Knights of The Old Republic

Episode 97

Leeloo and Knight Sedare fly escort for the Razor Three while under attack by six Raxus pirates in Verpine Bats. The Razor Three is piloted by Kal while Pok works the gunner controls, Fenn scans for the Rogue Star and Kelborn mans the large turret.

The Raxus pirates although in excellent quality ships are at best average pilots, only one has any true skill who Leeloo singles out early in the fight. With more than half of the bats destroyed and the ace pilot’s ship heavily damaged Leeloo loses focus and pays the price when the Ace lands a solid hit from behind causing her to lose responsiveness from her snub fighter. Giving no quarter the last of the Raxus pirates are blown to pieces.
Fenn locates the Rogue Star and brings up long range visuals. They see it docking into a capital ship which Leeloo recognizes as The Razor’s Edge, Davian Raxus’ flagship. Fenn calculates The Razor’s Edge needing only a few more minutes to get out of Jars’frem’s gravitational well before it can make the jump to hyperspace.

Kal and Kelborn strategize about options. Taking on an armed capital ship is pretty crazy, but technically not impossible. They’d have to fly under its shields to either disable its engines or blow open a docking bay door. The Bat’s weapons will have little effect, but Razor Three’s cannons could do it with enough passes.

Kal wonders if Raxus would be fooled by letting them all on board under the guise of him trading United Spacefarer Flotilla military secrets. Before this plan can be worked out they receive a hail from The Razor’s Edge. 21.Raxus.jpg Leeloo does the talking and offers up Kal’s secrets in exchange for the release of their captive friends. Raxus will only consider the trade if Kal sends over half of his secrets now. Kal doesn’t and Raxus gives the order to open fire.

The heroes race to the massive ship and skim its hull trying to take out weapons systems buying time to work on the door. The Razor Three is hit hard a few times, but Kal keeps it afloat. Then it’s hit by an Ion cannon blast nearly destroying its shields. By this time Eva and Lakke have been brought to the bridge to watch. Raxus decides to let Eva live for now, since as a senator she may have some value.

With the shields’ nearly gone and no progress made on the bay doors Kal makes a painful decision to retreat, knowing what he is leaving behind. Pok argues to press on with the mission, but Kal turns the ship. Pok quietly draws his blaster as a second ion blast fully disables the shields and the Razor Three becomes a sitting duck for the capital ship’s starboard guns. Eva pleads with Raxus to not destroy them and reveals that the lead designer of the HRTS-01 is on board. Just as Pok is about to point his blaster at Kal, their ship rocks from the pull of a tractor beam. Kal notices Pok putting his pistol away. Kal sternly tells Pok never to draw a firearm in a cockpit every again and goes to make preparation to be boarded.

Leeloo dodging laser turret fire races into the half way open bay doors, fallowed a few seconds behind by Knight Sans. Inside Leeloo is surprised to find no one waiting for them. Just an eerie silence. Raxus over the ships PA system tells them all to step out of the ships and place their weapons at their feet. They have 30 seconds to comply or he’ll kill Senator Eva Cana. Leeloo is the first to comply. Everyone exits and drops their weapons. A large Weequy female named Trega leads a well armed team to search them and take them to see Raxus. Kelborn is stripped of his Mando armor. Once at the bridge the show of force in this room is overwhelming. Besides their escort there are eight AR-9 Droids, 12 standard Pirates, 10 tougher pirates w/ disruptor Rifles. 23.Elix_Holgar.jpg A quiet bald man is standing near Davian Raxus who is wearing a cortosis weaved power armor glove on his right arm. They see that Eva & Lakke are ok.

Trega points out which two are Jedi and he asks who is the lead technician for HRTS-01? The three techs don’t answer, only give name, rank and serial number. Raxus says, ”Good little soldiers, we have ways of making you talk. Perhaps some time to let the gravity of the situation sink in.” Kelborn says he can be bought and is just a merc hired for a job. Raxus Looking at beautiful Leeloo says, “Despite your clothes you are a breathtaking beauty. I know a Hapen Pirate that will trade well for you, but not in this condition. Take her to the medial bay.”

Leeloo is led to a state of the art medical bay and placed in a Kolto tank while the others are taken to laser cells on deck three. Kelborn and Sans are placed in a cell together. Pok and Kal in another. Lakke and Eva in another and Fenn by himself in the last cell on the end. None of their cuffs are removed.

The next day the prisoner’s minus Leeloo are taken back to the bridge to speak with Raxus. Once again they are heavily guarded during transport. Raxus gives them a chance to help him learn how to operate the HRTS-01 and offers 70,000 credits. They refuse. Raxus looks at the bald man and says, “Elix I told you credits wouldn’t work, they’re patriots.” Elix appears indifferent. Raxus then nods to Trega, who moves to a door guard.

A few moments later a group of five Verpine techs are roughly lead in, their frail bodies showing years of abuse. Sans detects fear from them at the sight of Trega. Raxus tells the heroes, “I have the best mechanical minds in the galaxy working on unlocking its secrets. If my verpine figure it out before you three speak then what need will I have for any of you?”

The republic techs remain silent. Raxus says very well.

Raxus to a dark grey protocol droid and says, “Ask them if they have unlocked how to operate the scanner.” The droid chitters to them, one chitters back and is translated “Sir, the hyperonics is understood, but the processing computer is being uncooperative and will require more time to learn its unique operating system.”

Unphased Raxus looks to the captive heroes and says, “If there is one thing I learned over the years is how important motivation is.” He draws his disruptor pistol and points it at Pok, who tightens his jaw, but doesn’t flinch. Then suddenly Raxus swings his arm and fires turning the verpine leader to ash and says, “Take them back to the pit, perhaps now they will put some effort into it.”

They Verpine terrified are ushered out. Raxus to the heroes says, “I am a man of patience, but it is not infinite. The next time a bring you to talk, I strongly suggest you do so.” They are taken back to their cells. One of the pirate escorts insults and attempts to provoke Sans and Kelborn, neither give in and using the distraction Kelborn manages to change cells to join Kal & Pok.

The next day Pok Mayten is taken alone from the cell. He comes back a few hours later. Roughed up and tortured. Painfully he says, he didn’t talk. A couple of hours later Fenn is taken. He returns only an hour later only lightly battered, but very quiet. He reluctantly reveals to the others that he struck a deal with Raxus. He made Raxus promise that Lakke and the others wouldn’t be killed if he told the Verpine how to operate it. Raxus said he is looking for a hidden stronghold and IF he finds it he won’t kill them all. Both Lakke and Pok are furious with Fenn and think him a coward. Fenn is too ashamed to defend himself further.

The next day the Razor’s Edge drops out of hyperspace. Many hours later and towards the end of that same day Eva is removed from her cell. Eva demands to know why and the pirate reveals that Raxus has nearly found what he is looking for and wants Eva to be with him when he opens it.

Meanwhile Leeloo slowly wakes while inside of the Kolto tank. Something woke her as it’s not normal to be conscious inside the tank. She struggles hard against the sedatives and wills herself to climb out of the tank. Throws on a short white medical robe and using the force she distracts the Medical droid and sneaks to the door where she finds a male Weequay standing guard.

Back in the cells Pok comes up with a plan to fake an injury and lore one of their AR-9 droid guards into the cell, but first they need to escape from the cuffs. It takes all three of them working together to break Kelborn’s cuffs and nearly his arm in the process. Kal’s proves more difficult and he ends up breaking off his left thumb so that he can slide the cuff off. With Kal and Kelborn free it’s easier to release Pok from his cuffs.

Leeloo uses Jedi Mind Trick to convince the door guard to escort her to the cells with the rest of the prisoners.

Pok pulls at the cut and raw skin around his wrists using the pain to sound convincing to the guards. One droid is lured into the cell and kneels to inspect Pok. Kelborn leaps at the droid and wrestles his rifle from him. Kal grabs hold of the droid while Kelborn steps into the hall and fires at the seconds guard. Kelborn is shot during the fire fight before both droids are destroyed. They quickly releases everyone from the cells and cuffs and wait to see if the shots were heard. Kal accesses an S-comp port and finds the location of their gear. Just then Leeloo is escorted to the cells. They over whelm the guard and lock him up.

They sneak to the second floor armory to retrieve their gear. It’s a tough fight to take out the few guards while only partially armed, but Leeloo and Knight Sedare use the force to subdue two guards while the others exchange blaster shots. Kelborn is revealed to put his Beskar armor back on, perhaps has much as Leeloo and Sans are to have their light sabers back. They explain to Leeloo that Fenn told Raxus how to operate Hyperion and that he has been using it to locate something specific, which is very concerning. Also that he likely left a few hours ago with Eva on the Rogue Star.

The group talks about escape and what is needed. Kal points out they’ll need to disable the ship to ship coms so once escaped the pirates don’t call Raxus and he kills Eva. Fenn says he can disable all ship coms if they get to the relay station on deck five. Second they need to disable the ships tractor beams on deck 4 so they can escape. Since either one will set off ship wide alarms they decided to split up. Pok, whose priority is to get the Hyperion back decides to lead the tractor beam party along with Leeloo and Kelborn. Leaving Fenn, Lakke, Sans & Kal to destroy the coms array. They’ll meet on Deck 2 to escape in the Razor Two transport.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Elix Holgar and the first official meeting between PCs and Davian Raxus.

Episode 96

Leeloo, Kal & Kelborn are on Cathar. Z-10’s are in the background as they standing on a yellow grassy hill. A large egg resting next to them. In the distance ahead is a battled wrecked Vert’ax City-Tree situated near the ocean. This is where the blood of thousands of peaceful and surrender Cathar were executed by the Mandolarian Neo-Crusaders only months ago.

Kelborn is especially grim and inpatient. Leeloo knows that they must dig a deep hole in the ground and bury the egg so it’s not disturbed until it hatches. Kal lends a hand in the digging. As the egg is nestled safely Leeloo touches minds with it to wish its species well.

Back at the Z-10s, Algar Gands is awake and gives his thanks for breaking him out of Mithus Cleez’s employment, he was a prisoner and was never going to be released. He does ask, “Who do I thank for getting me out, is it Fueru Nocti or Lady Klaw?” Leeloo quickly corrects him on calling Lady Asha Kawa by that name.

Next is Leeloo and Algar Gands entering the old Kaptoni Theater in the Uscru entertainment district of Coruscant. The Bothan bartender Jorgath, buzzes Leeloo through. Algar takes in the splendor of the theatre turned night club including Klaw’s handsome gold plated security men and a lovely waitress delivers a bottle of amber liquid and two glasses. 2.Kaptani_waitress.bmp Lady Klaw warmly welcomes Algar into her employment and after he fumbles over his words readily she effortless passes him off to her assistant a tall handsome Zeltron male named Rendo to get cleaned up and sign a contract of employment.


Alone Klaw comments on Leeloo’s appearance and notes that it was no easy task and warns Leeloo that Vilmok Foss Tango Base on Cydies is run by Base Commander Rudo Keller and he has suffered a great embarrassment. One he will likely not forget. Leeloo shares info about the Grinder’s private contract with an dead or alive price. Klaw is surprised, but is sure it wasn’t her competitor Nocti, he wouldn’t want Gands dead. Regardless she is impressed by Leeloo and says, this is a good first step in repairing their relationship.

Kal returns to Senator Eva Cana’s apartment. Kal speaks to her assistant So’nita Corv, who explains that Eva is not doing well, she hasn’t left her bedroom in two days and is hardly eating. She had a meeting with Senator Tyan Duna and was upset after, but it got worse the next day when the Galactic Senate Governmental Affairs committee had suspended Eva’s senatorial powers pending a full mental and physical evaluation. They’ll decide to lift or extend the suspension in one month. It was based on her memory loss and mental facility, they don’t want another Cado Reave incident.

Kal goes to Eva and attempts to rouse her from her self-imposed isolation in bed. Not wanting to burden her with his recent ordeal he allows her to believe he was on a relaxing vacation. They talk about old times and reminders her that their shipborne people overcome great loses and never give up. To get Eva to eat he promises to cook some proper food for her. While Eva is freshening up Kal bakes some of his famous spiced gravos bread which perks up Eva’s mood. Dressed casually in a short changing robe Eva joins Kal at the kitchen table and they talk about old times in medical school. Eventually the conversation dies down as the shadows of recent events cascades across her mood. Quiet once more she thanks Kal for everything and excuses herself back to bed.

Elsewhere on Coruscant at the Draay Estate Hazeen and Padawan Lavhan Tala are meeting:

A male Jedi Knight enters the High council chamber of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Seated are Masters: Doe-nar, Felsha, Andor, Kodo-Toa & via Holo image Vandar Tokare. Knight Sedare is walking in the middle of a discussion, apparently not a closed session.

Jedi Knight Sans Sedare is there to request assignment for the capture of Night Sister Redora. The council was going to appoint Galen Neros as soon as he returns to Coruscant from his current assignment. Sedare is questioned by the council on why he would be best suited. The council is eventually swayed by Knight Sedare’s arguments, he is not the best choice to take down Redora, but certainly will be better suited then Knight Jax to study a Kwa Star temple if found. Also Knight Galen is not available at the moment and the Senate is pushing for progress. Knight Sedare is given the assignment on a probation period.

The next day at the Jedi Temple Corraun meets with Leeloo just as she is exiting the Kolto tank. He asks what trouble she has been getting into. Leeloo says it best she doesn’t tell. Corraun tries to convince Leeloo not to travel with Kelborn, he is a mandolarian promising to kill her. Leeloo responds that she needs all the help she can get and Kelborn as another reason to help. Corraun tries to get more out of Leeloo, but says she can’t trust he won’t share it with the Jedi Council. Corraun does his best to try and convince her that the less secrets she keeps the more the Order can help. She makes a remark about the order being sexist that she was kicked out of the order for breaking the rules while he was promoted to knighthood. Corraun points out that sexism is the Sisters way, not the Jedi. Leeloo changes the subject asking about the star sector research. Corraun explains that a new Jedi Knight has been assigned and he was just on his way to brief him.

Corraun and Leeloo met Knight Sans Sedare for the first time. Sans appears warm and respectful to Knight Jax and a little indifferent to Leeloo. Jax explains that he and Padawan Ran Dayble first narrowed down the list of planets and habitable moons within the five possible sectors from 211 to 157 based on atmospheric similarities to Dathomir. From there they spent the last several days examining archives for any mention of temples with in all knight records and reports over the last millennium, Even Sage Master Ru Bailio lent a hand from time to time. They found a lot of false leads, which upon further research proved to be ruled out in later reports.

They did manage to narrow the search by eliminating 21 planets based on full and thorough surveys which have occurred over this time period. Leaving 136 possible worlds:

The Five Sectors & # of possible worlds:

Lantillian Sector, in the Mid Rim. Has 6 possible systems: Bynarria (9), Dulathia (11), Gizer (6), Lantillies (15), Ondara (2) & Tarivo (6) Total 49.

Corva sector, Outer Rim Territories. Has 7 different systems; possible systems and planet each: Betha (9), Galaan (7), Hakara (5), Oricon (4), Trascor (9) & Xantar (3) total: 37

The Bozhnee sector. Outer Rim Territories. Has 4 possible systems: Belsavis (6), Brodogon (9), Gamib (6), Sibilaar (8). Total: 29

The Colonies, specifically the Tapani Sector. Total: 9, could be only any of their nine

Atrivis Sector, northern outer rim territories. Has 6 possible systems: Devon (1) Fedje (5), Gree Baaker (1), Mantooine (2) Nam’ta (2) & Shar’ack (1). Total: 12

A list has been put together recommended with sectors & systems to check first. It’s based on a metrics of factors including isolation, distance from common trade routes, which would make it more possible to have already been discovered. Then factored with a rating scale based on similar climate and atmospherics.

Even with this research it’s obviously an overwhelming task. The habited sectors will take considerable legwork of reviewing their maps and surveys, and that is once you’ve navigating through the government’s’ bureaucratic networks.

Searching the un-inhabited worlds for a single structure will also be time consuming. Each world could take weeks or more based on size and terrain.

While Knight Sedare and Leeloo are out searching, Padawan Ran Dayble and Corraun will contact the inhabited worlds via holo and attempt to get access to their local records, as much as time allows them with their required temple duties.

Regarding searching uninhabited or governed planets. Corraun used his military contact Emlik Corcer for some assistance. The Republic Military has a prototype device designed to detect hidden or “cold” enemy bases on even the most difficult terrain of planets. Corraun had convinced them to allow the taskforce under a Jedi Knight’s supervision use the prototype for a few months. They’ll use it as a field test and will be sending along three technicians to operate it and monitor testing.

The Prototype is called Hyperionics Ranged Transductor Scanner Model HRTS-01 or affectionately called the Hyperion Scanner.

Typical planet scanners search for concentrated EMF and energy radiation signatures that a computer is pre-programmed to classify based on a large category of normal sentient uses. This along with thermographic imagining allows for the detection of most sentient and non-sentient life forms. These scans can be performed in 20 to 220 minutes on average.

