Knights of The Old Republic

Episode 82

Reegan heavily wounded returns to the Jedi Temple’s Kolto tanks. Leeloo visits Eva and reports on their victory of destroying the Bloodworks factory and discuss the next target The Dunes. Eva asks Leeloo to sit out this mission. Eva is worried about Leeloo being exposed to Red Sand again. Leeloo reveals that she has been carrying around two doses of Red Sand, but hasn’t fallen off of the wagon yet; she is too focused on fulfilling the promise of stopping Savik. Eva is surprised by this, but notes that she could be accidentally exposed during the conflict. Leeloo ponders the request and concedes to her appeal. Furthermore she agrees to hand over the two does of Red Sand to Eva once Savik is put down.

After seven days Corraun is released from the Kolto tank and meets with Jedi Master Jun Odai who is in charge of the healing arts with in the temple.


Odai reveals that 96% of the damage to Corraun suffered from the Ixetal Cilone gases has been healed, but blood tests can not reveal if the damage to his ability to connect to the force was as successfully repaired. Reegan and Leeloo watch in anticipation. Corraun reaches out the force and is able to perform the simple tests asked by Master Odai. It is a success, but there could be some interruptions over the next few weeks. Relieved the trio goes to have a bite to eat and plan their next move.

The next day they survey the Red Sands drug lab nicknamed The Dunes. After a shift change they follow a pair of workers back to their apartment. Reegan and Corraun arrest brother and sister Enook & Facy Mactinse.


Back at the temple Leeloo plays good cop and brokers a deal with Facy to tell what she knows of the operation in exchange for her and her brother’s release. They learn that within the last week security has been increased and even some rumors about a rapid response plan put in to place. Corraun formulates a plan of attack, but Leeloo pulls him aside and explains she can’t go into the factory. Corraun agrees and tells Reegan that Leeloo will just be back up. Reegan is confused, but doesn’t press the issue further.

Following Corraun’s plan Leeloo pilots a speeder to the top of the 40 foot tall anti-vehicle turrets while Corraun and Reegan leap off of the speeder and attack. The turrets get enough shots off to shoot down Leeloo’s speeder before the turrets are destroyed. Corraun leaps down to check on Leeloo as she crawls out of the wreckage. The three heroes make it to the roof of the drug lab and begin cutting their way in. Leeloo creates a distraction hole while the two Knights work together on a second hole. Eventually they cut a hole through, Reegan using Force Camouflage drops in and goes on the attack. The room is full of street scum, trained mercs and security droids. Corraun leaps in next. A hail of blaster fire rains down upon them. Fortunately several guards are focused on the decoy hole Leeloo is slowly making.

Once the second hole is nearly complete Leeloo stops and leaps away to a second speeder ready for an emergency extraction. A merc on a catwalk uses a single grenade to forces the Jedi apart and place them on the defensive. Rattled they take several grazing shots in an attempt to reach the high ground of the catwalks. Corraun engages the drug lab operator Avid Jor, but is wounded in the attempt.


Reegan tries a swipe at Jor as well, but he manages to knock her off of the catwalk. Now in a new speeder Leeloo is flying back to the Dunes when she spots a Gunship arrive at the gate and nine advance security droids armed with light repeaters storm the building. Leeloo warns Reegan to get out.

Reegan leaps back up on the catwalk as Corraun jumps to the hole they cut into the ceiling previously. One handed Corraun catches a handhold and pulls himself out. Reegan puts both of her light sabers away and attempts the same leap. She catches hold, but is trapped hanging there. Just before the entire room can fire upon her, Corraun yanks her out and to her feet.

Just when they think they are safe the Gunship hovers above the roof. Leeloo knowing that her speeder can’t last more than a few seconds against its fire power, races by the two Jedi knights without stopping or slowing. Corraun and Reegan both leap in unison. Reegan times it perfectly and latches onto a rear seat. Corraun manages to grab onto a piece of the speeder, but notices it’s just a decorative piece and before he can switch hand holds the fin breaks off leaving him to fall three stories as the speeder rockets away. Leeloo knows she can’t go back, but slows just enough to give the gunship a target to chase. Corraun uses this distraction to force run deeper into the sector and away from the lab. Leeloo pushes the speeder to its limit and beyond to lose the gunship through the city. The three meet back up at the temple where very much to Master Odai’s dismay Corraun returns to the Kolto tank less than two days after exiting it.

A few days later while Corraun is still recovering Leeloo and Reegan learn that Senator Cana has been detained after attempting to fire into a crowd at the Senate building. Media footage recorded Eva speaking at public panel regarding migration rights she suddenly stops, draws a hidden blaster and then just before she can fire into the crowd she is tackled by senate guards. Leeloo and Reegan find Eva in the Senate cells and she is in a frantic state repeating that she nearly killed Cado Reave who was in the audience. Reegan and Leeloo speak with Senate Guard Captain Rolim demanding to see footage of the event and all entrances for the past few days.


Rolim assures them that they did check the holo-feeds for any sign of Cado Reave entering the building, but he would have been spotted. It is more likely that Eva is suffering from post-traumatic disorder and imagined the whole thing. As it stands having a weapon in the senate is against the law and attempting to fire into a crowd is going to involve CSF prosecution. Her apartment is being searched for signs of terrorist activity and if nothing else is found she’ll be released tomorrow, but is suspended as a senator.

The next day Leeloo takes Eva home. It now sinks into Eva at how bad this looks and not only will likely lead to some jail time, but also being removed as a senator. Eva reveals to Leeloo that neither punishment bothers her regarding her future. Killing Cado and Savik is as far as her plans consist of these days, but this is a major embarrassment to her father. Meanwhile Reegan reviews days of footage from the Senate building following any potential lead. Eventually she spots a Gand duck into a small room and moments later a come out as a human. Playing with the angles she recognizes Cado Reave.


Reegan debates internally if she should just sit on this information and let Eva Cana become ruined and likely serve some jail time, which would serve Reegan as Eva would be torn away from Leeloo leaving Reegan has he closest friend and confidant. Or should Reegan do the moral thing and exonerate Eva by turning this footage over to Captain Rolim. Without too much struggle she tells Captain Rolim everything and attempts to get on Eva’s good side by being her savior. Leeloo and Eva are thrilled at the news. Eva is extremely grateful to Reegan.

Although this evidence goes a long way to proving Eva was in danger and isn’t crazy she still continues on suspension awaiting review from the Ethics and Violations committee. Her career will also be tainted for some time to come based on how the media portrays the event. Corraun and Reegan recommend that Eva leave Coruscant for her own safety. Leeloo says she’ll support Eva’s decision either way. Eva insists on staying till Savik is taken care of. Following this talk Corraun is concerned about Eva’s desire for revenge. This concern increases as he gets the impression that Leeloo is supporting this direction.

Leeloo walks Corraun and Reegan to their speeder outside of Eva’s apartment. Just before they start the vehicle Leeloo gets a sense of danger and tells them to stop. From a safe distance she uses the force to open the speeder’s hood. They spot what looks like an explosive device and rush back to guard Eva incase it’s a distraction. From Eva’s balcony Corraun spots a holo-com planted near the bomb, but worrying it is a trap he awaits for CSF bomb squad to check it out. As soon as the CSF arrives minutes later the speeder detonates. The viewers get a scene of Volarian showing the holo footage of the event to Savik. Savik is un-phased stating that it was Volarian’s idea to attempt an offer of peace, but seeing how paranoid the trio have become and dependent on the CSF he has nothing to worry about from them.

With failure of The Dunes, The Cannery and the spice smuggling from Ryloth Corraun and Reegan begin scouting out other tier one operations to stop. Leeloo spends even more time with Eva then before. She scans personal ads in the public galactic holo channel and spots one that fills her with hope. A short flash back to Episode 78 reveals Leeloo placing the following personal ad:

“Disappointing student seeking former teacher. Lost touch suddenly, but now have what you lost. Hope to speak with you soon. The honor has always been Mine – Pd46”

Today three weeks later Leeloo gets the following reply to her ad:

“Disappointing Student are you ready for another lesson? If so come alone to where I gave you your first examine on (date/time that translates into two days). – Former Teacher.”

Leeloo arrives alone at the old theater still littered with destroyed stick droids from her last time there. She recalls the tragic events of Episode 21 when Jedi Knight Shun Di Takiwa died here at the hands of Urnik’s Weequay bodyguards. The appearance of Asha Kawa stepping from the shadows brings Leeloo’s mind to present time.


As a sign of apology and respect Leeloo takes a knee before Lady Klaw. Asha is hesitant as first considering Leeloo’s betrayal. Lady Klaw proves that she knows a lot of what happened since fleeing Coruscant including Leeloo’s involvement in getting Savik into power with smuggling disruptors onto Coruscant. Leeloo explains why now taking Savik down is so personal and will do whatever it takes to return Asha back to her previous position as the premiere black-market information broker. Asha points out that the last few failures Leeloo’s team had suffered has weakened their attempt to show Savik’s weakness to the galaxy, but Asha could get them back on track. Before helping she requires an assurance from the Jedi that she will not be targeted once she starts business up again. Leeloo is given a private holo to call her on if the Jedi agree.

Corraun and Reegan meet Leeloo at Eva’s apartment to hear the good news. Leeloo explains the deal, but it requires the Jedi promise to leave Lady Klaw alone afterwards. Reegan is immediately suspicious and Corraun is gun-shy of making another such promise after the last time with Savik. Corraun proposes only making such a promise after Savik is stopped. Leeloo says Asha Kawa will never go for it. An argument ensues between Corraun and Leeloo over the promise and what is gained from it. Reegan and Eva try to mediate and its eventually agreed that both Reegan and Corraun will give their word that if Lady Asha Kawa helps them take down Savik then the Jedi will leave her be.

Afterwards while traveling back to the temple Corraun shares his concerns to Reegan about Leeloo working with Lady Klaw again and how much of an impact she had over Leeloo in the past. Once back at the temple and alone Reegan ponders if she made a mistake helping clear Eva’s name.

Important Introductions & Firsts:

Jedi Master Jun Odai, Enook & Facy Mactinse, Avid Jor, Senate Guard Captain Rolim.

Episode 81

Corraun is being treated at the Jedi Temple. Both Reegan and Corraun were exposed to an Ixteal compound at The Cannery. The full Ixetal Cilona is so toxic that it reduces the life span of the affected and blocks the force. Reegan’s symptoms are temporary and already wearing off. Corraun was not only exposed longer, but he was also exposed to the catalyzing component Cilone. Combined with the Ixteal already in his system this is a staggering dose. If he had arrived to the Temple even an hour later it would have been fatale. As is he’ll require at least a week in the Kolto tank to reverse the chronic life shorting effects. In addition Jedi Healers will have to battle the force connect damage or it will likely become permanent.

With nothing more that can be done for Corraun, Reegan and Leeloo focus on healing their wounds the entire next day. Following that Leeloo checks in with Eva and reluctantly tells her about the failure at The Cannery and of Corraun’s condition. Leeloo and Reegan scout out their next target The Bloodworks, another illegal weapons’ factory. After nearly 12 hours of no activity a large reinforced door opens for a delivery speeder to leave and Reegan leaps down eight stories and runs into the factory while using the force to become invisible before the door closes again. She spends an hour inside noting how many guards are within and their procedures. Unfortunately until another door opens she is trapped within. On the outside Leeloo is stuck waiting. After several more hours the speeder returns, but Reegan misses the chance to exit. After more than eight hours without word from Reegan Leeloo moves closer to the factory, but is spotted by a CSF patrol. Leeloo eludes pursuit, but the commotion causes an interior guard to go outside and see what is happening. Reegan slips passed him and escapes eventually meeting up with Leeloo.

