Knights of The Old Republic

Jax Journal-070

Ronondex jedi

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Sealed Archives
Episode 70

Official Details:

After following several leads, and too much bloodshed our journey began with the civil war on Dathomir, took us back to Taris, then lead to the destruction of the Kondor on Wreckers Moon, with us most recently dealing with the Sand People uprising on Tattoonie. After all that we have finally returned back Coruscant with Kip Gilto. A feat proven even more challenging by the Sith Hologron he found and was learning from on Tattoonie.
So deeply had Kip drank from the tainted well of the Darkside. His words were hate inspired and full of venom. Still, I held hope that he ccould be purged of this affliction as I could still sense Good in him. Also, during one of our battles to capture him, the old Kip emerged clearly struggling with some Dark Vapor inhabiting his body. The appearance was brief as this… dark force… quickly resumed control of Kip. It took a great deal of effort to capture him and several times I thought he or one of us would not survive the encounter.
With trust in the Force, prevail we did and back on Coruscant my hope was initially renewed that Kip could be freed. A Hope that began to diminish by the day as the Masters efforts to purge this darkness from Kip failed. Moving them closer and closer to a more… final solution. After several days Master Andor informed us that the Masters had done what they could and Kip would be executed in two days. The news effected Leeloo and I greatly, but for different reasons.

Dejected I was at a loss of what to do when Knights Revan and Alek approached Leeloo and I. Only my second encounter with Knight Revan be he is certainly someone I look up to and respect. I was honored by his visit. Then excited by the news he brought. The knights shared a possible way to save Kip even though it was clear that Revan does not normally believe that the fallen deserve a second chance. The that details that followed truly made this a long shoot indeed. There was mention in another knights journals of a cleansing process documented on the moon of Arbra. However it is clear that that the consul would never allow it to be investigated for Kip. So a plan was made with their aid to sneak Kip out and find this cure ourselves. A bold plan with tons of risk for all of us.

When the time came, Revan not only delivered us Kip but a Padawan by the name of Iario to act as a guide on the moon. This cements in my eyes that Knight Revan must truly see something in us for a Knight of his stature to go out on such a limp to help save our friend.

Leeloo through communication with Senator Cana secured us a ship. The Rogue Star. A nice enough vessel with efficient enough layout but lacking the fine tuning and speed of the Kondor. A fact that becomes painfully clear as we entered Arba space and a Mando blockade. The ship took a beating but the tough bird crash landed with repairable damage. As did we. Although I think Leeloo’s confidence may take a bit more time to heal. First the Kondor and now the Rogue Star. I hope she knows that the odds were so against us that we would sure be one with the Force if not for her skill.

A conversation for later as now our goal is to learn what we can from the natives here, the Nel-dobbians, and cure Kip. Will face the broken ship, pilot and pending court martial later.

Personal Report:

Like many missions of late, things seem to go from bad to worse. I have faith this is the right course of action but it is certainly not an easy one. I am doing what I can to keep myself together but also dealing with the added challenge of being at philosophical odds with Leeloo. A challenge I feel is being incited by Kip at every opportunity. It appears that on top have being a walking time bomb he has managed to capture Leeloo’s ear. I will continue to keep a close eye on him, but have resolved myself to striking him down if his threat ever proves too great. By the Force I hope it does not come to that, as not only would it mean we failed Kip… but we would loose a friend.

By the Force let us find this cure soon!



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