When it comes to finding cities or a large energy consuming factory it works great, But when the military needs to locate an enemy fortification it falls short. The scans take considerable longer and if the base is well insulated or detects the scan attempts coming and goes dark it is nearly impossible to detect, beyond short range high powered scanners.

This prototype uses a hyper-ultrasonic sound waves through hyperionics technology to create 3D mapping and detect density variations. Looking at an image looks like 3D stippling drawings, difficult to make out with the human eye, but with the special part is the unique algorithm it can/should be able to read, isolate and make sense of the billions of hypersonic bounce back readings per millisecond. Allowing it to identify structures in dense coverage.

Earlier on Coruscant Kal is around when a frustrated Eva wants to go see Tyan Duna, even though she is suspended. Kal accompanies with her. They are politely asked to wait for Senator Duna who is in a meeting. Rumors are that at the next senate hearing a vote for war against the Mandolarians will be held and now after the events of Cathar there is a chance it will pass.

After waiting over an hour, Tyan’s office door opens and he is politely dismissing a bearded man in colorful robes that viewers would recognize from Episode #79 as his personal chronicler, quick introductions as are made between Eva Cana and Geaton Pham. Tyan hardly acknowledges Kal as a person. 11.Geaton_Pham.jpg

Senator Cana is cold to Tyan and after Kal’s speech to her she is very motivated to do something productive while suspended. The first attack and sheer power of Redora and the Night sisters is fresh on her mind and a threat to the Republic. She insists on helping with the task force for finding Redora, learning from logs that she and Tyan both were doing so before his new office posting.

Tyan protests reminding her she is suspended. Eva mentally recites articles to the contrary; According to article 4V6 section 32.b her suspension only includes restrictions to voting, joining any new committees or postings. The suspension of sitting on existing committees that possess the following responsibilities: Senate oversight of appropriations and/or funds, foreign relations with any recognized government. Which means until Redora forms articles of government recognized by the Republic, then Eva can stay on the task force she was previously assigned to, even if it was in name only as the nominator of the committee. Tyan attempts to talk her out of it as a friend and looks to Kal for support, but he backs up Eva. Tyan is forced to conceded and make it official.

Sans and Leeloo have a chance to speak on the way to the star port. He comments on the oddity of her working with a mandolarian. Sans further makes it clear that he is in charge of this mission. At the star port they meet Kelborn and immediately butts heads with Sans.

At the docking bay they see the Rogue Star awaiting them. Kal and Eva are already there along with three plain clothes military techs just finishing the install of the Hyperion Scanner.


The three republic techs; Lakke Deming, Fenn Iris, & Pok Mayten have already been there for some time installing the Hyperion Scanner. Kal and Eva have met them already. A uniformed Commander named Roget 12.Commander_Sty_Roget.jpg is shocked to see a Mandolarian Bounty Hunter is going to be traveling with this military prototype. Knight Sedare plays the Jedi card and assumes full responsibility for its protection and secrets.

Leaving Coruscant and heading to the Lantillian sector in the Mid Rim. Should take 1.75 days to reach the sector. Pok Mayten sets a policy for one of the techs to be with the Hyperion Scanner at all times since a mando bounty hunter is on board. Lakke and Fenn don’t seem as concerned. Things are awkward between Eva and Leeloo who try to avoid each other.

Kal and Leeloo spend a good amount of time with Lakke and Fenn learning about the scanner. Leeloo learns that Fenn was one of the developers of Hyperion and before that he was a “Knocker” in the navy which he had to explain is a radar tech who specializes in detecting enemy vessels. Also that Pok is new to the unit, he joined shortly before leaving Coruscant. Leeloo playfully flirts with Fenn, but it eventually becomes obvious to her that he has long term feelings towards Lakke. Knight Sans attempts to get to know Kal and Kelborn. While speaking to Kal inquires about his mission come up, which Kal explains is to protect Senator Cana.

They reach the Bynarria system on time. There are 9 possible worlds to scan. Fenn and Lakke are excited to test out the Hyperion Scanner. The initial scanning of an average size planet can be completed in 20 hours. It takes Hyperion longer to filter out the images and identify hidden structures. This time is dependent by the terrain and how unique the structure they are searching for. Hyperion is preprogramed for common military structure shapes, but it’ll have to learn more to quickly scan for different shapes. It takes Hyperion an additional 19 hours on the first planet Cerwot, to identify seven irregular shapes with in its heavily jungled terrain.

The techs need to land near by these possible points and take out a hefty 40 pound slave unit to take local seismic signals to better help Hyperion learn the terrain and materials for filtering. Pok stays with the ship. Eva insists on going along much to Knight Sedare’s dismay. Kal and Leeloo back up her decision. In the dense jungle they have to land several km away and then trek to the first anomaly which proves to just be natural rock formation covered by dense vines. They trek back and can search one more location before it’s too dark.

That evening Sans speaks with Eva and suggests she not leave the ship as its too dangerous and he’d much rather have use of the cyborg for completing the mission opposed to having to protect her.

The scanning of planets continues day after day and becomes somewhat routine. Eva and Leeloo are eventually forced to speak. Eva congratulates Leeloo and wishes she and Tyan will be very happy together. Leeloo shocked asks if Tyan has told her this. Eva explains when she woke up she immediately went to see Tyan assuming their relationship would have grown over the time she can’t recall. Eva was devastated to learn that Tyan had turned her away. Eva recalled how affectionate Tyan has been to Leeloo and combined with some things he said it was obvious that his heart belongs to Leeloo. Surprised by all of this Leeloo did not correct her. Leeloo did mention that over the time Eva lost she was Leeloo’s best friend. It was Eva’s turn to be surprised and unsure what to say.

Knight Sans Sedare invites Kelborn to a sparring match, lightsaber vs. beskar sword. Sans gives Kelborn the first move. Kelborn not unfamiliar with the fighting style of Jedi having observed Leeloo, Tala and Corraun on Dathomir, decides to move in aggressively forcing Sans to adopt a defensive stance. Instead Sans leaves himself open for the attack, but at the last fraction of a second strikes his twin white bladed sabers holding them at Kelborn’s throat before he could even swing. Kelborn respected such a risky maneuver and learned that Knight Sedare is not afraid to win or lose in a single move. Kelborn expresses his respect and concludes that Sans must be a true killer at heart. Sans denies it and gives Kelborn a un-sportsmen-like insult before leaving. Kelborn states he has never gained and then lost so much respect for someone in such a short amount of time.

One night Leeloo overhears Eva watching the holo vid of her blaster incident at the senate and literally feels Eva’s pain as she is watching it for the first time. Leeloo desperately wants to go to her friend and hold her, but can’t. She tells Kal who checks on her.

Nearly two weeks has gone by with moving to system after system in this sector. The scanning process is gradually getting faster as Hyperion learns, but has become more of a tedious process. Kal continues to offer plugging into the slave units to help speed up the process, but is politely turned down every time. There has been a few scrapes and bruises from terrain or plant life. The few times there has been a predatorily critter it has been scared away with a blaster shot or sent away by Leeloo. Lakke has been working on a way to better stabilize the com signals to save time. Sometimes they get a little static and connection issues, which is reestablished in minutes. The cons of using a prototype.

Today they finds themselves in the Ondara System and have already scanned the planet Jars’frem. Three anomalies are detected and the Rogue Star is set down 10 Km from the second one. Fenn has been getting worried about Lakke’s safety and trying to get her to stay more often on board the Rogue Star. This didn’t go over well and was compromised with them taking turns.

Kal, Leeloo, Kelborn, Knight Sedare, plus Fenn & Pok are in the field on this trip. During a routine stop for testing they lose connection with the Rogue Star. Fenn wants to give it time for Lakke to reestablish coms, the pinging between Hyperion and the slave unit is still active. After several minutes they hear a ship approach, then realize it’s not the Rogue Star or even a transport, the engine whine is too high pitched. Its three armored speeders that open fire.

Fenn is afraid and Leeloo leaps to his side to protect him. Pok Mayten seems calm under fire and kills a gunner. Kal and Kelborn work together to take down the other gunners, while Jedi Knight Sedare works completely independent. At one point Leeloo leaps into an armored speeder and slays the driver, but the velocity of the speeder is too great and she crashes with it into the trees. She is stunned. Kelborn rushes to her aid and pulls her from the wreckage before it explodes. The last of the three speeders retreats.

As the smoke clears only one injured and unconscious attacker remains. Sans starts searching for something to tie him up with. Pok mentions that these speeders came from the direction of the Rogue Star. Concerned about the Hyperion he starts running in that direction. Kal, Kelborn and Leeloo all give chase. Sans remains with Fenn and the slave unit in hopes of questioning the prisoner.

raxus_ships.e.96.jpgLeeloo and company reach the clearing where the Rogue Star was parked. It’s gone, but in its place are two Verpine Bat starfigthers and a heavy transport called Razor Three. Leeloo recognizes the symbol on the ship as Davian Raxus’s symbol. The armored speeder is there and the Raxus pirates have fortified themselves. A total of 10 pirates, four AR-9 Assault droids, one parked speeder with a laser cannon and lead by a pirate with a disruptor pistol. Fearing that the Rogue Star is getting further and further away the group doesn’t wait for Knight Sans to catch up. They attack the pirates.

Leeloo leads the charge and is grazed by a droid’s blaster rifle shot. Pok moves to cover and using a stolen pirate carbine opens fire. Kal and Kelborn lay down suppression fire as Leeloo moves against the pirate leader. During the fight with the pirate leader Leeloo is shot by an assault droid. This goes unnoticed by Kal and Kelborn for several seconds. The pirate leader takes her lightsaber and runs his verpine vibro-sword into her chest, which final gets the attention of her allies.

Knight Sedare reaches the clearing and joins the fight, but once again positions himself to work alone. With the added distractions the focus is taken off of Leeloo giving her time to come to once more. She gets up with a quiet fury and drops two pirate and an assault droid in less than three seconds. Kal shoots the leader to the ground while Kelborn immobilizes with his Beskar sword. Kelborn picks up the disruptor pistol turns the pirate leader to ash.

With the battle over Kelborn comments on how much he likes the disruptor. Kal points out that it’s illegal in all civilized worlds for a reason. Leeloo tells Kelborn to drop it. He refuses and Leeloo tells him for now he can’t use that on anything other than a droid. Sans looks displeased, but with time working against them they search the transport and table the conversation for another time.

Kal checks the transport’s computer. He learns it’s a modified KZ12 Kuat Drive Yard heavy transport. No record of where the Rogue Star was taken. Fenn catches up with the slave unit and is horrified to learn that both Lakke and Hyperion were taken. At Leeloo’s request he activates the slave unit to see if he can ping Hyperion. He can, but needs time to calculate the math on distance. Without asking permission Kal inserts his S-Comp connector and does the calculating in seconds. The Rogue star is in space and getting further way, but not in hyperspace yet. Sans and Leeloo jump into the faster Bats while Kal pilots Razor Three.

Once in space Fenn using his skills as an expert “knocker” uses the ships scanners and detects six ships incoming. Kelborn welcomes it saying ”Good it saves us the trip.”.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Planted a Queen Bardukoid egg on Cathar, Rendo, Jedi Knight Sans Sedare, Commander Roget, Corporal Lakke Deming, Corporal Fenn Iris, Specialist Pok Mayten. The ship Razor Three. The planets Cerwot & Jars’frem.

Episode 95

Episode 95
After making a short emergency jump to hyperspace away from Cydies Leeloo, Kelborn and Kal met up in space and over coms talk about what’s next. Kal asks Leeloo for more info stating that if Algar was rescued what matter does it make by who? With pushing Leeloo reveals she is helping out a friend for free and that failure will cost her friendship and maybe more. Kal surprises both Leeloo and Kelborn by saying that it may not be too late to get Algar back from The Grinders. During the fight his computer brain was using The Grinders’ open coms that they used to blast the music to remote slice into their navigation computer. They had escape coordinates programmed. They must have feared hostile pursuit because it’s not on a typical hyperspace route and includes several difficult jumps.

A few jumps into the chase they make a hard exit from hyperspace, far too close to a swirling white planet. The viewer can see a black hole in the distance, our heroes don’t notice because their view port is filled of the white planet they are being sucked into. Before they can react they’re instrument panels and coms short out by an electrical whiteout storm, they’re ships are dead of controls. They are quickly pulled deeper into the planet’s gravity and stormy white out atmosphere. Kelborn methodically attempts all measures to get the controls back on line. Leeloo tries the by the book restart procedures to no effect. Eventually Kelborn gets the engines on line and slows his spiraling while Leeloo relies on using wing flaps and the force to slow her fall.

Before hitting the ground the temporary interruption to controls passes. They see Kal’s ship get sucked up into a snow cyclone and thrown to the east. Kelborn having the advantage of having his engines on longer manages a safe enough crash to walk away from and requiring only a few hours of repairs. With controls restored, but with only moments before impact Leeloo displays amazing skill at setting down her Z-10 with only cosmetic damage.

Kelborn sets out on foot insulated against the 15 degree temperatures to find Leeloo’s ship. Once found he uses her ship for local scanning and detects a SOS beacon. Due to the roaming electrical storms it’s unwise to search for Kal in the ships. The two set out on foot towards the signal. Leeloo ill-dressed for the climate is already feeling the negative effects of the cold. Earthquakes shake the ground several times an hours, which seems to come in bursts. The visibility is transient with sudden whiteout storms.

While climbing a crest they hear blaster fire and quickly move to the ridge. Below is the source of the beacon, it’s not Kal’s Z-10, but The Grinder’s ship Bedrock. It looks like it set down hard. A side panel of the aft-side hull is missing. They see Cander Gunn and Amira Rudmo at the corners of the opening laying down blaster fire. About 6 yards out in front is the female in mando armor with a long carbine facing the ship and gun pointed towards the top of the ship. They are firing at least two kinds of large insectoid critters.

Kelborn proposes they wait and let the critters kill off or weaken the Grinders before they move in for the kill. Leeloo refuses and moves in to help. Reluctantly Kelborn follows. The Grinder’s accept the aid and fight off wave after wave of the strange creatures. They attack with sharp teeth and metal rending spiked tails. The larger ones the size of small speeders tear pieces of the ship’s hull. Finally Sim Mallix gets the ships turret online and destroys the remaining few. To Amira’s displeasure Cander invites Leeloo and Kelborn onboard.

The Grinders say that this was the second attack by these giant insects. Previously a group of the big ones ripped pieces of the ship open with razor sharp claws. They ripped off a panel of the ship and connected to it was Algar and Castilo’s jump seats, they were unconscious from the impact. They point in the direction of some mountains that are only occasionally visible.

Kelborn remarks on how crazy their jump was so close to this unstable planet. Cander explains their path was very close to the planet which was supposed to save a parsec by avoiding a nearby black hole, but the travel logs from the galactic spacefarer’s desk never led them to believe it was this bad. Leeloo posses as a bounty hunter on the same mission for Algar. This doesn’t go over well because the Grinders were given this assignment as a closed bounty. Kelborn proposes they join forces and how they are several men down they need their help. Cander counters saying without proper cold weather gear Leeloo won’t be any help.

Cander proves that he cares about his crew and does want help getting his man back. They strike a deal to give Leeloo cold gear and that if Algar is alive when they find him, then she can have him, if already dead then the Grinder’s collect the bounty on his him at half price. This surprises Leeloo that there would be a dead bounty on Algar at all. All parties agree.

Kelborn spends some time around Amira Rudmo while shielding their weapons against the cold. Despite her attitude he seems to get along well with her and learns that the quiet female Mando is called Raena Salt, which Kelborn knows that Salt is a John Doe type name on Mandalore. Meanwhile Leeloo flirts with Sim and convinces him to scan for Kal’s ship. He finds it an hour walk to the east.

Leeloo and Kelborn manage to convince Cander that Kal could be important to navigating off world around the nearby black hole. They split into three teams. Cander and Leeloo will follow the insect trail that carried off Algar and Castilo Mark, Salt and Kelborn will go after Kal and Amira and Sim will guard the ship.

The terrible terrain and climate doesn’t facilitate conversations well, but Leeloo speaks about having been a jedi and is now a sell-sword and new to this hole bounty hunting. Cander gives her some advice. He reveals he was a former Corellian military officer and once was stationed on Foss Tango base, but he met a girl and it cost him everything. Now his home and country is his ship and his crew is his family.

Salt and Kelborb’s travel conversation is much more brief. They spoke about missing their home planet of Mandalore and Kelborn was making mental guesses as to which clan she may have been from. They reach Kal’s crashed Z-10, finding it in poor condition with both a wing and Kal missing. While looking for tracks the pair are attacked by a dozen drone insectoid critters. The battle is over quickly as both Mando’s take to the skies with their jetpacks and spray fire down on the insects.

Meanwhile Leeloo and Cander are caught in a whiteout storm and search to find a small amount of cover. Traveling in the storm are dozens of giant winged insectoids. Ten flying drones spot the two humans and bare down on them. Candar unable to see more than two feet in front of him must wait till the insects are already upon him to fire. Leeloo sensing through the force can detect the winged aggressors, but too must exercise patience and strike just as they do. With a number wounds between them the flying insects are finally defeated and the rolling storm moves on.