With Reegan’s information they devise a plan to capture the next delivery vehicle and use it like a Trojan horse to gain entry. Once more they stake out the factory providing a lot of opportunity for the two young women to talk and catch up. Leeloo asks if it was true what Reegan said on Tecphon IV about her never been kissed. Finally after 17 hours of surveillance they spot the speeder leave. Reegan driving shadows the vehicle till it is a safe distance away. Leeloo leaps on to the large speeder and forces the driver to land. Reegan and Leeloo play upon the fears of the driver that Jedi can read minds and gets him to tell them everything he knows. They return to the factor and force the driver to call in and have the door opened.

Once inside Leeloo rockets passed the landing zone and right to a gangplank connected two sides of the great factory’s machine presses. The guards comprised of mostly security droids open fire. Reegan destroys an Advance Sec Droid right out of the gate while most others attack the speeder. Leeloo leaps to the gang blank before it is shot down. A sec droids clips Leeloo as she lands dazing her for a moment. A few seconds later Leeloo recovers and fighting side by side they destroy all of the advance sec droids except one.
Above in the command center with a 360-degree view a Rodian named BoBechi orders sec droids activated with protocol “K”. Leeloo is just about to strike down a standard droid on the way to the last advance model when she gets a warning from the force and notices a blinking light under the droids torso cage that wasn’t there before. With the warning she along with Reegan leap back just before the droid self detonates. The heroes look down and see the sec droids swarming the lifts to move adjacent to them and self-detonate. Reegan force pushes a nearby droid off the ledge causing it to detonate on impact of hitting the ground.

Quickly our heroes get overwhelmed, a droid steps up to the both of them and detonates. Leeloo manages to leap through an open machine press before it closes, but Reegan gets hit in the blast. With five walking bombs about to explode Leeloo grabs Reegan and starts to run down a series of conveyer belts, but a droid grabs Reegan’s ankle, Leeloo’s hand slips away from Reegan as the belt starts to move her away. Reegan using the force breaks through her dazed condition long enough to latch onto Leeloo and make it to safety on the ground floor behind a stack of weapons’ crates. They open up a crate of grenades and Reegan loops one at a group of approaching sec droids. The explosion does moderate damage to the group, but the damage was enough to cause a few to self-detonate.

Our heroes are forced to constantly move or be overwhelmed by the walking bombs. A few times while moving by the enemy Reegan and Leeloo just glance them with their light sabers, but cause enough damage to force an explosion half a second after they pass by. Eventually they make it to another crate of grenades. The sole remaining Advance Sec droid receives permission to destroy their merchandise and unloads a light repeater into the crate causing an explosion. Leeloo manages to leap out of the way and Reegan clears many meters, but still gets clipped by the edge of the blast, severely wounded and knocked unconscious. Leeloo scoops up Reegan and hides her behind an upper press. Leeloo stops her from bleeding to death and tries to wake her while walking bombs march towards them. Reegan awakes and the two take out the last Advance Sec droid.

Watching from above a frustrated BoBechi orders the last remaining droids to kill them at all cost. BoBechi.jpg
The droids begin to run wild trying to reach the heroes, even so far as attempting to fall off of ledges near them and explode on impact. This forces the heroes to make split second leaps to safety, but with each detonation it’s once less foe. Leeloo explodes the final droid with a grenade. Reegan convinces Leeloo to just use the grenades to destroy the giant presses and ignore the command center above. After the second giant machine press is destroyed windows shatter from up top and BoBechi’s men try to stop them. Leeloo deflects for Reegan while she destroys the presses. Reegan slices the locks on the lift and they head up into the lux quarters of BoBechi. Leeloo destroys an advance security droid while Reegan takes out a human guard.

They offer a chance for BoBechi to surrender, but he refuses to fail his good friend Savik and then unloads a carbine at Reegan. Leeloo deflects the blaster bolts and they slay the Rodian criminal. Reegan detects a wave of strong relief and satisfaction at his death.
Reegan overrides the exterior turrets to destroy the exterior sec droids and takes whatever files that can be easily accessed before leaving. Outside they step over the destroyed droids and take a moment to appreciate the victory before assessing their many wounds and leave.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
BoBechi (deceased)

Episode 80

Besides the drug factories on Coruscant Savik smuggles in regular shipments of illegal spices from Ryloth of which Glitteryll Mist (a narcotic spice combo that gets you high, but results in chronic memory loss) is the most profitable. The spice transport takes the Rimma Trade Route. It travels by a freighter and escort. The name of the vessel changes, but it’s always the same ship a Hoersch-Kessel Drive DY-200 Freighter and captained by Vinal Rote.


The escort consists of four Star Sabers. The route from Ryloth to Coruscant passes through a “black pause” which is a gravity well created by two mega planets called Ibeara & Soat. Travelers must drop out of hyperspace here and pass the planets using sub-light drives. Corraun. Leeloo and Reegan take Aurek Tactical Strikefighters to a small space station called Quark located in this Black Pause.


Commander Corcer has a contact in Ryloth’s corrupt customs division. Elith Madean who will contact the heroes at the Quark Cantina on a public holo when the ship leaves, giving them approximately two hours to lay in wait.

The heroes break into shifts to be near the holo-terminal. During the down time Leeloo befriends a group of freighter pilots and flirts with the freighter captain of the Tarkish-4 Rel Penin.


Corraun spots an unusual trio at the cantina, two men and a ten year old girl. They’re all dressed in dirty work clothes, but the men’s haircuts don’t match the poverty level of their attire. The next day Leeloo befriends the girl and learns her name is Nora, but doesn’t believe her story that she is escorted by her uncle.


Over time Leeloo and Corraun gain the trust of Nora and reveal they are Jedi. She tells them that she is Nora Gynn and her father is Croix Gynn owner of a Peragian fuel mine on Peragus II. A coup lead by Sid Zylvarstar had recently occurred taking over the mine, but her father was able to lock down all operations which can’t be restarted without a code. Sid wants to use Nora as leverage, but two of her father’s guards Kennison and Moekno managed to escape with her. They were headed to her uncle’s on Blistin when they suffered damage to their transport while fleeing. They are now waiting to be picked up.

A group of men enter the cantina lead by a Devaronian named Terras Ecker.


He is hired by Zylvarstar and attempts to take Nora. At the same time the holo call rings and Reegan answers, while Corraun and Leeloo spring to action to save Nora. Reegan learns that Elith’s cover was nearly blown and she was delayed. The spice ship is under the name Space Dust and left two hours ago, it should be arriving any moment. Reegan joins the fight and puts an end to Terras’ men while critically wounding him. Corraun saves Terras’ life and lets the Cantina owner Ryo Oldin take him into custody while the heroes race to the star fighters.

They reach the freighter Space Dust, which is half way through the twin planets. Corraun ID’s himself and demands they reverse course and park at the Quark station for inspection. Captain Rote stalls for a little bit before Leeloo pilots aggressively and provokes a fight. The freighter attempts to flee while the escorts distract the heroes. Leeloo in a display of amazing piloting engages all four escorts freeing Corraun and Reegan to take on the freighter. They manage to severally damage the ship, but it manages to pull away from the gravity of the twin planets and makes the jump to hyperspace before Corraun’s proton torpedoes can strike the target. Deflated the heroes return to Coruscant.

Without wasting much time back on Coruscant the heroes go to the death stick factory nicknamed The Cannery. Its exterior is guarded by a swoop gang in green and black with a stylized Rancor design and are called the Rancors. The Cannery is adjacent to an abandoned textile factory. Reegan sneaks into the abandoned building and verifies it’s empty. Leeloo attempts to distract the door guards with feminine charms while Corraun must make a 100 foot leap across the air-street. An eagle eyed guard spots Corraun land his leap. A call of alarm is rung and the heroes battle the few guards. A handful of gangers on swoops arrive as reinforcements. Leeloo hops on to a swoop to engage. Corraun uses the force to knock a few riders off to their deaths. Leeloo jousts with a rider cutting him in half while Reegan finishes off the last of the original guards.

Regrouped the heroes cut down the front door and face an onslaught of blaster fire from the awaiting gangers inside. Once inside a stray blaster bolt ruptures a chemical tank near Corraun and Reegan. Caught in the yellow mist they instantly feel a burning of their lungs and a distance from the force. Reegan moved away quickly, but Corraun is stuck in place defending himself from a shock chain wielded by a very angry Aqualish Rancor swoop ganger. One such chain strikes Reegan knocking her to the ground and then releases a deadly shock of energy, but before she can get to her feet again a second whip of chain knockers her unconscious.

Ganger after ganger is cut down by Corraun and Leeloo, a victory is within reach when an agile ganger ducks under Corraun’s blade causing the saber to tear into a chemical canister, which releases a spray of red mist. Dizziness and a haze falls over Corraun who fights on, but is greatly hampered. A voice over the intercom warns the heroes that 40 more swoops gangers are nearly there. With much hesitation the heroes press on, Corraun having great difficulty connecting with the force. Leeloo convinces a swoop ganger to surrender. Leeloo cuts open a door to the second floor office with Kinick Durr inside.


As soon as Leeloo opens the door four elite Zabraak bodyguards open fire, the first shot lands and sends Leeloo reeling. Leeloo hops down the first level and pulls Reegan to safety, no longer confident they can win. Corraun still in a fog continues to cut down ganger after ganger regardless of the threats of 40 more gangers arriving any moment. The fact that the Jedi aren’t backing down panics Kinick who is bluffing about the 40 swoops being so close.

Leeloo sneaks back into the factory in time to see Kinick and his bodyguards mount swoops and exit the building. Leeloo and Corraun give chase, but the Bolsar gets away. With Reegan unconscious. Leeloo wounded and Corraun not himself they decide to leave before he swoop gangers arrive. Three minutes later dozens of Rancor swoop gangers arrive to re-secure The Cannery.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Elith Madean, Ryo Oldin, Rel Penin, Nora Gynn, guards Kennison and Moekno, mention of Sid Zylvarstar & Croix Gynn. Terras Ecker, Captain Vinal Rote, The Swoop ganger Rancors, Shock Chains, Kinick Durr. Corraun is exposed to Ixteal cilona gas.

Episode 79

The Rogue Star with a severely wounded Reegan races to Taris as it is two days closer than Coruscant. Upon arrival they rush Reegan to the Jedi temple where Master Xamar takes over Reegan care. The rushing through the temple has gotten a lot of attention, both from students and masters. A crowd gathers outside of the healing room. Corraun and Leeloo also wounded are tended to by Padawans Shad and & Oojah. Boyd Dorne remained at the Rogue Star working on the failing hyper drive. Corraun and Leeloo are already planning their next move against Savik. This bothers Kip has its unknown if Reegan will survive or not.

The next morning Xamar says that Reegan will be fine, no permanent damage, but she’ll need at least a few days to rest before it’s safe to travel. While recuperating Zayne Carrick is assigned to help Hamlin tend to Reegan. Zayne is very kind with her and Reegan accepts the aide willing. The next evening Corraun is approached by Master Draay who congratulates him on his promotion to Knight. The master can’t understand while he travels with a force witch. Corraun states he does not agree with Leeloo’s choice, but values her help against Redora. After parting Master Draay passes Reegan’s room and Master Q’Anilia asks if he is going to check on Padawan Centari, where he coldly answers, “Why?” and keeps walking.

