Knights of The Old Republic

Episode 78

The episode opens with Eva Cana still struggling with nightmares of her time in captivity and fearing what others would think of her if they found out. Corraun resumes teaching Eva self-defense maneuvers. Kip returns from a re-centering retreat on Datoonie and its revealed how he survived the mass execution on Cathar and saved Elder Feena’s live. Furthermore Kip helped Feena recover from a debilitating sense of guilt and lead the remainder of her people. The Kip back now is much nearer to the young smiling Padawan that he used to be.

Kip is invited by Reegan to join their mission to take down Falo Savik. The group hits the seedy parts of Coruscant to learn more about the Palladium mine on Tecphon IV. Corraun and Boyd corner a small time pirate Vegal Drete and Corraun use a Jedi Mind Trick to tell all he knows about the mine. He doesn’t know himself, but does know of a man named Crev Nacks who had escaped the mine a few years back. A bounty was on his head, but with Olmga dead he has resurfaced. He was last seen looking for work on Corellia, specifically Tyrena. Once on Corellia they track Crev Nacks to Doaba Guerfel, a resort city under construction in the Nomad Mountains. He has a small black-market business. The heroes arrive just in time as Crev’s more displeased clients are coming after him. Leeloo offers him a ride off planet in exchange for information on the palladium mine.

Once aboard the Rogue Star Crev tells of how he escaped the mine and that it’s nearly impossible to sneak into and paints them a bleak picture. It is run by a Tapanian named Rourke DeTaunt. He was forced to leave Tapani after accepting a duel from a 13 year old boy. He killed the boy, who happened to be a Governors son. He is supposed to by an amazing fencer. He has a pack of Cyber-Hounds he enjoys hunting down escapees with. Leeloo & Corraun both notices that among Crev’s things is a vial of Red Sand. Crev knows of one way in although it’s only less suicidal then a direct approach and he’ll help them as long as he gets to fly off with any and all refined Palladium. Once inside they’ll have to find a man named Ulas Merkin to help destroy the place.

On the journey to Tecphon IV Leeloo attempts to barter the vial of Red Sand from Crev. Leeloo pays for half a vial with a strip tease and some dignity. Corraun speaks to Leeloo about her change of heart regarding piloting. She explains that she had some help and now she is better than ever. This is tested as they arrive above Tecphon IV and fly into the asteroid field attempting to reach the darkside of the moon. Crev directs a path while Leeloo pilots, Boyd operates the sensors and Corraun and Kip man the turrets and Reegan operates the forward guns. Once deep in the field they are attacked by laser mines and seeker mines.

Less than half way through the field the ship suffers heavy shield loss and Corraun has to abandon a turret to repair the damage. It takes everyone’s best to even have a shot of staying alive. With Leeloo’s piloting and Corraun keeping the shields powered the gunners have a change with Boyd calling out seeker mines to blast. Heavily damaged the Rogue Star makes it to the moon and they park the ship in a cavern out of sensor range. Wearing all weather coats and rebreathers they walk to the mine where Crev shows them as secret way in. Moving through 3-foot by 3-foot maintenance tunnels Boyd discovers they’ve activated a motion sensor. They exit into a laundry room and dress in miner coveralls. The timing is perfect as it’s the end of a work shift and they meld in with the workers during shift change. They find Ulas in refinery room III. He is scared to help, but knows with his intimate knowledge of this mine they’ll never let me go and thus destroying it is the only chance of escape.

Ulas explains that refined palladium is a pyrophoric and combustible when exposed to water or even enough humidity. The plan is to send one team to the dust collection system and reverse the process so the near invisible dust is blown everywhere. A second team to turn off the argon gas in the climate control room allowing humidity to build till the mine exploded. When both systems fail an evac alarm will sound and the captive miners can escape. Crev prepares to part ways and get a transport of Palladium ready to depart. Leeloo thanks him for his help and in front of everyone kisses him passionately, unknown to anyone else she palms the reminder of his Red Sand supply.