Kelborn and Salt find a trail of the Z-10 wing and Kal being dragged by insects towards the nearby mountain range. They move at double time to catch up to Cander and Leeloo. After patching up their wounds as best as possible Leeloo and Cander continue on. The seismic activity continues and the ice beneath their feet suddenly cracks open sucking them into a fissure. As giant sheets of ice pursue them like keys of a piano falling they are saved by rolling into a natural cavity of the ice. A massive sheet of ice slams against their cavity trapping them in place. Cander desperately attempts to find a way out, but with no avail. They both realizing that upon the next seismic shift the 12-ton ice sheet will shift, either away and freeing them or towards and crushing them instantly.

Left waiting for live or death the two talk and Leeloo opens up about wanting to see home again. Seeing the young beautiful girl with a whole world ahead of her Cander is spurred out of his depression and into action. With Leeloo’s help he is able to leverage his rifle in in such way that when the next quake hits he may be able to guide the ice sheet away from them and down. Several tense minutes later the event occurs and they both push as hard as they can. The rifle snaps, but not before the ice sheet falls away leaving an opening only small enough for Leeloo to get out. With the ice still shifting Leeloo refuses to leave Cander behind and uses her lightsaber to make enough clearance for Cander to scramble out, just before the ice shifts again. Ecstatic Leeloo hugs and kisses Cander, both are grateful to be alive.

Both group reach the Ice Mountains and find a trail leading into the same cave. Only a few feet into the cave they see three ancient carved pedestals covered in ice. The third has recently been shattered and they can make out some of the carvings. Kelborn reveals its ancient Mando and the part they can read says, “Bravery forged through fear.” Cander is shocked to know that Mando’s where once so close to the core. Kelborn dresses him down stating that the original Mando race were in the core long before the republic formed.

Moving deeper into the cavern they are swarmed by dozens of the ground drones and flying versions. The heroes form back to back fighting them off. No matter how many they kill, more pour in through four different ceiling bug holes. Kelborn a natural leader in combat forms a strategy to move and seal the holes shut. Salt with a grenade times the charge just right to destroy the first of four. Leeloo leaps over the hordes and lands under a hole, she spots a crack in the tunnel above and uses the force to collapse the tunnel in on itself.

Cander is left alone and backs against a wall, but with over a dozen insects on him he goes down quickly. Salt so close to the third hole looks back at Cander. Kelborn shouts it’s too late for Cander and to focus on closing the hole. She considers the tactics, and tells Kelborn that she can’t leave him, he is part of her clan now. Then using her last jet back fuel charge she swoops by and tears the insects off of Cander. The insects craw off of him and swarm her.

Leeloo and Kelborn fight tooth and nail to keep the swarm off of each other. To their surprise Salt returns carrying Cander and with her last grenade closes the third bug hole. By this time Leeloo and Kelborn have reached a narrow passage that leads deeper into the mountain using it as a choke point they make room from Salt to join them. Desperate to close the last bug hole Leeloo asks Salt to shoot a large ice crystal free in the room. She does so with a precision blast and using the force Leeloo catches it before it shatters onto the cavern floor, but the piece is too heavy for her to lift. Kelborn seeing what she is planning shoots the crystal lighting its weight allowing Leeloo to mentally lift the ice column into the last bug hole plugging it completely.

The three wounded heroes hold their line against the 20 remaining insectoids. It’s a brutal process forcing them to work in shifts as they suffer lethal tail lashings and razor sharp bites, but finally slay the last of the mindless killing machines.

While patching up their wounds Cander recovers and the group debates the merits of proceeding or abandoning the mission. Kelborn advocates for leaving while Leeloo argues to push on. Cander agrees that if they can save their teammates then they should try. They travel for nearly 20 minutes in these tunnels ascending the mountain from within. As the path ahead widens they encounter a new type of insectoid. This one is larger than a drone, with four arms and standing upright. Each of the four beings are wielding ice shafts tipped with raw metal spear tips. Kelborn and Salt recognize the metal as Beskar. It appeared to have been made from an already forged piece and the metal was bent and chipped away into this crude shape. Salt estimates the metal is thousands of years old. The four insectoids appear to be guarding a new opening. Unlike the drones these four hesitate before attacking. They prove to be very strong and dangerous, but the heroes prevail killing all four.

They enter the opening and step into a massive cavern. They see a 25 foot tall Queen Insectoid with oversized arms, legs and head. Her torso is attached to a large sack of eggs. Littered around her is a treasure room of sorts, metal and ship parts forming some giant metal shrine nearly reaching an opening in the mountain top letting snow drifts and light in. Also scattered around are ancient Mandolarian helmets.

Algar and Castilo are unconscious and still attached to jump seat harness. Eyes closed Kal is there as well covered in some type of hardened biological material. His left cyber-arm has been torn off. The Queen is guarded by seven of the upright Royal Guards wielding crude Beskar spears who quickly attack to save their queen from intruders.

Kal had been faking being unconscious for some time awaiting a free moment to attempt to break out of the strange crusted material over him. Now with his friends here causing a distraction he breaks free and joins the others. It quickly becomes a losing battle as the Queen flexing some muscles on her neck summons countless droves of drones into the chamber from too many holes to plug. Leeloo and Kelborn charge the Queen in hopes of threatening her to stop. Their threats are only met with violence as Kelborn is swept up in her massive claw, a giant talon pierces his armor.

The entire cavern floor and walls are now covered with drones, only mere seconds remain before they are all overwhelmed. Leeloo reaches out through the force and enters the Queen’s mind. Leeloo gets flashes of the Queen’s long life spanning more than a millennia. The Queen was taken off of a grassy world where her kind lived in underground hives by ancient mandolarians. She was forced to breed on this desolate world. Her children was be hunted by the mandolarians for centuries. Always three warriors at a time and they would never harm her so she would have time to repopulate. Leeloo shares with the queen memories of the mandos that Leeloo has killed and tells her they share the same enemy and asks for a truce.

The Queen commands her drones to stop. Mentally Leeloo learns that this planet Barduke is becoming unstable and the Queen is stealing the metal pieces in an attempt to create a ship similar to the ones she had seen the Mando’s arrive and leave in so that she can get a queen egg off world before her species is eradicated when the planet no long supports life. Leeloo realizes the metal sculpture is not a shrine, but an attempt at building a spacecraft.

Leeloo can tell instantly that it’s at best an impression of a space ship and could never fly so she strikes a bargain. The Queen frees the captives and lets them off world and in exchange Leeloo will take a queen egg to a new planet where it can have a chance to repopulate. The Queen agrees and frees the captives.

They are escorted back to the Bounty Hunter ship Bedrock with the piece of hull needed for repairs. Amira and Sim are shocked by the telling of events. Kelborn says goodbye to Salt and tells her he owes her some fuel charges, she corrects him that he owes her that sword duel (referenced from the end of E.94). With her helmet on it’s impossible to known if she is being serious or playful. Sim attempts to say goodbye to Leeloo, but is cut off by Cander who tells Leeloo to be safe out there. Amira gives Leeloo a gunslinger stare has they march off.

At the two functioning Z-10’s the still unconscious Algar is loaded in Leeloo’s ship along with the queen egg. Kal sitting in Kelborn’s ship monitors the iron storm patterns and charts a safe course out of the atmosphere. Once off the planet over coms Kelborn starts a debate if Leeloo should live up to her side of the bargain and plant the egg on another world. Leeloo is still upset at what the Mandos have done to these creatures and ends the debate quickly, the only question is where. Kelborn painfully suggests Cathar and Leeloo agrees it’s not only poetic, but also close to their original habitat.

All in agreement Kal charts a course to Cathar.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
The Planet Barduke, Reana Salt is introduced by name, Bardukoids and The Queen Bardukoid, Mandolarian relics on Barduke.

Episode 94

The sessions opens with Kelborn and Leeloo who is dressed in all black and masked by a Miraluka veil infiltrating a Corellia Civil Archives government installation. They are accompanied by a Rodian male doorman-slicer named JuralJural.jpg. They copy some data files for an unknown reason to the viewers. On the way out they are blocked by security guards. Leeloo insists they don’t use lethal force. It’s difficult for Kelborn, but he concedes and takes out the guards using tranq darts and fist-to-cuffs.

Once they defeat the guards they race out of the moderately secure facility and out to a speeder. Leeloo hops into the driver’s seat under a hail of blaster fire. Jural ungracefully slumps in as Kelborn lays down suppressing fire and the heroes take off.
Just as Leeloo loses the local authorities from pursuit, Kelborn notices that Jural had been hit. Jural to Kelborn says “I guess I shouldn’t have laughed at all your heavy armor all these missions”. He places the data chip in Kelborns hand and dies. Although Kelborn had worked with Jural several times in the past he is remorseless and dumps the Rodian’s body in a stolen speeders trunk at the Star Port and heads back to Coruscant.

We flash back to 36 hours earlier.

The Rogue Star lands on Coruscant. Admiral Cana is waiting and embraces Eva who folds into his big arms. After a few moments he breaks away to shake hands with Kal Vanhovan and gives Corraun Jax a nod of thanks and says he has a speeder waiting. The two walk off, with Kal to follow soon behind after saying his goodbyes to Leeloo and Kelborn.

Corraun to Leeloo says “we should go to the temple”, then looks at Kelborn and says “I’m sure you’d be more comfortable elsewhere.” Lavahn says, “Oh come on Master I hear the laser cells are quite cozy.” Leeloo sets a place to meet Kelborn tomorrow evening.

At the Jedi Temple the possible coordinates of where another star temple maybe is narrowed down to 5 systems, which equals 211 planets and habitable moons. The Jedi will attempt to narrow it down by atmospheric similarities to Dathomir. In the meantime Corraun and Lavahn are called in for a debriefing.

Corraun is questioned by members of the High Council; Masters Koda-Toa, Doe-nar & Felsha, about the temple on Dathomir and the teleportation is intriguing to them. Jedi Master Felsha is bothered by Corraun’s choice to avoid having learned how the temple was activated by Leeloo Stannis. He is excused.

Next the small High council meets with Padawan Lavahn Tala. Maybe surprising to some viewers she defends Corraun’s choices and skips over all chances Master Felsha gives for Tala to throw Knight Jax under the bus.

Tala is excused and the masters talk amongst themselves. Some are concerned Corraun’s attachment to Leeloo and the Sisters of the Force, he may be too close to this endeavor. Corraun is called back in and told that he has done good work over the past year and in an effort not to burn out such a young Knight he is temporarily assigned to the temple at Coruscant to teach apprentices on military theory. Corraun attempts to protest, but it shot down and told the decision has been made.

Eva returns to her apartment. She is exhausted that evening and excuses herself to bed. Admiral speaks to Kal. Kal Vanhoven fills the admiral in including how the last nine months of Eva’s memories were not repaired on purpose. Edmond ponders the opportunity and blessing that she doesn’t remember certain things, but is conflicted on lying to Eva. He doesn’t make a decision right away. On the flight back from Dathomir Eva rested a lot, but all she was told was that she was severally injured during a crash landing on a rogue planetoid, where a Jedi died saving her.

The next day Edmond is away from the apartment in meetings. Kal and Eva are having breakfast. She talks about how odd it is to wake up and be told all this time has gone by, but feel like it’s only been a day. They also talk about Kal’s new life as a Cyborg. She tells Kal that she needs to start catching up and still can’t believe that Bol’garn is the Supreme Chancellor and that Tyan is chair of the Security Council, she wants to see him first, even before going to her office.

Back at the temple that morning Corraun goes to talk to Leeloo and tells her of his new assignment. He’ll of course let he know when the research of the systems is complete, hopefully by then a new Knight will be assigned. Corraun promises to get back out there and help her as soon as he can. Leeloo is shocked by the council’s decision to waste such a Knight as a teacher instead of being out in the field. Corraun seems to find some piece with it wanting to take a break from pushing and sometimes breaking the Jedi rules. He hopes to prove he can fall orders and be released soon to help complete his promise to help Leeloo stop Redora. The conversation ends on a light note as Corraun is more worried about telling this bad news to someone else.

A small black holo communicator is send to Leeloo at the temple. It rings and Lady Asha Kawa invites Leeloo to meet her in a few hours. A few hours later Leeloo arrives at the old Kaptoni Theater in the Uscru entertainment district. What a difference a few weeks has made since she had been there last. It’s now a lively night club, the name is the same, but its pure flash now. The front cantina is open and Leeloo is let in to see her former mentor LKlaw.bmpLady Klaw who explains this is her new base of operations. Kawa gives Leeloo a chance to earn back the lost friendship and trust by completing six labors. Leeloo agrees as long as no tasks will go against her religion.

With Savik and Roost gone a new comer as arrived from Taris, a Sakiyan named Fueru Nocti. Now it’s a race to capture as much of a foothold into the information market as possible. Unlike gangs it’s not a battle of blood to hold physical territory, but clients are going to be making alliances and going with the broker with the best information.

The first task is acquiring a genius holo-net slicer. Everyone in the information brokering business has one or a team of net slicers. Klaw lost her best people due to the Jedi and needs a new one. Algar Gands is a brilliant slicer and is looking for a new employer. Asha Kawa has made him a job offer for a 3-year contract, which he’ll gladly accept, but his current employer is keeping him captive.

His current employer is Mithus Cleez, a speculator in the galactic trading market, but is really a criminal who utilizes insider trading on a good day and on a bad day manipulates and strong arms companies.

Someone recently tried to extract Algar Gands, he must be willing to work for anyone who can get him out. Asha suspects it’s her direct competitor Fueru Nocti was behind the first attempt. Unfortunately his goons failed and now security is even tighter. Mithus Cleez has moved Mr. Gands to a very secure Vilmok Corporation base, in fact it’s a military base on Cydies that used to be a Corellian military base, but was sold to Vilmok eight years ago during economic crisis. The Vilmok Corp is a glorified Mercenary band that deploys armies to the highest bidder. They are been brought up on many war time violations by the Galactic Senate, but the right palms are greased and the charges never stick.

Thus the opening scene of Leeloo and Kelborn breaking into a Corellian government archives building, to get the old plans to the Foss Tango Base on Cydeis.

Back to present time Kelborn and Leeloo return to Coruscant and review the base plans. Kelborn gives Leeloo a list of the ten extra men he’ll need to pull off this heist. Leeloo dances around the subject of money and let him believe he’ll be paid after the mission, but she doesn’t have any credits to pay hired help up front. Knowing a great doorman-slicer will be needed they meet with Kal. Leeloo explains they need to rescue a man, but doesn’t tell much more. Kal steps away and gets permission from Admiral Cana to take a few days leave. It’s granted.

Kelborn protests it’s an impossible task without more men unless they could get the Vilmok landing codes and some ships. Leeloo asks Lady Klaw if she can get the codes and she does after a few hours. The group steals three bright red Z-10 Headhunter starfigthers and head to Corellia space.

It only takes 5 hours to get to Cydies. The orbit is patrolled by a full squad of Vilmok starfigthers. They radio their codes as they approach. It’s a long minute of getting closer to the snub-fighters, before they finally radio back with permission to enter atmosphere and tells them these are older codes and to report to Lt. Commander Yates for proper codes.

Just then their scanners pick up a transport appearing out of hyperspace Bedrock.jpg. The PCs hear Foss Tango Base hailing them. Once, then twice and no reply. Then the transport starts speeding towards the moon and over the open com the PCs can hear a heavy metal space rock jam blaring. The squad starts really racing in that direction, which the PCs are in the path. A moment later the Vilmok squad spots the PC’s as impostors by the bright red paint of their ships and open fire. Two break off after the transport and the other six open fire on the three heroes.

Over the open channel they hear a man’s voice “Sorry to interrupt your little charade, but enjoy the tunes while they last.”

Outnumbered two to one our heroes make quick work of the squad with only Kelborn’s vessel taking any damage. More squads are in pursuit so they attempt to lose them in the narrow canyons of the moon. The heroes have to split up, but they eventually lose their tail and find large caverns to park in.

They three meet up on foot a few miles away from the Foss Tango Base. Kal and Kelborn grill Leeloo for more information about this mission wondering who the heck that third part was blasting the music. Leeloo shares a little more info naming the guy there are here to rescue. Only partially satisfied they continue with the mission. They monitor all the bases defenses including AT-DP walkers, scanning towers, spot lights, guards and turrets.


Kal’s computer brain finds a small pattern which can help him and Kelborn past the defenses, Leeloo will depend on her training and the connection to the force. With some harrowing close calls the get past the defenses and walkers to the droid maintenance door. Kal slices in. Inside is a security droid which they dismantle before it can sound an alarm. They move cautiously to a small room on the 3rd floor where Kal can port into the main system and slice control of the cameras, door locks and even turbo lifts. He finds that Algar is kept on floor 13. Kelborn and Leeloo head out to get him.

When almost to level 13 Kal discovers the file noting Algar’s location had recently been hacked. Just then their turbo lift is hi-jacked. Over their private com channel crackles the male voice again, “Nice work so far, but this target is ours.” A female voice speaks, “and nobody scoops The Grinders.” followed by the male voice again “Our slicer is locking you out of the system, stay put until we’re done and because of professional courtesy we’ll leave a door open for you once we’re finished.”