Leeloo and Corraun have a chance to speak with the Padawans about the events on Cathar. As Reegan’s condition improves and they prepare to leave Corraun asks Zayne to spread word through his underworld contacts that Savik’s Palladium mine on Tecphon IV was destroyed. Zayne accepts the task. Then it’s time to leave and Kip tells the group that he is staying on Taris, at least for a little while. What happened in the Palladium mine showed that his time away from working with Jedi has caused him to be too much out of sync and as Leeloo pointed out a danger to the group. Kip also believes the speed and risk at single mindedly going after Savik is too much of a grey area. When he returned to Coruscant he didn’t plan on attending this pseudo revenge mission and he needs to time to re-center. He isn’t up to any grey areas at the moment. He’ll train with the other Padawans until Coruscant calls for his return.

Back on Coruscant Corraun and Reegan are confronted by Andor who has heard about the Palladium mine. Although it was a criminal enterprise the High Council is concerned about provoking a war with the Coruscant underworld in the midst of Mandolarians, Night Sisters and possible True Sith. Andor warns if the council meets on it again they will shut the mission down, so whatever they have planned it needs to be completed soon.

Reegan meets Haazen in a park with update him on their last mission. Reegan begins to show signs of weakening to the mission and Haazen reminds Reegan how dangerous Leeloo Stannis may be. Haazen also reports that Eva Cana is clean, but has learned that Boyd Dorne is secretly spying on Eva Cana for her Father.

The heroes meet to make plans. To tear down Savik’s empire on Coruscant they need a bigger picture look at is operation. Jedi per the deal Corraun struck with Savik kept the Jedi from tracking his actions, but that hasn’t stopped the Coruscant Security Forces. The heroes meet with Commander Ike Wilkerson, head of the Organized Crime Unit for Coruscant Security Forces. He tells them that Savik Falo was removed him from the priority list 9 months ago as they’ve got bigger fish to fry; Hutt based number rackets, organized swoops gangs and smuggling rings. He further reports that one king of crime on Coruscant is a myth. Leeloo calls him a liar or a fool, but Corraun makes apologies and thanks the commander for his time.

Once alone the three heroes agree that Savik bought off or fooled the CSF and must go speak with Tyan Duna for help. Tyan states he is very busy drafting articles of war against the Mandolarians. Once completed the Senate will hold a vote. Although Tyan feels that Savik is small time considering what else is going on in the Galaxy, but he agrees to make a call and get them a meeting with General Ri’bish who oversaw the disruptor case a year ago. The meeting is cut short when Tyan’s lovely aide enters to inform him that the chronicler is here. Tyan sighs and says, it’s a necessity of his royal family and considering the perilous times he can’t wait to do it all at once in his golden years.

The heroes next meet with General Ri’bish who accesses a data base and says there is no official open task force On Savik Falo. For a few months after the disruptor wars an eye was kept on him mainly due to his information brokerage business, that that was ended 9 months ago. The General can’t be much more help other than to say that last officer in charge of his case was Commander Emlik Corcer and he could set up a meeting.

They met Corcer in his new office. He isn’t please to be pulled away from his duties to talk to the Jedi who fumbled up the chance to catch Savik a year ago, but when they indicate they are the ones who destroyed the Palladium mine he sets up a clandestine meeting. After some anti-surveillance measures they meet Corcer and former ally Alliya Varen. He confirms that the objective to apprehend Savik was ended abruptly 9 months ago. The officially reason was a jurisdiction problem and Savik’s case was given to the CSF. A few attempts to capture Savik have failed. Savik has had local Coruscant security paid off he keeps the politicians’ happy by controlling the violence away from voting districts, and it’s almost certain that he has some mole in military intelligence. Then 9 months ago everything was shut down. Corcer believes Savik upgraded his protection by either buying or black-mailing a senator or two.

Corcer had a small team still working on Savik off of the books, but that ended a few weeks ago when one of his men was critically wounded outside of the Polaris Club. He nearly lost his commission over it. Now he can’t go anywhere near the case and is being watched. Corcer shares an over view of Savik’s criminal enterprises. It’s not that this info can’t be obtained, enough scum on the streets know about it, but he is too protected for someone to act.

Although Savik has his hands in all of Coruscant’s criminal pies he has done a great job of insulating himself. [Shares a ton of holo files] ”We’ve broken his empire into three tiers. Third tier is comprised of the most numerous criminal actives; drugs, gambling, extortion. These are all regional and independent. Should one fall another eager criminal would just move in and pay his percentage to Savik. Second tier are his more rooted business run by career criminals how have survived long enough to know what they’re doing. Cred laundering, Smuggling, Hi-Jacking/robbery, and species trafficking. Disruptions here would be a dent in his quarterly earnings, but do little to impact his empire. Corcer says if you really want to put an asteroid in his hyperspace lane then it’s his tier one you want to look at.”

”First Tier we’re talking drug manufacturing and distribution, and weapons manufacturing. Enough of these go away and his revenue stream takes a bit hit, not enough to break his fortune, but enough to stop his subordinates from living in the wealth they are accustomed too. Then maybe these bottom feeders will smell blood in the water.” Commander Corcer and Alliya can’t help, too much heat are on them since the explosion, but they help with recommending targets.

The heroes review the top five targets and review the files and surveillance files Corcer’s team had gathered. The first target will be an illegal weapons factory referred to as “Spray” on the streets in the Kord sector IK-14. This plant produces multiple series of carbines, rifles and dangerous street snipers. It’s operated by Trigo Gerak. Human male, age: 41, shaved head with long mustache. Has a cybernetic left leg. He is ex republic military. He was wounded in small local civil war that the republic was called into to force a peace. He was a sergeant before washing out for suspicion of property theft and convicted of assault vs. a superior officer. It’s said that he has a great distrust of droids. Rumor is that he blames a med bot for losing his leg. Ugnoughts are the chosen labor force within.

The heroes using Corcer’s information assault the exterior with precision and ease. Three of the four manned turrets are taken out. Corraun jumps into a nearby turret to destroy the last one. Leeloo is the first inside of the hot and noisy factory. They are attacked by street scum wielding carbines and street snipers along with ex-military soldiers firing blaster rifles. All while Ugnaught workers keep their heads down. Early in the conflict Corraun is shot in the back by a rifle and goes deeply unconscious. Leeloo and Reegan split up to divide and conquer. Once on the second level Leeloo faces Trigo Gerak in combat.

After suffering a glancing touch of Leeloo’s light saber Trigo slashes Leeloo with his vibro blade and kicks her with his cyber leg, dazing her. Standing over her he takes her light saber. He attempts to finish Leeloo with her own light saber, but its weightless blade throws him off and singes his own arm instead. Leeloo spies some terrible weapon of war being assembled down below and runs past Trigo to Corraun’s light saber.

Meanwhile Reegan has killed most of the security forces on the first floor before a lucky blaster bolt takes her down. Leeloo’s reappearance buys enough time for Reegan to get to her feet and they two finish off the last of the guards. This has allowed enough time for techs to assembly a two legged walker called an Uggernaught piloted by two Ugnaught salves. Reegan targets first the pilot and then the weapons, but finds both protected by deflector shields. Teaming up Leeloo they attack the body and destroy the Uggernaught. Reegan and Leeloo ask for Trigo’s surrender. He refuses at first stating that in jail Savik would just have him killed. Reegan promises to house him at the Jedi Temple. Trigo still refuses to rat on Savik, but does surrender to Jedi custody.

Back at the temple Corraun and Reegan spend the night in Kolto tanks while Leeloo goes back to watching Eva Cana. The next day they decide the second target will be the spice & Glittermyst smuggling operation out of Ryloth. With Corcer’s information they know just what freighter to look for and where to find it. With the Rogue Star still in repairs from the mines and asteroid fields of Tecphon IV they requisition Aurek Tactical Strikefighters and utility droids.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
CSF Commander Ike Wilkerson, Street-Sniper weapons, Trigo Gerak and an Uggernaught.

Episode 78

The episode opens with Eva Cana still struggling with nightmares of her time in captivity and fearing what others would think of her if they found out. Corraun resumes teaching Eva self-defense maneuvers. Kip returns from a re-centering retreat on Datoonie and its revealed how he survived the mass execution on Cathar and saved Elder Feena’s live. Furthermore Kip helped Feena recover from a debilitating sense of guilt and lead the remainder of her people. The Kip back now is much nearer to the young smiling Padawan that he used to be.

Kip is invited by Reegan to join their mission to take down Falo Savik. The group hits the seedy parts of Coruscant to learn more about the Palladium mine on Tecphon IV. Corraun and Boyd corner a small time pirate Vegal Drete and Corraun use a Jedi Mind Trick to tell all he knows about the mine. He doesn’t know himself, but does know of a man named Crev Nacks who had escaped the mine a few years back. A bounty was on his head, but with Olmga dead he has resurfaced. He was last seen looking for work on Corellia, specifically Tyrena. Once on Corellia they track Crev Nacks to Doaba Guerfel, a resort city under construction in the Nomad Mountains. He has a small black-market business. The heroes arrive just in time as Crev’s more displeased clients are coming after him. Leeloo offers him a ride off planet in exchange for information on the palladium mine.

Once aboard the Rogue Star Crev tells of how he escaped the mine and that it’s nearly impossible to sneak into and paints them a bleak picture. It is run by a Tapanian named Rourke DeTaunt. He was forced to leave Tapani after accepting a duel from a 13 year old boy. He killed the boy, who happened to be a Governors son. He is supposed to by an amazing fencer. He has a pack of Cyber-Hounds he enjoys hunting down escapees with. Leeloo & Corraun both notices that among Crev’s things is a vial of Red Sand. Crev knows of one way in although it’s only less suicidal then a direct approach and he’ll help them as long as he gets to fly off with any and all refined Palladium. Once inside they’ll have to find a man named Ulas Merkin to help destroy the place.

On the journey to Tecphon IV Leeloo attempts to barter the vial of Red Sand from Crev. Leeloo pays for half a vial with a strip tease and some dignity. Corraun speaks to Leeloo about her change of heart regarding piloting. She explains that she had some help and now she is better than ever. This is tested as they arrive above Tecphon IV and fly into the asteroid field attempting to reach the darkside of the moon. Crev directs a path while Leeloo pilots, Boyd operates the sensors and Corraun and Kip man the turrets and Reegan operates the forward guns. Once deep in the field they are attacked by laser mines and seeker mines.

Less than half way through the field the ship suffers heavy shield loss and Corraun has to abandon a turret to repair the damage. It takes everyone’s best to even have a shot of staying alive. With Leeloo’s piloting and Corraun keeping the shields powered the gunners have a change with Boyd calling out seeker mines to blast. Heavily damaged the Rogue Star makes it to the moon and they park the ship in a cavern out of sensor range. Wearing all weather coats and rebreathers they walk to the mine where Crev shows them as secret way in. Moving through 3-foot by 3-foot maintenance tunnels Boyd discovers they’ve activated a motion sensor. They exit into a laundry room and dress in miner coveralls. The timing is perfect as it’s the end of a work shift and they meld in with the workers during shift change. They find Ulas in refinery room III. He is scared to help, but knows with his intimate knowledge of this mine they’ll never let me go and thus destroying it is the only chance of escape.

Ulas explains that refined palladium is a pyrophoric and combustible when exposed to water or even enough humidity. The plan is to send one team to the dust collection system and reverse the process so the near invisible dust is blown everywhere. A second team to turn off the argon gas in the climate control room allowing humidity to build till the mine exploded. When both systems fail an evac alarm will sound and the captive miners can escape. Crev prepares to part ways and get a transport of Palladium ready to depart. Leeloo thanks him for his help and in front of everyone kisses him passionately, unknown to anyone else she palms the reminder of his Red Sand supply.

