Kip Gilto

Experienced Jedi Padawan


My name is Ritha-Ton (ree-thah tone) and I am an archivist at the Jedi Academy. In light of recent events it has come upon me to piece together the best record of a young Jedi and his journey with the Force; his name is Kip Gilto (kip gill-too).

Our story begins how most stories do about a young Jedi. Kip was taken from his home at a very young age to train at the temple. Leaving behind a brother and parents that never thought to see him again. His path to becoming a Jedi was fraught with disappointment as it was difficult for him to separate from his emotion. From the beginning Kip was very empathetic, often not only sensing the emotion of others but taking on their very traits. It was not until he learned to emulate the emotion of the masters, or lack thereof, that he was able to excel as a student of the Jedi Academy. It would not long before he made a reputation for himself and began to surpass his peers in many ways.

Kip’s strengths in the Force lie on two fronts, the first being his distinctive fighting style. During the time that Kip was learning to overcome his emotional burden, many of his classmates left him behind. In an effort to challenge himself, and those he faced in the sparing ring, he needed to find a way to gain an uncommon advantage. The time that was normally allotted for meditation, Kip spent practicing diligently in the use of two light sabers. This lack of meditation was a hurdle he would not overcome for some time in his Jedi training and in many ways set him back greater than a lack of combat aptitude ever would. There was no denying the prowess he gained with his unique fighting style however and it was a worthy trade in his mind.

Very soon Kip found another edge in combat that was unique. Sparing mostly with training droids he reached out in the force to one of them and realized that he could manipulate the ion powers flowing through the machine. With an exertion of his will he was capable of overloading the machine’s circuits for a time, rendering it inoperable long enough for him to attack. These new skills, along with his new found focus, allowed him to gain the highest marks from his instructors at the academy. What he never considered however, was how his foundation could not possibly remain when not in the daily presence of a dozen Jedi Masters.

Once granted the rank of Padawan and sent off into the galaxy away from the academy, Kip learned very quickly that he could not maintain his focus or inner peace. Laden with his poor meditation practices and unable to lean on the Masters for his emotional turmoil Kip had a difficult time of it during his early travels. More about this in my next entry.

Kip Gilto

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