United Spacefarer's Flotilla


The United Spacefarer’s Flotilla is a giant conglomerate of capital class star ships which move about the galaxy sustaining itself through trade and sealing membership to smaller ship traders looking for greater synergy.

They are often referred to as Galactic Gypsies.

Although the Flotilla’s size varies from year to year is typically boasts over 100 capital ships and three times that in support craft. Some vessels house up to 100,000 residents. All in all the Flotilla houses so many citizens and influence that it has earned a seat on the Galactic Senate like any other large planet.

Key Figures

The Admiral of the Flotilla is Elmond Cana. He has served in this position with great honor for 22 years. Senator Eva Cana represents the USF as its Senator.

Recent Events

The United Spacefarer’s Flotilla by command of Admiral Cana has engaged with the Mandolarians above the Moon of Arbra to save his only child Eva Cana. The flotilla’s massive numbers overwhelmed the surprised Mandolarian force, but not without losing several of its own support craft.

United Spacefarer's Flotilla

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