Jax Journal-059

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Sealed Archives
Episode 59

Official Details:

The village lost and burning, the Senators and I waited just within the jungles edge. Waiting for the others to return. Sister Lilyanna, Master Andor, Knight Xergo, Lip and now Leeloo had all left at various times and for various reasons.

Kip was the first to return and it did my heart good. I feared it was lost to one of those vicious giant lizards. My padawan companion had appeared exiting the jungle before dawn. Exhausted and feverish he collapsed in the clearing short of the village proper. Rushing to him I carried him back to our hiding place where Senator Cana immediately set to caring for him.

As the dawn approached he stirred enough to tell us Knight Xergo had reached out to him with the Force and that the knight was in great peril. Although Kips spirit was strong and he wanted to save his knight, his body was far too weak form his ordeals. Ignoring my own advice I ordered the Senators to stay hidden an cautiously entered the jungle alone. I just prayed I retained enough of Sister Lilyanna’s warnings to not become another casualty of this dangerous place.

Following Xergo’s very obvious trail, and keeping my wits about me, the Force not only guided me past several jungle dangers, but also led me directly to Xergo. He was alive but barely. I could not tell what caused his ailment but knew any chance he had passing by the minute. Crafting a harness from our robes I hoisted Xergo to my back and prayed the Force was still with me as I head back to the others.

Indeed the Force still favored us as not only did we make it back without incident but Master Andor and Sister Lillyana returned only moments after. The sister recognized the bite of the Viper that nearly bit Senator Cana, and does not have high expectations of the Knights chances. The only hope was if we could find anti-venom in ruined village.

Not willing to give up hope we begin tossing the village in such of the curative. It was Senator Duna’s quick thinking that found what needed and we had back to our hiding spot. As Lillyana prepares the cure, informing us we may already be too late, I begin recanting the events from last night as well as the mysterious departure of Leeloo. They in turn informed us that after a bit of a chase the Night Sister escape upon one of the flying reptiles.

With Xergo in such a way, and not knowing where Leeloo was, we were forced to abandon this position and return to the temple. News of these dark deeds must reach the Prelate and the other Sisters of the Light.

After a day of being back, not only is Xergo and Kip on the mend but Leeloo has also returned. The latter with very ill tidings. The Night Sisters plan to march on the temple soon. The storm is coming and now there is naught to do but prepare.

The night of the expected attack we break into teams. Sister’s, Jedi, “Students” & Novices along with the Senators and Meda arm themselves and prepare for battle. At dawn it begins with the sound of the storm and the raging voices of barbarians. The first wave had arrived.

Our group fought fearlessly, and only defeated the barbarian surge but the vine cats and Acolyte that followed. Non of the village women at our position fell and in fact where instrumental in its defense. Once again the Force smiled upon us.

But this was but a battle and we could see the Nightsister forces slowly tightening their grip on the village. Its clear this fight is far from over. I only hope the others fared the first wave as well.

Personal Report:

I had never felt as alone as I did in that moment before dawn. From the jungles edge I could only stare skyward looking for some glimpse of Leeloo’s return. It was Kips return however that brought me back to my duty. My faith in Leeloo will hold, but I must look to those I can help now. Kip is badly injured and after retrieving Knight Xergo from the jungle he is still at deaths door. Leaving without Leeloo was difficult but my duty was clear.

Still the trek back was not easy and after several days of being out in that darkside pull, the pressure got to me and I snapped at Kip. The words barbed and bladed, and I wish I could have them back.

Jax Journal-059

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