Kelborn has heard of The Grinders before, they are a successful Bounty Hunter group led by Cander Gunn. Kal gets into a slicer battle with Sim Mallix, The Grinder’s doorman-slicer and battle over control. Sim_Mallix.jpg Kal is able to find the true location of Algar and gets Leeloo and Kelborn off of the lift. They are spotted and the base alarms sound. Kelborn and Leeloo gets separated and Kel takes over some base defenses to assist Leeloo. The two reach the desired 18th floor, but by then Sim Mallix has traced Kal’s port location and with control of the bases alarms and turbo lifts sends a large group of guards to Kal’s location giving Kal a few moments notice to stop slicing and run.

Kelborn and Leeloo learn that The Grinders have already grabbed Algar and must have gone up to the roof instead of back down. They follow a trail of dead soldiers to an open hatch in the com tower to the roof. Meanwhile Kal alone is running for his life. Kelborn leaps out onto the roof to see their transport Bedrock hovering above with Algar Gands being escorted in by Cander and Amira. At the bottom of the open ramp is The Grinder’s mysterious fifth member clad in Mandolarian armor. Kelborn seeing he is total exposed to the awaiting hunter, he calls to the Mando’s honor and proposes a duel of blades. The mando lowers the long rifle and doesn’t take the shot. The ship starts to pull away but not before removing her helmet and sharing a long look with Kelborn. Raena_Salt.jpg

As the ship races off Leeloo gets on the roof and Kelborn tells her that Algar is on-board. Without a word Leeloo uses her grappling line to start descending the base’s tower from the outside. Kal calls for help, trapped in a base with over 200 soldiers. Kelborn heads backside and to the command room. By planting false alarm signals and locking strategic doors he is able to navigate Kal safely out of the base. Kelborn with his gadgets manages to catch up to Leeloo together take out a few exterior guards and all three make a run for it.

Using counter tactics they avoid capture from search parties and make it to their starfigthers and escape the moon.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Jural (Deceased), Leeloo working to earn back Lady Klaw’s trust, Vilmok Corporation, Foss Tango Base on Cydies, Z-10 Headhunters, Algar Gands, The Grinders; Cander Gunn, Amira Rudmo, Castilo Mark, Sim Mallix and mysterious female Mando Bounty Hunter. The space vessel called Bedrock.

Episode 93

The heroes move through the 4th floor of the temple awaiting any number of traps. They walk past several isolated rooms, best guess is that they were used as meditation rooms and small laboratories shut down long ago. In the center of the floor is a huge open spaced room with large 20-foot tall crystals in the center. The 5th floor is very similar, but they encounter a group of four roaming Temple Custodians. The heroes act quickly to destroy them before more can be summoned. The Custodians’ tactics improve after each encounter.

Shortly after exploring the 6th floor the heroes encounter five custodians tending to five recently awakened Zagrut beasts. The custodians’ prove more difficult each time and combined with the vicious beasts the heroes are nearly vanquished. Leeloo connects to one of the Zagrut beast’s mind and learns they are genetically programmed to kill intruders and it would be difficult to persuade them from violence. When only two custodians remain one scans a wall panel, opening two previously sealed doors and pivoting another wall 90 degrees revealing five more Zagrut stasis pods. Kelborn suffered a serious wound and is dragged back down to the fifth floor by Leeloo. The battle lasts long enough for Kelborn to come around and as he returns to the sounds of battle he arrives in time to see a beast send Leeloo flying into the wall. With all four reunited they slay the last few beasts. Having been a long day the heroes take refuge in a small crystal room to rest for the night.

With new doors and passages open they reach a curious room with a huge floating stone sphere in the center. It is covered with a field of water-like liquid coating. Above the sphere appears to be a same size cavity. On two adjacent walls from ankle to ceiling are small bronze discs about 4 feet apart horizontally and four feet vertically. Kelborn attempts to push the sphere, but the coating prevents any type of co-efficiency of friction causing the sphere to stay in place and lightly spin. This does activate a trap and they are sealed in the room. At the top of two adjacent walls the seams glow a dark amber color and spread horizontally across passing through the small bronze discs. When the entire length of the wall is aglow fixed points along the seams, but not from the discs, shot out beams of energy. As the energy beams from both walls crisscross this forms a deadly grid-like effect along the top of the room. The heroes then see the same process starting on the next level down and can quickly surmise if it reached the bottom rows of discs they’ll all be cut to ribbons!

Quickly they three men try to push the sphere upward all at once. The extreme slipperiness of the coating makes it impossible. Leeloo tries to move it with the force and it shakes a little, but she alone is not enough. A few seconds later both Corraun and Leeloo try to move it together using only the force and it moves up a few inches. Kal Vanhoven does lightning quick calculations and knows at this rate they grid will engulf the room long before the two force users can lift the sphere into place. Kal and Kelborn will have to buy some time. Kal recognizes the bronzes discs are similar to a previous trap that absorbed heat and caused a reaction. He theorizes that loading the discs that the seam of energy passes through, with two much energy, could short out the circuit and stop that row from forming a new grid. All four of them target the second row of discs. Out of sixteen discs they hit ten before the circuit completes and a new grid is released. This time and at this height the beams strike the sphere which reflects the grid even lower forcing the heroes to crouch.

With a plan in place Leeloo and Corraun use the force and slowly lifting the sphere while Kal and Kelborn target the discs, hoping they don’t run out of ammo before it’s too late. They succeed at striking all 16 discs before the 3rd row could activate, but a second later it begins to power up again forcing the heroes to repeat the process over and over again until either the sphere is lifted all the way or they run out of ammo. After 20 tenses seconds of this the force users place the sphere in its cavity and the power grids stop and the doors open.

After catching their breath the heroes proceed onward. They enter a long hallway towards an opening. Once in the hall the doors behind and ahead close shut. ETemple.pit.jpg They can see a Temple lock at the far door, but then the floors shift and begin sliding into the walls leaving a good size drop down, but not lethal. Some calcium deposit pebbles drop and after falling 36 feet it hits an energy field that activates and incinerates the pebbles. Only two small pieces of the floor remain static, one at each end of the room. Left are three 20 foot sections of flooring rotating back into the walls and then reappearing ahead from the opposite side (from left to right). The heroes are forced to leap to new flooring before the stone they are on disappears into the wall all while trying to solve the temple lock. The pressure increases as each time the stone passes into the walls it comes out again its shorter than the last time leaving less and less spaces to jump to.

Kal is telling Leeloo how to manipulate the lock, but the ground he is one disappears into the wall, but just before he can fall Corraun uses the force to hold him in place, while he distractedly continues to tell Leeloo the next step in the lock. Unfortunately for Corraun the last piece of non-occupied stone disappears causing him to fall. Kelborn from the sliver of fix ledge he is one uses his wrist grapple line to catch Corraun before he is incinerated. To Knight Jax’s credit he does not lose focus on holding Kal in place, even when falling to his own death, which gives enough time for Kal and Leeloo to solve the last tumbler and open the lock. The floor begins to slide out for the wall again and the heroes quickly exit the hallway. Corraun gives his thanks to Kelborn for catching him. Trusting his life to a Mandolarian is no small feat to Corraun Jax.

They move deeper into the 6th floor and find themselves in a large open room, but while walking through it a pressure plate is stepped on and the doors seal and yellow gas begins to fill the floor of the room. The exit wall turns transparent revealing another temple lock. Its puzzle is more simplistic, but it has many more tumblers to solve. The heroes get to work on trying to get out. The gas now covers the entire floor, but doesn’t appear to be harmful. After a short while Kelborn begins to lose his grip on reality. Instead of seeing Leeloo he sees a pale faced tall women in blood red robes who he knows is Redora, the woman who has his daughter and is trainer her in the ways of the darkside. In mando Kelborn calls out a battle a cry of his daughter’s name Ina and swings his Beskar sword at the red witch. Leeloo manages to duct in time to avoid the deadly blow. Not knowing his mind is affected she is deeply disappointed that Kelborn has chosen this time to try and kill her.

Corraun tells Kelborn to stop and readies his light saber. Kal still needing someone with telekinesis to manipulate the lock tells Corraun to let Leeloo and Kelborn settle whatever they are fighting about and Corraun to help him with the lock. Kelborn tries again to cleave Leeloo in two and Jax attacks Kelborn. As more time passes in this room with the yellow gas Kal begins to see things. He looks after at where Leeloo and Kelborn were fighting and now sees a menacing Neo-Crusader where Leeloo was, he still sees Jax and Kelborn, but no Leeloo. The rationale part of his brain is trying to compute this change, but he eyes clearly reveal that a filthy Neo-Crusader is in here with them and needs to be destroyed.

Kal fights against the illogical nature of this neo-crusader just appearing, but more yellow gas swirls about him and eventually nothing else matters, the lock can wait this black armored neo-crusader must be stopped. Leeloo locked in melee sees Kal raise his rifle at Kelborn, but to her shock Kal adjusts the barrel and fires his rifle at Leeloo, who deflects it just in the nick of time. Corraun and Leeloo are very confused as they try and stop Kelborn’s aggressions. Eventually Corraun’s mind becomes infected. He realizes this long enough to shout out to Leeloo that it’s the gas in the room, but finally succumbs to it and sees his hated nemesis Savik Falo in place of Kal. Corraun attacks Savik/Kal leaving him open for attack by Kelborn who knows it is Jax and lands a serious slash to Corraun sending him flying into the wall unconscious.

Leeloo now without an ally is facing both a crazed Kal and Kelborn when she starts to feel the effects of the room herself. For a split second he sees Kal as Redora before shaking it off. Knowing she needs more time to formulate a plan she must resist the gas in the room and holding her breath doesn’t help. As it begins to take hold of her she sees Redora, the mother figure who tried to kill her is now standing there. Her anger builds. Leeloo focuses with the force and cleanses her mind. With a deep breath she breathes in the yellow gas, but only icy blue breath is exhaled. This breath cuts across the swirling yellow mist along the ground to visage of Redora and shatters it revealing Kal once more.

Leeloo acting as the Neo-Crusader Kal believes her to be proposes a truce pointing out that with Corraun down he’ll need his/her help and they can resume the fight once out of this room. He ponders it and finally agrees. Kelborn still comes after her. In between parries Leeloo listens to Kal and follows the sequence to unlock the final tumblers. Once the door is open the yellow mist is rapidly sucked back into the floor, including it pouring out of the heroes’ mouths and eyes.

Leeloo checks on Corraun while Kal does the same to Kelborn. They fully recall everything that occurred while out of their normal minds. Separately the groups talks about what the yellow mist made them see and why they each saw the person they hated the most. Kal reveals that his hate of the Mandos comes from the near fatal injuries he sustained at the hands of the Mandos during the space battles above the Moon of Arbra. Corraun recalls that Senator Cana and the United Spacefarer’s fleet came to their aid on that Moon. Corraun gives his thanks to Kal for his sacrifice. Kelborn ponders how Corraun will react to him after nearly killing him.

They reach the landing of the 7th floor and are faced with a most complex temple lock, requiring such a long time to unlock that they must work in shifts so not to be fatigued. During a short break a few hours in Corraun offers Jedi ration pellets to his companions. The small meal turns to some conversations about family and the smallest hint of bonding between the four. After more than six hours the lock is bested and the doors open.

Over all it’s a relatively small floor mostly will individual rooms. They come across two rooms with large crystal chambers. Leeloo recalls from her shared visions with the Kwi that these are healing chambers, but like the rest of the temple is offline. Eventually Leeloo finds the same secret entrance to the Star Chamber. She asks everyone to promise to never share what they see here. Kal and Kelborn agree. Corraun says he must excuse himself then, for what he doesn’t know he can’t be forced to relay to the Jedi Masters and interred into the Jedi Library archives.

Leeloo, Kal and Kelborn climb the now revealed spiral stairs into a room very similar, but larger than the one in the North temple. Also instead of one simple panel there are six sets of controls and the panels are circling an empty pedestal in the center. The consoles themselves look more substantial and complicated, but only one panel is radiating the force.

When Leeloo touches the correct console it lights up in a way the other panel at the North temple never did. Though only visible through detect the force the small grooves of the console described previously glow faintly. The center pedestal comes alive with hundreds of 32-sided polygon stones. They quickly move to form a replica of the Northern star temple. Once formed it shakes violently and parts of it crumbles off.

It takes time for Leeloo to find the little pieces that she knows from the other temple, but eventually she can try to turn it off. Leeloo places her hand in the Kwa hand print and can feel the light side amplification in the Northern temple, in fact through the walls she can feel the fear and sadness of the inhabitants within. She reenacts the same process of matching and then connecting to the flow of the force and then riding that wave down until it is gone. Corraun is mediating below feeling the movement of the force and Leeloo’s emotions to know if it is going well or otherwise. Exhausting, but Leeloo does it and this this time it stays off…But the savage shaking doesn’t stop. Leeloo connects again with the panel and feels danger still to the North Star temple. With great focusing on the visions from the Kwi and the Star Chamber, she understands what is really going on.

The temple isn’t tearing itself apart from too much amplification, but because the Kwa protocols would never allow it to be on for so long and now the Eastern temple has assumed the North temple has fallen to enemy hands and has placed the North Temple in a self-destruct mode.

With an amount of the force amplification still lingering, Leeloo connects with the panel and focuses her will to a point she hasn’t done before and doesn’t know if she can again. She wills to the temple that it is safe and they are not the enemy. Leeloo collapses just as the temple activates. Downstairs Corraun can see the previous dormant wall panels and consoles radiate and light up with the force. Kelborn tells Leeloo when she comes around that she did it, the North temple is safe. Furthermore Leeloo learns that this temples’ traps have all deactivated and it is no longer in defense mode.

The foursome head to the crystal healing chambers. Corraun and Kal enters them and are placed in a stasis like rest. Kelborn speaks to Leeloo about going after Redora now that she has saved the North Temple, he suggests she leaves behind Corraun since her emotions for him make her tactically weak referencing how she went back for him at the lost tribe village and she nearly died because of it. Leeloo tells Kelborn the two of them wouldn’t be strong enough to kill Redora alone, they’d be better off trying to rescue Ina and the other girls.

With the conversation ended Leeloo still very exhausted nods off. She awakes to a startling sense of danger to Corraun and Kal almost eight hours later. They rush to get them out of the healing chambers. Leeloo believes that there may be a radiation factor to the healing that doesn’t affect the Kwa, but too much could kill humans. Once out both men seem to be alright, in fact they are nearly fully healed, but they should not risk anymore exposure, again.

They travel back through the floors, which is easy now the traps are off. Most of the temple appears to be active including the smaller crystals, but not the giant crystals on floors four and five. The doors are all opened up, traps turned off and custodians destroyed. On the 3rd floor they find Servina, Mesta and Lavahn unconscious and tied up. Near them stands four blue armored Neo-Crusaders and one in red armor who Kelborn recognizes as Medrit Spar. With them is Night Sister Sy’re. Attached to the wall is a holo projector device scanning the wall relieves.
Sy’rie thanks Leeloo for making it so easy to enter the temple once she deactivated its defenses. Medrit Spar clearly displeased to see Kelborn with the enemy calls him a crowd who has turned traitor. Spar never wanted Kelborn on this mission, but Kolba Leos insisted and it has cost Alvric Cob’s life. Spar will let Leos know how severe of a mistake he made once back on Mandalore. Kelborn threatens that Spar won’t be saying anymore then Cob can when he is done with him.

Leeloo concerned about the number of foes they face and bluffs that she can turn the temple’s defenses back on and that Sy’re and the Mandos should flee. Looking first at the wall of reliefs Sy’re says she has just completed her last task, now all that is left is to kill what should have already been dead. Sy’re ignites her lightsaber and Leeloo does the same.

The two force user women charge each other and bind sabers. Spar engages Kelborn while Corraun squares off against two neo-crusaders leaving the last two for Kal. The battle carries on as a stale mate for a while, a few small wounds being exchanged, but eventually Kelborn realizes Spar is a better warrior then he. Although this is not the first time Kelborn has fought and defeated a more skilled combatant, but low on ammo, wounded and with his gadgets depleted over the last week he is truly out matched. Spar lands a devastating blow bringing Kelborn to his knees. Corraun risks some passing attacks has he rushes to Kelborn’s aid and placing himself before Spar and stopping a fatal blow to Kelborn. Kal is chipping away at the Mandos getting frustrated that their armor absorbs so much of his blasts.

Leeloo leaping out of the way again and again from Force Lighting she is hurled across the room and into a wall by the powerful NightSister. Kal places his barrel point blank on a crusader and get enough of a blast through to kill him. Corraun still left with three mandos including Spar is struck to the ground and pinned there parrying their blows, without a free moment to get to his feet. Kal knocks one of them off of him, but Spar is just too good and delivers a mighty slash to Corraun from his Beskar sword. Kelborn gets to his feet in time to parry Spar’s killing blow to Corraun.

