Saida Bys

Zeltron Jedi Knight


Saida is a physically attractive 5’7" tall female Zeltron. She has ceremonial tattoos up the left side of her body, which are visible when she wears the less conservative clothing her people are known for (and she prefers to wear when relaxing, or during heavy physical activity).

Her lightsaber is blue.


Saida Bys is unorthodox for a Jedi. Rather than forsaking mundane pleasures, she embraces them, but has a well-developed ability to avoid attachments – she enjoys food, drink, music, and lovers, though she is careful not to put those small joys before her vows to the Order. Some more conservative members of the Order either resent or distrust her on account of her views, but she is still a Knight in good standing.

Likewise, she takes a balanced and holistic approach to her relationship with the Force and the galaxy. As she told Master Shi-leer, “Both the sheep and the wolves are necessary counterparts. Protecting the sheep at the expense of the wolves is not balance.” She is generally an optimist, and believes that peace and cooperation is always possible.

The major exception to her easygoing attitude is her hostility to the Dark Side. As a guardian of the Force and of life itself, she considers the Dark Side antithetical to balance; it is a cancer, a destroyer of life, a corrupter of minds, and the one thing that has no place in the universe.

Saida Bys

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