Sith Lord Magus



Sith Lord Magus was one of twelve Sith Lords who crashed on Tattoonie in 5,000 BBY following their defeat during the Great Hyperspace War. The native Sand People fearing it was the return of the “Old Gods” attempted to fight them, but the Sith Lords violently showcased their powers and forced the Sand People into submission.

The Lords searched the planet for decades for a mysterious device called “The Pool of Stars” in Ghorfa. One by one over many years the Sith Lords or “Young Gods” as referred to by the natives, turned on one another until only two remained. Believing one had found the Star Pool, but kept it a secret, led to a vicious duel. Lord Magus was the victor, but was gravely wounded from the battle and eventually died taking the secret location with him.

He was entombed in a Holy Well in the Jundland Wastes, buried with a Sith Holocron of his teachings and knowledge.


In 3,964 BBY half of Lord Magus’ holocron was discovered by a Czerka mining team. This was later stolen along with the second half by Kip Gilto. Kip managed to activate the holo and pledged fidelity to his new Lord in exchange for power.

Sith Lord Magus

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