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Leopold Fremont Weschler


Name: Leopold Fremont Weschler
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: Handsome young man with shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes sporting a goatee.
Notes: Son of Sir Thomas Weschler, Leo is a lower noble of House Palagia in the Tapani sector.

Lady Lenora Forta


Name: Lenora Forta
Race: Human, Female.
Appearance: A noble woman in her fifties.
Notes: She is a Lady of House Palagia in the Tapani sector. She once had the honor to host Jedi Master Shi-Leer and Senator Eva Cana.

Hamlyn Trenken


Name: Hamlyn Trenken
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: Age 23 with dark hair and a goatee.
Notes: He is a saber rake of House Mecetti. He has a unfinished duel with Leopold Weschler.

Hi-Lord Ordo Praxum


Name: Ordo Praxum
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: A strong regal looking man in his late fifties.
Notes: He is the highest-ranking member of House Pelagia. His father fought along side Master Shi-Leer in the Cleansing Wars.

Baron Gregor Turnell


Name: Gregor Turnell
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: Thick face, with neck length wavy black hair with a black goatee.
Notes: He is the tactical command advisor to H-Lord Praxum. (was first introduced with PC glow)



Name: Shnock
Race: Ugnaught, Male.
Appearance: Typical of his race, long stringy white hair.
Notes: He used to own a droid optics shop in the Forge District of Procopia’s Estalle Island, before it was burned down for being “rude” to Baron Gregor Turnell.

Jorn Lefonte


Name: Jorn Lefonte
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: In his early 20s, with blond hair.
Notes: He is a Tapani brigand for hire, skilled at fencing. He was once hired to kidnap Senator Eva Cana.

Count Bulgulf Bonte


Name: Bulgulf Bonte
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: Shaved head with a full brown beard.
Notes: He is a Count of House Mecetti. Like most Mecetti, he has a strong distaste for any member of House Pelagia.

Liam Gosta


Name: Liam Gosta
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: Seven years old, blond hair and blue eyes.
Notes: His is force sensitive and shunned by the Nobles of House Pelagia because of how he was born. His mother Tetha was rapped by a noble and her own family disowned her. Liam was on of the many children taken by the Mecrosa Order.

Lady Elsa Willburg


Name: Elsa Willburg
Race: Human, Female.
Appearance: Chocolate brown hair and dressed in noble garb. Although she is only 37 years old, she looks much older from the stress.
Notes: She is a noble of House Pelagia. Her 15 y/o son and only living relation Wylin was kidnapped by a Sith practitioner.

Captain Tabias Rohrig


Name: Tabias Rohrig
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: Salt-n-pepper hair and goatee.
Notes: He is captain of the guard for House Pelagia on Procopia.

Baroness Fione Ulstin


Name: Fione Ulstin
Race: Human, Female.
Appearance: A older noble woman in her fifties, always where clothes in gold and orange.
Notes: She is a Baroness of House Cadriaan in the Tapani sector. She once had the honor to host Jedi Master Shi-Leer and Senator Eva Cana.

Hi-Lord Rami Kenten


Name: Rami Kenten
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: Salt-n-pepper feathered hair down to his shoulders. With a same colored well-groomed mustache.
Notes: He is the highest-ranking member of House Cadriaan. He lives in the Glass Palace on Lalos Island.

Andric Toliver (Deceased)


Name: Andric Toliver
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: 17 years old, brown hair and eyes.
Notes: He is a third son of a low ranking noble family of House Mecetti He was recruited and brainwashed by a sith practitioner on Procopia to become a member of the Mecrosa Order. His master killed him after falling to assassinate Senator Cana.

Tetha Gosta


Name: Tetha Gosta
Race: Human, Female.
Appearance: Auburn hair and large brown eyes.
Notes: Eight years ago a nobleman, who she either couldn’t or wouldn’t identify, rapped Tetha. Her own family disowned her. She has since been raising her son Liam with little help and is typically shunned by House Pelagia on Tapani.

Wylin Willburg (Deceased)


Name: Wylin Willburg
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: 15 years old, brown hair and blue eyes.
Notes: His father died in a mining explosion six years ago. After that it was just him and his mother Elsa. 8 months ago Wylin was kidnapped and brainwashed by a sith practitioner on Procopia. He devotedly believes that the Jedi Order is an evil tyrant ruling the galaxy. His right hand was severed by Kip Gilto.

Rourke DeTaunt (Deceased)


Name: Rourke DeTaunt
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: 30 years old handsome man with long brown hair and beard.
Notes: An ex-communicated Tapani Saber-Rake. He was forced to leave Tapani after accepting a duel from a 13 year old boy. He killed the boy, who happened to be a Governors son. Then become the commander of the palladium mine on Tecphon IV. He is an excellent fencer. He was killed when overwhelmed by a handful of Jedi.

Sir Leofric Carver


Name: Leofric Carver
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: Late 20’s brown hair and sideburns.
Notes: He is a Knight of House Pelagia. His family is wealthy in the textiles business.



Name: Gullbrum
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: Late 40’s wild white hair and short.
Notes: He is a vendor in The Forge District. He sales all kinds of wares and if he doesn’t have it then he is sure to have a “cousin” who sales it. Legal or otherwise.

