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List of critters that live throughout the galaxy.



Name: Boarhound
Size: 1.4 meters tall
Planet Origin: Boarhounds originated on the plant Gamorr
Notes: A favored guard pet of pirates.

Boetech Hound

Boetech hound

Name: Boetech Hound
Size: 1 meters tall at the shoulder
Planet Origin: Koravon
Notes: Boetech Hounds are apex predators of their ecosystem. They are stealth full hunters, but become frenzied at the sight/smell of blood.


Massiff guard

Name: Massiff
Size: 0.76 meters tall
Planet Origin: Unknown; perhaps Geonosis or Tatooine
Notes: These beasts could be domesticated and used for sentry and guard tasks.

Alpha Nighthound


Name: Alpha Nighthound
Size: 1.6 meters tall at the withers.
Planet Origin: Moon of Arbra
Notes: They are pact creatures. Young Nel-Dobba males must slay a standard Nighthound alone to become a true warrior and adult. Alpha Nighthounds are excluded from this challenge as they are two deadly for most warriors.



Name: Ferngiant
Size: 16 meters tall & weighs 12 tons.
Planet Origin: Moon of Arbra
Notes: They are a peaceful and long lived species who only attack when provoked. They are considered sacred animals to the Nel-Dobba people. Their flesh is highly nutritious and are occasionally harvested by off-worlders.



Name: Gel’Osh
Size: 17 meters tall and weighs 1.2 tons
Planet Origin: Moon of Arbra
Notes: They float above the ground approx. 3-feet at all times, even while sleeping. It has six tentacles, two of which are plasma generating tips. It most often devours it’s prey by grabbing it and using it’s top plasma stalks to absorb the nutrients.



Name: Spore-Bat
Size: 1.2 meters tall
Planet Origin: Moon of Arbra
Notes: These creatures fly together in flocks like typical avian critters, but are extremely deadly. The underside of their wing flaps generate super heated plasma and if wrapped around a victim can devour a grown man down to bone in just moments.


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Name: name
Size: meters tall
Planet Origin: add
Notes: Add.

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