Jax Journal-060

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Episode 60

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Although we withstood our wave the whole of our defenses were not fairing well. In three different areas the Night Sisters force were beginning to beach our lines. Despite the risks I ask Leeloo to remove the Olex feeling I would need to draw on the force in the coming battle. Sister Lillyana, refuse to delay for this while sisters are in trouble and leaves with the Toma and Darin. A long minute goes by as Leeloo performs the ritual of release but unfortunately it does not work. As it was we merely wasted that time, not wanting to waste more we quickly moved towards the center breach. To the threat of Verick and a small barbarian contingent .

As we approached I led the charge hoping to draw their focus allowing Leeloo to clean up after. I refer to this tactic as the “Wind and the Wall” and it has served us quite well in the past. It seemed to be working here as well save for two unfortunate things. The first, there were two acolytes with this group that neither Leeloo nor I noticed before. There force lightening posed a real threat to our tactics. The second, a rage filled explosion of the force from Verick. The wave was so powerful that it sent Leeloo and I flying over 30 feet in different directions.

Never had I experienced such a blast of raw power, and I struggled to get to my feet before the enemy closed on me. My head still ringing from the assault, the acolytes gave no quarter and were on me in an instant, I had the briefest of moments to react to their Force Lightening. Out of instinct I attempted to wrap myself in the Force to protect me from the blast, but it was not enough. While I could feel some of the energy being deflected, the power of the bolt overwhelmed my defenses. I could smell my hair burn… hear my own scream… As my body fell to the hard earth I could see the other acolyte approaching red saber in hand and wondered if this is where I become one with the Force.

Again the Force was with us as Sister Lillyana, Darin and Toma had come to our rescue. Managing to defeat the Verick and the Acolytes as well as stop Leeloo and I from bleeding to death. We manage to make it back to the temple as both sides begin a rally for a final push.

My injuries are numerous and severe, still I follow Leeloo to a lookout to spy on an attacking Rancor. Leeloo tries touch the mind of the beast but is unable to. It is then we see Kip, Xergo, Toma and Darin heading off to face the beast. Too far away to help and soo wounded that a stiff breeze could be our end, Leeloo leads us to the healers for care.

My injuries what they were I slip into unconsciousness on the healers table only to be roused by the call of battle once more. The Night Sisters are making their final assault on the temple. Xergo heads out first followed by Kip, Tyan and myself. Leeloo hangs back to defend the novices and provide another level of defense if we fail.

All we faced prior was a warm-up to what we faced now, which was the full directed force of Night Sisters, barbarians and vine cats. Even so we were holding our ground. That is until Redora showed riding a painted Rancor. The beast cut a path through our lines while Redora summoned a Force Storm cutting off retreat to the Temple.

Our numbers dwindled quickly and it appeared all was lost. That is until the rancor stopped mid stroke on its attack of Knight Xergo and instead slammed the nearest barbarian instead. a sesnse of frustration could be felt from Redora as her attempts to control her mount failed and the beast continued to attack her own forces. Looking back I felt more than saw Leeloo. Somehow she had taken control of this powerful creature.

Battle turned quickly and rode the much needed momentum. The enemies line broke and Redora fled in to the jungle somehow escaping the attention of the Rancor. After the briefest discussion with Leeloo joining us we set after the true threat. Redora is the dark heart of the Night Sisters. As long as she lives they will always be a threat.

The chase was not an easy one as this was her terrain and she still had tricks up her sleeve. Weathering Force fueled assaults we continued to follow with Kip pulling away from the pack and on her heels. We nearly loose sight of him and her when Kip calls out to us but heads into a cave before we arrive. As we prepare to follow suit, Leeloo recognizes this location as The Cavern of Dreams, the location “Students” are Test. She says that failing the test will allow you to be consumed by the darkside. She further warns that Redora was the proctor for the test and could have sway in this place.

The threat known, Xergo enters without further hesitation. I try to give Leeloo confidence that we are not simply “Students” and we must provide aid to Xergo and Kip. Our duty clear I then enter the cavern to help my comrades.


Knowing that The Cavern of Dreams is a sacred place I will not reveal what transpired. That said I will share that what I experienced felt as real to me as this moment now. The “Test” indeed tries your resolve, your mind and your spirit with the ever present pull of the darkside waiting for a moment of weakness.

I emerged from my trails with renewed faith in the Force and in the Jedi I know I can become. Kip was not so fortunate.

Personal Report:

It was most disheartening to see the Kondor speed off. I had hoped it was the others in pursuit of Redora, who had somehow had a ship waiting, but in truth I knew that to be too good to be true. It was the truth that was a more bitter pill to take. Not only had Redora escaped but it was believed that Kip had possible succumbed to the Darkness of Dathomir and was piloting the Kondor. Now their threat is loose in the galaxy.

Jax Journal-060

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