Reegan, Leeloo and Ulas form group one. Reegan was floored by the kiss and mentions that she has never kissed anyone. This group travels in the maintenance tunnels to avoid the security droids. Team two comprised of Kip, Corraun and Boyd have a busy time avoiding roaming patrols. Eventually they get sandwiched between two patrols and have to fight. The battle proves difficult as they are overwhelmed by advance security droids and enforcers. Meanwhile in the maintenance tunnels group one is found by DeTaunt’s cyber hounds. The confined space makes wielding a light saber difficult at best. Their steel maws tear at the two force wielders. Both groups manage to overcome their adversaries, but pay a toll of blood.

Both group reach their destinations and perform the sabotage steps. At the scheduled time they disable the systems and the mine’s evac alarms sound. This makes it easy for the heroes to travel about in the crowds of panicked miners. Just as the met up on floor four to leave the alarms end and the emergency doors lock trapping everyone within. Ulas says that only DeTaunt from the central control room could override the evac doors. The heroes are faced with a decision, they can get out the way the originally entered, but leave the debtor miners to die or go to the heavily defended control room and face the mine’s commander. Leeloo makes a case to leave, but the others claim it’s not choice at all, they have to open the doors as it’s too late to stop the mine form destruction.

On level two they find the doors to the command room open and a well-guarded DeTaunt. Corraun attempts to reason DeTaunt to open the evac doors, but he would prefer to watch the debtors’ burn. Corraun, Leeloo and Reegan enter the room. Boyd and Kip hesitate and the blast door shuts on them. Inside of the room they face a squad of advance security droids, guards, two cyber hounds and four DM-400 combat droids. Boyd and Kip try to find a way in. The three inside take out the cyber hounds first which angers DeTaunt who lands and expert shot from his dueling pistol onto Reegan. The heroes quickly learn they are dangerously out numbered. Kip frantic to help his friends tries a risky move and ion blasts the door’s outer controls, which fries them shut.

Inside Corraun and Reegan are wounded and dazed on the ground. Leeloo provokes DeTaunt into a duel with her. His droids and men will stand down and cover her fallen companions. The two appear nearly evenly match, but Leeloo distracted by the mine’s impending doom loses focus for a fraction of a second and DeTaunt lands a thrust from his light foil dropping her to the ground. Corraun and Reegan leap to their feet and begin battling the guards. DeTaunt gloats over Leeloo and holding her life in his hand forces her to admit he is superior to her. She explains that it’s Savik that she wants dead and not him. She even tells him what Savik had done to her friend. DeTaunt who is a monster in his own right is disgusted at the dishonor done to a noble captive, but this will not save Leeloo. DeTaunt’s honor is lost along with the mine and the only way to reclaim it is by going down with the ship. He knows he’ll die in this mine. Outside Boyd leaves for the secret exit while Kip attempts to cut through the blast door. Just before leaving Boyd thinks to call Crev for help. He fires a shot at Kip to get his attention. Kip tossing down a communicator, but it breaks. Boyd repairs it and pleads with Crev for help. No answer is given. DeTaunt inquiries from Leeloo what she cares about more than her own life, she answers going home. He offers her a deal, he’ll let her live, but on her honor she can never choose to go home again. She refuses and fakes having taken a suicide pill and feigns death.

Crev appears just outside of the control room with a transport and blasts open the wall giving Reegan and Corraun a distraction from the imposing DM-400 combat droids. Kip leaps onto the transport and then into the room giving some much needed relief. Leeloo leaps out of her trance and all four force wielders attack DeTaunt. He’s skills allows him to repeal them for some time, just stalling until the mine explodes, but they are too many light sabers coming at him and Reegan lands a devastating blow. Once downed Reegan gives him a chance to surrender and open the exit doors before it’s too late, but he chooses death as he makes a move to attack.

One a few guards left Reegan intimidates them by threating to kill one and the others will speak, a frightened guard fires and hits a surprised Reegan. She is severely wounded. The guard is killed and the other two quickly talk. At the correct panel they override the system and open the doors just in time for everyone to get out before the mine erupts in a ball of flame and then collapsing in on itself. Back into the Rogue Star they rush quickly to get Reegan to a medical center and acknowledge the first strike against Savik has been dealt.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Vegal Drete, Crev Nacks, Rourke DeTaunt, Ulas Merkin, Cyber Hounds, DM-400 Combat series droids.

Episode 77

Negotiations between Savik and Olmga the Hutt begin the next day. It’s a lengthily process like two politicians playing poker, both attempting to learn each other’s weakness more than winning each individual hand. When talks begin moving into specifics of Savik’s businesses both Fora and Morgin are excused to guard the perimeter. Corraun heals over the next couple days. Savik get permission to leave the place and see more of Olmga’s great planet Shalst. A driver and land speeder is provided by the Hutt. When they enter the speeder they are surprised to see Boyd Dorne as the driver. A ways out from the palace Volairin explains to Corraun that the negotiations are taking longer than expected and Savik needs to make a deep space holo call out of ear shot of the Hutt’s eyes and ears. Volairin and Savik move out of ear shot to make their calls. This gives Corraun, Reegan and Leeloo and chance to speak to Boyd.

A flash back of Boyd taking the Rogue Star out and attempting to establish a reputation as a smuggler over the last three months. He begins with a few small jobs and then taking a risky spice run that led to a one time job with Rolta the Hutt. It was a success and afterwards has been hanging around Rolta’s palace, which is a good place to meet underworld contacts. A few days ago Rolta gathered his scum together to bear witness to a holo feed of his business partner and sister Olmga the Hutt hosting The Underworld King of Coruscant and Savik pay tribute and grovel for help from Olmga. During the feast the digestive games were viewed Reegan posing as Morgin killing Gillis, Leeloo posing as Fora who spared the life of Dorna and Corraun known as Onx was nearly killed by the Weequay Larndt. Boyd seeing Eva Cana’s friends may be in trouble made his way to Olmga’s palace under the guise of looking for work. Upon arrival Boyd learned where they were staying, but planned to just observe. When Boyd learned they were leaving the palace for a short time he approached the designated driver a Bothan thug named Beto and in exchanged creds and a favor to take his place.

While out in the middle of nowhere the group is attacked by a tribe of native Slashians. They send their Chem-Lizard pets with their acid dripping maws to disable the Hutt land speeder. Savik and Volairin refuse to leave the evidence behind of the hyper-space holo. Reegan tries her best to deter the natives away without bloodshed, but with no way to communicate she is forced to defend herself. Poisoned darts are let lose by natives partially submerged in the marsh. Corraun is struck ten times by these tiny stinging darts. Boyd falls to a Chem-Lizard bite, but eventually the heroes slay enough of the attackers to send the rest fleeing.

Back at the palace negotiations continue and finally a deal is struck, with Savik getting the bad end of the deal. An official signing of the alliance occurs the next day. Olmga’s top earners are invited to attend along with Rolta and Zorfta attending via holo feed.

Mifta begins to read the terms and percentages, to the heroes it does seem like Olmga is making out well on the deal. A pause is made for Savik to make agreement, he looks at a chrono on his wrist then speaks praises to the great Olmga…during this lengthy speech the two Hutt holos cut out. Olmga demands to some techs to get them up again. Savik proposals a few changes to the alliance; his terms are 100% control of the Relougen imports, completed spice rights to the Melcovo sectors (etc etc) and the palladium mines on Tecphon IV. Mifta is shocked, Olmga laughs as such a preposterous speech. Olmga “Leave your jests for entertainment at the feast, but humor has no place in negotiations.” Savik “I’m not jesting and this is not a negotiation. You will give me control of your sectors and complete holdings or you will die.” Olmga “You dare to threaten me, a Hutt! Have you forgotten you came here to grovel for my protection? Kill them, Kill them all!”

Volairin presses a few buttons on a wrist guard. His assortment of weapons that are being held by a few guards explodes releases a high frequency sonic pulse requiring the entire room it drop to their knees and cover their ears. Volairin and Savik are not affected, the viewer can see little purple lights behind their ears. Volairin takes their disruptor pistols off of the downed guards and open fire. The heroes willing themselves to act through the pain TK grab their lightsabers from the guards and ignite.

Leeloo, Reegan and Corraun all question what to do, but in the end Corraun choses to honor his word and they defend Savik. Larndt goes after Corraun gloating about the chance to defeat him again, but not holding back Corraun easily cuts down the proud Weequay. Dorna runs across the chamber for first stab at Fora. Leeloo offers her a chance to rethink this, but the woman is hell-bent on reclaiming her honor or die trying. Leeloo granted her the latter.

With the fight becoming more even Olmga sends Flayke to slay Leeloo, but Reegan pulls away from her slaughter of Hutt scum to take on the albino warrior. Boyd takes out a few pirates by surprise before getting shot by a blaster carbine. Savik and Volairin using disruptor pistols provide deadly support to the heroes.

Once the fight looks like the Hutt is losing, she says, “This is madness, even if you could kill me my siblings would destroy you.” Savik presses a button on his belt and the two holo displays return of Hutts; Rolta & Zorfa. The holo reveals they both are dead, each in their own palace. Olmga is shocked…what…how? A hunched over cloaked figure step into frame of each scene.

Olmga says. “I…I don’t understand…your bodyguards were destroyed” pauses “Flayke kill Savik!”

Flayke goes for Savik but double teamed by Reegan and Volairin he is killed. Leeloo is shot in the back by a rifle guard and taken out of the fight. The rest of the palace is trapped outside of the chamber, but have been torching the hinges.

Olmga speaks “You can’t kill me, the rest of the Hutts would kill you for this. You were a guest in my palace seeking alliance and this attack is unprovoked. Kill me now and then turn that blaster on yourself next. Your only chance is to convince me to spare your life.”

Savik replies, “Unprovoked. Hah. Did you really think I didn’t know it was you who tried to kill me at the Polaris Club? I allowed myself to look weak so that you’d allow me so close to you and your siblings would lower their guard. I even hired the Blue Eclipse mercs to try and kill me.”

Olmga looks shocked

“All of which means you struck first and even with in Hutt law I am with in my right to strike back. Perhaps if your two siblings were still alive they could call in debts with other hutts to call for my death, but that’s not really an issue any more.”

Savik unloads his disruptor pistol into Olmga dissolving her head and shoulders leaving a real mess behind. Boyd and Leeloo get back to their feet just in time for 100 of hutts followers burst in. Savik informs them that they are all working for him now. Stunned the mob pauses and then swore fidelity.

The journey back to the core is uneventful. The Terric stops at another moon a few light years away for Coruscant. The heroes are given a small transport with no comms, shields or weapon systems to take home.

Savik says “Once I reach Coruscant Corraun’s debt will be paid in full.” Flipping his coin he continues, “I must admit I wasn’t 100% sure you’d honor your word, so I had to have a contingency plan. Here are the coordinates where you’ll find her. I assure you she is alive.” He flips the coin to Corraun. The Terric starts to lift off as he is still on the ramp, then looking at Minai with a real look of distain on his face he shouts out, “Leeloo, you should know her treatment was a direct reflection on the current price of Gravos.” The ramp closes and the Terric takes off.

Twisting the coin unlocks a holo of Eva Cana locked into a chain cage with a single cot. She is shouting let me out of here, I’m a Galactic Republic Senator. A creepy human male steps up to the cage door and cocks his head and Eva backs away. The footage ends and coordinates on Coruscant appear.