Desperate Leeloo leaps next to the scanner on the wall and threatens to destroy it. Sy’re laughs and unleashes force lighting at it obliterating the machine and damaging the wall. Back the plan A Leeloo trying to find a way through the Nightsister’s defenses spins and slays two Mando Neo-Crusaders while occupying Sy’re in banter. Kelborn hangs on as long as he can before losing so much blood that the room goes black leaving Leeloo and Kal alone with Sy’re, Spar and a Neo-Crusader. Kal takes out the last blue armored crusader, but is struck down by Spar. Leeloo manages to buy enough time, by showing fear, to stop Corraun’s bleeding. Spar delivers a killing blow to Kal, but he manages to block it with his cyber arm, severing the limb and very temporarily saving his life, but still knocking him unconscious. With Corraun safe for the moment she bounds over to Medrit Spar and introduced herself in Mando as “The Little Wind of Death” before severing his head from his shoulders.

Leeloo and Sy’re square off once more. Leeloo asks if she too realizes in her attempts to save the Sisters of the Force that she has damned herself from every being one again, just like Redora. Sy’re knowing no one else is around answers truthfully that unlike Redora she feels strong enough to return to the light. Knowing this goes against all the Sister’s teachings Leeloo presses the attack. The sounds of their saber clashing rings throughout the halls. Sy’re pivots her left foot back and pulling the darkside of the force into a swell preparing for something devastating. Leeloo using her martial training from Jedi Master Andor Dulwen poses a feint on the distracted Night Sister, quickly pulls back and follows with a fast thrust through the center of Sy’re’s chest. The fallen Sister of the Force dies before hitting the obsidian floor.

The wounded are tended to. Corraun and Kelborn share an awkward exchanges of thanks for saving each other and agree they are even. Mesta and Lavhan suffered some decent injuries, but nothing life threatening. After a short time they start to come around.

Lavahn reports that the Mandos took them by surprise and she could have defeated them if she wasn’t handicapped by having to protect the unarmed novice and old lady. All parties are concerned of what Redora wanted in this temple. They examine the wall that was scanned. After some study Servina believes it is Kwa star coordinates, but is useless in 2-dimensional form. It would need another set of coordinates to make any sense. Furthermore it’s obvious that Redora and Sy’rie knew where to look in this temple and what for, although they had never been inside prior. Mesta points out that Sy’rie was in charge of the North temple excavations armed with this Servina believes Redora and Sy’re must have found the other dimension of the map at the North temple, likely in a similar spot.

Of the eastern temple relief a good size section was destroyed in the battle, but Kal’s cyber-brain was able to record it minus the small sections that were obstructed by the device itself. He will need to plug into a data slate or similar device to display it for others to see.

In no condition to leave the temple Kelborn insists on using the Kwa healing crystal chamber regardless of the radiation exposure. The group rests up for a few days, while Servina continues to study the temple. After two days Servina deciphers more of the walls reliefs and discovers it’s a map to another Star Temple not on Dathomir. Furthermore she has discovered something else. She leads the heroes to other wall reliefs that shows hieroglyphs of two Kwa facing each other. Between them is a crystal with beams of radiance shinning from it. Servina points out that two lines are different. A heavier line form one Kwa to the crystal and then followed through on the other side to the second Kaw. Servina believes this along with other symbols talks about teleporting form one temple to another. The idea of instantaneous line travel captures Corraun’s curiosity.

See takes them to a crystal on 2nd floor and points out symbols on the floor that are glowing through the force now, but were dormant before. The crystal can be turned with the force to point at a specific symbol. Corraun assists. The group discusses the many dangers of attempting this travel, but eventually agree its better waiting here for four weeks riding out the Long Night.

Servina activates the crystal and they feel static electricity run over their skin and then nothing. After a brief moment of disorientation they find themselves next to a similar sized crystal in a calcium deposit covered room, but with a great deal of cracks. Enough cracks are there to make out a door way. They break more calcium and exit the room into a previously non-cleared section of the North Temple. It worked.

Leeloo, Kelborn and Servina go immediately to talk to the Prelate while Corraun and Kal to check on Senator Cana. On the way they see a good amount of damage to the temple, about half of what the sister’s build of the hundreds of years has been destroyed. The temple itself has cracks in the formerly almost seamless walls.

The prelate is shocked to see Servina again, but grateful that Leeloo was successful. The jubilee is cut short by learning of Sy’re appearance and Redora’s interest in the Eastern Temple. Elsewhere Kal and Corraun join up with Eva and hear about the near destruction of the Star Temple and how with the Long Night happening it was not a simple option to just evacuate. As for Eva she is physically fine now, but she is still trying to come to grip that she has lost so many memories. Corraun briefly explains some big changes in the Senate and that she was injured while on a mission with Leeloo and a Jedi Knight named Reegan Centari who didn’t survive.

The heroes go to a similar section of the north temple as where the wall relief in the Eastern temple was found. Here they find a similar wall of what Servina reads as the other piece of the star coordinates. Using the only holo transmitter Kal modifies it to project his perfect recall on the wall and bends the projection to achieve a three dimensional display. The missing section accounts for about 5% of the map. The prelate is concerned that if Redora can find a Star Temple on another world not guarded by the republic that she could use the line travel to get scores of Mandolarians onto Dathomir and wipe out the Sisters of the Force.

Two days later Servina finishes deciphering the map and narrows it down to five possible systems. Out of an entire galaxy five systems isn’t too bad, but that means potentially hundreds of world to have to search for one temple.. They’ll need to go back to Coruscant and the Jedi Temple to find out more about those systems and if the archives has any other useful info. The good news is that even with the full map and exact coordinates that Redora has access to she’ll still have to decipher it and Redora doesn’t have the experience and Kwi genetic histories to help her as Servina does

Corraun meets privately with Prelate Goldana explaining that he’ll have to report what he has seen to the Jedi Masters. She expected no less, but points out that the increased threat is only to the sisters since it’s been established that the stones to create Amlex can be found on other worlds. Should the Sisters of the Force perish the Republic will feel no impact. Corraun explains that the fate of the sisters is more important to him then Amlex stones. The Prelate takes this as an invitation to ask for Corraun to help Leeloo defeat Redora, as she is too powerful for Leeloo alone. Corraun gives his word.

With the damaged speeder repaired the heroes say their good byes. Lillyana vows to find the last Mandolarian left on Dathomir once the Long Night ends. Kal gives his thanks to the Sisters for healing Eva Cana.

Even during the short 20 minute speeder ride to the small star port the effects of the Long Night are felt. They quickly board the Rogue Star and fly off and way from Dathomir to everyone’s pleasure except Leeloo. Corraun with some advice from Kelborn alert the Republic warship about the breach and recommend boarding protocols.

Once out of the gravity shadow of Dathomir and its moons Corraun gives Lavhan the honors of making the jumping to hyperspace.

Important Introductions & Firsts

Stop the self-destruction of the North Star Temple, activation of the Great Eastern Star Temple, Use of Kwa Crystal Healing chambers, death of Night Sister Sy’re & Neo-Crusader Medrit Spar.

Episode 92

The heroes stuck between a 162 foot drop off of a water fall and a furious horde of barbarians make their choice. Corraun hooks his grappling line to a nearby rock and tells Padawan Tala to do the same before he starts repelling down. Kal starts free-hand climbing down as Kelborn grabs hold of Mesta without warning and jumps off of edge. Leeloo takes a deep breath and dives head first. Alone with Servina, Tala gives her the grapple line saying the old women needs it more than she does and inspired by Leeloo she dives over the edge. With the barbarians nearly there Servina jumps as well.

Kelborn activates his jet pack just above the water’s surface and flying towards shore, but carrying the extra weight forces him to drop Mesta before hitting dry land. The waterfall proves too difficult for Kal to free-climb and he falls to the water and jagged rocks below, fortunately his cyber limbs take the brunt of the impact. Corraun gets almost half way down before a barbarian cuts his grappling causing him to fall the rest of the way. Leeloo dives into the water, but clips her shoulder on a rock below the surface and is stunned for a moment. Lavahn pierces the water expertly, but is still weak from a head blow in the camp and begins to sink unconscious.

Kelborn scans the surface of the water to identify if everyone made it and sees the fins of six Kamurith break the surface. He fires his wrist mounted grapple line around Mesta’s wrist and pulls her to the shore line narrowly escaping two gapping jawed beasts. Leeloo’s mind clears to see the Kamurith and using the force she touches their minds causing them to believe she is one of them. Corraun and Kal swim to the nearest shoreline. Corraun reaches it first and sees Kal being harried by two beasts. Using the force the Jedi Knight pulls Kal towards him and the shore. Servina breaks the water’s surface and manages to get Tala to safety. Leeloo makes it to Kelborn and Mesta’s side to help slay the two they are fighting. Corraun and Kal kill three more and Leeloo commands the last one to flee.

The party puts an hour of distance between them and the barbarians before stopping to rest and tend to their wounds. Servina continues her tale; after 30 years she gave up on the barbarians and lived alone in the wild and met the Kwi where to her surprise she learned more about the Star Temples from them then her 70 years living in one. After these eight peaceful years the inbreed barbarian tribe, now almost all descendants of hers had begun hunting the peaceful Kwi. She decided to return to them. It was not a warm reunion. She had allow them to keep her a captive so to subtlety influence them to stay away from the Kwi, but their new chief Ungt has a twisted mind and become difficult to influence. Fearing that he’d lose control of her he had eight Kwi captured and kept at camp for incentive.

Servina asks why they’re trying to enter the Eastern Temple. Leeloo tells her about the Night Sisters and how the temple’s power will not turn off. Once hearing the fate of the sister’s temple and of the schism she says she Kwi may be able to help and she’ll take the heroes to them.

While traveling Leeloo has a heart to heart talk with Mesta about their shared experience at nearly being savaged by the barbarians. They discuss the Path of Sacrifice a novice must take to become a sister of the force. Mesta prays to Mother Mira that when the time comes to walk that path, these events will not halt her resolve. In confidence Leeloo shares that she doesn’t believe she can go through with it after feeling all those hands on her and the feeling of being powerless to stop them.

After several hours of travel they reach a grassy plane where Servina makes a series of honking calls drawing 30 or so Kwi out of hiding. She explains that the Kwi can communicate great detail through these calls. Leeloo comments on how unique their minds where when she reached out to them before. Servina moves through the herd and brings forth a specific Kwi, although it looks no different. She explains that two of each herd are genetic carriers of their history. Leeloo touches minds with the creature and after a moment is shown images of their history. Servina tells the others the Kwi over 200,000 years ago were once a fully sentient humanoid race called the Kwa. Kwa1.jpg They explored the galaxy and settled on a few planets. They were great builders and peaceful to their adopted planet.

Leeloo sees images of them erecting star temples and even a flash of a star chamber with in. Then arrived dark times. Their great empire built something that attracted other ancient races.Outsiders.jpg Eventually the outsiders destroyed many of the peaceful Kwa and suddenly left. The Kwa people were deflated and stopped building. Over many millennia they never rebuilt their empire and devolved into the Kwi. Before completely surrendering they fortified their temples and altered Whuffa worms to serve as Guardians to the temples.

Servina believes there may be enough genetic similarities in the Kwi that with enough of them present it could fool the guardian in standing down, if the Kwi are willing. Just about then the previously freed Kwi arrive, which leads good will to the heroes’ cause. Leeloo spends time getting to know the Kwi while the others rest and prepare themselves. Servina present several Gamloss herbs that only bloom at the start and the end of the Long Nights. They are difficult to harvest, but have great healing properties. She shares all that she has. While eating them Servina asks about Kelborn and Kal’s motivations for taking this dangerous journey. She warns them that likely the dangers with in the temple will be much greater then they have faced getting this far and offers them a way out. Both decline and will see the mission through, for their own reasons.

Satisfied with their answers she offers to heal them through the force. Kelborn goes first and feels a terrible burning through his body. Kal is next and feels the same. Exhausted Servina welcomes Corraun to her side. Seeing that she is exhausted he tells her he’ll be fine, but she insists. All three of them feel completely healed of their wounds once she is done. Leeloo feeling a great deal of the force being used joins them and can see red blossoms of blood soaking through the ex-prelate’s tattered blue robes. A gasped they realize Servina had not simply healed them, but empathically transferred their wounds to her. Every bite and slash from their flesh to hers. Kal examines the wounds to try and help, but they are unusual and untreatable with normal medicine. All three are upset that she did not warn them of the cost. A exhausted and looking very old Servina replies that it was her price to pay and she was happy to do so they could help the Sisters that she failed so long ago.

18 Kwi are sent with the heroes leaving just enough behind that the herd could survive on incase they are all consumed by the Temple Guardian. Corraun speaks to Lavahn on the way about the Olex and how it is possible to connect with the force while wearing one, with focus and practice.

Just after night fall they enter the temple’s clearing. The temple is magnificent to behold. The heroes exit a heavy canopy forest into a clearing and can see the massive pyramid star temple, it has three more top levels then the Sister’s home and large steps rising to a double obsidian stone door.

As they near the temples the ground shakes…shakes more. From the south they see trees violently rattle, but instead of some Malkloc breaking through, they see the trees up root and a colossal mount of earth form and head towards them. Just when the shaking is at its pinnacle the mount stops short of the ring of Kwi surrounding the heroes. The force users can sense the presence of something immense just below the surface…Then shaking once more as it burrows down deep below.

The Kwi stay near the steps to prevent the Guardian from returning. Upon reaching the massive obsidian doors they discover no handles to grip and attempt to open the heavy doors. Corraun places his hands on the door and uses the strength of the force to pull the door open. Leeloo and Mesta join in pulling with the force. Tala tries too, but it’s unclear if she was of any help while wearing the Olex.

The inside of the temple looks very similar to the North temple, minus the tapestries and statues of Mother Mira. The walls appear to be free of the calcium deposits that the North Temple collected over time. An exhausted Servina despite wanting to see the whole temple right way declares she’ll rest here so not to slow the others down. Mesta offers to stay with her and Corraun orders Lavahn to guard them both. It takes some convincing that Corraun can only trust her with their safety before she concedes.

Moving about the place is eerie quiet. There are some signs of old damage to the temple, but other than that normal entropy doesn’t seem to have affected this place. This first floor appears to be mostly long corridors and open spaces that could accept a large gathering of people. Moving towards where the stairs would be if this was the northern temple, they find a hovering droid Temple_Guardian.bmpusing a mechanical tentacle with arching energy at the tip. It is performing some kind of cleaning to the wall. It turns to face them, a light blue beam scans. They hear an air-like hissing from throughout the temple. Then before any talking can occur it attacks. Kal tries to communicate with it in binary, but it gives no reply and is destroyed by Corraun and Kelborn.

Upon reaching the second floor they find themselves with nothing but closed walls. Leeloo investigates where a door would be if this was the north temple, while doing so she steps on a pressure plate, which opens a secret door to a large room. Upon entering the secret door closes and a door size section of the wall directly across turns transparent revealing a clockwork of moving stone geometric shapes moving in three dimensions.

Then just as suddenly the two side walls begin to close in on them. Kal quickly surmises the moving parts must be a tumbler system of a strange lock. Kelborn shoots the wall and tests that the stone covering the lock is still there, but merely transparent. Using his computer brain Kal begins to see how the pieces must fit together to unlock, but he can’t reach the pieces through the stone. He tells Corraun and Leeloo what needs to be moved where and using the force they can move the pieces. The walls continue to shrink the room, going from spacious to claustrophobic in seconds. Crushing_walls.jpg Just as the walls are pressing against them Kal tells Leeloo the last piece and she puts it into place, but as the door begins to unlock the wall continues, Corraun uses the force to halt the walls for a moment until the doors opens and the walls finally retract.

The door opens into a large room with strange devices. Unusual tech weaved together like a bird’s nest with milky silver pods atop them, well most of them. There are 13 bases in total, but seven do not have the milky silvery pods atop them. Instead the strange liquid is spilled about the floor and pooled next to the empty stands. The heroes hear a growl from close by. Coming from around the corner are blue scaled creatures with long malleable innocuous snouts. Their peaceful visage is shattered when the snout spits into three sections of a gruesome mouth revealing hundreds of razor sharp teeth and attack. Zagruts.jpg As the fight carries on more of the Zagrut begin to awaken from the pedestals. Working together they slay the last one without any serious injuries. Examining the nests Kal and Corraun suspect that the pods where some type of hyper-stasis chamber keeping them preserved and dormant until activated.

They continue on through a maze of corridors until stepping on a hidden pressure place revealing another transparent wall and temple lock. With Kal’s aide they unlock it after several minutes. They traverse through a few more rooms before reaching one that has a large crystal in the center and inert control consoles around it. Without any luck turning the systems on they move to investigate the last room on this path which is a room with a hundred small holes all over the walls. Also on the walls are small shelves just large enough for the small stone spheres resting on them.

Kelborn experiments by placing a few spheres into nearby holes they seem to fit. Corraun places a hand near a hole and can feel a small amount of air blowing out. Kal quickly counts 100 holes and 100 spheres. By now Kelborn is placing the 20th sphere into a hole. When doing so the blocked up air pressure builds enough force that it shoots all of the stone sphere’s out and scatter on the floor. The entry to the small room closes and seals shut locking Kal, Corraun and Kelborn inside. After a few moments they realize colorless, odorless gas is filling the room and begin holding their breath. They attempt to put everything back in place in hopes the door would open, but it does not.

