Boetech Hound

Biology and appearance

Boetech hound

Boetech hounds are four legged creatures standing 1 meter tall at its withers. They are generally apex predators of their ecosystem using both cunning and speed to attack its prey. The Boetech possess a keen sense of smell and eye sight. The scent of blood often enrages them into a state of frenzy attacking with no concern for its own safety. The Boetech can communicate over great distances using a variety of howls.


Boetech hounds originated on the plant Koravon. Prior to 5,700 BBY the Boetechs were worshipped as vengeful gods by the tribal nations of Koravon. Today the Boetechs are honored creatures to the Koravon people and hunted only during regulated ceremonies.

Boetech Hound

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