hopper Horn dust. Later in the day they met the Hall’ax elder Regar and his second He’ghul. A first gathering is scheduled for two days. Revan asks permission to travel around and view the planets’ defenses, it is granted by the Elder. He and Alek leave to do so. Boyd attempts to set up a smuggling job with Bafar Fon, who is weary to say the least based on the company that Boyd travels in.

That night Kip asks Min to sneak out and explore the city. Min having spotted two children Cathar earlier accepts the chance to look around. Corraun spots them leave, but decided to trust them and lets them go. The night grows from bad to worse as they visit a underground fight club and help a Cathar named Farghul chose which fighter will win the next match. Min gets drunk and can’t make it back to their room so with their gambling winnings stay in a motel. Corraun worried as the sun rises organizes a search party when the two padawans return. To Kips ire Min revels most of the details of the evening and everyone is shocked and disappointed at Kips poor judgment.

At the gathering Eva and company meet all 9 tribe elders. They are reluctant to join the republic and lose their independence. A few elders are more out spoken. Hul’ek and Tarash feel that the Cathar have nothing to fear from Mandos as their ancestors defeat the Mandos once before. Feena and her people are pacifists and don’t want war. Seeing that these Cathar don’t fear the Mandos Jorbe speaks up and asking if any of them have fought a mando before or was it only their parents? Corraun detects a feeling of despair from Feena’s handmaiden, an old Cathar female. Jorbe challenges a duel between himself any Jedi in the room to prove how dangerous one mando can be. With their hand now forced Corraun steps up, but while he is explaining what a worthy foe the Mandos are Kip steps in and starts the fight. It’s a skilled match to witness, but Kip fails to get passed the Beskar plates and is knocked out giving Jorbe the victory. This gives the Elders something to think about. The next gathering will be in two days and it will be open to all residents. A decision will be made then.

Over the next two days Eva and the party campaigns one on one with the elders. Feena makes her case that she’ll never vote for anything that could lead to war. Kip & Corraun detect the force is strong with in her old handmaiden Sylvar. When alone with Sylvar the pull out of her that she was once a Jedi Knight, but because of her anger issues left the order. She detects a similar anger in Kip. She reveals that she conquered her angry through a Blood Hunt, which is a spiritual rite on Cathar to help them manage the innate beast with in them. Even to a Jedi it can help as the living force is a component. A meeting with Elder Farghul reveals his vote could be bought with favors from the republic. He doesn’t wamparat out Min to her Knight.

Leeloo has a lot to think about as she spends time with Redora. A summons comes and Redora tells Leeloo that Mandalore the Ultimate is demanding a demonstration of the Night Sister’s power. And that the answers she seeks may just be revealed.

Back on Cathar the two days go by quickly and the final gathering is assembled before 30,000 Cathar. Eva and each Cathar Elder makes their remarks. Eva’s first chance isn’t received well. She is give one final rebuttal and changes tactics to plead to their warrior pride and how the Republic needs such powerful warriors as much as the Cathar can benefit from the might of the Republic Navy. The Gathering is interrupted by alarms. A Mandolarian envoy arrives outside of the city. The Jedi, Eva, Boyd and He’gul with his honor guard goes out to meet the Mandolarians.

Casus Fett in yellow/golden armored Neo-crusader steps out with Thorx Murek in black w/ Blood red trimmed Neo-Crusader armor. They’re flanked by 20 Neo-crusaders on each side. The yellow armored one introduces himself “as Casus Fett commander of the invincible Neo-Crusaders and emissary of Mandalore the Ultimate. I have come to warn you. As of this moment our fleet is arriving from hyperspace and surrounding your planet. All hyperspace channels have been blocked. Your kind has proved to be worthy adversaries in the past. Mandalore the Ultimate has tasked me with proving that is no longer the case. Prepare yourself for in two days from now I shall unleash the full might of Mandalore the Ultimate’s war machine. Prepare yourselves for death.”

Important Introductions & Firsts:

Elder Regar, He’ghul, Bafer Fon, Hul’ek, Feena, Farghul, Terash, Sylvar, Commander Thorx Murek. Min Starchaser becomes Corraun’s first Padawan.



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