Starting Jedi Padawan

Galactic Archives Game Rules and Package Info

Jedi Package (Freshman Padawan Learner):

100 Base Points + 125 Disadvantages. TOTAL: 225

Core Powers all Jedi Posses:
*I recommend these powers purchases in an EC, but not 100% required to build them this way. Additional limitations can be added:

 Force Push/Pull: Minimum Telekinesis 5-STR
 Feel the Force: Spatial Awareness (22) (GM permission to allow in a EC is granted). For Jedi with greater then a 10 EC, here are suggestions to raise the active cost: 360 degree +5, +5 discriminatory.
 Light Saber Deflection: Missile Deflection (Reflection is not allowed) 20 active points. Limitation: OAF (-1), Only vs. Energy attacks (-.25).
 Detect the Force: Detect the Force (3-points)
 Lesser – Light Saber Defense: 1 level of CSL: DCV vs. Energy Only (-.5), OAF

Recommended additional Core Powers (but not absolutely required):
 Jedi Mind Trick: Minimum Mind control 5d6, limitation: only for planting suggestions (-.5), Not vs. strong minded (-.25)
 Force Speed: extra inches of running + higher NCM, (Must choose a limitation to prevent use all the time, players’ choice.)
 Force Jump: Leaping, Not while encumbered (-.25)
 Search your feelings: Mind Link (15), one mind at a time, no LOS(must choose int/5 ppl this works with), at least same planet. Suggested limitation: Only w/ others who have mind link (-1), NCC (-2)
 Detect Emotions: Detect strong emotions (3) / + 5 discriminatory / (recommended to add it at a sense for +2 points). Suggested limitations: RSR: The Force (-.5)
Recommended Limitations on most powers:
 Activation rolls
 Requires Skill Rolls (The Force)

Skill Minimums:
 [Use The Force] Power Skill Roll 11 or less (Ego Based)
 KS: The Force 11 or less (2-points)
 KS: Jedi Saber Combat 8- or less (1-points)
 KS: Build/Repair Light Sabers 8- or less (1-points)
 Light Saber Martial Art: Form I Shii-Cho (minimum of 10 points)
 WF: Light Sabers
 Perk: Access to light sabers, cost: 3-points
 Galaxy Police Powers: cost 4-points
 Reputation as a Jedi 14 or less, Galaxy: cost 3-Points

Form I Shii-Cho
Basic Jedi Light Saber Combat (Martial Art)
(Do not have to purchase all MA skills, just minimum of 10 points worth)

Cost: 4 Light Saber Block +2 OCV +2 DCV Abort
Cost: 4 Force Dodge 0 +5 DCV Abort
Cost: 5 Strong kick** -2 OCV +1 DCV STR + 4d6
Cost: 4 Punch/Kick 0 +2 DCV STR +2d6
Cost: 3 Throw** 0 +1 DCV STR + v/5 d6, target falls
Cost: 3 Shii-Cho Strike +1 OCV +2 DCV * Weapon Damage

Note: All DCV bonus with a asterisk only apply to Energy bases attacks and all melee weapon attacks.
Note: this is rare for a young padawan to have, this requires Form II training

Combat Value Soft Cap:
OCV: 7 DCV: 10 vs. Energy

Cinematic Body:

Cost: 5 Near Miss Recovery 1d6 Regeneration (10), No End (.5), Persistent (.5)
extra time 5-minutes (-2), Only for Near Miss Body(-1)

Cost: 1 per Near Miss Body (Body value), no figured characteristics, not for neg Body (-1)

Required Disadvantages:
 20-points: The Jedi Code (includes Honorable and devotion)
 20-Points: Hunted Enemies of the Jedi
 15-Points: Loyal to the Galactic Republic (Common, strong)
 10-Points: Distinct Feature: Force Sensitive
 10-Points: Distinct Style: Jedi robes & light saber

Galactic Archives Game Rules and Package Info

Starting Jedi Padawan

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