Savik Falo

Name: Savik Falo
Race: Human, Male
Appearance: Average height and build with graying hair and beard.

Savik is a tactical genius with no morals to get in his way.

Rise to infamy

Before becoming the most powerful crime lord on Coruscant he was a lowly fence. Once the Jedi broke up the former criminal power structures of the likes of Lady Klaw Savik made a move on a scale that the underworld had never seen before. Savik had Joss Dart’s brother Vance killed and Joss’s niece Isha kidnapped in order to force the smuggler to do something no one had accomplished in over 100 years, smuggle Disruptors onto Coruscant. The plan worked and with his ultimate fire power he took conquered or destroyed all other major criminal organizations on Coruscant.

The Jedi and Republic came after Savik hard, but after major battle resulting in the death of Rin Novastar and personally killing Joss Dart, Savik forced the Jedi into a truce, he’d destroy the last of the disruptors, but the order would leave him alone. Padawan Jax sealed the deal by giving Savik his Light saber staff.

Galactic Moves

Recently it was discovered by Senator Tyan Duna that Savik was behind a major Gravos shortage where he made millions off of selling reserve stocks from Koravon. He also hired the extremely dangerous Trandoshan bounty hunter Vorsk to tie up any lose ends, which included the death of a 8 year old boy and his mother.


There is no shortage of muscle employed by Savik, but he is never far from at least one of his two most feared agents. Their names and races are unknown to almost anyone other then Savik, but their reputation as unstoppable killing machines is known to all.

The Plague of Arcosa

Savik Falo was hired by a mysterious person to broker a deal to have Joss Dart smuggle a 1-meter by 1.3-meter crate to the planet Arcosa in the Mid Rim, through a Republic blockade. The planet was in the middle of civil war and the blockade was imposed by the Republic to prevent outside factions from offering support in exchange for production priority rights to their main export, Sicon. Sicon is a rare mineral only found on three different planets. When refined it is used in advanced droid circuitry and hyperspace navigation computers. – Joss got through the blockade delivered the package and left again easy money. With in an hour of Joss leaving a plague swept over a quarter of the planet’s surface. Millions died. With in two days the Arcosa plague spread across the entire planet, and the Republic blockade was used to quarantine the planet.

When Joss confronted Savik he told Joss that he knew it was a biological weapon, but it was just supposed to cause mass confusion and temporary memory loss to one of the conflict nations, so the other nation could move in and force surrender. Something went wrong with the virus and it mutated, turning lethal. The republic’s inquest revealed that the virus did indeed mutate and likely still resides on the planet. Even today no one is allowed on the planet.

Hutt Moves

Following a attempt on Savik’s life at the Polaris Club he called in the marker Jedi Knight Corraun Jax owed him for sparing the lives of; Isha Dart, Kip Gilto, & Tyan Duna. Jax and his companions would protect him while brokering a alliance with Olmga the Hutt. Savik feigned weakness to trick the hutt into lowering her guard. When the time was right he had her brothers and business partners Zorfa & Rolta the Hutts killed in their own palaces while killing Olmga personally. Now all of Olmga’s criminal holdings and enterprises belong to Savik, not to mention a substantial growth in his street cred.

As a extra bit of insurance for Knight Jax to keep his word Savik had Senator Eva Cana held prisonerfor eight days. As revenge for Eva, Tyan’s and Leeloo involvement in disrupting his Gravos scheme he had Eva abused by Cado Reave.

Savik Falo

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