Kal calculates that if all 100 spheres were to plug the holes it may turn off the trap, but it would take 50 people with perfect timing to do it all at once, any less and after 19 they would be shot back out. Having to breath in the poison gas to speak Kal quickly shares this with Corraun and Kelborn. Kelborn struggles to hold his breath without the benefit of Jedi training or cybernetic expanded lungs like Kal. Corraun sits down in the center of the room and gather’s the force around him. Going over and over again in his mind visualizing the small spheres going into the holes. Corraun is unmoving for several minutes, occasionally Kal and Kelborn see some of the spheres in the room move slightly. After five minutes of focus Corraun uses the force to lift all 100 spheres at once, then like a cube of spheres he shifts it up and to the left by 3 inches and then slams them perfect unison into the holes blocking all escaping air and shutting off the trap. Kal and Kelborn are very impressed and Corraun a little surprised at what he had done.

They explore the next section of the second floor and find no way up to the third floor. On two separate walls there are strange circular patterns with a shiny bronze like discs. One disc is completely smooth with thicker grooves around it’s edges and the other bronze disc has an outline of a Kwa face on it. Leeloo examines the wall where the stairs should be and steps on a pressure place. This releases the smooth disc so that it can be spun to the left or right coming out of the wall.

Corraun touches the disc with a face and finds it sucks the warmth out of his fingertips. After some more investigating Kelborn wonders if giving it more heat will do something and shoots the disc with his blaster. Leeloo still on the pressure plate near the wall sees that wall opens for a moment and then shuts again. Its open just long enough for someone to jump through, but because of the angle of a small side wall there is no way for everyone to be close enough to the wall to shot the face disc and jump through.

Kal insist they try all variables and discovers that the pressure place only allows the smooth disc to be moved, but has no factor on the face disc opening the door. Kelborn still troubled of how to shot the face disc from around the corner as an epiphany. He has some one stay on the pressure plate so that he can move the angle of the smooth disc. He lines it up and goes back to the exit wall, he fires a shot at the smooth disc to ricochet the bolt to hit the face disc and leaps through with everyone else, but this time the door stays open. Apparently hitting both discs and moving from the pressure plate into the stairwell kept the door permanently open.

The third floor is mostly comprised of large dormitories, and the walls are more decretive. The heroes briefly examine some of the wall reliefs. Some are of the Kwa building star temples. Some are star clusters, which makes Kal homesick, while others show conflicts with other strange species. One that catches the eye is of two Kwa standing over a table with a creature on it and then a stylized progression of the creature evolving into what looks like a rancor.

The heroes encounter another temple custodian, which doesn’t attack immediately, but waits till eight more arrive before attacking. Temple_Custodians.jpg Kelborn tosses a frag grenade nearly destroying three at once. Kal is struck two vicious times bringing him to a knee. The custodians seem to have learned from the first one destroyed on the ground floor as they float out of reach of the lightsabers forcing Corraun and Leeloo to leap into the air to destroy them. Trusting in his beskar armor Kelborn leaves himself open waiting from the next tentacle lash, with great timing he grabs the tentacle and wraps it dangerously around his wrist and yanks the droid to the ground giving Leeloo and Corraun an easy target. It’s a brutal fight and Kal took the worst of it, but they destroy all the custodians on this floor and reach the stairs to the 4th floor, apprehensive of what awaits them next.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Knowledge of the Kwa, Gamloss bulbs, Force Empathic Healing, Eastern Star Temple, Temple Custodians, Zagruts.

Episode 91

Corraun awakes on the morning of the sixth day and is upset that Leeloo did not wake him for his watch. She calls him out for snapping at her and Kelborn jumps in adding fuel to Corraun’s fire. Tala walks up amd her master can see the visible signs of the darksides’ pull taking its affects. Corraun calms down focused on his charges’ wellbeing and insists she wear an Olex. Tala states she is fine and can handle it. Leading by example Corraun asks Leeloo to place the Olex on him. Consigned to the order Tala places the Olex on herself and feels the immediate relief as the weight of the darkside is lifted, but it is also the first time she can remember feeling so far from the force.

Everyone is in sour moods as they set off for another day or hard traveling. A few hours later while walking along an old Rancor game trail the group takes a short break. Viewers see Mesta go off to the side to take care of nature and from the shadows behind her is a multi-colored aposematic sheath of viper hide, it becomes clearer that it is not a Kodashi Viper, but the skin of one covering an arm. The arm covers her mouth and the other arm whisks her quietly into the shadows.

A few minutes later a dozen barbarians wearing Kodashi viper skins ranging from a little to a lot, attempt to ambush the heroes. It quickly becomes obvious that the raiders are trying to kill the male party members and subdue the two females. Kelborn uses his wrist flame thrower to grab the attention of several and runs to Leeloo’s side. Tala is struck by a bone club and dazed, but before the filthy barbarian can grab her he is dispatched by Corraun’s lightsaber. Kal squares off with one the veteran warriors covered heavily in viper skins. Throwing off a still burning hide-skin cap a large half Zabrak reveals grossly misshaped crown of horns and grabs hold of Leeloo and drags her into the jungle, but they don’t get far before Kelborn’s blaster bolt evaporates most of his skull. Kal is trading blow for blow with his opponent. Corraun moves into the dense jungle to end a barbarian archer, but the size of his light staff works against him in these conditions leaving him open for counter attack. Before the archer can take advantage Tala leaps over and runs her saber through the man and notes this is the third time she has saved him. With Kal shooting dead the last one Leeloo finds tracks of where Mesta was dragged off.

Leeloo sets off immediately following the tracks, Kelborn goes with her. The others tend to their wounds and Corraun searches the dead for any signs of which tribe they belong to. He does identify a symbol on them, but does not recognize it. He also discovers several of them have birth deformities. The tracking is slow going and the others follow markings left by Kelborn and catch up to Leeloo as she finds the Barbarian’s village. The village is built on a plateau with a mix of soil, grass land and moss covered natural stone. A small river is running west to east. Thick trees surround the north, south and west. To the East they hear a waterfall. A very quick estimate places it at 40 or so warrior barbarians. The camp has several huts, but there is a massive, by comparison to the others, hide-skin tent in the center. This structure has a base of stone and the rest covered in hides. The barbarians appear to be going about daily business, there is even a paddock of strange two legged animals with blue hides and with black stripes. Then to both Leeloo and Corraun’s surprise they spot female barbarians and a few children. Leeloo for the first time sees the tribes crude symbols carved about and something about it rings familiar, but she just can’t place it.

Corraun even through the Olex is able to reach out with the force and sense Mesta with in the main tent. Tactically Kal and Corraun note they should observe the camp from multiple positions for the next several hours until night fall and then attempt a rescue mission. Leeloo refuses to wait anywhere near that time worried about Mesta’s condition and what they could be doing to her. A plan is formed for Leeloo to use her ability to manipulate animals to cause the unidentified creatures in the paddock to attempt to break free and use this as a distraction. Leeloo pushes the command into their heads, but finds their minds very unusual and their nature too docile for the violence needed for escape. Leeloo suggests a new plan for her to be captured and then taken to Mesta. Corraun and Kelborn agree for the first time that this is a bad idea. Leeloo asks for a better one, but none are to be had other than Tala’s who states they should just go straight in and fight them all. Ignoring Tala’s plan the party agrees with Leeloo. While preparing she pulls Kelborn aside.

Leeloo knowing she may die in the next few minutes reveals that she had seen Kelborn the previous night looking at his locket and she had seen his daughter Ina before during her brief time with Redora and the Mandolarians a few months back. Ina was one of many young women being trained by the Night sisters. These recruits where a mix of the stolen children from Tapani and force sensitives among the Mandolarians and their conquered worlds. Kelborn refuses to believe it at first. Leeloo says that there may still be time to save her before she becomes too corrupt and promises to help him find her. Kelborn promises not to try and kill Leeloo until his daughter is safe.

The two return and Leeloo hands her lightsaber over to Kelborn and they exchange and few knowing words, making both the Jedi uncomfortable. Leeloo enters the village acting like she is frightened and searching for Mesta. She is spotted almost immediately. A handful of barbarians grab her and begin to tear at her robes, equal parts examining and foundling her. She is without a doubt the most beautiful woman they have ever seen and a few can’t contain themselves and attempt to pin her down right then and there. A few others fight this decision and want to take her to the main tent. The heroes are trapped watching this and holding back the urge to help Leeloo. With a gutted barbarian on the ground the slightly more reasoned barbarians win out and they take her to the main tent. Leeloo is taken to the center and tied to a massive stake. Mesta and another figure that is tough to make out are also tied up. Mesta looks bruised and shaken, but otherwise unharmed.

Once they are left alone Leeloo asks who with other person tied up, the tattered robed figure moves so they can now see each other and introduces herself as Servina. Leeloo is shocked to find out that after 40 years she is still alive. Servina.jpg Seeing Servina does jog her memory of the symbol these barbarians wear, it’s a crude rendering of the Prelate’s signet. Servina explains that after renouncing her rank and leaving the Sisters 40 Years ago she continued her fascination with the Great Eastern Star Temple and its Guardian. She moved near the Eastern temple and tried to live in harmony with a dying out isolated tribe. Things began well and they respected her, but during the first long night their savagery took hold. She could have killed them, but instead allowed their brutality against her. She did not want to kill them, they needed to be taught and she partially gave in as punishment for leaving the sisters.

Hoping for more success with the next generation she birthed male and even some female babies for years while trying to teach them to resist the Long Night. She like Redora is a Dathomorian direct from Mother Mira’s line and has a 130 year life span. After 30 years of trying to teach them, but only to have each Long Night cycle erase all of her work she gave up on the barbarians and lived alone in the wild. It was during this time that she met the Kwi, the creatures Leeloo has seen in the paddock, and truly began to learn about the Star Temples.

Before Servina could continue two barbarians enter and argue at which one they take first to get ready for Uunt. They choose Mesta and Leeloo screams at the top of her lungs to signal the heroes to attack. They spring to action and move from the safety of the tree line towards the main tent. Corraun reaches it first and cuts an opening in the side. Kelborn and Kal rush in. Corraun shouts for Tala to stay next to him. Kelborn cuts lose Leeloo’s bonds while the guards attack him. The villagers begins arming themselves. Kelborn speaking to Mesta mistakenly calls her Ina and he promises to get her out safely. Leeloo tells her to go with him, but she insists they rescue Servina as well. Leeloo still disgusted by her heretical goals asks Servina if she wants to go with them. Servina thinks on it for a moment and then agrees, but only once the captive Kwi are freed. Kal is holding back barbarians in the tent while Corraun and Tala try and keep them out. Tala is clubbed and dazed, but before she can recover she is knocked unconscious by another brute. Corraun shouts for assistance.

Servina using the force lifts the tents’ center pole weighing over 1000 pounds and shots it to the paddock breaking the fences allowing the Kwi to flee. 250px-Kwi-SWREP24.jpg Kelborn grabs Mesta and jetpacks out of the tent. A few archers fire and a poison tipped arrow breaches his armor. Leeloo follows behind him and see an opening to get away, but thinking about Corraun’s call for aide she decides to go back. Kal using his powerful cyber legs leaps over the heads of several barbarians to get outside as well. Leeloo reaches a surrounded Corraun. Every time he cuts down a tribesmen to make room to flee, another just fills in. Leeloo becomes over whelmed and is grabbed by several men. She tries a mind trick to get free, but too many are holding on. Kelborn angered that Leeloo went back sets Mesta down next to Kal and heads for Leeloo. Servina uses the force to explode the stones of the main structure giving Corraun a chance to scoop up Tala and run, which he does. Kelborn lands and shots one of Leeloo’s captors, but is quickly mobbed by the warriors. Corraun saves Kelborn and gets him to the others, but now a large hunting party returns led by a powerful pale skinned barbarian.

Just when it’s looking its most dire Servina uses the force to create the sound of a very close Malkloc. This distracts and frightens’ the barbarians enough that all let get of Leeloo except one. Using seduction and Jedi Mindtrick she convinces her one captor to stop holding both her arms and caress her instead. As soon as one of her arms is free she uses the force to free her other arm. Angered he tries to club her, she ducks and uses the force to run far from him and to reach the others.

Kal is laying down covering fire while Corraun cuts down the few nearby barbarians. Mesta finds that Kelborn is bleeding to death and field dresses is wounds. Servina catches up as the Barbarians realize there is no Malkloc and it was some kind of trick. Finding themselves between a rock and a hard place the heroes have no choice but to follow the river to the sounds of the water fall to the east. Running over slippery moss covered rocks they dangerously halt at the edge of the waterfall as they look over and see a 160 foot plunge down, seconds thoughts are met by a horde of angry barbarians charging down upon them.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Lost Barbarian Tribe, Ex-Prelate Servina, Kwi.

Episode 90

During the second day of travel the party enters a bog. Padawan Tala notices a nest of multi-colored Kodashi Vipers in the nearby trees while Kelborn spies the fin of a Kamurith just above the water. Attempting to scare any creatures off Kelborn shots a gout of flame at the Kamurith and log it was hiding behind. Before the others can react they see movement all of around them. Mesta shouts out that they must have stumbled upon a Kamurith nest. The heroes are attacked by a dozen vicious Kamurith defending their home. Corraun move up to hold a line with Kal and Tala. Leeloo is defending Mesta while Kelborn Jet packs onto a rock for the high ground. Kal punches one that gets too close while firing his blaster pistol at another. Tala is swarmed by three and knocked out of her wits by a whipping tale. Mesta goes and drags Tala to safety. Kelborn’s carbine makes quick work of the giant lizards and he doesn’t hesitate to gloat about how many more he killed then the force users.

After the battle Kelborn begrudging allows Kal to treat to a few minor cuts he sustained. They continue traveling throughout the day and make camp for the night. Corraun is concerned about Tala’s ability to withstand the pull of the darkside and accepts Leeloo’s help in talking to the young Padawan. Tala immediately lashes out at Leeloo’s presumptions to impart any wisdom on to her, since Leeloo is a quitter.

The next day of travel is grueling, but with some good decisions and perceptive eyes they avoid any creatures large enough to want to eat the party. That night the tension in the camp is the worst it has been during the trip, nearly everyone is finding and voicing fault with each other. The fourth day proves to be as successful as the last, but the weight of the darkside is beginning to get to Tala and Corraun to a lesser degree. Their luck runs out on the fifth day while in a small clearing they are ambushed by eight vine cats. vine-cat_3.jpg

Mesta is almost immediately knocked to the ground by one of the big cats. To the shock of the others Leeloo uses the force and then leaps atop of Mesta and pretends to paw and bite her. Kelborn is baffled and darts over to help her as she is a sitting duck. To Kelborn’s surprise the large cats ignore Leeloo and Mesta and swarm Kelborn. One claw tear underneath his chest plate and rips it lose as the other two land claw and tooth causing the Mando bounty hunter to lose consciousness. Kal using his blaster rifle with precision kill one of the vine cats atop Kal. Corraun and Tala shout to get the attention of the other six remaining Vine cats. One cat bites Corraun’s hand sending his light saber flying. Tala looking to outshine her new master jumps into the middle of the fray buying time for Corraun to force pull his saber back in hand. With a handful of fresh wounds the party slays the last of their would be predators.

Kal immediately checks on Kelborn and finds he is still alive, but will be out for a minute or so. Tala begins to inspect Kelborn’s armor and Corraun gives her a brief lesson on finding the gaps in the Beskar armor. Kelborn awakes to this and is rather upset. This carries over to his questioning of Leeloo and how she was ignored by the vine cats. She explains her gifts with touching animal’s minds. This gives Kelborn pause and rethinking of attempting to defeat her again on Dathomir.

Even with Kelborn’s armor damaged the group choses to press on. A few hours later while walking the barometric pressure rapidly changes allowing a rolling orange cloud of denser fog to cut its way through the jungle. Moving like tendrils of a spectral hand. Mesta explains this is a rolling poison fog that will burn upon contact to flesh. Just then a murder of Saurian Fliers swarm overhead.

The heroes take cover as they normally do, but this time they are spotted. The 13 Fliers circle in a downward spiral like a tornado of razor sharp teeth and talons. Surian.flier.jpgThe group puts their differences aside and form a circle around Mesta. One by one they swoop by slashing at the heroes and then are nearly 50-feet up in the sky before a light saber can swing at them. Kal and Kelborn work together teaming up to shoot them down one at a time. Leeloo touches the mind of a flier and summons one to land next to her so she may mount it.

A hungry flier grabs Tala by the shoulders and hoists her up into the air. She manages to kick it ineffectually, but Kal and Kelborn shoot it dead and Corraun uses the force to catch Tala before she can hit the ground. This annoys Tala has her master had another flier in range of his saber and should have killed it rather than worry about her, she had it right where she wanted it. Kal proves deadly accurate with his rifle and quickly makes himself a prime target. Corraun and Tala work together as fluidly as they did back on Helios dropping flier after flier. Meanwhile Leeloo is now mounted on a winged beast and begins cutting down Saurians while in the air.