Captain Lewin Hardwick


Name: Lewin Hardwick
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: Early 40’s, short brown hair.
Notes: He is a captain in the Estalle Island Police force. He and four of his officers; Tobin, Vann, Sgt. Paddon and Parks were assigned to escort Jedi Knight Jax through The forge district near the Piston Farms. Officers Paddon and Vann died in a shot out with Mecrosa order soldiers.

Arch-Advisor Maurice Royce (deceased)


Name: Maurice Royce
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: Late 50 y/o man, brown hair & van dyke
Notes: He was a lord of House Calipsa and 3 years ago was chosen by the great council to serve as Arch-Advisor to Emperor Lucius Kappela-Shey. He was slain during the attack on Tapani Day Parade defending the boy-Emperor.

Emperor Lucius Kappela-Shey


Name: Lucius Kappela-Shey
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: 9 y/o boy with short blond hair and green eyes and a slender face.
Notes: His father Emperor Dietrich Kappela-Shey died three years ago. He cannot rule until 13, but is advised by Maurice Royce. Following the death of Royce his new Arch-Advisor Toka Martell.

Hi-Lady Helene Bastra


Name: Helene Bastra
Race: Human, Female.
Appearance: A striking brunette women in her late 30’s. She is known to wear provocative dresses.
Notes: She is the Hi-Lady of House Mecetti. She has no husband. She is a polished politician and strategist.

Arch-Advisor Toka Martell


Name: Toka Martell
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: Late 40’s redbrown hair and beard and almond shaped blue eyes.
Notes: He is a Lord of House Mecetti. His family is wealthy from Ore mining. He was an elder member of the Mecetti Privy council. He is known for his isolation views. After the death of Lord Royce he was appointed by the Grand Council as Arch-Advisor to the Boy emperor. Some believe he was only appointed because of recent assassination of preferred Lords.

Lord Nigel Terrell


Name: Lord Nigel Terrell
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: Elderly man wan with a hook nose and stringy white hair.
Notes: He was a Lord of House Pelagia and lead Privy council member. He was a member of the Falley Club. He was killed in the study of his Estate late at night and found in the morning by staff.

Godric Eccelston


Name: Lord Godric Eccelston
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: Early 40’s short auburn hair, small man with a slight build.
Notes: He is a Lord of House Calipsa, and like a lot of nobles looks down on lower class. He was honored as a hero after helping to defend the Emperor during Tapani Day against Mecrosa Order agents.

Lord Afian Carrol


Name: Afian Carrol
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: 60’s shoulder length grey hair, receding hair line and goatee.
Notes: He is a House Pelagia Lord and Scholar and was restoring parts of the Secretum Secretorum.

Lord Egbert Dane


Name: Egbert Dane
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: Early 50’s short blond hair, beard, long mustache. Overweight
Notes: He is a Lord of Melantha and is the Curator of the Tapeno Library.

Edric Blackbourne (Deceased)


Name: Edric Blackbourne
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: 20 year old male with striking green eyes.
Notes: He is the bastard child of The last emperor Dietrich Kappela-Shey and if he was legitimized he would be emperor now, but instead he was shunned by The Emperor’s wife and sent away never to be seen again by his father. His caretakers were given lots of credits to take care of him, but treated him at arm’s length. Then he met “the Master” and was told of his potential and started training as a Mecrosa Assassin. His first kill was the emperor’s wife and made it look like she choked on her dinner. He did not kill the Emperor, but he would have liked to one day. He was slain by Jedi Knight Jax, Padawan Tala and Atin Kelborn.

Lord Samuel Drake


Name: Samuel Drake
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: 68 y/o, bald, with white crown of hair and mustache. Stocky build. Wears a monocle.
Notes: He is a lord of House Mecetti. He is a retired member of the Privy council. His family’s fortune is from ship building. His son died ten years ago. His heir is Cavit and his younger brother who is a favorite to him is Wulfgret. He was kidnapped by Tala Lavahn and threatened by Kelborn for the location of House Mecetti’s Secretum Secretorum.

Lord Gresham Hutson


Name: Gresham Hutson
Race: Human, Male.
Appearance: Early 60’s short black hair, salt n pepper long beard. Thick eyebrows.
Notes: He is a lord of House Mecetti and a long standing member of the Privy council. Although he is very paranoid and attends via holo as the displeasure of the Hi-Lady. His only living male heir while still a toddler was kidnapped 17 years ago to be held for ransom, but died accidentally. This turned him cruel and mistrusting of his staff, which is rotated out and screened often. His wife Helda went mad after losing so many still born children trying to provide an heir. His estate on Obulette is known for its security systems. He is the keeper of House Barong and House Melissus Secretum Secretorums. His manison was broken into by Kelborn.

Lady Helda Hutson


Name: Helda Hutson
Race: Human, Female.
Appearance: Early 50’s wispy brown hair. A empty look in her eyes.
Notes: She is wife to Gresham Huston. Her only child was kidnapped 17 years ago to be held for ransom, but died accidentally. She tried to have more children by after several miscarriages she has partially lost her mind from grief and is suicidal. Padawan Tala Lavahn has since tricked her into believing her son’s spirit is happy and wants her to live a full life before seeing her on the other side.

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