Reegan, Leeloo and Ulas form group one. Reegan was floored by the kiss and mentions that she has never kissed anyone. This group travels in the maintenance tunnels to avoid the security droids. Team two comprised of Kip, Corraun and Boyd have a busy time avoiding roaming patrols. Eventually they get sandwiched between two patrols and have to fight. The battle proves difficult as they are overwhelmed by advance security droids and enforcers. Meanwhile in the maintenance tunnels group one is found by DeTaunt’s cyber hounds. The confined space makes wielding a light saber difficult at best. Their steel maws tear at the two force wielders. Both groups manage to overcome their adversaries, but pay a toll of blood.

Both group reach their destinations and perform the sabotage steps. At the scheduled time they disable the systems and the mine’s evac alarms sound. This makes it easy for the heroes to travel about in the crowds of panicked miners. Just as the met up on floor four to leave the alarms end and the emergency doors lock trapping everyone within. Ulas says that only DeTaunt from the central control room could override the evac doors. The heroes are faced with a decision, they can get out the way the originally entered, but leave the debtor miners to die or go to the heavily defended control room and face the mine’s commander. Leeloo makes a case to leave, but the others claim it’s not choice at all, they have to open the doors as it’s too late to stop the mine form destruction.

On level two they find the doors to the command room open and a well-guarded DeTaunt. Corraun attempts to reason DeTaunt to open the evac doors, but he would prefer to watch the debtors’ burn. Corraun, Leeloo and Reegan enter the room. Boyd and Kip hesitate and the blast door shuts on them. Inside of the room they face a squad of advance security droids, guards, two cyber hounds and four DM-400 combat droids. Boyd and Kip try to find a way in. The three inside take out the cyber hounds first which angers DeTaunt who lands and expert shot from his dueling pistol onto Reegan. The heroes quickly learn they are dangerously out numbered. Kip frantic to help his friends tries a risky move and ion blasts the door’s outer controls, which fries them shut.

Inside Corraun and Reegan are wounded and dazed on the ground. Leeloo provokes DeTaunt into a duel with her. His droids and men will stand down and cover her fallen companions. The two appear nearly evenly match, but Leeloo distracted by the mine’s impending doom loses focus for a fraction of a second and DeTaunt lands a thrust from his light foil dropping her to the ground. Corraun and Reegan leap to their feet and begin battling the guards. DeTaunt gloats over Leeloo and holding her life in his hand forces her to admit he is superior to her. She explains that it’s Savik that she wants dead and not him. She even tells him what Savik had done to her friend. DeTaunt who is a monster in his own right is disgusted at the dishonor done to a noble captive, but this will not save Leeloo. DeTaunt’s honor is lost along with the mine and the only way to reclaim it is by going down with the ship. He knows he’ll die in this mine. Outside Boyd leaves for the secret exit while Kip attempts to cut through the blast door. Just before leaving Boyd thinks to call Crev for help. He fires a shot at Kip to get his attention. Kip tossing down a communicator, but it breaks. Boyd repairs it and pleads with Crev for help. No answer is given. DeTaunt inquiries from Leeloo what she cares about more than her own life, she answers going home. He offers her a deal, he’ll let her live, but on her honor she can never choose to go home again. She refuses and fakes having taken a suicide pill and feigns death.

Crev appears just outside of the control room with a transport and blasts open the wall giving Reegan and Corraun a distraction from the imposing DM-400 combat droids. Kip leaps onto the transport and then into the room giving some much needed relief. Leeloo leaps out of her trance and all four force wielders attack DeTaunt. He’s skills allows him to repeal them for some time, just stalling until the mine explodes, but they are too many light sabers coming at him and Reegan lands a devastating blow. Once downed Reegan gives him a chance to surrender and open the exit doors before it’s too late, but he chooses death as he makes a move to attack.

One a few guards left Reegan intimidates them by threating to kill one and the others will speak, a frightened guard fires and hits a surprised Reegan. She is severely wounded. The guard is killed and the other two quickly talk. At the correct panel they override the system and open the doors just in time for everyone to get out before the mine erupts in a ball of flame and then collapsing in on itself. Back into the Rogue Star they rush quickly to get Reegan to a medical center and acknowledge the first strike against Savik has been dealt.

Important Introductions & Firsts:
Vegal Drete, Crev Nacks, Rourke DeTaunt, Ulas Merkin, Cyber Hounds, DM-400 Combat series droids.



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