Leeloo devastated by the implications runs to the transport. Corraun feels true anger watching Savik fly off in The Terric.

On Coruscant they arrive to an old building in the lower levels of the city. Outer door is unlocked, inside is a cage in the middle of the room. Eva is inside curled up and asleep on the cot. Eva is unresponsive at first, appears to be drugged. At first she is terrified of someone touching her, she fights back, till it sinks in who is helping her.

At a hospital it’s revealed she has been sedated for a while and on the verge of malnourished, some bruises, but nothing life threating. Boyd who returned to Coruscant on his own learned that Eva had been missing for eight days; he calls Corraun and learns she is at the hospital.

Tyan stops by to check on her. Corraun asks him why Savik would mention Gravos prices. Tyan retells the events of Episodes 65-66 and that Tyan, Leeloo and Eva had spoiled Savik’s plot of Gravos cost fixing. Reegan checks in with Haazan. The events of Senator Cana doesn’t seem to be related to Redora or the Shatter-point. Reegan says that Leeloo’s relationship is strong with Eva and requests if any dirt can be found on Eva Cana to help Reegan break up that friendship. Haazan appears impressed and will look into it.

Eva is plagued with terrible nightmares and Corraun and Leeloo stay with her the entire night and take her home the next day.

Once home she is questioned by Senate Special police, but lies about seeing any of her abductors. Guards are posted. Putting on a brave face Eva returns to work after a few days. Meanwhile Reegan’s investigation of the man on the holo leads to a name Cado Reave. Eva in private confides to Tyan about the full extent of the abuse she suffered and begged for his help in killing her capture. Tyan said he couldn’t be a part of that since he has too many eyes on him as interterm Security Council Chairman, he must look at the bigger picture.

Later that night Leeloo awakes after dosing off for only a few minutes and finds Eva on the ledge of her balcony. Leeloo speaks to Eva completely claim and without any judgment. Leeloo stands on the ledge with her. Eva through tears eludes to what was done to her and that the look on Tyan’s face after telling him showed how everyone else will look at her, like a ruined woman. Furthermore Eva is afraid all the time and can’t take it any longer. Leeloo empathizes with Eva and vows if she jumps then so will Leeloo. Or they can step away from the ledge and Leeloo will vow that everyone involved will be killed, no arrests. Eva steps away from the ledge and collapses releasing her full grief while being comforted by Leeloo.

The next day Boyd, Corraun, Reegan and Leeloo met on how to find Savik and the man who abused Eva. They agree that now after the huge power play Savik just accomplished there is no one that can be bribed or threatened to give up Savik or his man Cado Reave. Killing three Hutts in their own palaces simultaneously was legendary. If they are to have any chance they must show the underworld that he is not invincible. They recall during the negotiations on Slasht they did hear about some of the Hutt’s criminal enterprises that now belong to Savik. That is where they’ll strike first. The top of the list is the Palladium mine on Tecphon IV.

Introductions and firsts:

Pirate thug Beto, Cado Reave, death of Hutts: Olmga, Rolta & Zorfa. Eva is released from captivity at the hands of Savik.

Episode 76

Act II opens with a new pre-credits crawl. Three months after the events of Episode 75 the Galactic Senate is in its third day of a special summit to discuss the Mandolarian threat. Senator Tyan Duna takes the floor and shows holo footage from the aftermath of Cathar. His presentation calls for action and ignites the senate floor. A tired Supreme Chancellor Odertine flexes his authority to not allow a vote of war. The senate turns on him and he looks for Senator Bal’garn for aide. Bal’garn back stabs the SC and call for a vote of no confidence of Odertine citing articles based on danger to the safety of the Republic. Tyan Duna seconds the motion. A vote is taken and by 10% the motion is carried Supreme Chancellor Odertine is removed. Until an election can be taken temporary duties are assigned to the chairperson of the securities council, who just happens to be Bal’garn. The Jedi High Counsel meets to discuss these events and Master Andor proposes the order takes a stand against the Mandolarians. The rest of the masters vote against going to war and that the claims made by Leeloo Stannis regarding a Sith Lord can be further explored.

A Republic surveillance team observes Savik Falo and his twin creepy body guards enter the Polaris Club and then moments later it blows up.

A flash back to the viewers show the rescue Leeloo Stannis on Cathar and that she faces a long recovery. Corraun, Eva and Reegan all take shifts awaiting Leeloo to awake. Corraun is summoned away by Master Shi-Leer before Leeloo awakes. Corraun drops his young Padawan off on Datoonie to decompress from the terrible events of Cathar before meeting his old master on Tapani. Corraun shares his strong feelings about the Jedi taking action against the Mandolarians and the Night Sisters. Corraun seeks training on defense against force lightning after learning firsthand how deadly it can be. Master Shi-Leer agrees to teach Corraun, but once started he must see the training through. It’s a long a slow process to learn. Corraun is having difficulty by trying to rush the mastery of this technique so that he may return to Leeloo and the fight against the Mandos. Shi-leer removes all distractions from Corraun by taking away holo communicators. After months Corraun passed his final test be deflecting a force lightning burst from Master Shi-Leer.

A separate flash back reveals Leeloo awaking from her treatment and giving a full statement to the Jedi Council. All of Reegan’s attempts at getting details from Leeloo are shot down by Minai as the memories of the events in Leeloo’s still weakened state are dramatic to her. A few days later Leeloo sets off to find Toma’s son Tyron and then return to Dathomir. A republic cruiser is orbiting the planet to ensure that Redora does not return for more raw materials to forge Amlexes. Leeloo reports her failure to kill Redora to Sister Lillyana and the Prelate Goldana. Before leaving again to find some way to stop Redora Leeloo revisits her old friends room and gives a holo to Toma of her child who see had not seen since his birth. Toma will take the “test” in a six months and vows to collect her son once she passes.

Leeloo still in low spirits decides to go next to Taris and visit another friend Padawan Kamlin. Padawan Zayne Carrick sneaks Leeloo in to the Jedi temple and all of the Padawans are pleased to learn that contrary to gossip Leeloo is alive. Kamlin gripes that Zayne is holding the whole class back from taking the trials, but once she is a knight she will help Leeloo against Redora. While slipping out of the temple Leeloo is stopped by Master Q’Anilia. The Master senses fear and doubt in Leeloo and discuss the failure against Redora, but also her fear of piloting in clutch moments after her recent failures. The master explains that giving up piloting is only a half measure, but as long as she is afraid she will be in danger of the darkside. She gives the coordinates to a former Jedi named Aguro who may be able to help her.

Leeloo finds Aguro on the isolated moon Aftgor II. He is a green scaled Nikto and Leeloo receives a less then warm welcome. Over some Ever-Stew Leeloo is pushed by the former Jedi to reveal that she once believed she was the greatest pilot and is now afraid after nearly killing her friends twice. The next day Aguro agrees to break her of this fear. The process is slow, but he gets Leeloo back into an old StarSaber and teaches her how expand on how she flies off of instinct just as he did and that she must fully give into the force and erase everything she learned from simulators about what a ship can’t do.

After seven weeks of different exercises and challenges Leeloo learns about Aguro’s past and how his vanity of his own piloting skill cost the lives of his friends and several innocents. Leeloo overcomes her fear and successfully runs a near impossible canyon course. Aguro not one for good byes sends Leeloo away before she can thank him properly. Leeloo returns to Coruscant a new woman.

Two flash back scenes run one after the other regarding Reegan Centauri. The first just after Leeloo’s final removal from the Kolto tank. Reegan is at the Draay estate meeting with Kryndra Draay and Hazaan. They all agree that Leeloo’s report of meeting a Sith Lord is suspect and could be a cover up to Leeloo’s true alliance with Redora. Reegan is encouraged to get as close as possible to Leeloo.

Then months later Reegan meets with Hazaan who informs Reegan that Leeloo lost the Covenant’s tail after Taris and has been unaccounted for seven weeks. She is returning tomorrow. Reegan should sabotage Leeloo’s relationships and isolate her in hopes of becoming her only confidant and learn if Leeloo is the threat that the Shatter-Point visions are foretelling. Reegan agrees and promising to do whatever is needed to keep the light side of the force in power.

Two days after the removal of Supreme Chancellor Odertine Leeloo returns to Coruscant and has tea with Senator Eva Cana. Eva comments on how much better Leeloo is doing and not just physically. Leeloo shares what she had been up to over couple months. Eva reveals that Tyan hasn’t been taking her calls and that with Bal’garn as acting Supreme Chancellor, Tyan has been appointed Chairman of the Security Council, the youngest senator to ever old that position. Eva admits she knows Tyan doesn’t have feelings for her, but she wants to help in whatever plan is he is working on. The conversation changes to Leeloo and Corraun’s short romantic involvement. Leeloo declares that it was a bad time for her and Corraun was just trying to be comforting to her. They are connected, but only on a friend level. Eva is relieved to hear there is no tension between them since she had invited Corraun to join them for lunch.

On the way to the restaurant Corraun and Reegan discuss the High Counsels’ decision to not go after the Mandolarians. Corraun takes a strong stand that the Order is wrong to do nothing. The viewer sees that they are being followed. At the restaurant Leeloo, Reegan and Corraun are all reunited and share a little bit about what they have been up to. Leeloo shares a few details about her time with Redora and meeting the Sith Lord Eradicius. Corraun asks about Cass and Leeloo side steps the question.

Outside of the restaurant a package is delivered to Corraun. Inside is an exterior ring of Knight Kreel’s Light Saber staff that Corraun surrendered to Savik Falo a year ago. Inside of the ring are coordinates and a statement, “Time to Pay Up”. Corraun insists on going alone. As soon as he leaves the three decide to follow him. Corraun arrives at an abandoned droid factory and meets Savik’s right hand man Volairin. Worried it was a trap Leeloo and Reegan burst in. They face Savik via holo-com. Leeloo is mistaken as her twin sister Minai. He tells them that while expanding his empire he has made some powerful enemies and about the bombing of the Polaris Club. It was a life model decoy destroyed, but he did lose his bodyguards, which brings him to Corraun’s debt. Savik must forge an alliance with one of the Hutts, but it must be done in person and he’ll needs protection until then. Reegan and Leeloo protest, but Savik reminds Corraun of his word and the lives he spared. They negotiate and in return for Kreel’s saber back Reegan and “Minai” will also join the protection detail. Eva is filled in on the plan and Corraun leaves a time released communication for Master Andor Dulwen.

They leave with Volairin on a rare Verpine transport called the Terric. Five hours later they pick up Savik at a secret location. That night they all supper with Savik. He tries to get under their skin by talking about his past with Joss Dart and Dart’s involvement in the Arcosa plague. On the second day after stopping to refill they are attacked by eight Blue Eclipse mercs in Z-10 Headhunters. Leeloo pilots the main craft while Corraun and Reegan detach into smaller single craft fighters. Reegan is uneasy being in her first dogfight outside of a simulator, but performs well. Corraun’s ship is heavily damaged while Leeloo using her abilities gained from Aguro flies better then she had ever before. The last two mercs retreat.

As they arrive in Hutt space Savik reveals that the Hutt he is dealing with is Olmga. He can’t explain traveling with Jedi so he has given them new clothes and identities as fallen Jedi sell-swords. Corraun is given the name Onx, Minai called Fora and Reegan assumes the name Morgin. They land at Olmga’s palace on Shalst. They are inspected by Olmga’ chief of security a force sensitive albino Klantoonian named Flayke. A brief meeting is held before the Hutt and her court where Savik is cornered into revealing his recent attack by the Blue Eclipse. They’re excused and return later that evening for a feast.