Corraun reaches out in the force and hurls a flier into the ever nearing rolling poison fog. The creature screams out and the darkside attempts to grab root with in the Jedi Knight, but he resists it. The poison fog roll closer in random directions and Kal is caught in it. The remaining flesh on his body begins to burn with great searing pain. The last aggressive flier attempts to grab Mesta and fly off with some food, but she ducks in time and the winged beast leaves empty handed. The fog is getting closer and closer so the heroes run having to quickly turn and maneuver away from the fog. Leeloo is soaring above on her mount giving directions to avoid the fog ahead. Finally the pressure in the area changes and the rolling poison fog heads in another direction.

The party moves a bit further on and sets up camp for the night. The conversation shortly touches on why Kelborn was working for the Neo-Crusaders if he isn’t one of them. Kelborn explains that he is now a bounty hunter and takes all kinds of work. Tala jests that the republic just needs to pay the Mandos to go away then if there are all credit hungry like Kelborn. He remarks that his price for this mission can’t be measured in credits, but says no more.

Leeloo takes first watch while Kelborn works on repairing his armor. While walking around the camp Leeloo notices over Kelborn’s shoulder that he is looking at a holo-locket. It depicts a young girl nine or ten years old and to Leeloo’s surprise she recognizes the girls face. Kelborn senses someone near and quickly closes the holo-locket before turning around. Leeloo does not mention seeing the locket and they talk a bit more in private about what he had to give up to follow his beliefs and leave the neo-crusade after the events on Cathar. Through some prying on Leeloo’s behalf Kelborn mentions that his wife turned him in and he had to leave his daughter Ina behind. He took this mission so that words could be passed on to his daughter so he wouldn’t be branded a traitor in her eyes. [A careful viewer may notice that Tala’s has been slowly moving in her sleeping roll to be closer to their conversation].

Just before the last shift of watch Tala and Leeloo speak and Leeloo tries to make peace with her, While doing so she lets it slip that the Jedi Council almost sentenced Tala to Dathomir as a student, but she was saved by Corraun. Tala was shocked to hear this, she knew some of the knights where jealous of her ability, but never thought the masters saw anything but potential in her.

Just before dawn Tala and Kelborn bump into each other and nearly come to blows again. Kelborn toys with her notions of Mandolarians and feeds all the common republic fears of his people. Corraun unusually sleeps through their bickering, but Leeloo breaks up the potential fight. Tala walks away and into the sun’s morning rays revealing to the viewers she has blood shot eyes and very dark circles under them, all signs of the darkside’s pull on Dathomir.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Dathomir Rolling Poison Fog.

Episode 89

At the Jedi temple on Coruscant Knight Jax is summoned to Master Felsha after filing his evaluation report on Padawan Tala. Jax reiterates is report that Tala is not a lost cause and has potential with the right motivation and discipline. This is contrary to Master Felsha’s previous thoughts and she assigns the troubled youth to Knight Jax. She also reminds Jax to not lose another padawan so soon.

Knight Jax finds Tala roughing up a group of apprentices and tells her the news. Tala is wonders how long this will last till Knight Jax gives up on her like all of the others. She is briefy concerned when learning their next trip is to Dathomir, the planet for dangerous ex-Jedi. Just before leaving Admiral Edmond Cana speaks with Knight Jax. Cana had just arrived to see his daughter and had learned this morning that Eva was taken to Dathomir. He is upset because she should be getting the best treatment possible on Coruscant. Jax explains that nothing more could be done for her Eva here on Coruscant and the Sisters are her lost hope. Edmond has been denied permission to go to Dathomir himself, by the Republic Military do to the blockade. He doesn’t want to be out of the loop again and to ensure her safety he insists Corraun take along an associate of his to ensure all the best is being done for her.

Kal_HS.jpg Jax and Tala meet a Cyborg named Kal Vanhoven at the Rogue Star. While Knight Jax is inspecting the recent repairs of the ship Padawan Tala wasting no time gives the “flesh droid” Kal orders to take off.

Scene change to Leeloo Stannis leading injured Novice Mesta and Kelborn to the Star Temple. Kelborn makes it to the steps before succumbing to his grievous injuries. Leeloo informs Sisters Lillyana and the Prelate of the Mandolarians presence on the Dathomir and how this one helped kill his partners. Not taking any chances they pull the villagers into the temple and post extra guards. Kelborn is healed enough to be questioned vigorously by Sister Lillyana. He is reluctant at first and overtly rude, severely testing Lillyana’s patience, but eventually is offered clemency for his trespass in exchange for his candor. Kelborn believes the first group was sent to assassinate someone at the Star Temple, he doesn’t know what the second group led by Medrit Spar are up to, only that they took a speeder and loaded two crates.

With the questioning complete Leeloo learns that Sister Shoba believes she can heal Eva Cana with the Star Temples light side amplification, but it would take 10-14 hours. Lillyana insists that Leeloo turn off the temple now, before it is too late. The Prelate does not order Leeloo to do so, but explains that the good of the many must out way the few. Leeloo agrees to immediately shut of the temple and likely removing any small hope for her friend. Leeloo and the Prelate enter the secret heart of the temple and face the strange alien device. The prelate instructs Leeloo that shutting it down will be easier then starting it, she must connect with the device and synergize with the flux of power and then to slowly bring its power down. With great focus Leeloo does this, but nearly immediately the power surges on its own. Leeloo tries again to the point of exhaustion, but the power continues to restart.

Leeloo is given time to rest while Prelate Goldana ponders their predicament. Leeloo wonders if her inability to disable the temple has to do with a small voice inside of her that doesn’t want to turn the temple off and dooming Eva Cana. The Prelate isn’t convinced this is the case, but asks Leeloo to try and eliminate that emotion and to try again. With difficulty Leeloo does try to quiet that last bit of hope for Eva and replace it completely with what is best for the Sisters of the Force. Despite Leeloo’s efforts this does not work and the Prelate seems worried. With nothing else to do at the moment Sister Shoba along with two other sisters begin the healing ritual on Eva Cana.

Meanwhile The Rogue Star is granted permission by the Republic Hammerhead class warship to land on Dathomir. Corraun is concerned to see the red moon Koratas so close to the planet and explains that this signifies the Long Night where the pull of the darkside on Dathomir is at its strongest. Kal roughly makes room amongst the smaller transports already parked in the Diagon Jungle. 830px-Dathomirtcw.jpg Tala feels the oppressive weight of the Dathomir for the first time. Without a proper speeder they take a mule-hauler on board the Rogue Star to the temple of the Sisters of the Force. Upon arriving they see the village empty until a wounded and frightened villager Tisha Browter breaks the tree line. On guard are Andromeda and Sister Varga. Kal moves quickly to check the woman’s wounds and discovers most of the blood is not hers. Tisha and two villagers were out collecting ganaughts from local Amuel trees and were attacked by Whuffa worms a meter in length, twice the normal size. The other two are dead.

Once in the infirmary the three new arrivals see Kelborn for the first time and learn about the Mandolarian presence on Dathomir. Tala pledges to kill seven Mandos herself. They also observe Eva being healed. Stepping out of the infirmary they met up with Leeloo, Lillyana and Prelate Goldana and exchange information. The Prelate is shocked to hear of such large Whuffa Worms so close to the surface and fear it would be related to the trouble with the temple.

Corraun and Leeloo attempt to have a private chat, but Kelborn doesn’t want Leeloo out of his sight and attempts to follow. Padawan Tala steps in his path light saber ignited. Kelborn uses his magnetic glove to draw the pistol at Kal’s side and point it at Tala. Before things can escalate Leeloo and Corraun break it up. Kal, Kelborn and Tala are shown to guest quarters by Novice Vella. Kelborn makes some piggish advances on the attractive and naïve Novice. Kal asks to assist in the kitchens where he meets a young Student Bren Yost and learns some alarming news about what has happened to the students in the past year. While exploring Tala meets Student Ozan who conversationally pumps each other for information. Tala promises to send a message for Ozan to Republic Senator Tyan Duna.

Prior to the next meal period Leeloo and Corraun have a chance to talk about Eva and hopes of her recovery. Leeloo does not reveal her attempts to shut it down before Eva could be healed. Kelborn speaks with Novice Vella again and learns about the Olex and its ability to surprise force abilities. He begins persuading her to provide him with one so that he can save the Sisters against the monstrous Neo-crusaders.

At supper Tala invites Ozan to share a table with all of them; Kal, Kelborn, Leeloo and Corraun. Everyone speculates on what the Neo-crusaders are up to on Dathomir and why they arrived in such a covert manner. The conversation quickly devolves into religious and political debates leading several participants to lose their appetite including Corraun who nearly loses his temper. Tala follows after him seeing that he is upset.

Corraun and Kal return to the infirmary awaiting to hear if it is a success or not. Many hours later Shoba reports they are nearly finished and expect a 100% recovery, but offers to not heal her most recent memories. Corraun brings Leeloo to help decide. Leeloo doesn’t hesitate and says yes, leave those memories behind. Corraun trusts Leeloo’s opinion in this matter. Kal is not so sure. Sister Shoba says it’s not an exact science she’d have to go back to a fixed point like a beacon that Shoba could find. Dathomir leaves it mark on everyone even the non-force sensitive. Like a ring with in a tree, Shoba can find the point of when she was last here and not heal the memories beyond. Leeloo knowing that when Eva awakes she’ll go back to disliking her and in love of Tyan Duna, but none the less convinces Kal to agree. He does, but says he won’t lie to Eva. All in agreement Shoba goes back for the final moments of healing.

After trying to shut the temple off once again without success Leeloo is summoned to meet with the Prelate Goldana, Lillyana, & Helene, Corraun joins as well. After much thought and research Goldana believes the self-re-initializing of the amplification indicates some control from elsewhere. It’s not common knowledge, but this isn’t the only Star Temple on Dathomir. They know of three total, but a few partially translated wall reliefs indicate at least four. Goldana says, “When necessary we refer to ours as the North Star Temple. A sister long ago has placed eyes on to the South. The Eastern temple was found almost 50 years ago by one of our greatest Sisters Lillyana scoffs at this – Goldana gives her a stern look and continues who eventually became our previous Prelate. According to her the Eastern temple is nearly double in size.”
Over the years it was theorized that this great Eastern Temple was the first one built on Dathomir and may hold a connection or even dominion over the others. If true this could be the cause of why it can’t be deactivated here. It was left on too long and triggered some effect to one or more temples.
Prelate says, “We don’t know how much time we have before these tremors turn catastrophic. We need someone to go to the Eastern Temple and see if ours can be shut down from there.”

Lillyana volunteers, but the Prelate says no she must go after the Mandolarians and can’t be spared. Goldana must go herself. Lillyana objects pointing out that she is likely a target. Leeloo agrees and offers to go. Goldana warns this will be very dangerous. Besides the usual danger of traveling on Dathomir the “Long Night” is approaching and the creatures of Dathomir will be more aggressive than ever. Secondly, you’ll recall the teachings of the first days of Mother Mira. When she led them to the Star Temple old history says it wasn’t safe inside. Mira and her two sisters entered alone for 3 days before coming out and reporting it was now safe. What dangers lay inside is unknown. Former Prelate and then Sister Servina never made it inside the temple, she was warned off, by the temple’s guardian.
Historian, Sister Helene says that 50 years ago Servina reported that upon approaching the steps of the eastern temple the ground shook with tremendous force a Whuffa Worm the size of a Malkloc broke through the ground. Lillyana interrupts, “She was a coward and likely grossly exaggerated. Once a quitter, always” Goldana, upset interrupts and says that is enough and excuses Lillyana, who storms out.

Corraun offers to go with Leeloo. The Prelate thanks the Jedi and apologies to Leeloo for having to face such dangers and hold such responsibility. It is agreed they’ll leave at first light.

In the hall Leeloo and Corraun speak to Sister Lillyana and ask about the former Prelate Servina. Lillyana report that Servina left the Sisters of the Force for differences in ideology, specifically because of the separation of men & women. She felt they could use the Temple’s amplification to cure the men of their rage. When that was shot down she urged for a movement to just teach the young boys to control their anger. Finding no support in such a wild idea she shocked everyone by renouncing her position and left the temple. That was 40 years ago.

Eva is awake and Kal feeds her some soup. She is shocked by his appearance, but he insists for her to rest. She is confused as her last memory is getting ready to leave on a salvage vessel and saying good bye to Dathomir. Corraun speaks with her and assures her everything will be alright, but that he needs to leave for a little while. Leeloo is listening from the other room. Before falling back asleep Eva calls out for Tyan.

Novice Vella believing she is doing the best thing for her sisters gives an Olex to Kelborn so that he’ll be protected while hunting the Neo-Crusaders and wishes him a safe return. Shortly after that Leeloo collects Kelborn for the trip to the Eastern Star Temple. Kal feeling that Eva is in safe hands and unable to travel yet agrees to lend his rifle as well.

It is a six day walk to the Eastern Star temple and the heroes are provided a map. Sister Helene sees them off placing Olex on both Kal and Kelborn to protect them from the Long Night in seven days. She provides ones for Corraun and Tala to be used as needed.

A Saurian watches the party leave the temple and enter the Easter Jungle. It flies into the air; beaming scroll of vision back to Night Sister Sy’rie with a Mando setting up a long range holo transmitter from a crate. Redora.jpg Redora’s holo-image comes on and says, “I see the Mandolarians have reached you successfully.”

Syrie.jpg Sy’rie replies, “Yes Sister”.

Redora asks “How goes the progress on uniting the Barbarian tribes?”

Sy’rie Replies, “The large green Mandolarian has already been successful in killing one of the tribe chiefs.”

Redora says, “I’m not surprised between their training and their near-invincible armor the barbarians don’t have a chance. Now regarding the primary task are you ready?”

Sy’rie tells Redora about Jax and Leeloo’s presence. Redora thinks for a moment and says, “This doesn’t surprise me, it reasonable the Prelate would summon Leeloo to return and turn off the temple, if Goldana could have done it herself she would have by now.”

Sy’rie says, “Does this change our plans?”

Redora pauses in thought “Yes, but for the better. This is what I want you to do”

Scene ends

Towards the end of the first day of travel Kal and Kelborn spot Mesta following them. The entire party is upset at her appearance as they are too far to take her back and unarmed they can’t send her away. Mesta explains she just wants to help and promises not to slow them down.

While looking for suitable place to camp for the night they come across a pack of images0904E17I.jpg Kamurith feasting on a giant egg. While skirting around them they hear and feel the roar of a Malkloc. The Kamurith scatter as the legs of the seven story tall giant lizard crushes trees around them all. In frantic struggle to get out of the way the heroes scatter as the giant’s clawed talons crush everything beneath its steps. The Kamurith lash out with tooth and tail to all when they run past. Leeloo surmises that the Malkloc can smell the egg remains on the Kamurith and they are being targeted, but each step the massive lizard takes could kill any of them.

Tala begins taunting the colossus while narrowly rolling and darting out of its way. Leeloo helps Mesta to her feet and out of harm’s way. Kal is lightly nudged by a moving foot and send flying, fortunately his new augmentations make him harder than normal folk. Kelborn attempting to help Leeloo from charging Kamurith fires his blaster. Mesta warns against shooting, because the sound of the blaster fire is similar to the buzzing a Zugget, which is a man sized winged insect that in swarms harass the Mulklocs. Nearly out of the clearing Kal is trapped with a giant paw in his path. He controls his panic and stands still waiting for it to move and hoping when it does it wouldn’t be in his path. His patience pays off after several heart pounding moments the foot moves and as soon as it lifts Kal makes a run for it.

Kal joins the others and verbally tears into Padawan Tala for being so reckless in a battle. She shrugs it off stating now one was hurt. At camp later that night Corraun dressed down Tala in private about her taunting of the creature. Tala explains it was her plan to get the attention on her and away from the non-Jedi. Corraun tells her to inform him of her plans next time. Tala concedes to if she has time.

Mesta apologies to Leeloo again and thanks her for the help escaping the Mulkloc. Leeloo tells Mesta that being friends with her is dangerous and she should keep her distance. Mesta reminds Leeloo that she is part of a sisterhood and anyone of them would sacrifice themselves for the other. Their unity makes them stronger.

Jedi Jax and Tala must continue struggling against the intense pull of the darkside. The night is alive with distant and not so distant roars and buzzing of the thousands of lethal creatures of Dathomir making it difficult to truly rest for all those except for the two Novices.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Lavahn Tala is assigned to Knight Jax, Kal Vanhoven, Eva is healed but loses her memories back to E.58, see a Mulkloc (lower half) for the first time.

Episode 88

Jax is called to a small council chamber and meets with masters Dulwen & Felsha. Andor congratulates Jax on putting an end to Savik, Felsha points out that he escaped. “Praise will lose all value and meaning if we give it out for failures.” she points out that Jax is a knight now and doesn’t need to be coddled like a Padawan. Andor gets back on track of the meeting; there is a troubled Padawan that needs evaluation. This Padawan had been deemed a discipline case and incompatible by her first knight Ros Moonwood. She was unassigned and sent back for more training. Recently she was assigned to two more knights, but after a very short time both Knights deemed her incompatible with their style of teaching and found her to be incorrigible.

