Knights of The Old Republic

Episode 109

With the help of Kelborn’s grapple line the team makes it to the top of the sea tower. Kelborn gets a measure of revenge by kicking the droid who shot him off of the tower and his destroyed falling on the rocks below. AR6-48 throws the last Adv Sec Droid off the tower as well splashing into the sea along with its security key card. They slice into the rear guard house and battle another pair of sec droids and gain entry into the mansion.

They quickly split into two teams. Zana and Tala searching the second floor while Kelborn, Cyla and AR6 search the ground floor. Both teams encounter security droids and hidden turrets. As time is ticking neither team is having luck finding Lord Hutson. Eventually Zana finds the house Stewart Guston Marell and convinces him to talk. He reveals there is a hidden panic room in the lord’s bedroom. Dash uses her light saber to cut access to sec wiring and Zana slices open the near impossible lock.

Gresham_Hutson.jpgInside Lord Huston refuses to even acknowledge the existence of the Secretum Secretorum let alone its location. Lady Helda who is half mad tells yells at her husband that if he protected their son half has much as the book he’d still be alive. Kelborn offers to kill her husband for her if she tells him where the books are. Kelborn tranq dart Lord Hutson. She modifies the deal by asking to be killed herself instead. She is always being watched and doesn’t want to live without her son. Kelborn accepts and learns the location of a secret basement. Instead of killing her himself since he’d lose credits he instead leaves a blaster for her to do it. Outside of the panic room Dash objects to this. Zanna and Kelborn say they won’t stop her. Dash enters the panic room and by lying and using the force tricks Helda that her son’s spirit is there and doesn’t want her to kill herself. He is in peace and is always watching her. Held cries in relief.

By the time they find the secret basement the house police have arrive. AR6 is posted at the entrance to slow them down. In the basement, they find Secretum Secretorum’s belonging to houses, House Barong, Melissus and Mecetti. Kelborn is tempted to take all three, but with some advice leaves the Mecetti book. AR6 hold the police off long enough the heroes to make it to the sea tower. In a rush Dash dives the 80 meters into the water while the other three repel down. Once in the boat Kelborn becomes worried that Dash hasn’t surfaced yet. Searching he someone struggling in the water. He reaches in to help, but his throat is grabbed by a metallic hand trying to pull him under. It’s the second security droid. The other get him free and they drive away. Dash is found struggling against the current a little distance away. They get out of sight just before the police enter the sea tower. AR6 was destroyed by the police much it Cyla’s disappointment.

Cyla is paid and parts ways with the team. Zanna, Kelborn and Tala head back to Procopia with the two books and look forward to their payment.

Important Introductions & Firsts

Lord Hutson & Lady Huston, Stewart Guston Marell.



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