Joss Dart

Name: Joss Dart
Race: Human, Male
Appearance: Ruggedly handsome and armed.

Joss Dart was a scoundrel and ace pilot.

Good Deeds

After helping Senator Duna escape a Mandolarian blockade on Celanon he lost his prized S-100 Starfighter and was forced into taking a job piloting the Quasar Kondor for Senator Tyan Duna and his traveling Jedi companions. Over this time he helped save the senator’s life, stop a Rakghul uprising on Taris and bring planets endangered by Mandolarians into the Republic.

The last job

A former business partner Savik Falo killed Joss’s brother Vance and kidnapped his niece Isha to force Joss to smuggler 100 disruptors onto Coruscant. Joss with the help of Tyan Duna did smuggle the disruptors onto Coruscant. Savik shot Joss fatally in the head while trying to rescue his niece Isha.

The Plague of Acrosa

In 3,970 BBY Joss was offered 50k creds to deliver a 1-meter by 1.3-meter crate to the planet Arcosa in the Mid Rim, through a Republic blockade. The planet was in the middle of civil war and the blockade was imposed by the Republic to prevent outside factions from offering support in exchange for production priority rights to their main export, Sicon. Sicon is a rare mineral only found on three different planets. When refined it is used in advanced droid circuitry and hyperspace navigation computers.

Joss got through the blockade delivered the package and left again easy money. With in an hour of Joss leaving a plague swept over a quarter of the planet’s surface. Millions died. With in two days the Arcosa plague spread across the entire planet, and the Republic blockade was used to quarantine the planet. Joss confronted Savik Falo, the mad who brokered the deal. He told Joss that he knew it was a biological weapon, but it was just supposed to cause mass confusion and temporary memory loss to one of the conflict nations, so the other nation could move in and force surrender. Something went wrong with the virus and it mutated, turning lethal.

Joss feeling guilty for his part in 100 million deaths waved his final payment of creds and fled. The republic’s inquest revealed that the virus did indeed mutate and likely still resides on the planet. Even today no one is allowed on the planet. Joss never did learn who designed the virus and who was is employer, but if the client was one of the leaders of Arcosa then likely he/she died with the rest of the planet. Of course should Joss’s part ever be revealed he would likely be charged on war crimes, not to mention the embarrassment to Joss’s family; his brother Vance and Vance’s young daughter Isha. A lot of angry people wanted to see someone pay.

Joss Dart

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