Master Felsha says, “It became obvious she would never make Knighthood so I was content to assign her to the archives…This has proven to be problematic as well. Master Andor Dulwen has a theory that her authority issues stem from a lot of respect from life & death situations.”


Andor says “We want you to take her out on an assignment and evaluate her.” Felsha adds, “And if you find her unsatisfactory & incorrigible a final decision will be made on her status as a member of this order.”

The task was petitioned for republic assistance recently, but turned down as a local matter. It should serve as a perfect opportunity for evaluation. Andor says, “And equally good opportunity to help this small system.” Local pirates of the Palmita System (mid rim) have kidnapped a citizen of Helios, the capital city on Palmita. Apparently the pirate leader has a vast following and sees himself as some kind of warlord. Helios’ local defense force has been unable to retrieve the hostage. You are to assist in the return of the citizen to his rightful place by negotiation or force as necessary. You’ll find Padawan Lavhan Tala in the Library.

In the library Jax meets with Sage Master Ru Bailio.


Ran_Dayble.jpg Master Bailio directs Jax to Padawan Ran Dayble. Dayble is a 30 year old human Padawan with insufficient force ability to ever achieve knighthood, but like most in the same predicament can serve the order in other ways. He seems relieved to have a break from Padawan Tala. Dayble knows Knight Jax by reputation having read all of his mission records and is a real fan.

Moving through the library they turn a corner of data-stacks and a young Padawan girl leaps down and ignites her light saber, nearly giving Dayble a heart attack, she force pushes him into a stumble and back into a stack just before a blaster Lavahn_Tala.HS.jpg bolt fires past missing him, but damaging a data bank. She begins missile deflecting a floating training pod set on a painfully high setting. Corraun using TK shuts the droid off.

Dayble is mortified at this and demands to know what she was thinking! She replies, “Gayble you told me my cataloging skills were atrocious and that I could conduct private study as long I don’t leave the library, so that’s exactly what I did. I wanted to study missile deflecting so I had a student bring me a training ball, what’s the big deal?” Dayble replies “What’s the big deal? You could have ruined precious pieces of history and knowledge? It’s madness enough to have a training droid in the great library, but why in the world would you have it set nearly on lethal?” She replies, “How else am I am going to learn? You can’t learn Checzon’s odyssey by merely learning the Ryll alphabet. Geesh.”

Corraun introduces himself and with irritation Padawan Tala immediately thinks she is being reassigned to another Jedi Knight who can’t keep up with her. Jax explains that she is tasked to join him for ONE assignment. Battling a battle a warlord pirate gains her attention.

With Eva’s condition on Jax’s mind he chooses to leave immediately and the fastest travel to Palmita would be in a pair of A-wings, a 17-hour trip. Corraun asks if Tala is qualified on starfigthers, which she reports having top scores in simulators and doubts there is a better pilot then her. Corraun asks if she has heard of Leeloo Stannis. Tala replies no, but she doesn’t bother with history of old Jedi from eons ago, but whoever she was the Stannis is just lucky Tala wasn’t around then or even data-worms like Jax won’t have heard about her either. Corraun lets it go and begins testing the young Padawan on all of her decisions including choosing of space craft.

Corraun’s first impression of Tala runs parallel with Master Felsha. Tala is a brash smart-mouthed youth who lacks respect of her betters and is incredibly confident of her abilities and feels she doesn’t have much to learn and certainly not from Knight Jax.

17-hours later they arrive to Palmita and see the lush planet screened by a sparse asteroid field, with very dense pockets. Along with the red-brown moon of Hazempoor, which appears to be colonized. While seeking landing coordinates from Helios to land with the city shield up, they are waved off by the defense force due to a current pirate attack. Right then the two Jedi are fired up by six first generation Star Darts. Piloting Aurek A-Wing fighters in atmosphere proves less than ideal, Corraun tells Padawan Tala to stay on his wing and to fight together. She immediately sets out on her own and nearly one-shots the first Pirate StarDart leaving Jax to pick up he spare and riding her wing.

Lavahn’s overconfidence gets her in trouble as her shields fail early in the fight and she loses her forward guns, which she blames on the techie back on Coruscant. Corraun tells her to stay defensive until her astromech can repair the damage. Instead Lavhan switches to the highly inaccurate proton torpedoes and manages to take out another pirate with a direct hit. Corraun is forced to spend the rest battle blasting StarDart’s off of Padawan Tala’s tail. With the last one destroyed Jax reports back to the Helios tower and speaks with Defense General Saxon who reports that a ground force is attempt to take out the north city shields.

The two Jedi land in time to engage a small army of pirates armed with a few swoops and three low tech land speeders mounted with turrets attacking a shield generator. Corraun quickly takes out the nearest gunner and turns the turret against a second speeder. This causes a small portion of the pirates to turn their attention away from the remaining defense force defending the generator. Jax and Tala fall into an easy banter as they go after the next speeder. Tala now using a turret without any training finishes off a speeder that Corraun started one, but is shot in return.

Corraun disables the last speeder turret, but small arms fire of the pirates are about to destroy the generator. A cheer from the few defenders can be heard when a PT-AT walker arrives piloted by Helios Defense Captain Noel Dulgar. Between Corraun and the walker the pirates flee to their ships, but never make it off planet. After the battle Corraun asks Padawan Tala to identify one thing she did right in that battle and two things she should have done better. Tala states everything she did was right and nothing wrong. Corraun points out her being shot, but she makes a cause that she had to risk herself to save the generator.

The two are given a ride to the Capital and the Ministry building specifically. The city is beautiful, crisp, and clean white buildings with well-dressed citizens about. The Jedi are surprised to learn that the grandest building isn’t the Ministry building, but is actually Dr. Helio’s Science Librium & academy.

They first meet city secretary Edos Omayos, Edos_Omayos.jpg who offends Padawan Tala for being ignored.

They are then introduced to Prime-Minster Linth Polaras & General Saxon and thanked for their aid today.


They mention the pirates have never been so bold to attack the city, only grain & supply shipments until five days ago when Helios’s most gifted mechanical engineer was kidnapped; Hersh Fivven, a young man age 17, a true savant with machines & parts. Hersh was out in the field with a repair team working on an upgrade to the city’s shields when the Madoon pirates attacked killing the team and taking Fivven. No word of ransom yet. Helios Defense General Nei Saxon speculates a few theories for the abduction: 1) Ransom, 2) Using his skills to improve their star ships and vehicles, or 2) He believes they may be forcing Fivven to tell them a weakness in the system, the general doesn’t know of one, but if anyone could find one it would be Hersh. Corraun asks more about these Madoon pirates. Omayos explains their planet’s history:

Palmita started as a small human colony 420 years ago. Perhaps 2,000 years ago a massive asteroid collided with Palmita’s only moon Hazempoor leaving an asteroid field causing regular meteoroid showers and thus the need for city-shields. Hazempoor was found to be rich with Flamidium and was their only export. This income allowed the planet to flourish. A penal colony was established on the moon and the prisoners offered shorten sentences in exchange for mining. The released prisoners were not welcomed back to the planet proper and many started new lives on Hazempoor as miners. Over the next few hundred years two separate societies formed; the Palmites and Hazempoorans. On Palmita the Helios family laid the ground work for alternative resources other than Flamidium.

Using their family funds bought terra-formers to transform the formerly arid planet into a highly profitable agricultural world. They eventually named the capital city after the family. This spawned a self-reliance and cultural and scientific boom. The Helios line continues today with Victros Helios a premier scientist. This also ended all claims to the Flamidium mines on Hazempoor. All was well for a long while with the societies separate, but eventually with the galactic need for Flamidium declining so did life on Hazempoor while cities like Helios continued to thrive. Starting ten years ago Helios started charitable aide to Hazempoor, food, education and medical clinics.

According to prime-minister Linth Polaras these charitable acts caused the Hazempoorians to resent the people of Helios, which has grown over the last few years. This opened the door for a Pirate called Jom Madoon to raid them and seek shelter on Hazempoor for likely some percentage going to the Hazempoor elders.

The meeting is interrupted by the appearance of Dr. Victros Helios who walks in like he owns the place and instantly puts the Prime-Minister and General on edge. V.Helios.jpg He asks what the commotion was about this morning. They are surprised that he doesn’t know the city was attacked. Learning this Dr. Helios hardly responds to the news. Upon meeting the Jedi and learning they are here to retrieve Fivven he wishes them success as Fivven is a triumph of his. Lavahn tells them not to worry this is any easy task. They learn that the pirate attacks today came from a dense asteroid cluster that they commonly use to hide in. The Jedi head to the military building to get a loaner star fighter as Tala’s is still damaged.

They meet Capt. Dulgar in the flesh who lends Corraun his personal craft.


They reach the asteroid cluster and find a large modified freighter guarded by well hidden StarDarts attached to floating asteroids. They are quickly surrounded, but Corraun forces Lavahn to stay her hand and not attack while he radios their identity and wish to negotiate. To the Padawan’s surprise the ships are called off at the last moment and they’re allowed to board the Crescent Moon. Upon landing they are surrounded by agitated and nervous pirates. Lavahn nearly gets them both killed when she makes a nervous pirate jump just to put fear in him. They are met by the pirate first mate Bloc and he demands them to turn over their lightsabers. Lavhan is unwilling to part with hers, but finds a way to negotiate keeping it. Corraun notes that Tala is cool under pressure, but to a degree of being reckless. They are taken to the bridge and meet Pirate Captain Jom Madoon. Jom_Madoon.bmp

Tensions build on the bridge when they see Hersh Fivven as prove of life, he appears terrified. Madoon loses his temper when Lavhan admonishes them as kidnapping pirates. Jom tells them his side of the story. Madoon is a native Hazempoorian and over a year ago got suspicious that his people started going missing and the only common factor was during the time of Helio’s charitable services. Madoon believes they are exploiting his people and taking the fringe members of society that won’t be missed. With no proof the small collection of elders of Hazempoor did not believe him and did not want to risk the coveted aide of Palmita. Madoon lost a child 10 years ago and this hit a personal cord with him so he found likeminded brothers and started pirating Palmita in hopes of stealing enough for his people that they won’t need to accept the “aid” any longer.

A week ago Madoon’s men were spying on the shield generator upgrades planning a daring night raid of the city, a quick grab and go. Madoon reviewed the reports and spotted Hersh, his son who went missing 10 years ago and was presumed dead. The next time Hersh left the city he was rescued. They killed his guards; there wasn’t any innocent repair workers. Hersh is also not just gifted by skill with machines, but his eyes and portion of his brain were modified to allow him to see in the electrical magnetic spectrum, metal machine parts practically sing to him and he can build almost anything in his mind first or find a single part with in a pile of thousands. Jax and Tala witness his eyes change under stimulation, like nothing Jax had seen before.

His birth name is actually Atticus Madoon not Hersh Fivven Hersh.jpg and he was one of the first batches of subjects stolen from the moon Hazempoor for Victor Helios’ secret experiments. This has led him to be very shy, reserved and socially awkward. Hersh’s mind was doctored to believe he was in an accident as a child and saved by Dr. Helios.

Corraun speaks to Hersh/Atticus in private who doesn’t remember anything before ten years ago, but only wants to serve the greater good. Repeating that Doctor Helios says all must serve the greater good and that Dr. Helios is a great man designing the future. Through questioning Corraun and Lavahn read between the lines and hear enough to believe this young man was experimented on and an innocently believes what he was told. This situation of being kidnapped and then told he has another name and a father has made his slight mental disorder even more distinct. Madoon says he will make Dr. Helios and the Prime-minister pay for their horrible crimes. The two Jedi vow to handle this matter, Jom says if they don’t then he will.

Back on Helios they sneak into the Science Librium and Corraun is nearly given a heart attack by some of Lavahn’s actions, but finds them although unorthodox and infuriating they are helpful. They eventual set off alarms and using non-lethal means disable the guards. Eventually they reach a secret office of Dr. Helios and find his hand-written journal with over 190 years of entries and the most recent entry about a new dawn of evolution nearly at hand.

The lights in the room go out and a door opens to a laboratory. They enter to find a mad-scientist’s lab with a dozen blue-green fluid tanks with floating nude bodies with in.


The room is occupied with four private guards and Dr. Helios. After some brief banter back and forth Helios admits he did kidnap and experiment on Atticus Madoon and that he was one of his first true successes. Many of his early works could not hold the cellular changes and they would break down into a pools of goo. He explains that as a young man he did not believe in a god or single creator, he knew of the force, but understood it’s nothing more than an element of the galaxy and he was never in awe of it. Like radiation from a star.

But through science he found what he calls a god-gene with in humans that allows for unlimited genetic change and potential. When he first tried to reveal this terra-shattering discovery he was thought to be mad and forced to hide his discovery. After finding ways to prolong his own life he sought to unlock this potential in humanity to become gods and to do so before the other seemingly physically superior races of the galaxy turn on humans. He notes that experimenting on species is over, he has unlocked the perfect genetic code and design the next wave of evolution motioning to the tubes, and he has become a creator of life. He has created the dominate species in the galaxy. Soon he will be ready to unleash his perfect Nu-men and secure the galaxy under one pure scientific mind. The two Jedi having heard enough offer the doctor to surrender. He tells his guards to decontaminate the room.

The guards although not members of the Nu-race are enhanced and deadly accurate with their blasters. Padawan Tala eager to prove herself chose to fight alone and pays the price. Corraun carries the majority of the battle until Helios begins to unleash a Nu-man from one of the tubes. He/it is confused when stepping out of the tank until called by Victros to make eye contact with its master and hearing the words _”I am Victros Helios the first, I am your creator obey me!”. It eyes’ focus and Helios tells it to kill Corraun.

Corraun delivers what should be a mortal wound to the Nu-man, but his organs have been moved around and modified, he also quickly regenerates damage. The only saving grace is that it appears to have not been given combat training yet. As another vat is about to open Tala leaps to cut down Victros while his back is turned, but moving with lightning speed he turns around and catches her by the throat and tosses her across the room.

Fighting alone Corraun sees that their limbs don’t regenerate at least not quickly and decapitates the first few released Nu-men. Having enough Dr. Helios cycles through the wall tubes, revealing many more than just the dozen seen upon first entering, until he finds a specific one. He tells Corraun he planned from resistance and made a warrior caste. This Nu-man is massively muscled and grabs Corraun with inhuman strength and begins tear Corraun apart with brute strength that would put a Wookie to shame. Lavahn gets back on her feet and makes Corraun ask for help, but after doing so delivers a devastating blow (Critical hit) taking the monsters’ head off at the shoulders.

By now six Nu-men are released at a time, but just before Helios can take control of them which would spell the end to Jax and Tala, Corraun uses the force to hold Victros’s head upward. The doctor fails to break free or be able to make eye contact, but manages to use a free arm to hit a control panel, which swivels a wall panel console he was at carrying him out of the room and breaking Corraun’s line of sight. Corraun realizes a self-destruct has been set and they run into the first room, but the lift is locked in place. Corraun shuts the lab doors hoping it will be enough when Lavahn left alone at the lift shouts that it’s now unlocked, a lucky break and only a master slicing could override it so quickly. They jump in and escape the worst of the blast.


Although Victros Helios is presumed to have escaped he no longer has his unlimited wealth and cart blanch support of the government after Knight Jax exposes Dr. Helios nefarious plot to a shocked Prime-Minister and Defense General. They both are reluctant to believe, but the evidence will be found in the rubble of Helios’s secret labs. Jom Madoon is satisfied with Jax’s report of the government not being involved. Corraun says good bye to Atticus and offers him aid through Jedi counseling to try and overcome some of his mental trauma. Corraun instructs Lavhan to uses the 17-hour flight home to write a report of their mission. She scafs and points out that she’s kind of had a busy day and earned some rest time. Corraun insists and she tells him to dream on.

17-hours later they arrive on Coruscant and during the speeder ride back to the temple from the star port she doesn’t mention anything about a report only that she is well rested. Just as they are parting she stops and mentions that the seat was uncomfortable so she couldn’t sleep the whole trip and got bored. She tosses him a data disc and walks off. Corraun goes to his room and reads her report before writing her evaluation to Masters Dulwen and Felsha.

Padawan Lavahn’s report is short, but not so sweet, (with a breakfast club-feel). It’s only a few passages with verses like “I proton torpedoed a pirate star ship. I destroyed a land speeder before it could destroy a shield generator.” Corraun is unsurprised reading this. Even though he had only spent a day with her he felt like he understood her, but is disappointed as it appears she did not learn anything from the trip. The short report concludes with a small conceit mentioning how “We saved the day”.

Corraun turns off her report and stares at a blank screen to write her evaluation…and perhaps decide her fate.

End of session.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Jedi Sage Master Ru Bailio, Padawan Ran Dayble, Padawan Lavahn Tala officially introduced, Hersh Fivven/Atticus Madoon, Helios Defense General Nei Saxon, Victros Helios and premier scientist, Prime-Minister Linth Polaras, Secretary Edos Omayos, Jom Madoon, PDF captain Noel Dulgar, Pirate Ger Bloc, & Nu-Men.


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