Force Screen

The Force Screen is a powerful force-based device & artifact in the Crystalline Caverns of Arbra. It’s said that through a Cleansing ritual Arbrains could remove their base and negative emotions like Fear, Angry & Hate. Although more accurate in modern terms of the Force is that is could remove physical manifestations of the darkside of the force. A problem that all Arbrains where born with from their long history and experimentation by the Sith.


The Arabrains used Quelsline crystals to forge the Force Screen over a 500 year period.

The Cleansing Ritual

This ritual was performed on Arabrain children exclusively as the longer the darkside stayed root in them the more painful the process of extraction. The child would be taken to the multi-staged chamber have through a series of mediations prepare themselves for the separation. a series of levers activate the force net which will dredge the darkside out of the child and into the Force Screen.

The Darker

These emotions and darkside of the force remained locked behind the screen. Although in theory these negatives could be destroyed, but the elders chose not to as it was still a part of them. The negative emotions formed into a being called The Darker.


20,000 years ago the power to the Force Screen failed. Maintenance routines on the primary power rod was current, analysis points to sabotage. The Darker with a millennia of anger & hate was unleashed causing fear and destruction wiping out all living Arbrains.


The Force Screen was brought back on line in 3,964 BBY by a group of young force users attempting to rescue their friend from a darkside possession. Currently the Force Screen is at maximum capacity and can not hold anymore darkside till it’s self-repairs are complete. Estimate repair date 3,231 BBY.

Force Screen

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