Eva Cana

Name: Senator Eva Cana
Race: Human, Female
Appearance: Young 20 year old beauty with raven black hair and sultry lips.

She is a fairly new Galactic Republic Senator appointed by the United Spacefarer’s Flotilla.


Eva started off in the Galactic Senate trying not to make any waves and shared the frightened view of many other senators in regard to acting against the Mandolarian Aggression. It wasn’t until the events of Arda-2 where the heroic young Senator Tyan Duna fought back against the Mandolarians to save a soon to be enslaved people. Since then she has idolized Tyan Duna and battling her fear while standing up for what she believes is right.

Eva has a lot of self-confidence issues partially from her inexperience and partially from having been raised in the shadow of her father.


Eva’s father always wanted her to be either a ship’s captain or a ship’s doctor. Eva attended medical scholar on Coruscant, but two years in she joined class politics and took an instant likely to it. After one more year she decided to peruse a life in Galactic politics.

Family Tree

Her father is Admiral Edmond Cana, leader of the United Spacefarer’s flotilla.

Rising Star

Eva first made a name for herself by signing a difficult alliance between the Tapani Sector and the Galactic Republic.

Eva Cana

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