Olmga has invited all over her high level subordinates and even a few holo recorders to witness the great criminal king of Coruscant grovel for aid. Digestion blood sport games are held during the meal as Savik and Olmga socially maneuver for superiority. With all the chips stacked in the Hutts favor Savik is forced to display his sell-swords in the games. Morgin using only one lightsaber slays her opponent Gillis. Fora handily defeats a sword mistress Doriana, but spares her life. Savik witnessing too much face being lost by the Hutt tells Corraun that he must look like he can barely win, less they all be killed for insulting the Hutt.

Onx faces off against a Weequay named Larndt. Corraun passes up opportunity after opportunity to finish off his opponent, fighting every trained instinct. Corraun allows a good cut across his chest through. This seems to invigorate Larndt who takes full advantage of Corraun’s stumble. Two more blows land and Corraun is left on his back and dazed. Savik manipulates Olmga to spare Onx’s life as sign of superiority to make up for the same error on Fora’s part earlier. The Hutt begrudgingly agrees. Corraun’s bleeding is stabilized and Savik tells them all that if Corraun can’t continue with the feast and walk out once it’s over then too much weakness will have been shown and they all are as good as dead. With a heroic effort Corraun stay conscious through the remainder of the feast and walks out without any assistance, but collapses as soon as returning to their suite. Savik grants Corraun the next day off to recuperate. Reegan uses this time alone with Leeloo to try and re-bond with her.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Supreme Chancellor Odertine is removed from office, Bal’garn is made acting Supreme Chancellor, Tyan is appointed acting Chairman of the Security Council, The Terric, Aguro, Volairin, Olmga the Hutt, Flayke, Mifta, Gillis (deceased), Doriana, and Larndt.

Episode 75

Immediately following the ending of Episode 74 He’ghul reports to Elder Regar who notifies the rest of the 8 elders. Sure enough communications have been jammed and only short wave up to 100 miles works. The eight elders want to return to their own City-Trees and prepare for their defenses. Elder Feena states they will hold to their religion and not raise arms even in self-defense. Hul’ek who is most confident about his city’s chances pledges 15% of his forces to defend them. 4 of the other 8 elders promise similar aide. Terash is one of the few who do not pledge some forces he says, “If they want to die for their religion that goes against are ancestors, then I shall not impede them.” Jorbe doesn’t think they’ll be a high priority during the first wave, since the Mandos are looking to prove themselves. Corraun can sense Kip’s eagerness for battle and sends Kip with Sylvar and Feena to help defend them. Revan and Alek return 16 hours after the Mando’s declaration, when they discovered the planet jamming.

The plan is for the Jedi to make a stand at Hall’ax as it is the most defensible city on the planet. Perhaps if they can hold this city the Mandos will have to divert forces away from other cities.

It’s a quiet morning; Cathar armed and at their posts in the late morning as the countdown clock falls away to zero. The two days are up. Just moments later radar alarms sound as 20 assault ships, 8 Shaadlar, and four troop carriers race towards the rock-city. Jorbe estimates that number of ships could be carrying as many as 2200 Mandos vs. the City’s 100,000 population, which only accounts for 70% combat able residents the rest are children and infirm – that’s 32 Cather Warriors per 1 mando. The assault ships conduct strafing runs attacking Anti-Aircraft turrets and just rattling the cage to frighten those with in the city. This goes on for about 20 minutes as the troop transports land and unleash waves of Neo-crusader and silver armored Mando soldiers.

Corraun, Revan, Alek & 500 Cathar warriors position themselves to hold the main entrance. Reegan, Min, & Jorbe along with 120 Cathar attempt to hold upper level ship entrances. The Cathar have the numbers on their side, but if the Mandos get inside then the Cathar numbers won’t matter. The front entrance is attacked by only 30 Neo-crusaders. Corraun fighting side by side with Revan and Alek proves very effective. They begin to push back the invaders even stopping several grenades, but then a Teroch-type Gunship maneuvers into the tunnel opening and unleashes hell upon the Cathar. Revan & Alek attack it, but Corraun spots another column of Neo-crusaders coming to refill the last batch. Revan is forced to call a retreat. On the upper levels Reegan & Min fight conservatively, while Jorbe cuts down Neo-crusader after Neo-crusader. But the troop transports come one on top another and they are quickly over whelmed and must fall back in retreat.

The Cather are called back into smaller tunnels deeper and deeper into cave system. Eventually everyone is pushed back into the main gathering chamber along with Senator Eva Cana. The Elders talk of what to do next, some say hold them off here, others that they’ll fight to the last breath. Mandos start to break in through the many holes and some using jet packs rain down from above. It’s a small number at first, but is constant. Time to call for a retreat, evacuate as many warriors in ships and by mounts to the next state, the Mur’ax to the south east is chosen. Elder Regar stays with a large number of warrior to buy time for the woman & children to escape, He’ghul will be in charge of their people. Eva insists he goes with them, he is reluctant to agree, but must stop and get his two children first.

Revan and Alek decide to help with the evacuation and get out later with their own ship. The heroes fighting through the tunnels, but must split up the group. Reegan & Min go after the kids with He’ghul while Corraun, Eva and Jorbe go make sure the Rogue Shadow is secure and ready to fly, Boyd should already be there.

They get to He’ghul’s home where the kids were supposed to stay, but the guards are dead and the home is empty. As they’re walking out Jaspri & Arslan are hiding atop an alcove. The set off and are blocked by four Mandos. Reegan orders Min to protect the twins while she and He’ghul fight the Neo-Crusaders. After a few seconds Min can’t help herself and attacks attempting to force throw a mando to the ground. This gets the attention of the Mando Solider who shoots Min dazing her. Reegan has her hands full with the other three as the faceless mando is about to deliver the killing blow to Min. The twins Jaspri and Arslan growl and bare claws at the mando changing his target from the downed Padawan to the children. By the force they get out of the way just in time to avoid twin blaster bolts. Reegan lets loose a fury and cuts down each mando one by one in quick concession.

Meanwhile the others reach the star port and find the Rogue Star blocked by a Mando Shaadlar shuttle accompanied by nine Neo-crusaders. Corraun sneaks into the room, but with so many attentive eyes he is spotted and a battle begins. It’s fast and brutal with Corraun and Jorbe both taking serious injuries. Eva field dresses a few wounds before the two men finish off the last Mando. Jorbe manages to insult both Eva and Corraun every chance he gets despite being on deaths door. Boyd powers up the Rogue Star and blows up the Mando transport blocking the exit. The others arrive just in time to take off.

Mando Daavab fighters give pursuit after the many ships leaving Hall’ax, the Rogue Star takes heavy fire and is able to destroy many enemy ships that would have otherwise wiped out the Cathar speeders and ships. Boyd proves to be a skilled pilot. Going south they can see that the Mando carnage wasn’t isolated to Hall’ax, several Tree-cities on the way are smoking and overrun with mandos.

They reach the state of Mur’ax and meet with Elder Hul’ek, 2/3rds of his city-trees have fallen the survivors are headed this way. The heroes have some time to heal and overnight with care and with poultices Great Hopper Horn dust they heal quickly. Eva is shaken by the previous events and is reinforced at how terrible the Mandos are to do this over a past grudge. Over the night many refugees have arrived from other city-trees. Scouts have returned and in a council with the heroes Elder Hul’ek and new Elder He’ghul scouts report that the mandos are systematically working their way here and should arrive in 6-8 hours.

Looking at a world map Revan suggests that they evacuate the majority of the Mur’ax and head towards Tem’ax, it’s the largest and most defensible City-tree left on the planet and only if all tribes pool their resources is there a chance for a last stand. Hul’ek argues that they can hold, but in the end with He’ghul they both agree. Every speeder/ship and mount is packed up no one carrying more than a weapon and a bag of food, leaving their homes behind. 10,000 volunteer warriors will stay behind to man the defenses and buy more time for the escape and slow pursuit. Revan and Alek will stay with Hul’ek and still have their ship to leave when the time comes.

The Rogue Star provides escort for the caravan marching to Tem’ax. The journey is fraught with danger as there is a reason the Cathar live in giant trees for protection from the planets’ many predators. The two twins beg to be taught to use a light saber and Min agrees to teach them some basics of being a Jedi even though they are not force sensitive. After some time they arrive at Tem’ax. The good news is that the City-Tree is still standing and not surrounded by Mandos.

Meeting with Terash they learn his tribes haven’t been hit as hard yet. He’ghul & Revan shares the plan of making a final stand here. Terash boasts with his crown of AA turrets, which is the most on the planet, he can hold where Hall’ax failed. Scouts and emissaries are sent out to contact the other tribes and assess who still stands and convince them to send the bulk of their warriors to Tem’ax.

Corraun & Eva joins the emissaries. Many of the places they go, they find it’s too late. Either an assault is already in progress and then it’s a mad dash to get out of there or it’s too late and everyone has been killed. One such city-tree they enter to verify no one is left of alive they discover hundreds of Cathar corpses that have been killed by light sabers and iritic spider web burn marks, sign of force lightning. It is impossible to tell if it is the work of one Night Sister or many. Corraun shares this information with the others and they have to wonder if Redora is here then is Leeloo as well?


The scene changes to above Cathar among the many Capital ships in space are Mandolarian LP/OP floating stations. They are cylindrical structures with an artificial gravity wheel 2/3s the way to the top. On board in a command room with windows facing the surfaces of Cathar is Leeloo and Redora among mandos at control consoles. Leeloo is looking at a telescopic holo of Night Sister Acolytes cutting through Cathar warriors. Leeloo says, to Redora, “Can you see how wrong it is to use the force to slay these innocent people so far removed from Dathomir?” Redora says, “They are hardly innocent, like the Mandolarians these Cathar are a warrior people, it’s in their blood to battle.” shoosh of a door closing is heard in the back ground as a tall black hooded cloaked figure walks into frame and says, “By the end of this battle there will be torrents of blood to examine that theory, should you be so inclined.”

Leeloo detects darkside of the force radiating from the figure. He walks to the main commander’s chair and sits, making himself at home among the Mandolarians crew. After a moment he addresses Redora “I’ve spoken to Mandalore the Ultimate and he is pleased with your sister’s performance, as am I.” Redora replies, “I honor my promises and I expect you and the Mandolare to uphold yours.” The mysterious man questions Leeloo about her name and title. Leeloo asks the same question back and he introduces himself as Eradicius, Dark Lord of the True Sith.

Back at the Tem’ax 50% more warriors have been gathered and preparations of defense made. Giant tracks of trenches have been dug out around the massive city-tree. Revan speaks to the heroes and Elders. He acknowledges this is Cathar’s best chance, but Mandolarians are relentless. Failsafe preparations must be made. Each remaining City-Tree should have its woman and children prepared to evacuate the planet and be on standby. He admits that many if not most of these ships will be shot down before reaching hyperspace, but if they all evacuate at near the same time then maybe a few will survive. It’s a tough sale, but the Elders eventually agree.

At dawn on the fifth day since the first shot was fired the mandos roll up in a staggering numbers, a quick estimate is 3000. The massive battle begins, Cathar warriors in the trenches are firing from superior cover at the marching Mandos, but like a monster from a horror holo they take a shot and just keep coming. Low flying gunships blow passed the troops and blast sections of trenches killing dozens of Cathar per blast. Revan stands before two such ships firing at him while they race forward. He deflects any blast that nears him and then using the force slams the two gunships together causing a fierily crash. Make shift turrets fire taking down a few more. One such turret is blown apart, but Jorbe picks up the cannon from the wreckage and destroys the gunship. The other heroes; Corraun, Reegan and Min leap out of the trenches with Cathar warriors to meet the Mandos already nearly atop them.

