The Darkers challenge

Corraun is circled by the Six Leeloos, light saber drawn and ignited. The Leeloos, each in turn are pleading with Corraun that they are the real Leeloo. Each seem eager to prove it to Corraun. One says, “Corraun only I, the real Leeloo will know the answer to this question, I’ll even answer last.”

Leeloo #1 Asks:
What are my current goals?

  1. says, “Save Kip then find Redora and Kill Her. Then Return Home and become a full Sister of the Force…Even if that means the Path of Sacrifice.”
  1. says, “I don’t care about Kip at all. His only use is to find Redora so she can be killed or captured. Then I’ll return to Dathomir and become a Sister.”
  1. says, “Only getting Redora matters; I’ll sacrifice anyone and everything to achieve this goal so she may return home.”
  1. says, “To be honest if I really think about I don’t care if Redora is out there free; I was forced to go after her and I’m just tired and really just want to return to Dathomir and leave all this behind me.”
  1. says, “If Kip can be saved, then I’ll try to save Redora. Otherwise, I’ll kill them both. Then return to Dathomir and become a full Sister of the Force including walking the Path of Sacrifice.”
  1. says, “Once we save Kip and capture Redora, then maybe I can become a Jedi again so we don’t have to be apart anymore, Corraun.”

Leeloo #2 Asks: (They all move in closer)
How do I feel about animals in general?

  1. says, “I dearly love all animal life and will go out of my way to protect innocent creatures, even putting myself at risk.”
  1. says, “Animals feed on each other all the time so if I need to coldly sacrifice a beast with my gift, then I will do so and not give it a second thought.”

#4 says, “I’ll actively seek out and bring to justice any sentient being who has harmed an animal.”

  1. says, “They’re merely tools which I can manipulate and controlling them is neither “good” or “bad”.
  1. says, “Nature is violent and beautiful; I respect all animal life and would never consider one to be “ugly”.
  1. says, “I’m protective of all animals and do not like to see any come to harm if it can be helped.”

Leeloo #3 Asks: (They all move in closer)
What are my views on Mandalorians?

  1. says, “The honest truth is, I only pretend to hate Mandalorians but after getting to know Jorbe Barlor, they now have a human face and it’s more difficult.”
  1. says, “I don’t really care about them anymore; I’m only focused on getting Redora and Mandalorians are just in the way.”
  1. says, “The only good Mandalorian is a dead one and this includes women and children; I relish in ending a Mando’s life.”
  1. says, “I care less about the politics of protecting Republic worlds, and just wants to fight Mandos because they’ve tried to kill me so many times.”
  1. says, “If possible, I will kill any Mandalorian I sees because of what they did to my sister, Minai”
  1. says, “I’m ashamed to admit it, but I just want to build my reputation as “The Little Wind of Death”.

Leeloo #4 Asks: (They all move in closer)
Whom do I feel closest to in these recent weeks?

  1. says, “You Corraun.”
  1. says, “Resa Duna.”
  1. says, “Sister Lillyana.”
  1. says, “Prelate Goldana.”
  1. says, “Eva Cana.”
  1. says, “Jedi Master Andor Dulwen.”

Leeloo #5 Asks: (They all move in closer)
What is my biggest regret?

  1. says, “Although I’m happy as a Novice Sister of the Force, it was a mistake not returning to the Jedi Order when I was given the opportunity.”
  1. says, “Lying to you Corraun and then becoming exiled from the Jedi Order.”
  1. says, “Not just walking away from the plan to smuggle Disruptors onto Coruscant (rather than going along under protest).”
  1. says, “Not killing Redora with the Rancor when I had the chance.”
  1. says, “Not helping Neiri Laa to escape Dathomir when I had the chance.”
  1. says, “Crashing not one but two ships and nearly getting everyone killed.”

Leeloo #6 Asks: (They’re all in striking range…)
How do I feel about…Red Sand?

  1. says, “I get sick just thinking about the withdrawal symptoms of going cold bantha and would never even consider trying the drug again.”
  1. says, “Being on Red Sand was better than using the Force for the first time, but now that I’m clean I’m positive I’d never even be tempted to use again.”
  1. says, “The whole thing was a horrible experience but it brought me to Dathomir so it ultimately it worked out okay.”
  1. says, “I was forced to take it against my will and will kill whoever got me hooked if I ever find them.”
  1. says, “Neiri worked so hard to get me clean, it would be a betrayal of her friendship to ever do it again.”
  1. says, “I think about it all the time and would try to resist but if I had the chance…I, I may do it again.”

Decision time for Corraun…The Leeloo’s all raise their lightsabers to strike, which one does Corraun decide to block?

The Darkers challenge

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