High Council vs Padawan Corraun Jax

Upon return Corraun Jax is called to face his recent transgressions. The entire High Council is present, minus Vandar who is via holo. Also present is Master Shi-Leer with a very stoic face. A preliminary report has already been given by Corraun before this hearing in regards to Kip Gilto’s condition. Doe-nar speaks saying that this special session of the High Council has been held to address the very serious charges of misconduct by Corraun Jax.

Corraun explain’s to the council his involvement in the events leading up to Arbra. After listening to what he has to say, Vandar speaks,’ serious charges these are. The example of a good Padawan this is not’. Master Shi-Leer speaks, “If the council will indulge my interruption, but I ask Corraun’s entire record be evaluated before a decision on his standing in the order is decided.”

Master Felsha says, “We will honor your request Master Shi-Leer, but from my understanding this may not be a benefit for Padawan Jax”. Master Kodo-Toa says, “yes many times has Padawan Jax been called before the council, let us examine these past actions”.

Flesha says, “The eidetic from this council in regards to Mandolarian involvement has been very clear, yet on Arda-2 Padawan Jax become involved in a struggle for occupation of the planet against the Mandolarians.

Shi-Leer speaks, “He was following Knight Shun-Di ‘s direction. Vandar says, “Consequence comes, with each decision. Absolved one is not, because of just following”. Shi-Leer, “Above Jebel Padawan Jax has already faced a Mandolarian tribunal of single combat for his actions on Arda-2, in which he defeated a Mandolarian without use of a light saber. I personally feel uncomfortable being in agreement with any Mandolarian.

Doe-nar says, “Very well let’s discuss another choice. Actively smuggling disruptors onto Coruscant. Is this not another example of flawed decision making from a Padawan?” Aura Felsha says, “The council fully recalls it was done for a noble purpose, but the one life it was meant to save cost how many others? A decision which should have been made by the Council.” Shi-Leer says, “A student acts off of the knowledge taught to him. I ask the council to remember that Corraun was unfortunately thrust into the Coruscant underworld previously with Knight Shun-Di.” Heads lower at the mention of the dead comrade. “I’d also note the great fortitude and courage Corraun showed during that time. Returning Shun-Di’s body to the temple doors while being hunted by the whole of the order.”

Felsha says, “Let’s not hand wave all other events on Coruscant. Was it not Corraun Jax who surrendered his light saber over to the criminal mastermind Savik Falso setting him free to continue his reign of terror, just, to save his own life and friends…was that not fear that guided him?. Shi-Leer says, “I believe it to be an impossible task to judge for anyone not there themselves. I would however point out another event when Padawan Jax was without doubt willing to sacrifice his life for the greater good. The saving of Fel-Tide on Glee Anslem nearly killed Padawan Jax and left him forever altered.”

Vandar “Another mark he does bear. Close Padawan Jax has traveled with the Darkside of the force. If not for his fellow Padawan and Knight Quinn, lost he would have been on Taris.” Shi-Leer, “We all know how powerful Sith artifacts can be, I find it a testament that he could be brought back.” Felsha says, “With help.” Shi-Leer replies, “If the occupancy number of the journey is more significant than the destination then I pose the council recall that unprepared and alone Padawan Jax pasted the Sisters of the Forces’ test during the Cavern of Dreams, a place where one is forced to face his inner fears and weakness.”

Felsha says, “This has been an interesting walk down the past, but it is the present that paves way to the future. The grievous recent events cannot be ignored. A Padawan has admitted to plotting and executing actions directly opposed to the council’s orders. Good judgment is required of all Jedi, no exception.”

Shi-Leer, “I know it is easy for a master like me who is not burdened with the responsibility of the High Council to use hindsight, but doing so could it not be said based on the results of Arbra that calling for such a sudden execution of Kip Gilto was a mistake? Of course the information Padawan Jax was given was not provided to the council, which was wrong, but armed with this knowledge did Padawan Jax make a mistake or was it effective insight to identify a problem and strive for a hidden solution? Do not the reports of Corraun’s triumph over the Darker’s fractals with in the crystalline cavern on Arbra reinforce his apt at seeing truth beneath the surface?“

Andor says, “I believe we have heard enough, Master Shi-Leer please escort Padawan Jax outside till we reach a decision on what recourse is appropriate.”

After 5 or so minutes they are called back in. Doe-nar says, “The High Council has reached a unanimous decision. Come forth and kneel before the council.” Felsha speaks, “The Jedi order only functions if our Jedi act accordingly to their training and position within the order.”

o [Andor stands and approaches Corraun. After a few steps Andor with a emotionless face is standing right over Corraun]

Felsha continues “We have found your recent actions non-reflective of a Padawan.” In a flash Andor draws his light saber, ignites the brilliant blue blade and swings at Corraun’s neck. Corraun’s eyes close, a moment later the hum of the saber is extinguished. Corraun opens his eyes to see his Padawan braid is on the floor.

Andor speaking, “The council has agreed your actions over the past year has not been fitting for a Jedi Padawan and although going against the high council’s decision in regards to Kip Gilto is very serious your past actions must be taken into consideration. Your one-on-one duel before the Mandolarian tribunal showed your skill of the force.
Returning Shun-Di’s body to the temple while being hunted by the order demonstrated great courage.

On Fel-Tide you suffered pain and wounds of the Flesh. On Dathomir in the Cavern of Dreams you conquered the spiritual side of the struggle between the light and the dark .Lastly on Arbra you possessed the insight to detect the truth behind The Darker’s illusions. Here and now you are no longer a Padawan, rise Jedi Knight Corraun Jax.”

Summary of trial events:
Skill = One on one combat vs. mando above Jebel without a light saber.
Courage = returning Shun-Di’s body to the temple while being hunted by the order.
Flesh = Suffering a near fatal wound while saving Fel-Tide.
Spirit = Facing is anger in the Cavern of Dreams.
Insight = Defeating the Darker’s fractal illusions with in the crystalline cavern on Arbra.

High Council vs Padawan Corraun Jax

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