It’s a brutal battle, but the mandos push the defenders to retreat into the City-tree. The number of dead Cathar is staggering. They can hold the door, till the mandos get frustrated and direct their missiles to blow it. It obvious the Mando’s will win. The heroes and Elders gathered argue, but declare the battle lost. The Elders will all stay and fight, but give the order for the evacuation of women and children; it will take an hour for the news to spread via short 100 mile relay com positions and for the first ships to take off. It’s been a while since any communication with the Vert’ax tribe, Revan and the heroes will go and notify them. A good size group of Cathar Warriors are closer and within com range, they’ll be sent there first and start the evacuation. There is some rocking of the tree from above, reports sound that the “crown” of AA turrets are being fired upon. If they are destroyed then not only will the mandos land and invade from two fronts, but none of the evac ships can get away. The heroes lead a team of Cathar to defend the AA turrets for as long as possible, and then take off in the Rogue Star. He’ghul has an emotional goodbye with his twins as they will be on the evac shuttles.

At top the massive City-Tree they spot some AA turret wreckage in the distance, but don’t see the attackers. Revan and Alek run to defend the further out turrets while Reegan and Jorbe spilt into a group leaving Corraun and his Padawan Min to defend another section. Sounds of battle carry in the distance from below, howling wind and then rising up into view are Mandos riding mechanical dragons-mounts.


Each team must face a Basilisks War Droid and rider with 2 Jet pack Neo-Crusaders. Both teams are rattled by the awesome fire power of the BWD’s. From Shatter-missiles, Laser Cannons to Shock-wave generator rods they destroy both sections’ AA turrets. The heroes manage to slay the Neo-crusaders, but the BWDs head off to the next session of turrets. Corraun and Reegan separately in each scene manage to leap on to the War Droids’ backs before it races off. Both Jedi are bucked off their new mounts, Corraun is thrown to the tree top, but Reegan is tossed off of the 180-story tall tree. She controls her fall to get close to the tree and uses her twin light sabers to dig into the tree and slow her decent and eventually climb back to the top. Corraun catches up to the fast flying droid and Min arrives a few moments later, but it’s too late the droid destroys more turrets and leaves for the next section.

With nothing more that can be done and trusting that Revan and Alek were more successful the heroes board the Rogue Star to race towards the west coast and help the peaceful Vert’ax evacuate. Revan and Alek in their own ship go as well.

Back on board of the Mando LP/OP station Leeloo’s head is down as the carnage of Tem’ax is displayed. Smoke rising up from the City-Tree. Redora is standing a few feet away. The room is only occupied by four mandos at consoles. The command/privacy screen is down (like Darth Vader used in Empire Strikes Back) while the Dark Lord is speaking to someone in private via holo. Cass with the milky eyes is resting at Redor’s feet.

Leeloo asks about Cass, Redora says, “He is a splendid creature, in fact all of the Thernbees are with their intelligence and telepathy, but Cass is special. He is an alpha of its kind, capable of great command. I have connected with it and through him like a vessel I can impose my will onto other creatures as if I was present. Cass will be most helpful to my plans in the future.”

Leeloo is shocked that Redora is working with the Sith. Redora says, ”They are a reckoning forged by the imperfections of the Jedi Orders and their necessity to rule all that is the Force. Do I agree with their path, of course not, but their target is the Jedi and my negotiations has ensured they’ll never be a bother to Dathomir.”

In far the distance through the windows Leeloo can see small explosions as ships trying to evacuate the planet are being shot down by mando ships.

The Commander Privacy holo screen rises in to the ceiling revealing the black hooded figure once more. He addresses Redora, “The battle is over, Mandalore the Ultimate has gotten revenge for his predecessor. Like any good locust they will rise off of the destroyed crops and move one to fresh pastures.” Even from the view port Leeloo can see some of the big capital ships towing away from the planet and jumping to light speed.

Leeloo shocked to learn the Sith still exists, she asks him to reveal his face and if he is true blooded Sith. Lord Eradicius answers, “During the great hyperspace war and just after our defeat many Sith Lords escaped. Several Lords perished in small conflicts immediately following either with republic forces or internal fighting, but a few were wise enough to go into the shadows and stay still. Let the Jedi forget about them and pass on the true sith teachings from master to student”. We have not been without Influence of galactic events, some were successful for a time like the Mercosa Order, but that was merely exercise. We have waited till a day came when all spear points of a trident were sharpened and only then will we make the fatale strike against the Jedi. It has been so easy to hide from them, their fear of the Sith has blinded them to believe that we have gone extinct. And it will be this blindness that destroys them."

One of the mando’s at the coms speaks in basic to Lord Eradicius “Sir, Cassus Fett has ordered Kandosii-class vessels to leave the system and for the LP/OP’s to destroy any evacuating vessels in their quadrant. Three such ships are nearing our zone, permission to fire Sir?”

Eradicius pauses and then says, “Negative, hold your fire.” The mandos look at each other in surprise. “You will listen to no command to fire except from her {he points to Leeloo} The little wind of death. Is that understood?” they nod in understanding.

Redora says, “What is the purpose of this? She is not part of the bargain, she is here only to observe.”
Eradicius looks to Redora and says, “Your sapling will give the command to fire upon these vessels before it is too late or our deal is off. Your sisters passed the test to the Mandalore’s satisfaction, but the true test is for you to pass Redora.”
Redora replis, “Leeloo is not here to be tainted by our darkside ways, I will give the order to fire.” Eradicius replies, “You brought her here and have revealed me to her, she must be converted or destroyed. You may not give the order unless she is dead.”

As the first of the three ships get closer, Leeloo can feel the life force of hundreds of innocents, not warriors, but woman and children, all frightened. The camera focuses on a 10 year old Cathar girl with a pale-fur face and tiger-like stripes, on board the first vessel being cradled by her mother.

Redora says to Leeloo, “I’m sorry my child, but you must give the command to fire. I did not want you tainted by the darkside, but I warned you on Olton what cost you may suffer should you come with me.”

Leeloo pleads to Redora to change her path and return to Dathomir together.

Redora now pushed to the edge says, “Your actions have twice before stopped me from saving our religion, each time you merely had to do nothing, but stand aside. You must do this now…I would rather die them kill you, but I value the future of the Sisters more than any life.”

Leeloo with tears drops to her knees as Redora light saber in hand stands over her ready to strike. Leeloo quickly grabs her Light saber out of Redora’s waist band and leaps back in a defensive stance. Looking at the targeting range of the three evacuation ships Leeloo knows she much survive long enough for them to be safe. The duel is long and skilled, both parties emotional and exchange wounds, but Redora seeing her alliance about to fall apart and all of her sacrifices would be for not is overcome by hate. She delivers heavy saber strikes backing Leeloo up to the command railing and releases a powerful blast of force lightning that engulfs Leeloo with enough force that is breaks her through the railing and sends her falling into the deeps of the space station.

Redora lets out a primal scream of pain. Then after composing herself for a moment, orders the Cathar vessels destroyed, only the last two are with in range. They are destroyed, but one gets away. Redora looks to the Dark Lord and he indicates the deal still remains. With relief Redora orders a Neo-Crusader to go collect Leeloo’s body and to be gentle with her so that she can bury Leeloo on Dathomir.

The scene switches to down many levels of the station where Leeloo’s body landed on a maintenance ledge. The Neo-Crusader with a hover lift goes to the edge, then suddenly Cass appears and knocks the Mando off the edge. Cass bites into Leeloo’s tunic and begins dragging her. He places Leeloo into a small closet like room, Leeloo eyes flutter with some life, she is partially conscious {after spending a force point} and Cass says telepathically, “a last gift of meat for Corraun, in return for all those he has given to me.” The door shuts and Leeloo is painfully launched in an escape pod.

Back on the surface of Cathar, a scene for the viewers. The Vert’ax City-Tree is in the back ground, some minimal damage around it, but a lot less than other ones viewed. A pulled back shot shows thousands of peaceful Cathar huddled together on the beach with their backs to the ocean and blocked off by an army of Mandos, led by Commanders Fett & Murek.

Murek is speaking to a lieutenant, news has just reached them about the defeat of Tem’ax and that the war has been won. A cheer goes through the soldiers. Kip is seen in the gathered Cathar captives, he is holding Elder Feena close.

Commander Fett steps into a shuttle and tells Murek to see that every last one is killed. Mureks says it’s his pleasure. The shuttle with Fett takes off. Murek returns to his cluster of officers and gives the order to kill them all. A young mando officer objects stating that ”we’ve won, we’ve proven our superiority”. Murek says nothing less than Genocide will do to reclaim our honor. The young officers says ”this is not our way and there is no honor in this”. Murek ignores the Mandolarian and goes back to giving orders. The lone Mandolarian walks to the peaceful Cathar people and turns around to join them in death.

The Cather people, are holding each other, afraid, crying, some lose their nearve and try to run but are shot dead. The scene cuts to a split screen of the cockpits of both the Rogue Star and Revan’s ship. A shock rips through the Jedi as they feel a terrible disturbance in the force, like a thousand lives screaming out and then silenced.

It’s still several minutes before Revan’s ship gets there. Still a few more minutes before the heroes arrive. When the heroes fly over they at first see a battle between Cathar warriors and a relatively small number of Mandos, smaller than the number seen in the previous cut scene. It appears the Cathar army that was sent ahead to tell them to evacuate arrived even before Revan, but he and Alek are seen on the field fighting alongside them.

As the Rogue Star circles to land they can see thousands of bodies in the water turned red with blood. The horrible truth of what happened begins to dawn on them. Corraun, Reegan and Min join the battle. Revan is seen mowing through Neo-Crusader after Neo-Crusader and finally reaching the Mando Commander in black armor. Commander Murek is surrounded by a dozen dead Cathar warriors and he gets into a battle stance unafraid of the Jedi Knight and readying himself for what will certainly be an epic duel. Win or lose the battle is what the Mandolarians live for. Without pausing a step Revan rushes right at him, he jukes in close and to the Commander’s right side, then with the light saber only a fraction of an inch away from both wielder and foe, Revan darts to the left and cuts off the face of Commander Murek, killing him in a single move of the Close Blade Form that only two living Jedi have mastered. His body drops to the sand and Revan turns off his light saber.


The warriors fueled with righteous fury along with Corraun, Reegan, Min and Alek slay the few remaining Mandos. They walk up to Revan who is staring down at the fallen commander and surrounded by dead pacifist Cathar. After a few moments of silence Revan speaks, “Do you know why the Mandolarians wear masks?” {Alek says, “No why?”} “Because if you are afraid of one, then you are afraid of them all” {Revan reaches down and picks up the commanders face plate – Revan’s back is turned to the heroes} “I shall give the Mandolarians something to fear.”

Revan turns around and is wearing the Mandolarian mask


{Set to the music of Imagine Dragon’s song Radioactive} Revan walks way, no anger coming from him, but almost a void of emotion, pure eerie calm. Everyone makes room for him to pass, Alek outstretches a hand towards his friend, but decides to pull back.

Credits roll, The End of KotOR – Act I

[Post Credits Scene]

Corraun on the beach about to board the Rogue Star and hears a strained and distant Scarlet Johansson’s {Leeloo} voice through the force “Corraun”. Then the scene changes to a shot of an escape-pod crashed in the great grassy planes of Cathar.

Important Introductions & Firsts:

The Battle of Cathar, Jaspri & Arslan, Basilisks War Droid, Eradicius, Dark Lord of the True Sith, Death of nearly every Cathar on the planet, Death of Commander Murek, Leeloo & Redora duel resulting in Leeloo losing a force point, Revan begins to wear Commander Murek’s face plate. The End of KotOR Act 1.

Episode 74

The episode opens with a flashback to five days earlier when the party in on board the Rogue Star returning from Olton and en route to Coruscant. As a group they discuss what could have happened to Leeloo. Kip believes she has joined Redora’s cause. Corraun feels strongly that Leeloo wouldn’t go to the darkside, but it’s possible she left with Redora to try and save her. Kip too upset to even entertain other theories leaves the room. Eva shares her feelings that Redora is a terrible person and doesn’t deserve a second chance, but it’s hypocritical to blame Leeloo for trying to save Redora after Eva and others strived for Kip to be saved. Reegan and Corraun tried to explain that Kips’ case was different.

Back on Coruscant Reegan immediately reports to Haazen and hands over a data chip with the records of the mine on Olton. Reegan is berated for her poor performance of allowing both Redora and Leeloo to escape. Min attends Knight Morse-ta’s funeral and has trouble hiding her emotions. Master Andor Dulwen tells Min that without a Knight she will be shipped off to the Academy on Datoonie. It’s also revealed that the crate Morse-ta was placed in by the Mando’s was to be sent to Demagol on the vessel “Lector”. Min doesn’t waste any time and pleads her case to become Corraun’s Padawan. Corraun takes it under advisement and discusses the decision with Andor who warns Corraun it’s a big commitment and one that cannot be undone lightly. Boyd reports to Admiral Cana that Eva is fine and the mission is proceeding as planned.

With the flashback scenes of session 73 completed the story picks up after Eva’s encounter with a Mandolarian in her senate office. Boyd gets an alarming call from Eva. Boyd picks up Corraun and Kip on the way. Once at her apartment they find Jorbe Bralor in full beskar armor. Corraun and Kip both challenge Jorbe on getting Leeloo addicted to Red Sand. Jorbe seems indifferent to her plight, but reveals his side of the story, which has a lot more detail then Leeloo’s tale. Changing the subject Jorbe reveals that after the events above Jebble months back he has been spying on the Neo-crusaders and learned that their next target is the planet Cathar. With no leads on the Redora taskforce Corraun and company receive permission to provide escort on a diplomatic mission to the Outer Rim. Eva waits outside Tyan’s home to tell him of Cathar and he returns with a courtesan and brushes off Leeloo’s disappearance. Tyan will work from the senate on the necessary wheels to get Cathar accepted by the Republic while Eva convinces the Cathar people to want to join. Corraun decides to take on Min Starchaser as his apprentice. Corraun also meets with Knights Revan and Squint to thank them for their help with Kip. News of the Cathar trip peeks their interest and they offer to go along.

Revan joins Jorbe, Corraun, Min, Reegan, Boyd & Kip onboard the Rogue Star while Knight Alex Squint follows behind in a second vessel. On board tension builds between Revan and Kip. Kip confronts the Knight and Revan reveals his true feelings that Kip should not have been given a second chance, that his weakness is a threat to everyone around him. Kip recalls Revan’s mastery of The Close Blade maneuver and grows concerned, but Revan assures the Padawan that as long as he is officially a Jedi and not using the darkside he will not harm Kip. Eva is having trouble accepting a colder side of Tyan and that her crush on Tyan will never lead anywhere. She is cheered up by Corraun and Boyd. Tensions are also heightened between Kip and Jorbe who nearly come to blows more than once.

Leeloo onboard a mando transport is asked by Redora to hand over her light saber so that her short-sighted views on right or wrong will not case Redora to choose between Leeloo’s life and her mission to save her religion. In a sign of trust Leeloo hands it over. Leeloo has lots of questions. Redora promises answers, but she must be patient. They talk about Nieri and the events on Dathomir. Redora displays her authority with her new allies by having a Neo-crusader serve her and Leeloo tea. They arrive the next day on an unrevealed planet with a Kandossi dreadnaught in orbit. A factory is set up on this dusty planet. It’s a refinery for the Amlex ore. Redora explains that the ore on Olton isn’t as pure as on Dathomir and it takes the special skills of the Mandos to refine large amounts into small amounts of useable material. Leeloo asks what her plans are and Redora shows Leeloo 50 females from ages 8 to 22 training in the ways of the Night Sisters. Leeloo learns that the younger girls are more force sensitive and are from Tapani. The older girls/woman are Mandolarians with a spark of the force. They are being trained by both Redora and Kelisea. Redora will use them to help the Mandos win, but the final army she raises with Amlexes will be for retaking Dathomir and outing the Prelate and other sisters who have kneeled before the Jedi and ruined Mother Mira’s teachings. Leeloo confronts here about going to the darkside, which is against the teachings. Redora says she knows she may never return to the true path, once Dathomir is saved she will leave it alone for good sisters like Leeloo.

Leeloo pleads Redora to work with the Sisters and negotiate a peace with the Jedi. Redora explains she had a vision that the Jedi will destroy the Sisters and she will do anything to stop that, anything. Redora allows Leeloo to observe her use a darkside ritual to change the black Amlex stone from black to a glowing amber.

The Rogue Star arrives on Cathar and bears witness to the great grass planes and massive city-trees wear most of the Cathar live. They reach the capital city, a massive rock-city named Hall’ax which in Catharese means First Pride. They are shown around by Bafer Fon who hopes that no matter the outcome of the 9 Tribes decision to join the republic or not will at least lift the unnecessary tariffs on Great Hopper Horn dust. Later in the day they met the Hall’ax elder Regar and his second He’ghul. A first gathering is scheduled for two days. Revan asks permission to travel around and view the planets’ defenses, it is granted by the Elder. He and Alek leave to do so. Boyd attempts to set up a smuggling job with Bafar Fon, who is weary to say the least based on the company that Boyd travels in.

That night Kip asks Min to sneak out and explore the city. Min having spotted two children Cathar earlier accepts the chance to look around. Corraun spots them leave, but decided to trust them and lets them go. The night grows from bad to worse as they visit a underground fight club and help a Cathar named Farghul chose which fighter will win the next match. Min gets drunk and can’t make it back to their room so with their gambling winnings stay in a motel. Corraun worried as the sun rises organizes a search party when the two padawans return. To Kips ire Min revels most of the details of the evening and everyone is shocked and disappointed at Kips poor judgment.

At the gathering Eva and company meet all 9 tribe elders. They are reluctant to join the republic and lose their independence. A few elders are more out spoken. Hul’ek and Tarash feel that the Cathar have nothing to fear from Mandos as their ancestors defeat the Mandos once before. Feena and her people are pacifists and don’t want war. Seeing that these Cathar don’t fear the Mandos Jorbe speaks up and asking if any of them have fought a mando before or was it only their parents? Corraun detects a feeling of despair from Feena’s handmaiden, an old Cathar female. Jorbe challenges a duel between himself any Jedi in the room to prove how dangerous one mando can be. With their hand now forced Corraun steps up, but while he is explaining what a worthy foe the Mandos are Kip steps in and starts the fight. It’s a skilled match to witness, but Kip fails to get passed the Beskar plates and is knocked out giving Jorbe the victory. This gives the Elders something to think about. The next gathering will be in two days and it will be open to all residents. A decision will be made then.

Over the next two days Eva and the party campaigns one on one with the elders. Feena makes her case that she’ll never vote for anything that could lead to war. Kip & Corraun detect the force is strong with in her old handmaiden Sylvar. When alone with Sylvar the pull out of her that she was once a Jedi Knight, but because of her anger issues left the order. She detects a similar anger in Kip. She reveals that she conquered her angry through a Blood Hunt, which is a spiritual rite on Cathar to help them manage the innate beast with in them. Even to a Jedi it can help as the living force is a component. A meeting with Elder Farghul reveals his vote could be bought with favors from the republic. He doesn’t wamparat out Min to her Knight.

Leeloo has a lot to think about as she spends time with Redora. A summons comes and Redora tells Leeloo that Mandalore the Ultimate is demanding a demonstration of the Night Sister’s power. And that the answers she seeks may just be revealed.

Back on Cathar the two days go by quickly and the final gathering is assembled before 30,000 Cathar. Eva and each Cathar Elder makes their remarks. Eva’s first chance isn’t received well. She is give one final rebuttal and changes tactics to plead to their warrior pride and how the Republic needs such powerful warriors as much as the Cathar can benefit from the might of the Republic Navy. The Gathering is interrupted by alarms. A Mandolarian envoy arrives outside of the city. The Jedi, Eva, Boyd and He’gul with his honor guard goes out to meet the Mandolarians.

Casus Fett in yellow/golden armored Neo-crusader steps out with Thorx Murek in black w/ Blood red trimmed Neo-Crusader armor. They’re flanked by 20 Neo-crusaders on each side. The yellow armored one introduces himself “as Casus Fett commander of the invincible Neo-Crusaders and emissary of Mandalore the Ultimate. I have come to warn you. As of this moment our fleet is arriving from hyperspace and surrounding your planet. All hyperspace channels have been blocked. Your kind has proved to be worthy adversaries in the past. Mandalore the Ultimate has tasked me with proving that is no longer the case. Prepare yourself for in two days from now I shall unleash the full might of Mandalore the Ultimate’s war machine. Prepare yourselves for death.”

Important Introductions & Firsts:

Elder Regar, He’ghul, Bafer Fon, Hul’ek, Feena, Farghul, Terash, Sylvar, Commander Thorx Murek. Min Starchaser becomes Corraun’s first Padawan.
Jax Journal-074

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Sealed Archives
Episode 74

Official Details:

The trip back was filled with mixed emotions and speculation by most. Including me. Leeloo’s disappearance has caused some concern and I had to explain this was not the first time Leeloo had done this, however she has always comes back. That she wanted badly to try and save Redora as we saved Kip. A thought Kip did not take well. Nor did the little one, Min. I sensed great guilt and anger in her. Kip was a larger issue, but one that could keep, I decided it was instead time to sort out some details with Padawan Starchaser.

Once alone she final broke down and shared what happened. Of how she felt she failed her master in being unable to get a signal out and then revealing her presence to the Mando’s. I assured her that as Jedi we risk our lives as soon as we leave the temple. It is our calling, our duty. That she should not hold the guilt inside her. She seemed to take the words to heart. Admittedly it was nice helping someone that listens for once.

It would seem my good deed had a lasting impression. For only a few days after our return Min enters my chambers, data pad in hand with a presentation on why I should be her new Knight. Only recently being knighted I had not even considered taking on an apprentice myself. Still, something about this little one grow on me. Although I had decided then and there to take her on, I did not feel the need to share my decision. Instead I told her I would let her know, or not, before she left. I needed to know how important it was to her, and if she would respect my request for space.

When I saw her in the speeder bay, saddened yet packed and ready to be sent back to the Academy, I knew she had the character to be my apprentice. Now… I just need to figure out how to be her Master.

However learning that lesson would be under less than ideal circumstances. For in the short time back Jorb resurfaced. My initial focus was on how got Leeloo hooked on Red Sand, but his response was so detailed and with any emotion that I had to re-consider my opinion of him. Further more he brought big news. The next target of the Mandolorian aggressions. Cathar.

Personal Report:

I have to admit I had not considered taking a padawan so soon. I can still feel the singe on my braid. Still, I have to admit I like Mins spunk and it seems the Force has guided us to this point. I hope I can be a good teacher to her. I hope her youthful energy helps Kip pull out of his troubled place.

As in all things, only time will tell.


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